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BP Oil Spill – Pensacola, FL

Posted on May 19, 2010 by bp complaints

May 3rd, 2010 ~ Evidence of the oil spill is already showing up on Pensacola Beach, in the form of dead fish and sea birds. BP can NEVER repay $$$ the people of this area ~ there is no amount of money you can put on a dead sea, with a black beach smelling like rotting fish! A beach we will all be banned from for years to come! Screw You & Your Profits BP!!!
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  1. WoMenHead101 says:

    Ths is a Concrete Blonde song called, Why Don’t You See Me, from the album – Walking In London

  2. lray2006 says:

    who sings this?

  3. ranchero302me says:

    my home and this is sad ill think ill go to the beach thursday and get sum vid dam

  4. birthofeternity says:

    This is heartbreaking footage of my home…still thank you for posting it. Powerful images and song. I have such sadness for the devastation of life and livelihood. I’ll be doing what I can as a person to heal even a very very small percentage of the wounds, but I think the scars on the ecosystem will remain past our lifetimes.

  5. Habasch78 says:

    @ln4359 Yea it must have been Hitler in a terror act. That what i thought.

  6. ln4359 says:

    the explosion happened on hitlers birthday

  7. STEVEDIGIBOYtv says:

    We are being punked, the people had no say in the drilling safety.

  8. Habasch78 says:

    Not that Bad. A little bit Chernoby. A beauty of a Ghostregion. Yeah. Fuck BP all over the World.

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