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Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Brings Criticism & Challenges for The Barack Obama Administration

Posted on May 04, 2010 by bp complaints

(4.30.10) — Barack Obama and his administration are coming under increasing scrutiny for what critics are calling a slow response to the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill tragedy. We have the latest developments on the continuing situation. Read more about this story: “Oil Washes Up on Gulf Coast; Spill May Be Five Times Estimated Size” bit.ly “Oil Hitting LA Coast” bit.ly “Governor Delcares State of Emergency” bit.ly “Obama orders review of Gulf of Mexico oil spill” bit.ly “Hello, The Gulf Oil Spill Is Obama’s Katrina” bit.ly * Photo Credit: Description: Oil spill Date: Unknown Source: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Secondary Source: Wikimedia Commons bit.ly Author: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Permission: This photo is in the public domain #.

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  1. Ikeilyou says:

    @notbestfriends “oil drilling on the mainland, nuclear energy development and coal mining” really?? that’s really great for the country!! really safe too! you’re a thinker!!

  2. notbestfriends says:

    **Brother, you asked for it! We wouldn’t have to depend on off-shore drilling if the Democraps would support oil drilling on the mainland, nuclear energy development and coal mining. If it was up to these primitives we would all be back in the cave, foraging for meat and dressed in loincloths.

  3. ElRipper100 says:

    Yeah this is Bushed fault,,maybe McCain had something to do with it ………BP is right, this was a rig equipment failure,,,,,BP doesnt own the rig,,,,Rigs are contracted out,,,,,,If you hire someone to mow your lawn and their mower blows up, is it your fault ???????? Obama is a dumb ass, “It’s BP’s fault and they will pay…” what a political stunt…………worse, ignorant people will buy into this rhetoric…

  4. dkkght46 says:

    The fed better get it together and send the USDA NAHERC down there who has the largest veterinary & technician staffing in the US. Its great that they have these volunteer NGO’s going down but they are going to needed NAHERC due to the length of the event and they are a paid emergency response organization and need to start staging staff before they have to play catch-up.

  5. stress326 says:

    bush did it

  6. ConservativeNewMedia says:

    @Trigun241 yep & LOVE Trigun!

  7. Trigun241 says:

    aaaaahahahahahahhaha in your face Obama what now what now

  8. Trigun241 says:

    aaaaahahahahahahhaha in your face Obama what now what now

  9. spucy says:

    @oyp567567 This is far worse than Katrina.

  10. esj8341 says:


    Wait. Obama will blame this on Bush somehow.

  11. iprazhm says:

    Now we will see if the MSM picks this up and spills the beans about the slow responce of this administration. Don’t see it happening.

  12. picklestickle says:

    I wouldnt be so upset at the obama admin if they had NOT been in favor of more offshore drilling…But offshore drilling was part of his solution to energy needs. I have not heard if this crisis changes their mind on spending more money on offshore drilling exploitation??? Its not worth the risk. And its impeding progress on the clean and renewable energy front. Think about what we need for the future not just try and do what will make you popular.

  13. collardc says:

    @RemoSC49 Why cause you cant?

  14. RemoSC49 says:

    @kenandjasha Same here

  15. RemoSC49 says:

    @collardc Go out and find a fifth grader to explain that to you.

  16. dkkght46 says:

    Obama contain an oil slick? He doesn’t know how to put oil in his car. How about he just stays in D.C., saves the fuel and other expenses associated with moving The First Ego around, and lets the professionals do their job? Can you say “photo op?” The reason he is going is because did he not say during the campaign that he was going to lower the sea levels? If he does this the oil will not reach the shoreline.

  17. ogskeetdizzle says:


    if i dont’ hear someone talking about it soon, i’m gonna pull a fuckin epic bear man tom freak out on eveyr single one of u fuckers….

    BIOREMEDIATION IS THE SOLUTION. wiki the fucking word and pass it along.
    oyster mushroom mycelium will clean up crude oil. it’s been done by usa dept. of defense before with the help of Paul Stamets.

  18. The2010Generation says:

    mother earth producd the oil…….dude do you have down syndrome????
    that doesnt mean it isnt a disaster, an no earth hasnt recoverd from the earlier disasters…the animal extinction rate is 1000 faster than it ever was in earths history…dumb fuck retard

  19. ConservativeNewMedia says:

    @kenandjasha Ha ha, I’m the best!

    Grr…! LOL.

    Nah, it’s all good, it’s the 1-2 SUPER punch. You like what we have now K&J, wait till you see our new CNM additions coming soon!


  20. kenandjasha says:

    I like JVs energy, BUT Pauls quick info vids like this are key… thanks.

  21. kenandjasha says:

    @RemoSC49 I agree

  22. ConservativeNewMedia says:

    @collardc Was the death of Donald Young convenient? Or Vince Foster?

    Unfortunately where politics is involved, tragedies can happen. Ask Kwame Kilpatrick and (RIP) Tamara Greene.

    To some, it sadly seems, one has to wonder what value is placed on human casualties.

  23. dkkght46 says:

    @ConservativeNewMedia So is the lack of action

  24. ConservativeNewMedia says:

    @dkkght46 It is a question that will be asked: “Why does Barack Obama hate the Southern Gulf coast area?”, echoing the remarks made about Bush following Katrina.

    The rumblings are already out there.

  25. collardc says:

    @RemoSC49 How and the HELL can you say the death of 11 men is convenient?!

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