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Fox News Anchor Slams BP CEO For Oil Spill Reaction

Posted on May 25, 2010 by bp complaints

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Glenn Rink founder and President of AbTech Industries explains how BP could be using more advanced technologies to clean up the devastating oil spill that is taking place in the Gulf. Glenn Rink demonstrates the Smart Sponge Technology that removed oil from contaminated water.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

0 to “Fox News Anchor Slams BP CEO For Oil Spill Reaction”

  1. o8QWERTYo8 says:

    I find it amazing that when America are polluting the planet, they don’t give a fuck.
    But when its ‘BRITISH’ petroleum, your up in fucking arms.
    Hypocrytical bastards.

  2. D119heavy says:

    wow Shep FTW I cant believe it

  3. astewart2005 says:

    “The shit gets expensive sometimes.” lol

  4. fedtheend says:

    Transition to an edible weed based diet NOW. Grow your own sprouts NOW. cheap or free. Even with codex, it would take a lot of new police to wipe out lambsquarter, plantain, or purslane, or wheatgrass like they did marijuana. Cause you KNOW that where this is all heading. Can’t buy fish now. And food prices are already rising.

  5. mikerhysthomas says:

    Why don’t Fox get pissed at Industrial accidents caused by American companies in South America and India and other developing countries?

  6. rgwinful says:

    Hopi Prophecy #7:
    You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.
    rgwinful 2 hours ago

  7. ultranol1983 says:

    How about the fuckin’ turtles?!

  8. MrGiles888 says:

    considering that oil is the life blood of america, I would say that this event is inevitable. It is something the is bound to happen, and it will happen agian, although it may be a different company next time. America bears some responsibility for the result of its policies. drill baby drill, right? America seems to move from one self inflicted disaster to the next.

  9. purestr8str says:

    he was going to say 11 men and women died =P but then he realized that they work in the kitchen..

  10. SwobyJ says:

    Because it sucks, it really really sucks. MSNBC is biased as fuck, CNN is sensationalist and tries too hard, but FOX is a horribly stupid/manipulative network.

  11. as2711 says:

    @chestveeg why does Cenk need to find Christ? is Christ lost? if he is lost why are you following him? WHY!!! (def jam)

  12. magnusschnell says:

    Typical English arrogance. You better get your ass over here and clean this up you cocky asshole. Why the hell are we letting this little prick make money off of our oil? I think we need to use the same tactics we used in the revolutionary war and target the officers first then the troops. This little jerk needs to be put in jail. I will show you modest you prissy little English red coat asshole.

  13. cjm608 says:


  14. dangerouslytalented says:

    @KeithArnotBurr Exxon and BP only care about one group of people.,

    The executives.

  15. dangerouslytalented says:

    @Allamericom How is this, in ANY way, Obama’s fault?

  16. yermomsboxx says:


    Please tell me you’re being ironic.

  17. gigerone says:

    There is something wrong here. Why hasn’t this administration called the Navy and Army Corps of Engineers to detonate explosives along the well therefore collapsing it and sealing it?

    In other news, History is fun. 🙂


  18. Allamericom says:

    Obama our friendly terrorist is doing a great job – would not you say?
    Wake up America your under siege.

  19. Vdjperks says:

    o wait people are still at home lol wimps

  20. sonofhendrix says:

    So why are you taking it as if its a fucking joke?? ” lets take the piss out of shep because he cares about whats happening in the gulf” buwahahahahahahahahahahhhhh… oh the drama!

  21. SaviorSixtySix says:

    Look, when you can see the disaster you caused from space.. It’s a big deal.

  22. Scooternz says:

    Tony Hayward Salary: £1,045,0000 ! – Rich Prick!

  23. Scooternz says:

    that so sad! kill that cunt 🙁

  24. elmirasahar says:

    that was good. very nice speech. kicked tony’s ass.

  25. Jennybean89 says:

    I love Jayar’s out-take =D

  26. RJSoftware2000 says:

    I have a solution. Take deflated/empty hot air balloon attach heavy lead weight to balloon top and connect concrete pump hose to bottom balloon opening. Lower balloon (lead weight first) into leaking hole, then when the balloon is lowered low enough fill the balloon with concrete/heavy mud/etc. The balloon fills up and like a plug plumbers use clogs the hole. RJ

  27. ifvvjkedvbkdfsvbnsjk says:

    That’s an amazing demonstration. I can’t believe BP or the third party clean up agencies aren’t jumping on this technology, so they don’t have to dump chemicals in the water. This is so clean!

  28. septip123 says:

    BP – human scum

  29. EdisunSolar says:

    Obama makes Bush look good
    The Obama plan to spread the wealth is very crude as he plays Gulf
    Do you really want health care? Bring home our troops DemoRepublicans
    Black on Black is not very bright nor was inside WTC ploys on building C and the pentagon.
    Wake up take a closer look – Scared to? another conspiracy 700,000+ barrels of oil a day is Obamas weapon of mass destruction – No amount of money in our life time can clean this up
    Wake up America is Under siege and you don’t even know it

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