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Experts Question Estimates of Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on May 17, 2010 by bp complaints

As BP tries to contain the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the question remains just how much oil is leaking. BP continues to claim it’s about 5000 barrels a day, but some scientists say the flow rate is much higher. (May 14)

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  1. budliite says:

    No offense,but I have a great laugh at people’s ideas on the internet
    You wouldn’t believe to power of the PSI from even small oil wells,let alone this one.
    That well hole needs to be collapsed hundreds or even a few thousand feet down to securely close that monster.And I worked on many oil wells.But not offshore,but these bastards are more intense(bigger,higher pressure).

  2. budliite says:

    Any fucking dummy that believes everything on the news should relize this well is a state of the art deep water well.
    5000 barrels according to BP is a fucking joke.But dumb people will believe anything on TV.Well I seen it on TV so it must be true,right?
    This thing is gushing 80,000 – 100,000 barrels ,at least.The PSI of this well was off the charts.

  3. joneselius says:

    This is NOT an oil SPILL, stop calling it that! It has not ‘spilled’, it is raving and gushing. This isn’t good folks. The 5000 barrel estimate is abso-fucking-lutely insanely retarded. That would have us believe the pipeline is no bigger than your average garden hose, almost. This is truly a cover-up of epic proportions and a lot of beautiful life is going to DIE because of it. Revelation eat your heart out.

  4. CharlzWrad says:

    The question is;
    Is BP trying to mitigate the spill
    Or is BP trying to salvage their oil?

  5. uturniaphobic says:

    Welp many paople wanted and bought SUVs…so at least THAT dream was realized before we wiped ourselves off the Earth. See how we can spin anything? omg

  6. SadAssPigs says:

    It doesn’t matter burrhead… You already destroyed the earth… ASSHOLES!

  7. bushtyranny says:

    Haliburtons estimated cost is just 3% of the scam profit made from Bogus Iraq War profits so don’t worry DICK, your stock won’t drop as much as your Blood Preasure.

  8. rdej4168 says:

    Idea was to drill a relief well, and plug with cement? Here’s one for you: Use what’s there already, with some modifications to the containment method. Their relief well idea is based on using cement or heavy mud to fill it. The heavy mud is already on the sea bottom to the point where they put flaps on the original containment dome to prevent sinking. How about hydraulically activated anchors-when sunk- that could open and use the Gulf bottom to contain the leak?

  9. rdej4168 says:

    It sounds to me like they are more interested in saving the well, vs. the environment. Think about it: Devices designed for the sole purpose of “capturing the oil”, vs. just shutting it down. They are dragging their feet on this one, giving priority to the well, vs. the Gulf Coast.

    Five years in the electric chair.

    Sadly, we can’t put a price on the Gulf Coast.

  10. cilantroification says:

    You know I can’t figure out how this is Obama’s fault. President Bush was the friend of oil who deregulated the industry. BP owns the faulty oil rig. Haliburton mismanaged it. Obama isn’t to blame.

  11. budliite says:

    I laughed.
    Hay is the newest technology ever.Hands down.

  12. treid100182 says:

    Done with Obama

  13. isaacnd200 says:

    …..AND a fucking BP ad pops up at the start of the video ?….fuuuuuuck.

  14. PeakedEarth says:

    Im from the NorthWest, this happened in San Fran. DUMP HAY INTO THE WATER IT SUCKS UP THE OIL.. Send every truck with Hay to the Gulf.

  15. budliite says:

    What contraption?

    The BOP on the ocean floor.
    Oh how easy you make it sound.

  16. iknewitalready says:


    what is your point?

  17. iknewitalready says:


    what is your point?

  18. seobro says:

    ears needs to shut up

  19. sciiworks says:


    That’s the billion dollar question we don’t know and when we do it will be years down the road.

  20. dp535i says:

    @duhastschaben :
    yes. just remove the contraption causing all the problems.

  21. duhastschaben says:

    i hated the commercial at the beginning of this
    why are these billionaire oil tycoons having so much trouble stopping this disaster that will fuck things up for many years…
    why don’t they just REMOVE THE PIECE OF SHIT!

  22. beancube2010 says:

    @sciiworks What proved the dispersant works? What fish eating large among of them stay alive and healthy?

  23. beancube2010 says:

    @iknewitalready Just send some looks like Islam to British and sink some cargo to spill their harbors and fish fields.

  24. iknewitalready says:



  25. gymbo63 says:

    @iknewitalready your funny…. the keyboard you used to punch in that comment is made from petroleum products…HA HA HA!!!!!!

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