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BP and US Coast Guard Threaten CBS Reporters With Arrest For Filming Oil Spill

Posted on May 26, 2010 by bp complaints

The goons at BP and the Obama admin. have already been lying about the amount of oil being leaked and have tried to cover up the massive blob of frozen oil 3000 ft. below the surface, now they don’t want the public seeing the destruction and they will send you to jail if you don’t submit!
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  1. navtel says:

    this is just another example of preventing the truth from getting out.. now the corporations have military like powers. message to BP.. go screw yourself.

  2. IsraeliFighter says:

    Good job USA way to screw up the rest of the world. All of nature dies and no one does shit. Hope we all kill eachother when theres no more food left in the world.
    From Canada

  3. IsraeliFighter says:

    Good job USA way to screw up the rest of the world. All of nature dies and no one does shit. Hope we all kill eachother when theres no more food left in the world.
    From Canada

  4. RonPaulGeorgeRingo says:

    The corporatists in both parties must go!

    30 years of Reagan is enough!

  5. hesmydog says:

    i cant wait until someone runs the goons off and turns thier crappy boat into swiss cheese

  6. henerymag says:

    I can’t believe that guy was a coastguard member. On a private boat.? Looks fishy to me. They should have refused to go and film what happens next

  7. WunderMaus says:

    So, under threat of arrest by United States Coast Guard “supervised” by BRITISH Petroleum contractors, a news journalist of a national television network turns and runs, right? And then the National News Anchor for CBS in the followup question to this threat changes the subject? Is there any doubt who is “in charge”? Blatant Plutocracy.

  8. jlwade3 says:

    Well…it’s nice to know that the British have regained sovereignty over the United States, huh? Should we now rename the “Bill of Rights” the “Bill of Priviliges”? Should we put the image of the Queen on our currency? And…I guess saying the Pledge of Allegiance is definetely a no-no, too.

  9. StigmataBOB1 says:

    What if you were a MAD Scientist, and. You believed that earth was about to be invaded, and you knew you could stop it, but you needed a few trillion. What would you do?
    Would you create a deserter that only you could stop, and tell the world you could solve the mess, if your Company just had a few trillion?
    Watch – This has happened before at Peenemunde Germany and resulted in WWII

  10. soadfan333 says:

    @toolrights the only video evidence is them getting kicked out. doesnt mean at all that obama is lieing or causing that. cmon now.

  11. Idtelos says:

    @StigmataBOB1 Correct. You can ruin lives by other means than war. This is definitely one way. All the economic, ecological remifications this oil spill (perhaps biggest in history if independent reports are correct) this will have.

  12. Idtelos says:

    @dodge09challenger dodge is correcr. Presidents are no more than puppets big corp elitist. We do not live in a Republic but an Oligarchy. This is why there has been no real media coverage on the spill. This is why BP can say that they won’t allow ANY private fly overs the oil rig. They are even blocking off beaches.

  13. StigmataBOB1 says:

    And the one I am most impressed with is, If anyone should notice, Call them a name or label them.
    That one is brilliant you have to admit.

  14. StigmataBOB1 says:

    We are too busy arguing with each other to notice who the enemy is. Is that the plan? Divide and conquer? Mask the attacks? Confuse the opponent? Lie? Cause racial turmoil? Get people to think it is all just a game? Confuse our sense of reality? Poising the drinking water, Dumbing down, And the list goes on, and on.

  15. StigmataBOB1 says:

    Are we at WAR? Are we under attack? How to better Attack than to mask the attack or get people to think it is something else? We wouldnt know who to retaliate against.
    Is this why None of this seems to make sense?
    Is WWIII going to look like WWII, Guns and bombs, or more like, an accident, or germ or chemical, or financial?
    If we are at War, we are losing. We dont even know who we are at war with, or even that we are in a war.

  16. StigmataBOB1 says:

    Do I have this right? A foreign oil company, is using the US coast Guard, to tell an American News company, Not to film this event?
    Shouldnt the Coast Guard be arresting people for Neglect Homicide? Instead they are committing treason?
    Iraqi, Iran, Afghanistan, Golf oil spill,.
    Does anyone see a trend hear?

