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Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster Press Conference

Posted on May 21, 2010 by bp complaints

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster Press Conference
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  1. dkkght46 says:

    They better notify the USDA National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps to get those veterinarians and techs down there to de-oil & treat these animals. The amount of widlife that is going to get oiled will overwhelm the cleaning teams they have down there. NAHERC needs to be called in as part of this federal response and they better do it soon.

  2. videosouthafrica says:

    whats the CAPITAL “E” on your dome stand for ? you had time to paint it on the side ? … you need cameras to view this big “E” … for WHAT ???? heh ? east ? thats nice .. so W is for west i guess … my cellphone can tell me all this

  3. Allamericom says:

    The failure of Government is all around us to long to late – Want Health care? Bring home our troops DemoRepublicans we can use our troops here
    The big difference between Katrina and this Oil mess is Katrina was believed to be caused by nature the black oil spill was caused by man Britain we are faced with another Obamanation of America and sea life. How about firing a missal like the one used to cap on the pentagon for war ploy? Or Termite that was used to take down the towers?
    Wake up America

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