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BP Spokesperson for Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Catastrophe – mccainisthrough

Posted on May 26, 2010 by bp complaints

An animated rendition of the spokesperson for British Petroleum and their handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, loss of human life and incredible devastation to the sea and coastlines by way of the largest spill in history.
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this oil spill is huge and threatens life on earth… can we stop it?
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. mccainisthrough says:



  2. halflifeproductionz says:

    @mccainisthrough cheers! a great btw.

  3. mccainisthrough says:


    It’s called “The Gonk,” from the mall scene of Dawn of the Dead (1978).

  4. mccainisthrough says:


    Yes, he thought it was a hot fudge dispensary.

  5. mccainisthrough says:


    LOL! Probably true too!

  6. mccainisthrough says:


    Thanks Readman! We did make a brief mention of Halliburton in the video, for all their great work, Yeah Right. Cheers!

  7. mccainisthrough says:


    LOL! We love the British, they were enabled by bush and cheney,but they should have have safety devices installed, and they didn’t. Thanks for watching and commenting. Cheers!

  8. mccainisthrough says:


    No, they haven’t relied on that excuse …yet.

  9. mccainisthrough says:


    It was cheney in a wetsuit.

  10. mccainisthrough says:



  11. mccainisthrough says:


    Understandable, and thanks for the candor.

  12. halflifeproductionz says:

    whats that song?

  13. fargenacle says:

    I heard it was fudgie the whale from carvel ice cream!

  14. MrTabby5000 says:


    No dick cheney told me the whale did it.

  15. ReadmanJ says:

    bwahahaha! aweomse MIT funny stuff….lol…of course it was the whales fault!! Keep up the good fight guys..oh and guess who was the company that supplied the faulty part that made the accident happen? Halliburton!! *dun dun dun* :-O

  16. duck24x says:

    Don’t pick on BRITISH petroleum, Mccain=through! British petroleum is classy, with fancy afternoon tea and stiff upper lip Hugh Grant / Jude Law British charm. Not like that dirty no-class Texas crude! 🙂

  17. MrTabby5000 says:

    I knew it, them sperm whales.

  18. Voodooray007 says:

    I know damn well they ain’t trying to put the blame on a some animal that cause this mess. Please say they ain’t gonna pull this excuse?

  19. MrTabby5000 says:

    What an uncanny resemblance.

  20. steelydanbowler says:

    LOL I’m sorry but the picture at the end made me laugh, even though it probably shouldn’t have.

  21. locallighthuman2012 says:

    the oil has reached the Florida Keys

  22. habot13 says:

    make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

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