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BP Oil Spill 60 Minutes Deepwater Horizon HERO Mike Williams pt 3.flv

Posted on May 20, 2010 by bp complaints


Michael “Heckuva Job Brownie” Brown Defends Delusional GOP Talking Points About BP Oil Spill visit: firedoglake.com
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  1. videosouthafrica says:

    AL QUAEDA [ please our friends ] …. we are extremely impressed with BP and US politicians and have a job opening for u guys [ we are the same !! ] …. we offer you all fringe benefits like health care , housing loans , dining expense accounts , and of course free bombs and stuff … we support BP and US politicians … we love u guys

  2. sagedrummer says:

    This is what you get with a “Drill Baby Drill” mentality. How many disasters need to happen before we look at why we are even drilling in the first place?

  3. Wildrosestands says:

    Does this make anybody wonder, if this tragedy was somehow concocted? The behavior of the so-called BP person, who was calling the shots, indicates that he may have intentionally done this. How could a so-called expert have made so many avoidable errors at one time? Something, besides our Gulf, smells like dead rotten fish, here!

  4. Umberto2 says:

    F*%K BP!!!!

  5. thefightbeginswithu says:

    maybe obama should hire henry zionist kike kissinger to investigate ; like when bush appointed him to cover up the 9/11 inside jew job

  6. thefightbeginswithu says:

    haliburton was involved in this i smell a rat

  7. rms3 says:

    Lots of half-truths, misrepresentations and some sheer nonsense all packaged for maximum sensational effect in an atmosphere of cheap demogoguery. Where were the CBS news crews when this rig safety drilled the deepest well in the world last year? Too busy covering global warming I guess.

  8. feraldiver says:

    The Executives put in jail for anti trust violations in the 80’s put fear into the rest of the large companies. Fines don’t work. AT&T executives were so concerned they made everyone take classes and rated everyone on how they were keeping the execs out of jail.

  9. MysterEy1 says:

    What an important series! great investigative journalism!!

  10. RandomTask008 says:

    Cinnamom – An acoustic switch would have been worthless. Its the equivalent of yelling at a dead person vs poking it with a stick. The BOP was damaged and no matter how you try to activate it, you’re still stuck with the broken BOP.

  11. Cinnamombunz says:

    For want of a nail the shoe was lost …
    shoe, horse, rider, battle, kingdom … lost for lack of a nail.

    An acoustic trigger switch costs about $500,000. Only Norway and Brazil require them, Norway since 1993. D.H. had none. It flew flags of the Marshall Islands , a small Pacific nation with less stringent inspection procedures than the U.S. A USCG Capt. testified, “We have self-certification of critical equipment and safety notices that are not enforceable…”
    & the buck-passing goes on.

  12. tommyd110 says:

    HE says “Its like Katrina all over people at the top are not paying attention to whats going on on the ground” LOL doesnt he know who the head of FEMA was??

  13. ReliableInsider says:

    I think we can’t exclude the possibility that Republicans in Washington are actually telling the truth.

    If the Republicans are telling the truth, and if they actually believe that the EPA blew up the oil rig in order to discredit BP, then we have a big problem on our hands:

    that the Republicans in Washington are mentally ill.

    Which would explain a lot of the events of the past few years.

  14. fastfighter says:

    Republicans… they made me LOL

  15. baronderothchild says:

    what does a turd like brownie know about anything? why entertain this pud?

  16. MaryJesusJoseph says:

    This whole thing is a loser for conservatives. Comparing this to Katrina just doesn’t scan.

  17. MissMoxie78 says:

    I’m so glad we have a president who ignores these idiots and continues to do what’s best for our country.

  18. Seldona says:

    The infamous Brownie that let New Orleans drown? Fuck him.

  19. lowbottomranch says:

    what a bunch of dumb fucks

  20. MewFushisDad says:

    Blithering idiot.

  21. thenewvoice8 says:

    pure projection on Brownies part, nout more than that

  22. redmoonspider says:

    absolutely delushional. For god sake get back on your meds.

  23. ho2cultcha says:

    what a despicable human being – heckuva job brownie!

  24. STEVEDIGIBOYtv says:

    ya! whoa, cheap steel pipe I bet the 2nd largest deposit hit. Every soldier should come back for this, that is crude! death to all shoreline industries within months if left to debate. That comes later eh?

  25. Boobalopbop says:

    Honestly… How dare he?

  26. bhutos says:

    I know this kind of vacuous BS is the harbringer of the downfall of society and all, but unfortunately I think this kind of retarded conspiracy stuff resonates with normal people who don’t want to feel someone is getting one over them.

  27. travisjamesmajor says:

    “Terrorists just don’t give a rat’s butt about… the ecology or anything else… all they care about is hurting America.”
    Where to even begin making fun of this?

  28. ActsOfFreedom says:

    It is so refreshing to see one of these twirps treated the way he should be treated– like a juvenile delinquent. The right wing has been doing this to the left for years.

  29. easymike says:

    Is there one rational person on the right who has anything relevant to say (that doesn’t sound as though they pulled it out of their ass)?

  30. televin says:

    Another Republican moron….this was the head of FEMA under W

  31. Novinte says:

    “the way you just said it, it looks crazy to me” YOU SAID IT lmao

  32. sinterics says:

    Horse shit Brownie… A former announcer for horse shows. Is TV so empty that is filled by any talking air heads… and why are we watching?

  33. gamoonbat says:

    Deja vu all over. This boy really knows his Arabian horses!

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