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Euro Bailout & Breakdown Crisis (Economic Update May 10 2010)

Posted on May 31, 2010 by bp complaints

My video commentary on the economic crisis in Europe. I talk about the Euro Bailout (of Greece, Spain and Portugal), the BP gulf oil spill operations, Fannie Mae’s request for another bailout and Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill. You can support this video by DIGGING it digg.com Europe Officials Move to Carry Out Rescue Package www.nytimes.com Federal Reserve opens credit line to Europe news.yahoo.com Fannie Mae seeks .4B in aid after 1Q loss apnews.myway.com Plunge in US equities remains a mystery www.ft.com Ron Pauls audit the fed bill compromised in Senate www.smallgovtimes.com White flight? Suburbs lose young whites to cities news.yahoo.com Death count after Tennessee floods rises to 23 www.cnn.com Utah GOP convention rejects incumbent Sen. Robert Bennett www.cnn.com Obama picks Kagan as next US Supreme Court justice: media news.yahoo.com What next? After failure, BP mulls gusher options news.yahoo.com Report finds it wasn’t just a ‘Mancession’ news.yahoo.com
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More than one in ten oil spill cleanup worker were injuried or became ill from the work cleaning up after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, This cleanup was the first done under OSHA’s then recent Hazwoper regulation and maybe the first time an OSHA program went into voluntary compliance mode (like the agency later did during the World Trade Center cleanup and Katrina) Contact me for more information on worker health and safety issues during this spill. I was living in Alaska at the time and worked with the Alaska Laborers Union on occupational health and safety concerns during the cleanup. My email is mdcatlin@verizon.net . For a detailed federal government review of worker health and safety issues, read the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) report, Alaska Oil Spill Health Hazard Evaluation (HETA 89-200 & 89-273-2111), published in May 1991 and available on the NIOSH website at www.cdc.gov . For more information on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill go to the Website – Sound Truth and Corporate Myths: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill at www.soundtruth.info This website is from Riki Ott, PhD, a marine oil pollution expert and former commercial fisherman in Alaska’s Prince William Sound. She was on the scene before, during, and after the Exxon Valdez oil spill and experienced firsthand the spill’s effects, including environmental devastation, economic losses to the fishing industry, and psychosocial trauma to the close-knit community.

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  1. Gitanu07 says:

    You should have more views

  2. mrdoonbeg says:

    Demcad, you look just like a guy I went to college with in the UK. His nickname is burger..they say everyone has a dopple ganger, I know yours, cool

  3. miguelmouta says:

    Put the blame on PIGS. Call for german help. Forget Germany richess is in part virtual, and part from muslins and south europeans sweat, and from third world natural resources, and food . Believe in their ideological , cultural and scientific hegemonic lies ,that hiddens their emptiness of human values. Thats basically a veiled harsh moral crisis , wont stop here.Dont be fool. LONG LIVE THE BRIC COUNTRIES .

  4. HustlerDenimClothing says:

    The banks are the BAD GUYS

  5. lambsev says:

    Why are we in the USA unable to solve our economic woes? Because God is against the prosperity of a nation that routinely slaughters 25% of it’s unborn.

  6. dopeclown253 says:

    all he does it read from a screen? like seriously i wanna hear strongly enforced opinions damn it

  7. william0873 says:

    I think Lyndon Larouche is right about our connections to Britan. The book on scribd “The illuminatti and the Protocols” is interesting and from what Ive factchecked in it so far is documented. If Kagan is let in it will make two Jewish People n the rest Catholic. The guy that stepped down was protestant. I dont like the idea of Israel having even more control in our country n all SC Judges having loyalty more to the pope n Israel than the US. n our laws

  8. DEMCAD says:

    @gasdorf Well, not everyone shares my philosophy about youtube.

  9. thetwentyteens says:

    270 people liked this vid. 2 disliked. You’re doing something right.

  10. slsmit2 says:

    What they create is a bigger crash…all they have done is delay the inevitable crash…when something is broken…more broken won’t fix the problem…this will bring more countries into the final fall….YES, the federal reserve and the IMF are responsible for our broken money system…the working man is not supporting wall street it is the criminals in fancy suits moving their money around…when will we stop believing in this ponzi money scheme

  11. pretorious700 says:

    Kagan is just another progressive. Obama is nothing if not predictable.

