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BP CEO Says Oil Spill Isn’t Their Fault

Posted on May 22, 2010 by bp complaints

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  1. corykse123 says:

    @KoschKff yea it actually kinda freaks me out.

  2. KoschKff says:

    Woah, it really is.

  3. destinynoon says:

    I don’t care who, or why, let’s just put all of our efforts into stopping the CURRENT oil spewing into the ocean. You want someone to blame, then let’s blame ourselves for demanding the oil to the point that we are willing to look the other way when it comes to the safty of the planet. The list would not exclude myself.

  4. corykse123 says:

    @savemyplaylist that is one of the girlyest voice’s i’ve ever heard in my life.
    i thought it was a girl’s voice.

  5. corykse123 says:

    @MuzicTrax so true.

  6. isaacnd200 says:

    This is the worst idea and if you think you know what’s really going on , please take just 10 minutes and read the 3 blog posts on my yahoo profile, Isaacnd200….then take a deep breath

  7. beancube2010 says:

    BP is looking forward to a natural event like earthquake or hurricane to blow the spill to everywhere so they can blame the mother nature for unfriendly to humanity. Actually, do we have measures for major fall outs like those earthquake/hurricane events for the industry. I guest we are not superman but do we have some basic implementation for coverage instead of monopolizing them to insurance companies?

  8. gondhor says:

    God humans are stupid

  9. ground5443 says:

    Obviously BP & Halliburton…were not prepared for this kind of Disaster in the Ocean!!!…. They keep coming with these, Out of the Air Ideas, that for the most part have Not Worked at all! We have been telling them for YEARS that this would eventually happen…but they ignored our warnings and actually Ridiculed
    the people who tried to stop their Greedy abuse to our Oceans! Now, LOOK AT WE GOT!

  10. easytodo123 says:

    We need to sto this leak and we need to do it NOW! here is the best and fast way to fix the BP oil leak. check it out by going to my video at watch?v=W_lqy2QdJ8w

  11. MuzicTrax says:

    We don’t need the terrorists to destroy our country, we can do it ourselves.

    GO BP !!!!!

    Thanks alot.

  12. informagirl says:

    It’s great to talk about regulators, but it’s too late now!!!
    Sometimes you just can’t fix something after you’ve broken the fuckin’ thing.
    Make BP responsible. S

  13. cjellwood says:

    @savemyplaylist haha yeah lol. wot a fag

  14. savemyplaylist says:

    Bitch voice at 2:14

  15. blueghist says:

    It was deregulated under the Bush Administration.

  16. stuartambient says:

    the guy towards the end, he is obviously suffering some chemical issues himself.

  17. medini2 says:

    @Richardcuz420 chernoble nuclear meltdown, my guess. nuclear fallout worldwide worldwide is most likely causing the increase in cancers, melting of the ice caps (not the lie being told of carbon dioxide.

  18. Richardcuz420 says:

    The second worse? How bout the worst in human history?

  19. starlite says:

    When all the trees have been cut down,
    when all the animals have been hunted,
    when all the waters are polluted,
    when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
    only then will you discover you cannot eat money.- Cree prophesy

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