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Coast Guard Begins To Burn Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on May 05, 2010 by bp complaints

MOXNews.com April 29, 2010 CNN.

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  1. UFODisclosures says:

    This was preventable by an Acoustic Switch System.

  2. Sushimom000 says:

    We can put man on the moon, but we can’t prevent an oil spill?

  3. wrenchpusher says:

    take a sub put a metal cone over the broken pipe run a 7000 foot hose to a suction ship and control the immediate spill, mean while find a jaw and crimp the pipe off

  4. educution says:

    @blakefeeldz1 deffo dude, how else are we gonna get all the depleted uranium we need to explode the terrorist women and children of iraq and afghanistan.

  5. blakefeeldz1 says:

    this is why we need more nuclear power!!!

  6. halcyon0830 says:

    Because the Government are All Corporate-Whore Criminals and USELESS.

  7. JixMa says:

    Why can’t they simply send a submersible down with powerful claws and squeeze/crimp/pinch-off the steel pipes closed?

  8. thecursedland says:

    Look at that fucken mess. What a fucken mess.

  9. SubmarinerAndroid says:

    @Smarterthanyouarable If that device is as necessary as you say, then this would seem to be an easily unravelled conspiracy, and very clumsy of ‘them’ whoever they are.

  10. Smarterthanyouarable says:

    @SubmarinerAndroid You can rent these devices I am talking about cheaply from either Halliburton or Oil field rental. No way in hell anyone would operate a rig without a blowout preventer. You need one not just for safety but to cap the well after you strike oil. If you hate oil companies I understand your pain but don’t be stupid about it.

  11. SubmarinerAndroid says:

    @Smarterthanyouarable How about this theory: BP didn’t want to spend an extra 500k on the safety device.

  12. Smarterthanyouarable says:

    @SubmarinerAndroid No one knows what happened but even 30 years ago this would have been averted by activating a blowout preventer which would have sealed off the pipe. If this really is the most advanced rig on the planet you can’t blame people for speculating about what happened.

  13. mintvagoo says:

    Haliburton will profit once again from an American tragedy.

  14. SubmarinerAndroid says:

    @emoneyfoo So, somebody blew up the rig? Who? And what is your proof?

  15. emoneyfoo says:

    Problem created… Reaction in progress… Unconstitutional solution on its way.

  16. MRMUG24 says:

    Why is Prick Sanchez so happy. Is it because he has something meaningful to report? What a shmuck!

  17. SubmarinerAndroid says:

    @TheHardMoneyMan Yep, he’s a sellout. True libs/progressives don’t trust this administration much more than you do. You know that, right?

    But ‘Drill Baby Drill’ was Palin’s slogan not Obama’s so it should be her burden now.

  18. forloveoffilm says:

    @ZedAlfa273 I was only 9 then, and far from the events but still, when my grandparents moved there around 74, it was the only thing I knew of the place. I went back again in the 90’s and was impressed. The R&R Hall, of course, but the museum has some fantastic pieces in ownership.

  19. ZedAlfa273 says:

    @forloveoffilm I was to young to remeber that, as I was born in ’69, but I remember my Dad telling me about it. He had a friend that actually witnessed it.

  20. halcyon0830 says:

    Oil companies won’t rest until ALL Marine Life is Killed, all Animal Life is Killed, and ALL Oceans, Seas, Rivers, Beaches, Continents, Land, Skies, EVERY SINGLE PART OF THIS EARTH AND EVERY SINGLE THING ON IT INCLUDING HUMANS are DESTROYED.

    Oil Companies MUST ALL BE NUKED AND WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THIS EARTH, if you and the rest of humanity and this Earth and all its life want to live and have a future.

  21. jawayetti says:

    Way to go, CNN. Your “expert” is a local weatherman…

  22. forloveoffilm says:

    @ZedAlfa273 Hadn’t considered that. Ah, brings back memories of Cleveland, OH, 1969, when the Cuyahoga River burned.

  23. IlluminatiSeer says:

    there are alot more important stories than this.. they are acting like its so amazing lol

  24. TheHardMoneyMan says:

    @SubmarinerAndroid you could say the same thing about president Sotoro. It was only a couple weeks ago that Barry said he wanted to increase off-shore drilling.

  25. SubmarinerAndroid says:

    Sarah Palin’s new slogan: SPILL BABY SPILL

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