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C-130 Aerial Dispersant On Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Posted on May 19, 2010 by bp complaints

airboyd.tv Video by SSgt. Jose Contreras. Courtesy USCG, Deepwater Horizon Response Unit HOUMA, La. — An aircrew releases oil dispersant over an oil discharge from the mobile offshore drilling unit, Deepwater Horizon, off the shore of Louisiana, May 5, 2010. To date, the unified response has dropped 156364 gallons of oil dispersant on the discharge.

The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing entitled “Inquiry into the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Coast Oil Spill” on Wednesday, May 12, 2010. Chairman Stupak explains that the committee investigation found that the blowout preventer had multiple problems—it had an apparent significant leak in a key hydraulic system, was modified in unexpected ways, was not powerful enough to do what it was supposed to do (cut through joints in the drill pipe), and that the “deadman switch” (which is supposed to activate the blowout preventer when all else fails) had a dead battery among other issues. Learn more about the hearing at: energycommerce.house.gov
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  1. hondarider100r says:

    sometimes the C5’s fly over my house. now thats an awesome noise.

  2. chechnya says:

    Is the cabin air conditioned?

  3. Red97Avenger says:

    the c130s fly over my house . the airstrip is 1000 ft from my old high school .

  4. pokerbaby7 says:

    to the crews thank you for tryiing to save our awesome coast and beachesand most of all our GREAT SEAFOOD…….

  5. BuzzDyou says:

    That’s not a sea plane, donchaknow… the gloves are to hide the white knuckles from the bumpy ass ride, at altitude the plane don’t buck around as much.. Ha just kiddin’. Nice piloting!! Goo’d luck cleanin that up.

  6. MrJamDiaz says:

    @sciiworks I meant be a pilot… 🙂

  7. sciiworks says:

    @MrJamDiaz mmmm well hopefully on crops and not oil……these cowboys are ruining the ocean with the dispersants.

  8. Flyglobespan93 says:

    @BrotherBloat ok thanks

  9. Flyglobespan93 says:

    @airboyd ok thanks! Ill watch it now

  10. airboyd says:

    @Flyglobespan93 If you watch my General Spruance video on crash survival, he explains that military pilots should always wear gloves because, in a crash the glove will save their hands from the fire.

  11. skymann says:

    yea, why gloves?
    thanks for the video

  12. AllanVictoriaA says:

    Great video!

  13. BrotherBloat says:

    @Flyglobespan93 possibly because of the fact he’s constantly gripping the controls? kinda like driving gloves, apart form you’re exerting more force on your hands when you fly than when you drive 🙂

    awesome vid, AB!

  14. fuddy12345 says:

    woah thats pretty low.. amazing

  15. Flyglobespan93 says:

    Why sould the pilot wear gloves to fly a plane? LOL

  16. fsC130J says:

    that was so cool!

  17. TheDJRambo says:

    That guy sounds like Bill Clinton!

  18. MrJamDiaz says:

    GREAT JOB GUYS !!! I hope I do this some day…

  19. AdamEtheredge says:

    Thank you, CG, for doing everything you can to fight this damn spill. Everyone down here is hoping that these dispersants work, and we’re all VERY grateful for CG and USAF help.
    I’ve always thought the 130 was a beautiful plane, but never more so than now.

  20. evanatorx says:

    Well this is going to give those crazy chemtrail conspirators a hay-day…

  21. tomtom5418 says:


  22. TruthSeekinOne says:

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  23. TruthSeekinOne says:

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  25. TruthSeekinOne says:

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  26. FairlyGushing says:

    BP needs to cut that riser pipe so that there is only one leak, instead of 2. Then, sink an old oil tanker or an FSO over the leak until the relief well can be dug. An electrically-heated riser pipe can convey the oil to a tanker at the surface.

    Since BP’s efforts at resolving this crisis have repeatedly failed, we think the POTUS should consider exercising extraordinary powers to force BP to allow the Army Corp of Engineers and other independent experts to assist them.

  27. daderone says:

    I think Florida needs more dead dolphins washing up on beaches to boost our economy

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