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BP Complaints

Gulf Oil Spill Reaching Florida West Coast

Posted on May 15, 2010 by bp complaints

People in the Tampa Bay area are reporting a ‘smell.’ The oil is off the coast and I went out to investigate. “Drill baby Drill.”

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  1. rickrocket2010 says:

    @ibfrdb Hi Mate it is very true, My god it scary to see these People Playing with our lives and the Planet Earth….

  2. rickrocket2010 says:

    @fasanotampa Hi Tim thanks for the Reply buddy….no it wont be good. I have been following this spill….Mate they dont know what there bloody doing im sure of it…Make a Big Cap oh shit it freeses….ok we will go with a smaller one…which probable wont work either and by some chance it does work its a QUICK FIX at best,mean time it still is spewing tons and tons of oil out into the sea…if it wasent so drastic you could call this a comedy…Unreal….Stay safe Tim

  3. fasanotampa says:

    @camochannel1 I wish we had that type of manufacturing in Tampa. I would get a real JOB! That pays!

  4. fasanotampa says:

    @rickrocket2010 If the oil gets into the fresh water by going in where the rivers meet the sea…that won’t be good.

  5. fasanotampa says:

    @Derekfoot1 Bigfoot, big planes, little planes….all the time…Thanks Derek!

  6. fasanotampa says:

    @ibfrdb Nature will always expose the folly of man…

  7. eeektavius says:

    Smells like Kerosene

  8. rickrocket2010 says:

    Just hope to god Tim this dosent affect the Grass Man’s Habitat mate…i dont know if it would go in that far would it mate???..hope to god it cant..Stay safe mate

  9. MrOLDBIKER says:

    Smells Bad here in Tampa!i can’t take it!! SHIT!

  10. camochannel1 says:

    southwest airlines. 700 model of the boeing 737 i have been building those for the past 22 years.

  11. ibfrdb says:

    @ibfrdb you know what’s odd? ‘oil’ a fossil fuel that comes from extinct dinosaurs, and we are using it to fuel our own extinction.. hey isn’t the gulf of mexico supposedly where the comet landed that took out the dinosaurs… oh the irony..

  12. ibfrdb says:

    ahh man just dishearting, in less than 5 years I was going to move down to the panhandle fort walton beach, destin.. area.. or maybe even clearwater.. I’ve had this plan for half my life but hadn’t been able to do it, I am/was getting so close to my goal, I too am/(and now second guessing myself) for drilling for oil. My stance during all the ‘drill baby drill’ was yeah get it all.. all of it, don’t leave a single drop, so in the future we will never have this problem.

  13. Derekfoot1 says:

    What a damn shame. That is a beautiful area, hope it stays that way. Instead of Bennie and the jets, it’s Tampa Tim and the jets. You can’t seem to get away from those things.

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