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BP Complaints

Deepwater horizon(sinking)

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

Rig as it is sinking
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  1. howler369 says:

    @nuaurea no, your not.

  2. howler369 says:

    @lunafringe10 4000 rigs and how many ships prepared or even available at any given time. they, the oil companies are ruining northern sask, and alta up in canada at the tar sands. probably one of worlds largest polluters.

  3. ed11561 says:

    May those scumbag fucks from bp & transatlantic pay for every drop of oil that has to be cleaned up & pay for every one of the people killed.Fine them Billions of dollars for each warning that they ignored-which had to be dozens.scumbag fucks.& hang that limey little british prick tony the ceo.jail him & then hang him.

  4. lunafringe10 says:

    there are 4000 oil rigs out there, right off your coast, Owe it all to your presidents,
    One day, all of them are going to blow up in your faces, Not the Taliban, or Iran,
    The oil is going to be your downfall,

  5. nuaurea says:

    evidence of self destruction of our planet…may be am wrong..

  6. poonseeka says:

    @weezyzlady601 it’s all good. estrogen is a good thing.
    keep it real girlfriend.

  7. weezyzlady601 says:

    @poonseeka Ur comment just struck me as hella insensitive… maybe it’s me cause I’m really full of estrogen right now.. excuse me..

  8. poonseeka says:

    @weezyzlady601 talking shit? I made a comment . you don’t know me ,maybe I was there…………

  9. weezyzlady601 says:

    @poonseeka WTF?? How can you even say that??? Just because the rig is equipped with a BOP doesn’t mean it was working sufficiently or efficiently that night.. you talking shit like you were there yourself… get a grip

  10. lifeguard331 says:

    thats not the first time when it happened .. u want to have oil ! u got what ur looking for .

  11. poonseeka says:

    A blowout didn’t cause this. There is plenty of tech on that rig that could have prevented this from happening. this was some kind of human error. The rig is equipped with BOP to keep the well from coming in like this. This is sad. someone screwed up and I am afraid the only ones who know died that night.

  12. Syllard says:

    At 5:00, there is something which looks as a tornado lawl ^^

  13. aldemargv says:

    Esperemos a que el daño ambiental sea el mas minimo…. respecto a la responsabilidad de BP para con los gastos del daño ambiental, considero que BP posee los recursos suficientes para mitigar y compensar los daños que se estan ocasionando. Gracias por el video….

  14. MrDrummerboy65 says:

    Most of the boats fighting the fire were E.C.O. boats,the Max,Mr. Sidney.Can’t remember the rest right now,I’m a little tipsy.

  15. BobMcGee123 says:

    Were any of the ECO boats on scene the M/V C-Freedom or MV C-Fighter? Is there a list somewhere of the ECO boats that arrived?


  16. khankabrinski says:


    While I agree this is a massive atrocity and an awful situation, BP has certainly not turned their back on the situation. I consider myself an environmentalist but even I can see that this is BPs main focus right now. They dispatched 30 ships to deal with this situation the day after the rig sank and have already been paying for all the damages. Yes it’s a horrible situation, but just because a large company is involved doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention. This isn’t 1988.

  17. driver61867 says:

    I think BP owes the folks in the gulf coast…..they over looked the problem and now they have taken they’re livelyhood in the process of scepticism and now it has bitten them in the ass………..good luck BP

  18. driver61867 says:

    why didnt BP call Boots and Coots so the could dynomite the fire ………… the rig would still be standing and the blow-out could be controled……how could an oil producer be so stupid to think that they could turn they’re back on this and it would be ok………just ask the people of La., I’ll bet that they are sick and tired of people turning they’re back on them and they’re problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Greenman347 says:

    so the enter rig judt sank, so those things are like boats

  20. isaacnd200 says:

    And the rich devils get richer. What was that saying about Nero ?

  21. MrDrummerboy65 says:

    The explosion was caused from whats known as a blowout.That happens when a oil rig is drilling & they hit a gas pocket or something that has too much pressure for them to stop or control.The B.O.P.s(blowout preventers apparently failed).
    The gas & oil then ignights coming up thru the wellhead with a ton of force.

  22. ForkYouToo22 says:

    what/who caused the explosion???
    this was no accident…

  23. MrDrummerboy65 says:

    We were spraying water from our high pressure fire moniters on board my vessel.

  24. MrDrummerboy65 says:

    It was unreal to be there trying to help in vain,but we tryed! My heart goes out to the victim’s familys.

  25. teemuruskeepaa says:

    What are they spraying into the area?

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