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(773) Joe
Thu, 3 January 2013 20:02:31 +0000

My name is Joe. I'm filing a complaint about the manager of the BP gas station on 248-70 Horace Harding Expwy in Little Neck, N.Y. which is on the corner of Horace Harding Expwy and Marathon Pkwy. The manager's name is Maresh. I've been going to that station for gas and repairs for years. My whole family has been going there for years. We've seen many managers come and go including mechanics. But the current manager and mechanics are some of the worse we've seen. I get to the station on Thursday. Jan. 3,2013 at around 1:45pm or so because one of my cars needs an inspection. The manager says come back at 3pm. So I hung around until 3pm cause i had an appointment to get to so it was important to get this done now because I couldn't come back later on that day. So he says it'll be another couple minutes. While i'm waiting a car pulls up. So that car owner speaks to the manager while i'm waiting. This gas station by the way has three mechanic bays. So after some time passes the car in the middle bay is finished and taken out. The care that got there after me was pulled in before my car was. So I ask the manager why that customers car was pulled in before mine and he stated "oh its a smaller job, when the car in the third bay is finished we're gonna pull it out and pull your car in". So while I'm continuing to wait an SUV arrives and that owner speaks to the manager. When they finished with the car in the third bay and pulled it out they pulled in the SUV again before my car. So I started to get frustrated and again asked the manager why another car was again brought in before mine and he said, "Its a smaller job, besides the mechanic who is doing the state inspection is working on the car in the middle bay. After he finishes he's gonna start on your car". I said but wait a minute, you said when they pulled the car out of the third bay i was next. And not only that but the car that is now in the middle bay got there after me regardless. So either way you skipped me twice.  I've been waiting since 1:45pm. It's now 3:30pm. He responded again by stating " but it's a smaller job". So basically what this manager is saying is that a customer is next unless a smaller job pops up. And mind you while all this is going on two of their three machanics are repeatedly stopping there job to go outside and talk to friends. One of those mechanics is a younger guy and one of his friends which he was talking to were both talking to another friend on a cell phone and arranging for another friend to arrive in a few minutes and he would not have to wait. So more than likely that person was gonna be put ahead of me as well. Like I previously said i've seen managers and mechanics come and go through out the years but now its just bad. Especially the manager making customers wait while he decides which job is less work. Its unacceptable. Please look into this matter because I highly doubt im the only one thats had an incident. And i dont think you should lose any customers due to incompetant staff. Thank you for your time.

(772) mr martin
Thu, 3 January 2013 10:45:34 +0000

Hi, i used your bp petrol staion at Kates Bridge Bourne Lincs wc 24th dec 2012. No fuel came out of the pump until it reached between £2.50 and £3. Now i have used the fuel and calculated my mpg as i normally do my shortage of fuel has proved true. I believe your pump is faulty and is overcharging customers !! Could you please direct me as to where i take my complaint as trading standards has informed me that this could be hard to prove... thank you, Mr D Martin

(771) Solomon
Wed, 2 January 2013 16:24:59 +0000

I purchased gas at one of your locations:
6701 S Jeffrey Blvd
Chicago, IL.
They have signs all over the gas station stating you get a 10¢/gallon discount if you buy 10 gallons of gas. I bought 10 gallons, but when I went inside I was told thru don't offer those cards anymore. I would like to know why the signs were not taken down, or why thru will not honor their/your advertising message.

(770) Julie GLYDE
Sun, 30 December 2012 14:30:07 +0000

I am writing to complain about staff and management at the BP filling station, White Cross, Guiseley. We had received a voucher entitling us to 5p a litre off fuel when spending over £10 in the station and putting fuel in, when we went to redeem this at the White cross branch, the member of staff refused the voucher, my husband queried this and the memeber ofbstaff rang his manager who also refused it, I have receipts and voucher and having read carefully the voucher I can see no reason why they have refused, the only reason we had gone their is to use the voucher so I feel you are misleading your customers by offering false promises.

I look forward to your response and if you would like to see copies of the voucher and receipts please send me a paid envelope and I will return them for you to see, my address is

25 Hawkhill Ave,
LS20 8AS

I have to inform you of I am not satisfied with your response I will be taking this to trading standards as to get customers through false promises is not good enough!

(769) Sharon S
Sat, 29 December 2012 06:38:02 +0000


I wanted to send a quick email to let you know of the excellent customer service I received at your petrol station on the A30 opposite Hatton Cross Station Site No 11800471

The lady, Pragna was so friendly and helpful I had to write in so if this could be forwarded to her superiors I would be most grateful as she truly deserved the recognition. It was a refreshing and lovely experience to have interacted with her.

Many thanks

(768) Alex
Fri, 28 December 2012 16:26:00 +0000

On Christmas day I happened to walk into one of your local gas stations on colonial blvd, FT Myers Fl. It really surprised me to be informed that one of your employees by the name of Maribel was not to be paid for her holidays.It really bothered me to know that such a well known company such as BP didn't pay their well deserved employees who gave up time from being with their families to help your company prosper. I believe that without employees such as Maribel who sacrifice their holiday to work should deserve the least to be paid holidays.

