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BP Complaints

Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Effort Newest Video 5/13/2010

Posted on May 14, 2010 by bp complaints

Apparently, BP Oil has some connection with the wildlife about, because beavers have begun to make the journey to the gulf, with huge logs in tow, as they plan to build a barrier around the spill, in the hopes that the knucleheads at BP will be able to suck up the oil… Stay informed by watching the Secret Enterprise News!!!

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  1. wwriter2b says:

    americanhog, DON’T blame Obama for this mess–the stage for this to happen was set, waaaaaay before he ever stepped foot in office. Thank God Obama, and not some other moron, is currently President and WILL hold people accountable for this!

  2. americanhogs says:

    I think bP should cap off this well forever, and drill under the White house next,,,Maybe BO {Barack Obama muslim man} would take some action then….

  3. grizzzlyjoe says:

    Its not over yet… the Gulf is moving into Hurricane Season…. a storm surge could drive the oil far inland … and it could actually rain oil…. poisoning land and fresh water. That is the “dirty little secret” no one is talking about yet. BP drilled the deepest Well ever, and they found a level of pressure that our technology can’t handle… BP is scared about what they’ve done. They opened “Pandora’s Box”!

  4. thesecretenterprise says:

    This shit is real, in case any of you forgot about that…..

  5. albertal3 says:

    the blood of the beast

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