  17. mysticphoebos says:

    I love that CBS illuminati eye in the corner, LOL.
    BP Rules? WTF, who died and made BP God?
    Its like the friggin twilight zone.

  18. TheTenToMention says:

    Don’t buy BP fuel unless it’s a least 10 cents cheaper than the competition.

  19. califernies says:

    Who gives a SHIT right now who is to blame. It has been going on for a month. Where the hell is the United States Government when you need them? Desperately! A damned foreign company responsible for death and destruction on U.S. soil and we are just sitting back and watching. What a bunch of pussies we have become. Are the dead workers concerned with who takes responsibility? Are the dead and dying turtles, fish, birds, etc concerned with who takes responsibility? STOP THE LEAKS.

  20. DillonDee1 says:


    But Brit Hume over at Fox says it’s no problem.

  21. poomuncher5000 says:

    @Blargaldalien hahaha nice one man!!!

  22. magicominded says:

    BP say’s there is only 5000 gallon’s a day spewing out into the ocean. We all know thats a lie. Scientist have perdicted there is close to 500,000 gallon’s a day going into the ocean. I hate obama but this is not his fault. This is the fault of Bp. And from the last I checked, Bush and his father have all there money invested in oil. Look for urself and you’ll see.

  23. Blargaldalien says:

    @poomuncher5000 In Russia, freedom has You!

  24. itsallgood239 says:

    This is sad. Humans are fucking up this world. I’m glad it’s ending soon so human parasites will become extinct and the Earth will stop being polluted.

  25. poomuncher5000 says:

    uh? what happened to freedom of oh wait nevermind we live in america there is no more freedom. russia has more freedom there here anymore.

  26. dahoss2x says:

    Newly-released documents show government regulators exempted BP from a comprehensive environmental review of the project that resulted in the spill. The Minerals Management Service granted BP a categorical exclusion from a full review before approving the project . Obama recieved 3 million dollars from BP. The media silence is mind-boggling, to say the least. Spin baby spin.

  27. rdej4168 says:

    3000 feet of boom. Exxon Veldez had close to 2600 MILES of coastline destroyed. Word problem for the mathematicians. I’ll answer it now: The effort is 4576 times short of being effective; and it’s maybe much greater than that! …And all the talk about “containing the oil”? Why not just ____ stop it! Sounds to me like they are salvaging the well, vs. the Gulf Coast.

    This should be considered a capitol crime. Five years in the electric chair is just too kind.

  28. Bowzerkega says:

    They are actually in the process of doing this its just taking them longer than they thought to get the magical unicorns away from the watchful eye of sauron long enough so that they can fly over the oil spill and fart magical pixie dust over the oil turning it into fresh happy seawater again. Well at least that’s a more feasible option than the one you suggested, really giant vacuum ships? Oh ya and that giant vacuum would cost more oil to run then it would suck up by the way.

  29. carbonation28 says:


    how about wishing WE were in control!

  30. IranContraScumDid911 says:

    @Morkutis5166 Two weeks later and it is getting worse ……. I wish you were in charge.

  31. Morkutis5166 says:

    it is just a bunch of bull. i think this is a perfect sample of human destruction. i just wish there were a good alternative fuel. and oil floats to the top right? so why not bring in the navy and any other tanker out there that bp owns and get a Hugh ass vacuum to put into the water to suck up some of the oil? oils raises and water sinks so just jump out the water to the sea then ….

  32. VexZee says:

    For some reason Youtube was marking my comment as spam but now that I broke it into three parts Youtube did not do that.

  33. VexZee says:

    If it is, it’s probably to stop offshore drilling and promoting this neo-Malthusian idea of Global Warming and Green jobs. (PART3)

  34. VexZee says:

    Is this oil spill a British false flag? (PART 2)

  35. VexZee says:

    BP is British Petroleum. (PART 1)

  36. VexZee says:

    BP is British Petroleum. (PART 1)

  37. VexZee says:

    youtube is marking my comments as spam as soon as I click the ‘Post’ button. What gives Google?

  38. VexZee says:

    BP is British Petroleum.

    Is this oil spill a British false flag?
    If it is, it’s probably to stop offshore drilling and promoting this neo-Malthusian idea of Global Warming and Green jobs.

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