(767) Nick
Thu, 27 December 2012 20:54:45 +0000

I am writing to complain about the Bp garage in hailsham being closed when it is a 24 hr garage. I was on my break at work on the early hours of the morning i got to the garage at 1.15 in the morning i noticed that all the shutters were down and the lights were dim and the signs were in however it is 24 hr why is this there was no explanation written on the door i was quite angry because there arent many garages close by in that area as i pulled away i noticed a female staff member at the back of the building having a cigerrete i am not bothered about the fact that she was smoking its the fact she did not leave a note to say that she would only be 5 minutes anyway the upshot of it was i went back to work without any food.

(766) David M Price
Thu, 27 December 2012 18:43:07 +0000

I have a complaint about the bp claims deparment supervisor SALLY. I called to get a update on my bp claim,which bp has sent me a letter stating that i am part of the class action suit.After being on the phone for five hours i was transfered to supervisor SALLY,She stated because i worked so close to the coast I AM NOT ELIGIABLE FOR ANY COMPANSATION FROM BP....She was very rude and just wanted to get me off the phone..Please stop airing commercials to my area saying that bp CARES, because bp is really a supervisor named SALLY and doesnt care about you or your family.now i am apart of the class action suit instead of just being compinsatied by bp..I sincerily hope that other people/familys is not being treated like i was today.....

(765) Barbara Andrasko
Thu, 27 December 2012 16:21:07 +0000

I purchased a BP gift card for $50.00 from a Publix store on 12/3/12.
Card #6006491048074878576
When I went to purchase gas on 12/13/12, the card would not go through. When I went in the gas station, the employee tried it also and it did not go through. When I arrived home I called to find out the balance and it was $0.79. I called the 800 gift card number and explained the problem. I had just removed the gift card from the display card and no one else had access to the card while it was in my possession. The individual I spoke to said she would report it to corporation and that I should hear back in 7-10 days. It has been 2 weeks and I have not had a reply. I believe somehow the card was used fraudulently. I had asked if there was any way to tell where the card had been used but she could not give me that info. I have purchased and used many BP gift card in the past and have not encountered any problems. Unfortunately I will not purchase any more BP cards in the future as I do not want to be scammed. I switched to Shell and Racetrack.
I would appreciate a reply. Thank you.

(764) Brad
Wed, 26 December 2012 02:20:25 +0000

Went to BP on the Princess Highway Woonona. Car only just had petrol light come on, which means about 6 litres still in the tank. Pulled up at pump number 8 and put just over 58 litres of E10 into my tank. Only problem with this is that my tank has a capacity of 55 litres. So now I've managed to squeeze 64 litres into a 55 litre tank somehow, which is kind of odd since even if I run the petrol light a bit fine I've never put any more then 53 litres in a single fill in the 6 years that I've owned the car. Please check your pump calibrations as this over charging - yes, you are illegally ripping off me the customer - is against fair trading laws.

(763) Hollie dalton
Tue, 25 December 2012 19:08:38 +0000

At 23:45 I and other people who were waiting to purchase things including petrol waited for 15 minutes after a crudely written note on the window asking to beep as they were 'in the toilet' the place was an absolute mess and after this crudely presented worker came out he shouted at all of us swearing saying he was 'having a fucking shit' and slammed the draw out onto us screaming at me saying what do I want being extremely rude, I will never be purchasing petrol or anything else from this garage in BRENTWOOD ESSEX neither will any friend or family member I will also be writing to the paper and the police from rude conduct I also know others that have complained to the manager about this member of staff and nothing has been done about it. I will be in to speak to the manager and I will be wanting a letter of apology for the disgusting and absolutely appalling customer service and attitude on Christmas Day I also had to work.

(762) gustav szabo
Mon, 24 December 2012 11:00:52 +0000

Good afternoon

I would like to complain about a Faulty petrol pump that didnt cut off when the tank was full. It continued to over the fill the tank and then the floor and my jeans.this also meant i was over charged.

This happened at handcross service station, motor fuels ltdn a23 south bound, haywards heath, rh17 6bl ended up costing 93.22 the attendant was not helpful.- am a very disatisfied customer and would apreciate your assaistance.

(761) fleur Diprose
Thu, 20 December 2012 18:13:18 +0000

I would like to complain about a member of staff at bp tudor in Allington Maidstone Kent.

The lady in question is Jenny Rice. The complaint is about one early evening i went into this store. I not only went in as a customer to purchase some goods for my children and i also nearly always get my fuel here, but also my partner whom i live with also works he, so i also bought the children in to say goodnight to their stepfather as he always appears to be on late shifts.

