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Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Is Leaking Oil

Posted on May 23, 2010 by bp complaints

At least 42000 gallons of oil per day is leaking from the well head about 5000 feet below the ocean surface. The spill has increased to some 1800 square miles and still growing.+++ Spill grows to 2100 square miles with new oil leak discovered bringing leakage to at least 5000 barrels a day and Coast Guard starts trying to burn-off some of the heavy oil on the surface. 04/28/2010 Update: They say that the oil leak has grown to some 3000000 gallons per day and covering over 10000 square miles. 05/15/2010
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  1. ralfchez says:

    What a coincidense!!! Obama signs off on offshore drilling fairly recently and this happens!!! Is it also coincidental that “Haliburton” is also involved in this!!!!! This is just another part of the master plan people!!! (not gods plan!!!) Man’s plan!!! Some of you know what I mean, some of you don’t!!!

  2. GSpeedEmotion says:

    Republican rednecks go to hell.

  3. DarkenedClarity says:

    thanks hyundai. This is bad I did not think much about it tell I seen how big it was.

    We need wind and solar power its free and it dose not hurt are only home like this oil. There are ways to even run are cars on water so what the hell are we doing fucking with oil? Look what greed will do.

  4. DarkenedClarity says:

    @trainlinezoo with you there.

  5. murraykat says:

    The answer may be simple and lucrative. If shrimp are the cockroaches of the sea they may just mutate into oily snacks with a longer shelf life and the oil compaies can easily retro-fit oil filters onto whale spouts that require quartely filter changes. The species can just pay off thier filter change debts by sacrificing a few thousand of thier own kind for candle and oil lamp production. Simple really!/?

  6. jimbonumber9 says:

    @garciahj Very good questions! Thank you.

  7. garciahj says:

    Where are the world class experts who can cap the problem? Why are we placing politicians on the media rather than the experts who can fix the problem. In sixty days every beach in the Americas will have burnt oil rolling up on it. Have the all run for cover? Should the media not be having round table discussions 24/7 with them? Al Gore where are you?

  8. thudmother says:

    DRILL BABY DRILL !!!! I hope you are happy, Republicans.

  9. stonedslacker says:

    yeah this is a disaster all that irreplaceable oil is wasted. well maybe some will be reclaimed but this sucks for gas prices

  10. larnem says:

    The fish & wildlife damage is going to be monstroius.

  11. trainlinezoo says:

    6:20 partying drunkenness? spill rate o 30k barrels per month? hyundai built that rig. it’s a drill and go concept that will cause billions in damage. now canada is boiling sand to supply oil. does that sound safe? why cant we make 5000 wind turbines and 50000 solar panels every day? every neighborhood should be energy independent.

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