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BP’s Riser Gulf Oil Spill Plume Disaster, The Other Deepwater Horizon Gusher

Posted on May 26, 2010 by bp complaints

5/18/10: Under pressure from Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), BP releases video from 5/15 of the gusher at the head of the well riser, one of two major leak points from the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig disaster. Independent experts estimated the other leak rate from the wellhead to be between 1 and 3 million gallons a day. This is additional.
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100-ton steel-and-concrete box FAILED – WHATS NEXT ? 100-ton steel-and-concrete box to cover a deepwater oil well gushing toxic crude into the Gulf of Mexico was aborted Saturday news.yahoo.com Alabama’s white sand beaches IN TROUBLE FROM OIL SPILL FLORIDA IS NEXT OIL BELIEVED IS GOING TO REACH FLORIDA BEACHES SOON
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  1. TaiMaiShu0k says:

    @wingnut4427 oh wow, look, an internet tough guy.

  2. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:


    All the politicians can do is lie and collect their $1000 per day to lie to the entire world!

    SCAMMERS ONE AND ALL ~ Never did a days work in their life!
    Turtles eat man ~ o ~ war jelly fish and they swim on the surface..

    w t f do they think is killing the turtles and other marine creatures?

    Reporters a useless species of creature!

    Want the truth watch my stuff~

    Can you handle the truth, is the big Question?

  3. ilikeguns1000 says:

    I think the natural gas will build up and burp like the killer lakes did in Africa and instead of killing thousands it will be millions.

  4. wingnut4427 says:

    @TaiMaiShu0k umm .. no. It’s people like you that have caused so many problems in the world & you get pissed at people like Myself when We make the connections. I will not shut up just because an arrogant little pinhead such as yourself doesn’t like what I have to say. So if you ever feel like your man enough to shut me up I live in Anderson South Carolina. feel free to come by & try to shut me up.

  5. TaiMaiShu0k says:

    @wingnut4427 oh shut up.

  6. wingnut4427 says:

    Revelation 16:3 – 4 – 5 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea. And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus.

  7. MrBuckwilliam says:


  8. cruxan007 says:

    dang oil spill..? or oil gusher..? BP stands for big parasite.. why the hell don’t they just yank the blowout preventer of the well head with a cable. and then just take the drill stream column and jam the drill stream down the hole with a big wood or metal wedge shaped plug attached to the end.. ohhh wait that’s to easy and they would lose the oil they are capturing with the tube.. you cant get much greedier than that.. what do you expect with big parasite at the helm.

  9. lmjames33 says:

    @pasnell Manking is always destroying something. Maybe it’s time we suffer for all the things we have done.

  10. MyDadsRubberBroke says:

    That’s some ominous music!

  11. LiquidFriction says:

    unbelievable. . I havent heard anything if they managed to shut them off or not?

  12. Polatron1 says:

    A different well head from the first disclosure ?
    How many leaks are there 3?

  13. pasnell says:

    Oh God we are killing the Gulf….and it might never come back….

  14. MILLSAWS says:

    Deepwater Horizon BP were fuck up tech few time and may more billion of oil all over on earth and more toxic!!!! BP TECH STINK FUCK UP BIG TIME!! AND BOP TOP KILL FLOW TECH FUCK UP TOO!!!

  15. braineater316 says:

    Heres something to think about…why in the fuck is there no new overhead pictures of this disaster? The only overhead pictures that are available to the public are all from 2-3 weeks ago or older. Why? Because that ocean looks like a fucking wasteland at this point it would have people screaming wtf is going on stop the leak already! Right now Bp is saying that they will most LIKELY have it plugged by july.JULY!? Just think about the total amount of oil that will have leaked into the ocean then

  16. wolfofworld says:

    I knew this was big right when it happened. I even said it was a terrorist attack, those thing don’t just explode and sink.

  17. braineater316 says:

    A lot of ignorant comments…People still have no idea how bad this really is. They will find out soon enough as time goes on.

  18. onenewshoe says:

    Stop the god-damn leak already! Somebody has the answer to do this SOON!

  19. JimboVids says:

    “The end of life as we know it”??? Dude, you’re on crack

  20. mbenson2790 says:

    the oil naturally returns to the earth, according to the LA times today…. and the fact that i live in so cal, and we have oil rigs everywhere. and tar and oil is ALWAYS all over the beach. anyone who lives down here has gotten tar on them at one point or another at the beach. plus i don’t see how this will kill human life?? ok no shell fish from that area of the gulf coast, doesn’t mean people will starve. even the fisherman are hired to clean up, so they have work still

  21. chrisgrizle says:

    Maybe an Atheist will save us…NOT!

  22. ZzDevIstAtezZ says:

    Is that ur Daughter?? If so she is really cute.

  23. seekauwillfinda says:

    @SirBser WHAT THE FUCK are you talking about? Duh, sarcasm, ever heard of it? I am just pointing out the idiocy of superdee133’s remark. I think you owe me an apology.

  24. SirBser says:

    @seekauwillfinda lmfao quick grab your bibles!! i’m sure it will burn nicely with all those pages in it. god will keep me warm when I am cold.

  25. Allamericom says:

    Obama stands for

    Wake up and smell the roses before your dead America.


    i thought they were going to put a rig next to the leak and drill another hole to take the pressure off the leak ! WILL THAT WORK ???

  27. NatureCitizan says:

    thats really sad … i think ur absolutly right…
    its horrible how we act with our planet!
    we have to protect our planet now! do ur part!
    dont w8 for bruce willis ^^

    greetings barney

  28. videosouthafrica says:

    well 3 days ago i asked for a dome 20 times this size … so if BP was listening … next would be a 2000 ton dome … and they can make MANY domes …. its easy … BP hasnt asked anyone for help …. esle it would have been solved last week

  29. NibiruMagick2012 says:

    I hope you have you emergency supplies ready….

  30. seekauwillfinda says:

    Maybe we should just pray to god. Yeah, lets have faith in him, he’ll save us — NOT!

  31. superdee133 says:

    daughter is so cute keep keepin on we will not know until its too late but we can prepare for our families God knows just keep asking Him to let you know what’s up

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