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BP Oil Spill & Poor Safety Record # 1 – 5-05-2010 Democracy NOW!

Posted on May 17, 2010 by bp complaints

Democracy NOW! – DN! 1/3 -BP is a London-based oil company with one of the worst safety records of any oil company operating in America, says Tyson Slocum of Public Citizen. In just the last few years, BP has paid 5 million in fines and settlements to the US government for environmental crimes, willful neglect of worker safety rules, and penalties for manipulating energy markets. Published with written permission from democracynow.org. www.democracynow.org Provided to you under Democracy NOW! creative commons license. All credits for this video belongs to democracynow.org, an independent non-profit user funded news media, recognized and broadcast world wide.
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  1. paulernie48 says:

    cut bp off stop buying their products. don’t buy their gas close all bp gas stations

  2. paulernie48 says:

    Everyone in america should quit buying any products from BP. Donot buy from this greedy company.

  3. marioGW91 says:

    BP are good YAY for the oil Industry go oil go

  4. Meyetzar42 says:

    not being allowed to make posts on some or all videos

  5. ThisBoyTV says:

    There must be a smell of crude in the under currents by now

  6. BP lying again. They have zero credibility. Ruin our coast and lie the entire way through it. Oil is great, eh?

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