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Gulf Oil Slick – MUCH Worse Than BP Admits

Posted on May 25, 2010 by bp complaints

May 10, 2010 — Video is from Alabama resident John Wathen as a volunteer pilot flew him over the area where the oil rig sank. Officials have stopped guessing at the amount of oil leaking although some speculate it may be closer to 1 million gallons per day. Don’t let BP spin this into something trivial. “It’s not a leak, it’s a volcano spewing oil”
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Congressional investigators announced Wednesday that an emergency shutoff valve might have been able to prevent the BP Plc (NYSE:BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, had it not been equipped with a leaking hydraulic system and one useless valve. The Transocean Ltd-owned (NYSE:RIG) Deepwater Horizon drilling rig was supposed to be equipped with a blowout preventer capable of pushing back on high pressure oil and gas surges, but instead failed, killing eleven workers in an explosion. Poor maintenance and necessary modifications on the blowout preventer were pinpointed by chairman of the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) as the reasons behind the explosive spill. Stupak said, “The safety of [the rig’s] entire operations rested on the performance of a leaking, modified, defective blowout preventer.” The blowout preventer was manufactured by Cameron International Corp. (NYSE:CAM), and crews noticed the leak oozing from a faulty and loose connection. However, Cameron International told the Investigations Subcommittee that it could not have been the blowout preventer that caused the leak, since the other connections were tightly fitted. An additional shut-off system on the blowout preventer was also modified, and reportedly did not work either. Rep. Stupak said, “An entire day’s worth of precious time had been spent engaging rams that closed the wrong way because it was wired wrong.” A document was identified by the Investigations
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  1. jkoenigdesign says:

    I sure your source was real reliable. Hey did you hear George Bush was from Mars?

  2. cruxan007 says:

    it seems to me the best solution would be to take a cable and attach it to the blowout preventer and yank it off with a crane, and then take the drill steam that nomally would be used to drill the deep ocean wells and attach a wedge shaped piece of metal or wood and jam it down the main well head. by taking the bop off the well head you would only have one leak insted of 5 leaks.. and it would be a straight shot into the pipe with the wedge shaped plug.. not rocket science..

  3. danaca010 says:

    classic example of karma. the u.s. illegally occupied and slaughtered iraqi people just to steal oil. because of greed, this is what happens in return.

  4. danaca010 says:

    classic example of karma. the u.s. illegally occupied and slaughtered iraqi people just to steal oil. because of greed, this is what happens in return.

  5. orangedac says:

    just a quick question doobsta.

    do you smoke the doob?

  6. Mperfection49 says:

    in soviet russia you slick the oil

  7. labartic says:

    Why dont they burn it all? Light the whole gulf on fire. Surely burning it off would be less terrible than this?

  8. Allamericom says:

    To bad they were there and have to back off the fire would of burned the oil and not let it spread – Burn baby burn instead they put it out and it spread . Who put out the so needed oil fire that unleashed the national disaster ?

  9. doobsta says:


    I would not doubt it for 1 second…

  10. ewffaces7 says:

    I heard the other day that Dick Cheney and Halliburton is involved in this mess.

  11. Allamericom says:

    Take a good look America OBAMA DOING HIS JOB? who is he working for? Who is he? Afraid to take a closer look America
    can’t even bring home our troops DemoRepublican war mongers – Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    In house America being thrown out

  12. Allamericom says:

    To repay? Is that like Obama saying he’s going to bring home our troops within 6 months of office – Fools of America as if they can even REPAY – Whats going on here there and now everywhere.
    Wake up America end the FED and the inside 911 games will end with them- American people want peace and the government is going to have to get out of the way
    Wake up

  13. doobsta says:

    They won’t learn anything, there is evidence pointing to this being somewhat manufactured crisis.

    The people involved are beyond sanity, vile and evil would describe them well.
    Corporations don’t care, they just pay a fine and continue with business.
    That is the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  14. NatureCitizan says:

    sweet jesus….
    its so sad… they cant stop it but wont stop drilling
    if an doctor would make an operation at some guy and couldnt stop the bleedin after… how long would he be in business?
    i hope the will learn of this….

    greetings barney

  15. tyronebiggums3 says:

    at 2:27…
    “the price we’re paying now is far too expensive”

    Wrong. The disaster can be partially attributed to the ultra-low prices we pay at the pump. You wanted it America, go got it. We are ALL TO BLAME. ALL OF US (U.S.).

  16. doobsta says:


    never mind the sea creatures that are having pass through their gills..

  17. snslion says:

    Dear Lord. You could smell it from the plane? That can’t be good for the coastline residents.

  18. doobsta says:


    I too have been contemplating a home of sorts in south florida but it is not looking good with all that oil sloshing towards the shore…

    The whole thing is is really messed up.

  19. FierceEyedTiger says:

    I was going to go live in Florida and get away from my current city prison now that paradise is going to be fucked AMERICA is now a wasteland there is no where that is warm and beautiful anymore, its a fucking slave continent with no luxuries.

    3rd world countries like Brazil are way better to live in than this America bullshit, Don’t come to America 3rd world peasants its a SCAM this place is garbage.

  20. argie39 says:

    It wasn’t faulty……

  21. cmfluteguy says:

    Sieze B.P. and incarcerate their top executives along with Shit Sheney and his dumb ass buddy Bush.

    Fuck oil!

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