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BP Oil Spill Destroying Local Business

Posted on May 21, 2010 by bp complaints

Mary Ann Patti, whose family owns the largest locally owned and operated seafood company in the Panhandle, is experiencing first-hand the devastating effects of the BP oil spills. Seafood, hotel, and resort businesses have already taken a nosedive in the Gulf region as a result of the spill. Mary Ann talks to MSNBC’s Ed Schultz about the personal effect this spill is having on her life.
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Senate Democrats were joined by environmental leaders this week to discuss BP’s oil spill disaster currently ravaging the Gulf Coast. “For some time we have been told by the oil industry that it can’t happen and it won’t happen. Well, they weren’t too safe to fail not in Australia last year, not in the Gulf last week, not in Mexico in 1979,” said Sen. Menendez.
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  1. Freethought42 says:

    This is more important than the wars in iraq/afghanistan, more important than banking regulations, more important than the recovery after katrina.

    And the federal government has been idle for 1 month now.

    This is a travesty, Louisiana’s unique culture itself is threatened by the loss of our wetlands.

    When the banks need money, congress appropriates it within a week.

    When Louisiana needs money to rebuild it’s coast, it never comes.

  2. neontyper says:

    @richnigguh Still uses gas engine, idiot.

  3. neontyper says:

    @GrandMAHatesCoons Um, there marketcap is $147 billion. They don’t have trillions.

  4. richnigguh says:

    fuk oil, go hybrid

  5. ChicagoJoe57 says:

    Don’t buy BP products! Besides, it is girlieman oil.

  6. MrTabby5000 says:


    The republican governors and senators will make sure to that.You watch in the next few years.

  7. starlight1946 says:

    Get educated and learn what H.A.A.R.P. really does.

  8. justintempler says:

    @starlight1946 H.A.A.R.P ? Are you wearing your tinfoil hat?

  9. MickMan211 says:

    @starlight1946 ..oh, come on..grow up

  10. rfrantzt says:

    Your parents have seafood companies…. did you vote GOP (Great Oil Party)? The oil has ruined the economies of republican states: Poetic Justice.

  11. starlight1946 says:

    How come the winds keep blowing the oil spill northeast and not westward? Wonder if H.A.A.R.P. is controlling the wind direction?

  12. GrandMAHatesCoons says:

    Bastards! BP will pay TRILLIONS!

  13. smg1one says:

    @scbluesman13 … you do realize there is an opposition party right? … and there are a lot more ppl that care about the lights coming on when they flip the switch than there are ppl that care about were the power actually comes from. The drilling started long before these guys had any power to slow it down much less stop it, and we spent a long time electing ppl that thought our best interests were served by deregulating industry not regulating it more.

  14. scbluesman13 says:

    If you folks in the Congress actually love this environment as much as we do… if you TRULY love it as much as you say you do, then you should have started protecting it long before offshore oil drilling began. Warning people not to do it is not enough. You have to STOP it. That’s why we elect you, so that you can represent our interests. If you are incapable of stopping or even effectively regulating it, then what good are you?

  15. avi919191 says:

    I’m proud to call him my senator, thanks NJ

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