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BP Complaints

Coastal Louisiana Braces for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

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On April 20, 2010, an explosion occurred on the Deepwater Horizon rig and it caught fire. Eleven people are missing after the incident, 17 workers were injured and 7 of them were then taken to the hospital. Support ships sprayed the rig with water in an unsuccessful bid to douse the flames. Deepwater Horizon sank on April 22, 2010.

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  1. cherriac19 says:

    Boycott is not the be all…
    Govt’ should stop thinking about drilling. Explore and jump start all other enegry resources as if this is a war to win. … it is time to save our planet/our environment. It’s not a joke is it, now? I am sure lots of people, nature will hurt hard from this oil split. There is no logic in pointing fingers or playing the blame me game. There is not time for that… Work together to find a better energy resource and re-build our global community.

  2. gophomaxx says:

    Boycott of British Petroleum and any British produce is called for.

  3. gobuyone says:

    if the hole is 10″, then we should put a 12″ pipe over the hole, and pump it into a vessel waiting on top.

  4. checkthebrakes says:

    It would be cheap to sink a submarine on top of the hole and then fill it with cement

  5. checkthebrakes says:

    what about sinking a sub on top of the leak and then filling it with cement

  6. dahoss2x says:

    Eleven days prior to this disaster Ken Salazar(Obamas secretary to the interior) granted an enviromental exemption to BP… Who coincedently donated 3 MILLION dollars to the Obama election campaign. Hmmm.

  7. karrskarr says:

    @checkthebrakes loz to ya- prob is cement and 5,000 ft of water pressure doesnt mix well 🙂

  8. Imforeverone88 says:

    People please check out the solution for the oil spill on my page- it is environment safe, can help the oil be burn or just help adsorb (not absorb it) and can work on the large scale!

  9. tilerxy says:

    Go on and see the dying animals there.
    every proposal cut be a chance

  10. lujoebonjo says:

    @kevindaballa Because the oil well has approximately 3 billion gallons of oil in it… and it isn’t a big hole the flow is out of a 10 inch pipe on the ocean floor. It’s the 5,000feet of water that makes things difficult.

  11. kevindaballa says:

    y not build a big steel heavy bowl and put it around the big hole and all the oil will fill up inside , member this is a HUGE bowl by the time they come up with a way to figure out how to actually stop the flow the oil would have just stayed in controlled proximity (the big bowl)

  12. tilerxy says:

    Use Supermagnets to block the leak.

    Bring a iron plate to the ground
    and fill up with Supermagnet quater’s

    I am a german artificer

  13. mochoz250109 says:

    I jumped for joy upon hearing of phoebe prince’s death. she’s a fat ugly irish slut. I love watching her writhe in pain. I’m reliving her moment of spectacular death. She tossed and turned on from the rope. Maggots crawled out of her eye sockets and nostrils. Then her body went stiff. She gasped for air, choking on boyfriend’s semen. Then her body went limp and she was no more I wish I were there to capture that kodak moment on camera. I’m gonna pee on her irish grave.

  14. tool5150 says:

    @mo1elftausend yeah but look at what is made from oil, almost EVERYTHING! we use in our daily lives … face it they got us by the short and curlys and they are laughing there asses off at us all the way to the bank!

  15. DrBataCele says:

    They dont know where exactly is that hole cause at the bottom visibility is zero (cause of oil) and there is only mud that collapses over the hole. Oil is coming from muddy bottom, nothing visible there and nothing that can be identified by sonars or such devices.
    They can only guess where that hole is situated in a diameter of few hundred meters or more.

  16. checkthebrakes says:

    It would be cheep to sink a Carnival cruse ship full of cement on tip of the leak. How big can the holes be?

  17. cbsctomh says:

    Our world could not come close to supporting the current population without oil. I imagine all you naive oil haters will be first to volunteer in helping reduce the population by ending your life. Sorry, no casket provided as oil is used for that manufacturing process…idiots!

  18. SilverbrookGeckos says:

    Screw oil, learn to use the alternatives we already have working!

  19. Timaptimean says:

    I think they should burn off the excess spill after they seal the leak. It is much cheaper and quicker than to clean or try to recover it.

  20. Zjust2978 says:

    @acemanzero No, the one that did build it is a billion times richer than both of us. I’d take that money back and put it onto paying for solar research and cost lowering of solar panels.

  21. Zjust2978 says:

    @acemanzero No, the one that did build it is a billion times richer than both of us. I’d take that money back and put it onto paying for solar research and cost lowering of solar panels.

  22. ktatis99 says:

    @doodoodooGG they r 1 day ahead of us 😛

  23. acemanzero says:

    @Nicodemus69 Bad thing? The oil well fell apart and oil’s leaking in the ocean and look? im still here..my computer still turned on, it still could get on internet..it did no fuckin difference stupid hairy vagina! think ahead before you comment..fuckin mutt.

  24. mo1elftausend says:

    @Nicodemus69 Less than 5% of electric energy is generated by oil.

  25. Nicodemus69 says:

    @acemanzero – The fact that your computer turned on and you were able to get onto the internet to post your fucking moronic bile, is a testament to the sacrifice these people made. Without them getting the oil, there is no energy available to live your life. I guess though in your case, that might not be a bad thing.

  26. meerkat1954 says:

    In pursuit of the last drops of oil people are making the stupidest decisions imaginable, it has to stop before every last square inch of the earth is trashed

  27. acemanzero says:

    who ever had the idea to build this shit…tie them on a rope, cut them, salt them, cut thier limbs, and let them suffer.

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