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Dome Failed BP Chief Doug Suttles on Oil Platform Spill Cleanup Gulf of Mexico 4 Million Gallons

Posted on May 30, 2010 by bp complaints

Dome Failed BP Chief Doug Speaks on Oil Platform Spill Cleanup BREAKING NEWS Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico 4 Million Gallons BP Chief Doug Suttles on Oil Platform Spill Cleanup US Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry, BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles, MMS Regional Director of the Gulf of Mexico Region Lars Herbst brief the media about the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill and answer questions from the media. Part 3 of 3. Oilspill10 Video Courtesy DOD
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Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and David Bender discuss the political, economic, and environmental impacts of the BP oil spill that is currently pumping an estimated 200000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
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  1. shadowdragon461 says:

    if u pplz want o hear what we are all thinking about this oil spill go watch the vid oil spill fail by momasboy339

  2. HMLSLLC says:

    BP is the best so f**k off

  3. lion354 says:

    @ TheBlingblingbros I agree. These fucking wankers need tp pay for this fuck up and I think everyone should boycott BP to help them go out of business.

  4. TheBlingblingbros says:

    I hope these fucking assholes go out of business and be fined for their crimes.

  5. sunnbabie says:

    I LOVE Doug Suttles. He’s intoxicating!

  6. Helios909 says:

    Doing some research (from what’s been documented); it’s recorded that we have thrown 1,774,300,928 gallons of crude oil into our planets bodies of water. That is a disturbingly apalling and flagitious statistic. I hate oil, but I’m forced to use it!!!

  7. Helios909 says:

    They’ll have to junk shot (aka bridging agent) the BOP and then kill it after the relief well is set up. But I know they are going to want that BOP for evidence in the investigation so I’m not sure how that’s going to work. Right now they should be nearing completion on this tube and discharge system, and there’s still going to be 15% of what’s leaking now still going into the ocean for 2-3 months (provided this tube insert works as planned).

  8. Helios909 says:

    @akracer1 They can’t fix the pipe, and no it’s designed to handle the pressure obviously riser. I don’t think that a plug would be able to handle the pressure.

  9. akracer1 says:

    @Helios909 If the pipe won’t hold the pressure, Then WHY? were they using it in the first place? Is this cheap, thin pipe? Stop the dam leak! Then work on the BOP!

  10. Helios909 says:

    @akracer1 I think that the pressure would be too great putting a plug directly in the blowout preventer, and right now it’s just the riser that’s leaking (from multiple places) so putting a plug in there wouldn’t work either.

  11. DtorBill says:

    It is getting even worse and what is going to do BP. The problem, actually is also caused by the company which built the platform, and this “problem” of design could be affecting to more platforms, and nobody talks about that… BP, you have a great problem

  12. akracer1 says:

    Why don’t they just insert an inflatable plug in the hole in the pipe?
    If they can run a tube in there to suck out the oil, then why don’t they just plug it off???
    Or is it they don’t want too??

  13. EdisunSolar says:

    No collar around the rig site? the Government PUT OUT THE FIRE? which let the oil spread into a national disaster? an Obama 911 back to work plan?- Who is our government working for? clearly not USA.
    Governmental u tube sites block and edited American comments – Ban all block sites
    Wake up – a planed failed? government at work in front of your eyes
    O-ne B-ig A-ss -M-isstake A-merica
    Wake up America watch but learn A prophecy or an Obamanation?
    Remedy – HAY tea bags to clean it up

  14. RyPetermannQuickHit says:

    Click on my title for my musical comment.!!!!

  15. Allamericom says:

    Old effective solution
    Use TEA BAGS to clean up governmental messes

  16. Allamericom says:

    Not only was there no collar at the rig site the Government put out the fire at the rig site which instead of a burn a national disaster came to play – Thanks for getting involved failed government
    The Government utube sites are controlling and editing the the American peoples comments
    Wake up fools a failed government at work in front of your eyes O-ne B-ig A-ss -M-isstake A-merica

  17. videosouthafrica says:

    where is the bigger 20times the size dome ? have u started building it yet ? i told u 5 days ago Doug … u listening to me boy ?

  18. humaner says:

    Geez I mean I am still making millions a year what do I care…I’m an American capitalist psycho.Bwaaaaahaaaaaa

  19. videosouthafrica says:

    well Mike and Dave [forfront experts lol] … forfront of BABBLE maybe … give us another description that u got off cnn or fox lol …. american people do not need to BARK … y’all need to start BITING … else u gonna have to listen to this BABBLE tomorow again

  20. NatureCitizan says:

    omg its an global disaster…
    the first who will have to feel will be all animals in the water. we need to protect our planet now! or u can watch beaches in tv

    wake up peeps! start protect ur planet today!

  21. Aiden057 says:

    Go Mike! I’m so glad you’re doing this.

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