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Drill Baby Drill Dick Cheny deregulated the Deepwater Horizon

Posted on May 22, 2010 by bp complaints

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  1. VitaVeritasVictoria says:

    I haven’t read the post today, did they figure out if the turtles died from this massive oil spill? I can’t tell you enough how upset I am over this. Most people know me as Ocean, but they don’t know how much I really do love the Ocean and what has happened here is a fucking disgusting preventable tragedy. Rush Limbaugh can kiss my ass with the rest of these assholes! With what happened with “Valdez” they are STILL dredging up oil. Don’t they realize this shit.

  2. onlywhenprovoked says:

    Rush has 20 million listeners. That’s the scary part. 20 fucking million.

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