  12. pretorious700 says:

    @jonyjoe896 Hate to break it to ya, but America and every other country has a sizable gay minority. And it’s not a “bad” thing, it just a different preference, nobody’s making anyone else be gay, relax with that nonsense.

  13. seanboy80 says:

    @slipcurve Dude, that’s the misconception. The crash didn’t have to be some “grand conspiracy.” In fact, it wasn’t difficult at all. Check out the interview between Alex Jones and Max Keiser. It’s a matter of manipulating the computer trade prices to spur on spontaneous activity with the day traders, all of whom are not privy to the manipulation, just acting on impulse. Max explains in detail how it was done electronically.

  14. Anothercoilgun says:

    The corporation of the unites states is null and void.

  15. stealthcupcake says:

    I thought the definition of a recession is it must last no longer than 2 quarters? Why does everyone keep calling it a recession instead of a depression?

  16. gasdorf says:

    DEMCAD i asked nutnfancy how he felt about the events of 9/11 building 7? and he deleted my commit LOL? i got video …i just wondered if anyone else asked him?

  17. chena3 says:

    demcads bug out donkey
    ate the trillion dollars ….

    bad donkey
    no carrots for you

  18. Badjohn007 says:

    What solution to you have other than a bailout of those governments? Let them eat cake? lol. You’re an economic lightweight Reggie. Theyre buying time until war comes. White flight aka GENTRIFICATION. old news Reggie. Last week the Dow Jones lost 1 Trillion in 10mins. Did anyone die or go hungry? lol Reg you’re whining about the money as if you even understand the system you exist in. It’s all a facade. You won’t get it. Ron Paul = Ross Perot = Quack. Are you prepared Reg? With a bugout bag? lol

  19. judutchinski says:

    @frankdusome – Crazy things are happening already. It’s impossible to be a fortune teller, but the recent instabilities are flags for disaster. Unless we can focus on the economy. We have too many fires to put out. Imagine Obama’s day. He’s over it already. Hearing about disasters every single day. Good actor that fellow.

  20. judutchinski says:

    @Montagraph – Woof Wooof Woooof!!! Sheeples living and dying like dogs.

  21. judutchinski says:

    @Cinemaguy2007 – no sirree

  22. judutchinski says:

    @kardentyrell – of course. who the hell isn’t mad? LOL

  23. judutchinski says:

    @pepeledog Trojan condom. LOL

  24. pepeledog says:

    Maybe Trojan can make a gigantic condom to put over the oil well.

    Or maybe the government could detonate a small nuclear bomb next to the well causing the earth to collapse in on it and seal it? What’s a little radiation after all that oil? LOL!!!

  25. billb89 says:

    @blackjacksimple1 Pelosi said health care is deficit neutral, what are you talking about?

  26. crazman01 says:

    How come the media isnt comparing this oil spill with the one in the gulf coast?

  27. industrialhemprocks says:

    i only have one answer.hemp energy versus petroleum energy!!!!

  28. ogskeetdizzle says:


    if i dont’ hear someone talking about it soon, i’m gonna pull a fuckin epic bear man tom freak out on eveyr single one of u fuckers….

    BIOREMEDIATION IS THE SOLUTION. wiki the fucking word and pass it along.
    oyster mushroom mycelium will clean up crude oil. it’s been done by usa dept. of defense before with the help of Paul Stamets.

  29. octobersky23 says:

    Haha i`ll use this for my LA essay thanks man!

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  32. Kauboy84 says:

    made me pretty pissed off! motherfucker!

  33. markdcatlin says:

    Dear Cruithnii,

    But there is little oil in Prince William Sound – the site of the spill. The oil is 800 miles to the north. What I saw there in the 1980s were oil companies cutting costs and cutting corners in oil spill prevention – like eliminating, 1n 1988, the round the clock dedicated experienced oil spill response teams in Valdez that had successfully dealt with several hundred smaller spills.

  34. Cruithnii says:

    What are the odds it was a set up and they want to drill there.Who will lay me a fortune?Then the carefully recruited alcoholic patsy captains boat has a sabotaged inevitable accident.what better way for oil companies to move the population, turn the homes into an oil slick. Wauchet Auf.

  35. BSblackfear0 says:

    i think i may use this for my science class aswell thx mate

  36. sk8r518cprocks says:

    very cool need this for my science experiment!!!! thanks alot

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