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Deepwater Horizon – May 17, 2010 – Sanchez – BP inserts its Tube to suck oil

Posted on May 29, 2010 by bp complaints

Deepwater Horizon – May 17, 2010 – Sanchez – BP inserts its Tube to suck oil

A month on and the BP off-shore rig spill is still flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. Rust colored oil has washed into marshlands and the Mississippi river, endangering wildlife and nature reserves on the American coastline. Big business seems reluctant to take responsibility for the clean up and locals fear they are on the brink of a ecological disaster.
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  1. dahoss2x says:

    Why are we forced by the environmentalists to drill at 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf, when plenty of surface oil remains just below ground in Alaska? Thanks for the regulations EPA. Thanks for not even attempting to stop this disaster Obama. Blame Bush, like always. Point your E.T. like finger at everyone else.

  2. btwall60 says:

    This should now be referred to as
    I’m just glad now, that they can show Obummer golfing, with a side picture of an oil covered bird.
    He’s a ruler, not a leader.

  3. Conan568 says:

    It’s 40 days now and that shit is still spewing into the ocean.
    Send down explosives and blow it shut.

    Obama fails again, nothing to see here.

  4. FlowerClown says:

    This will be Obama’s 9/11

    Corporate Terrorism

    The Joy’s of deregulation.

    Thanks George and Dick

  5. wreckdirect says:

    @ButtErBaLL619 as for them enjoying other activities ?. they should, because a paranoid person with no time to relax will not be good for us and will lead to future fuck ups. they said bush sat on his ass and i rather a man think what to do then rush in. how many things can one man do when we are at war ? the coast guard failed both times not our presidents. open your eyes and stop blaming one person when others are actually hired for this.

  6. wreckdirect says:

    @ButtErBaLL619 my issue is this. if i am a janitor do i need the guy who owns the company to tell me to clean up when something is dirty ?. even when katrina took place i did not blame bush because there are people in positions who get hired for these things. blame those who get hired for this and sit on their ass as if they dont know what they get paid for. we are at war let our presidents focus on that. cont….

  7. franklinjonesii says:

    I agree 100%! I was 25 when I first learned that the fed reserve did not answer to the president of the country. That makes NO sense, for either a repub or dem! Medicare can run more efficiently than the private sector, spending what, 3-5% for adm cost, and blue cross gets 25%? What exactly does CEO DO, that warrants them to get THAT much money to send paperwork? Nothing will change though, b/c both parties are paid by oil and insurance companies, so until that is cut off, we will get screwed

  8. southernraven1969 says:

    This is what happens when Corporations own the country….Now their pointing fingers and blaming eachother…..Meanwhile…they won’t admit THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP THIS!!!

  9. slammah2012 says:

    @slammah2012 BP is purposely poisoning the sea…Obama Ok’d the Chemical sinking of it opposed to the the mopping of it using the biodigradable pellets that have worked inthe past spills…BP refuses to vacuum and fill its tankers with the oil slick that is there….this is a poisoning….point blank

  10. slammah2012 says:

    @franklinjonesii I am all for a publically owned National bank like the Bank of Canada..owned by the people…..Its the privatly owned “IMF” and privatly owned “Federal Reserve” rigging the flow of the economy that need to be dissolved.

  11. cobraman96 says:

    @slammah2012 Hey asswipe,Obama was the one telling the republicans to get a mop and help clean up the financial mess,Now the shoe is on the other foot and he sends a team of lawyers? What a stupid motherfucker he is!

  12. slammah2012 says:

    How many people here know that BP was one of Obamas largest contributers leading up to his placement in the White house?

  13. slammah2012 says:

    @cobraman96 wrap your mouth around it sparky…. that should work…

  14. slammah2012 says:

    @cobraman96 shove your mouth over it sparky…

  15. kababayanC2 says:

    (cont.) Heck, my governer is doing more about this oil leak! Even though he was unsuccessful in stopping the oil, at least he showed more leadership than Obama! They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Well, consider the White House made of glass, and obama a professional rock thrower!

  16. kababayanC2 says:

    They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Obama has been blasting BP for the oil spill, but at the same time, he isn’t taking any action to fix the leak! He is spending more time blasting oil executives, than fixing the actual problem! It’s so pitiful, that we have to import firebooms from Alaska and Brazil! (cont.)

  17. ButtErBaLL619 says:

    theres nothing obama can do about this…..he too bz watching the NBA playoffs!!!!! or watching shrek forever after.

  18. cobraman96 says:

    @slammah2012 Ok,Get on a plane and fly to the gulf and fix it, or shut the hell up stupid!

  19. franklinjonesii says:

    When the financial crisis was going on, fox news and the such cried “he nationalizing the banks”, and things of that nature. They had people protesting health care for ALL is “socialism”, even calling him a nazi. Had the adm came in and took over the oil spill day one, fox and people of that type would have been SCREAMING a GOVT TAKEOVER of private industry. The govt does not drill oil, so its’ expertise would NOT be to clean a spill. Allowing them to drill…..YES, that WAS his call.

  20. nandansho says:

    @nandansho They bought out Stock ONE Week before the explosion. THIS needs to be criminally investigated. This is’nt Obama’s Katrina WHAT Media outlet is claiming this? Take a friggen guess??

  21. nandansho says:

    Oil giant Halliburton (HAL: 26.09, 0.47, 1.83%) announced late Friday that it will purchase emergency response oil control company Boots & Coots (WEL: 2.94, 0, 0%) in a deal valued at around $232 million.
    Boots & Coots shares soared on Monday by more than 25%.

  22. Kinkspace says:

    @slammah2012 I never said they were i was demonstrating the incestuousness of it all.

  23. slammah2012 says:

    @Kinkspace they arent cleaning the oil up…..they are throwing chemicals on it forcing the oil to sink down to the undercurrents where it gets carried out to sea…
    The oil keeps pumping and they are spreading it under the surface….

  24. slammah2012 says:

    @franklinjonesii Im not sure what you mean….
    on 911 privately owned airlines regulated by government flew into 2 privatly owned towers in New York City……there is a big difference between socialim and response to a disaster….If your privatly owned house burns down, and sets adjacent houses on fire,would we expect you to stop the spread? no….there is a big difference between socialism and taking responsible action….

  25. truthinstyle says:

    Obama is making the oceans recede… no just filling them with oil…

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