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Deepwater Horizon BP Halliburton gulf oil spill spread trajectory animation – how bad can it get?

Posted on May 23, 2010 by bp complaints

oil spill, animation, damage, ecological, bp, gulf who knows how big this can get? Massive plumes underwater

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  1. locallighthuman2012 says:

    @skel8tor maybe they can block it?

  2. locallighthuman2012 says:

    pressure at the well head is up to 75,000 PSI 80thousand tonnes per square inc.
    The deposit is huge possibly 25,000 sq km
    Oil is not made from dinosaurs, how many dinosaurs ever lived that deep? There is no oil shortage and they may prove it by destroying the oceans…

  3. skel8tor says:

    no panama canal in this simulation?

  4. locallighthuman2012 says:

    BP was not required to install a $500k acoustic valve that would have stopped the leak. Legislation drafted by Dick Cheney.

  5. locallighthuman2012 says:

    giant plumes of oil have been found in layers in the gulf 300m thick 10 miles long

  6. locallighthuman2012 says:

    it has reached the Florida Keys

  7. thoop008 says:

    The car was made from machines that mined the iron oar and i am sure they weren’t soloar powered, and if they were the soloar power they were given was probably built in a plant that needed oil. and the cars and trucks that trasport food to the supermarkets need oil.

  8. thoop008 says:

    Drilling for oil is something that all americans and the world depend on it whether we want to admit it or not. Even green peace needs oil to ride there big luggers around and protest. Just because you drive a hybrid doesn’t mean that you don’t need oil.

  9. rybupsp says:

    Let’s not get carried away

  10. giddygiddy85 says:


  11. euripideesshreds says:

    Add a Hurricane to this mess, and spontaneous combustion from lightning to the volatiles in the oil ~ fires in the wetlands could eventually be what comes out of this disaster. This may have ramifications that ruins the Caribbean for future generations,wipeing out the beneficial qualities of the region’s coasts. I say, Unite in faith and expose the insidious greed of the Powers That Be, their Corporate Masters, and get a grip on who runs this planet (GOD) Spirit of Christ in everyman gathers

  12. draphaelc says:

    Corporations that even risk behaving this irresponsibly should be immediately dissolved, losing ALL their direct and indirect assets and be PERMANENTLY BANNED from ever owning stock and never allowed to form any other corporation, LLC or anything. Then they should be handed over to the environmental groups to perform justice.

  13. TheLunateQ says:

    what happens when deposits are left at evaporation points in the water cycle? Could particulate go airborne or atmospheric?

  14. jiberish001 says:

    This is an EXTREME exaggeration.

    Most people don’t realize how bad this really is, but it’s not going to spread that fast. Well maybe small amounts will, but whatever does spread that fast will be heavily diluted. The bulk of it all will spread much slower and be much more devastating.

  15. NatureCitizan says:


  16. sonofhendrix says:

    @GrandMAHatesCoons UK gov does not own BP its a private coperation. It would be good if we could take the profits from BP and spend it on our infastructure and what not tho.
    Anyway, its the multi-national coperations and the military industrial complex you need to blame.

  17. GrandMAHatesCoons says:

    I hope it all ends up in the UK!

  18. videosouthafrica says:

    huge sea snails took control of the BP head office last month on a wednesday … they then used an F15 to fly over the oil rig and down the kitchen pipe … proceeding then into the toilet system … obviously the F15 couldnt handle this [ design problem ] and eventually blew up

  19. NibiruMagick2012 says:

    The deepest and one of the biggest pockets ever attempted…….
    Feel better?

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