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BP Complaints

Deep Water Horizon

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

Oil rig in New Orleans, LA exploded April 22, 2010, leaving 7 injured and 11 still missing… Our prayers go out to you all!
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RARE NEWS FROM US COAST GUARD Deepwater Horizon Response Joint Press Conference, Part 1 Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster Press Conference US Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry and civilian Doug Suttles address the media about the recent underwater oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, plans for a controlled burning of the spilled oil, preparations for other methods of clean-up and plans to stop the oil leak. They then answer questions from the media. Produced by Petty Officer 3rd Class Connie Terrell. Part 1 of 2.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. sayandro74 says:

    From Egypt, we all so sorry for this sad event, God Bless all these families, childrens , and all the US., again God Bless You.

  2. Patrol73Pig says:

    Yeah i work for the same company Transocean & i can tell you some of our other rigs, like the drillships hold up to a full 220 people 24/365 days a year.

    This has rocked the world of the oilmen & women, my prayers are with the fallen men & families of all the men & women in the patch

  3. checkthebrakes says:

    It would be cheep to sink a Carnival cruse ship full of cement on tip of the leak. How big can the holes be?

  4. uppidycon says:

    @Torpedo8 not sure about a drillin’ platform of that size.. i work on a production platform and we have close to 350 out here.. but if i had to guess, a normal one may have 50 to 75 people? that one may have had more being such a big drillin’ platform..

  5. whip122177 says:

    May God be with the families of the men and crew that was on this rig, i once worked out in the deep and this was a fear of mine. Blessings to you all.

  6. Torpedo8 says:

    Anyone know how many guys are normally on a platform like this?

  7. mapleleaf68 says:

    So sad mother earth is crying

  8. nateanna2010 says:

    @2007stewart — Thank you Stewart, I have a really close friend who works there offshore & I am blessed knowing that he is ok. I pray for all those who are lost and the families, God bless!

  9. 2007stewart says:

    This still tears my heart out, did not know a single man, yet they all feel like my brothers, God Bless them and there families.

  10. Quaaludedude714 says:

    Our prayers go out 🙁 C

  11. nateanna2010 says:

    Feel free to post comments! God Bless!

  12. xxbox6191 says:

    I met use dry ice steam too freeze up the surface of the water and remove the chunks of oil like that,

  13. xxbox6191 says:

    I might found a way too clean out the oil gulf of Mexico why don’t they freeze up the top serf ice of the water with dry ice,and move it somewhere,

  14. didel123 says:

    I think it should be possible to close the leak by controlled explosion.
    Why is BP not trying this ?

  15. javowiz says:

    Nikola teslaaaa !!! NOW …. hydrogen from water people; this shit came out in the 90’s our gov’t is just about Gold Oil & Dolla bills

  16. RyPetermannQuickHit says:

    Click on my title for my musical comment.!!!!

  17. sonofhendrix says:

    its closer to 200,000 barrels.

  18. PaladinHludwig says:

    The mega oil slick is most definitely going to reach the Gulf stream. Sad to say, but its only a matter of time that the oil will cover the eastern coastline of the USA. This monster is nearly the size of Cuba and there is no way to shut off the endless flow 5,000 feet under water. A giant box is being built in hopes to contain some oil and then funnel out to tankers but if this is the best plan we are in big trouble.

  19. nek0s says:

    There are now new reports starting to come out that say 2 more leaks were found. “According to what is identified as an emergency response report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), scientists estimate that the leak may be ten times worse than what’s being admitted by BP. Rather than the 200,000 gallons a day the company is citing the real number could be closer to 2.1 million gallons. A day.” Is this true ? Hell if i know but lets hope they are wrong !

  20. eatmeout6999 says:

    This is going to be an epic nation destroying inncident. Lets hope they can stop it alot quicker than 3 MONTHS!!! or we will see it on the east coast in the gulf stream

  21. jacksplace says:

    the word up here is the ‘Gulf of Texaco”

  22. nurmiar says:

    Americans likes oil..now they can bath in it….

  23. 76inWaco says:

    Swat teams are on their way! Motive? look for oil prices to sky rocket, very suspicous.

  24. maranatha2000 says:

    1000 – 5000 barrels a day??? I’ve read much much higher estimates starting at 800000 (eight-hundred-THOUSAND)

  25. nfusionlabs says:

    Obama doesnt like White people!!! WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT!!!

  26. AlvaroAndfriends says:

    Could this take part of an economic collapse? Hmmm i wonder

  27. MYYCM says:

    thxxx 4 sharing vid : >

  28. davcomcj says:

    “For Tony Hayward, who has led BP for the last three years, the accident threatens to overshadow all of the efforts he has made to burnish the tattered reputation of the company after a refinery explosion in Texas in 2005 and a pipeline leak in Alaska in 2006.” Other than those disasters…Everything has been peachy-keene.

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