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BP Oil Spill & Poor Safety Record # 2 – 5-05-2010 Democracy NOW!

Posted on May 17, 2010 by bp complaints

Democracy NOW! – DN! 2/3 -BP is a London-based oil company with one of the worst safety records of any oil company operating in America, says Tyson Slocum of Public Citizen. In just the last few years, BP has paid 5 million in fines and settlements to the US government for environmental crimes, willful neglect of worker safety rules, and penalties for manipulating energy markets. Published with written permission from democracynow.org. www.democracynow.org Provided to you under Democracy NOW! creative commons license. All credits for this video belongs to democracynow.org, an independent non-profit user funded news media, recognized and broadcast world wide.
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www.energyboom.com CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK www.facebook.com This is Coast Guard footage of the controlled burns they’ve had to do as part of containing the massive oil spill that continues to grow out of control in the Gulf of Mexico.
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  1. earthicastar says:

    and thats the way we “Pass the Buck”

  2. ThisBoyTV says:


  3. videosouthafrica says:

    a guy turns up late for work … the boss yells “why werent you here at 8:30 !!?” the guy replies … “what happened at 8:30”

  4. Millsie18 says:

    @EDEsouth Idddioootttt… Go back to your hole.

  5. Deerhuntermike125 says:

    anyone else thinking about the deep purple song while watching this.

  6. ebasimon says:

    They didn’t nuke the moon, they fired two missles into the moon so they could collect samples from the debris it created to see if there is a possibility of water on the moon.

  7. EDEsouth says:

    @Karrowt how many morons are on youtube omfg, they nuked a part of the moon to do some research about water, they wanna build a base their so they are looking for water on the moon.

  8. Karrowt says:

    @EDEsouth I’m sorry but you are a fucking idiot EDEsouth. Why would they nuke the moon, there’s nobody their!

  9. EDEsouth says:

    @tomcellwheel u dumb piece of shit, the us government anounced it and when they nuked the moon then they anounced a succesfull research. How could you have missed that? maybe watching to many cartoons.

  10. tomcellwheel says:

    @EDEsouth yeah, because everything google says is the truth. Type in google will rule the world…says its true…dun dun dunnn.

  11. Master0fB00m says:

    why the fuck are they doing this shit

  12. zaraka2 says:

    everyone is complaining, but we are all using that fucked up oil every day, now we just gotta assume what we consume on a daily basis..

  13. jrubin22 says:

    wow…they must have burned a few thousand gallons of millions…are we sure those deck chairs are arranged properly?

  14. hustletv says:

    Damn you BP. The fish gods will punish you!

  15. corcorankevin1 says:

    @bmaysS01 so much for keeping positive

  16. EDEsouth says:

    @Jindragon33 always that argument, US uses about 40% of the worlds oil, Aids started in the US in a lab and was tested on gay people(do some research) thats why everywone blames gay people for aids, US is making the most garbage in the world and dubping it in the oceans and causing nature disaster like that in alaska, west- afrika, now on the golf of mexico… And they recently nuked the moon for search of water ( typ google, us bombing the moon)

  17. CreativeCritisizm says:

    The ocean is an excellent place to drill oil with plenty of resources, just put several emergency shutoff valves up the pipeline when the platform is moved.

  18. xevilninjax says:

    who was the wise guy who found oil anyways?

  19. Jindragon33 says:

    @EDEsouth The US isnt the only country that relies on oil, AIDS did not originate from the US, making the ocean a disgusting place is happening all over the world. Why would they nuke the moon, that makes no sense. Theres no one there.

  20. kronosgyros says:

    Also stop eating food or should I say stop stuffing your faces with oil.

  21. AlphaHorizon says:

    @Rafamrc litereally everything in your life requires oil to make and ship. Everything.

  22. Rafamrc says:

    If u dont want this to happen, then better start walking to work, stop using airplanes and dont use plastic products =P

  23. EDEsouth says:

    US eventually will destroy the earth, if its with diseases (aids) or nuclaire bombing (like on the moon) or making the oceans a disgusting place (like this vid.) they will find a way to destroy life on this beautifull planet so i say FUCK THE US

  24. EDEsouth says:

    @bmaysS01 FUCK THE US

  25. bmaysS01 says:

    Fuck the Earth.

  26. Jindragon33 says:

    @karnvir The potential environmental damage that the oil CAN cause is much worse than burning it. In relation to wildlife, and not the planet.
    You can’t expect them to solve it in a day, burning it is simply a short-term way to prevent more damage to wildlife. And yes, they ARE trying to plug up the pipe, but poor saftey and maintence from BP is causing huge unseen problems for the “Stupid ass scientists” to solve.

  27. 94karinna says:

    wow there are some fuckin stupid ass people in this world.

  28. Gpoint177 says:

    @karnvir quite sure….. 7 yo kid can takes fire and burn out it….. so will be better if dont see that b/c it makes me mad.

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