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GULF OIL SPILL and HOW STUPID IS rush limbaugh? – mccainisthrough

Posted on May 13, 2010 by bp complaints

Moron and anti-Patriotic clown rush limbaugh makes a further Idiot of himself by stating about the Gulf Oil Spill: “The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there …” “It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.” This typifies the imbecilic thinking of the Idiots in the gop. Global Warming deniers are as bright as a turnip, but the turnip serves a purpose. mccainisthrough May 2010

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  1. naybobdenod says:

    or pray,just as stupid!

  2. mccainisthrough says:


    We sent it a message letting it know we’d be happy to boot it to Costa Rica gratis, we never heard back from the heap of goo.

  3. mccainisthrough says:


    That’s true, and it’s pathetic. In fact, it’s nearly criminal since it causes such tremendous harm, much of it irreversible.

  4. FKASG9SSM says:

    why is rash lameass limbo still in the USA? he promised he’d move to costa rica. LIAR!!

    or, he’s baffled over how to get those meds transported…

  5. KataVideo says:

    the only thing these scumbags are good at convincing people who are even stupider

  6. mccainisthrough says:


    Thanks, we agree too. Have a good week!

  7. mccainisthrough says:


    LOL! Couldn’t have been more well said! Have a nice week Mint!

  8. mccainisthrough says:


    Precisely, and thanks! Have a good week too!

  9. mccainisthrough says:


    rush is a cocksucker, no question there. Thanks for watching and commenting too! Have a nice week!

  10. mccainisthrough says:


    LOL! We wouldn’t encourage it, but rush is a turd. Thanks, and have a good week!

  11. lendada13 says:

    @MickMan211 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…………..Only if your kidding………..I’m sorry if you not

  12. MickMan211 says:

    when i was a teenager, Rush Limbaugh tried to suck my dick.

  13. zimgirfreak says:

    Yes It’s true that oil is very natural. It naturally forms UNDERGROUND and naturally would usually stay there.

  14. mintvagoo says:

    Instead of BP using chunks of tires and golf balls in the next failed control effort, use republicans. These obese kooks consider gravy a beverage, they’re a natural plug. For once in their bloated lives TeaBaggers could do something that warranted the term patriot.

  15. justonefirefly1 says:

    Nice – I only wish those idiots would watch this instead of Fux news and entertainment.

  16. krusader85 says:

    @hoodmilk haha nice lol

  17. mccainisthrough says:


    rush needs to have a brain installed prior to opening that fat mouth again.

  18. hoodmilk says:

    Yeah. Heart attacks are natural. So I’m sure it will work out fine on it’s own.

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