My 6 year old son lifted an empty blue tray off of the shop floor to give to his stepfather so someone didnt hurt themselves, at which point Jenny ushered my children down the side of the shop and told me that they shouldnt be doing this as he would get himself told off! I said to her he wasnt doing any harm, but still she continued having a little dig at me, so at this point i said to her i really dont care what you think and i took the children without making my purchases and proceeded to go home. When my partner finished his shift he came home and proceeded to tell me that jenny had phoned up Kim and told her that i had threatened her at which point i was not only mortified but absolutly furious, as i had made no threats. I got on the phone to John Young one of Daniels colleagues at the shop and told him exactly what happened. Apparently Jenny makes up lies on a regular basis, however, the next day Dan got pulled into the office and spoken to and they had also looked at the cameras to see if i had behaved in a threatening manor, which i had not. This happened over two weeks ago and i was assured that i would be receiving an apology from her by the store manager who told daniel this to tell me. I found this quite unprofessional due to the fact that actually i was a customer. To date i have still received no apology and i have been purchasing my fuel and goods elsewhere. I would also like to point out that with this member of staff making up lies about me, all the staff are aware, i feel i cant go in there, so i havent. I have also contacted my solicitor today as what she has said about me is no less than slander, of which i will be pursuing should i not get any kind of response from yourselves and the store. I do not see why i should have to stay away and keep prompting them for an apology when i am the victim here

Thank you

Fleur Diprose

(760) William Barnett
Thu, 20 December 2012 11:30:58 +0000

Usually I am impressed with the cleanliness and facilities at BP stations but today was a big disappointment. My family and I are traveling for the holidays. We stopped at a BP off State Road 2 and I64 in Kentucky. This place looked like something out of Deliverance, the only bathroom was a pair of porta potties in the parking lot. Pitiful!

(759) Y GORDON
Thu, 20 December 2012 06:51:59 +0000

119 Gunnerswbury Avenue, Ealing, London. I go there regularly. I often shop in M&S there as well as getting petrol cos you give us discount if I shop there more than £10. Some of special deals are not very clear. I asked the BP shop clerk, Arul about mince pie offer twice. Then I asked again at the cashier if I got the mince pie discount again. Coffee counter girl confirmed I did. Then I noticed at home that I did not get the discount. I went back to be told I should have read the display better. Eventually they gave me money for the discount with insulting attitude expressing me a miser. I asked to talk to the manager, Koshi, but he refused to turn up. I gave chance to the two clerks again saying it is not about money. You told me wrong information 3times about this special offer. I felt I was coned.All I want is sincere apology. Now my shopping experience in BP shop became very insulting and bitter. Still they refused to say sorry and told me that they knew nothing about products and offers in the shop. If so,all they should have told me was

(758) sumesh
Thu, 20 December 2012 01:39:45 +0000

saigauri petroleum pune mumbai highway opp alfa lavel kasarwadi pune 34 bill no 90228 dated 12/12/2012 i asked to fill petrol of rs 500/- but he filled petrol of 100/- showing by mistake he has filled it and other person keep me busy in taking that my note of rs 500/- is fake after some time he filled petrol of rs 400/- without showing me zero. this happens second time i am daily user of car by average it seems that i had lost my 100 rs this for others be aware such kinds of transaction.

(757) Chris
Thu, 20 December 2012 00:20:20 +0000

I went to a station of yours BP Gasoline 1131 , 1301 Murfreesboro Road Franklin TN, 37064 at around 9:40 pm cental time 12/19/12 and a female employee of yours was very rude to me. She would not acept a coupon for cigarettes from Marlboro. Told to me to leave and I did. She was very rude. She should not be working for your company. I believe her name was Angela. Please remove this employee or give her counsuling.

(756) Simon Stockton
Wed, 19 December 2012 08:08:32 +0000

I filled my car with LPG Autogas at the Farnham Bypass Station in Surrey UK on Saturday evening 14/12/12. Immediately after the car refused to drive on gas so I had to resort to the petrol reserve. Since returning to the garage on both Tuesday and today 19/12/12 to find the Autogas pump closed I was fobbed off by Chris the Duty Manager who advised it was not their responsibility. He refused even to give advice as to who I could complain to or even who I could contact to assist - the best he would advise was to Google. I find this incredibly that the supplier of Autogas couldn't give me any assistance or even any advice. A response would be appreciated as I feel my car has been contaminated by your product!

(755) Keri Molloy
Tue, 18 December 2012 15:36:20 +0000

Please respond to this letter to the editor, for publication.
Keri Molloy
Northern News/The Bay Chronicle
New Zealand
Why? are kerikeri motorists paying way over the top for petrol?
Whangarei $1.99.9 / litre
Kerikeri (both service stations) $2.11.9 / litre
THAT’S 12c / litre more!
For years it was 3 or 4c / litre more but now 12c / litre?
Ripped off Kerikeri motorist.
(Name and address supplied)

(754) katie fowler
Tue, 18 December 2012 13:12:51 +0000

Staff complaint

I use the BP garage at the hertford roundabout, where macdonalds and the junction of the A10.
The lady that works in their on a friday at 5pm, is disgraceful not only to customers but to staff working with her.

She is unprofessional, rude and zero customer service.

She shouts at customers and her staff, bellowing 'you go for your break now. dont comment just do it' - shouting from the front door of the shop to the counter regardless of customers waiting/ browsing/ queuing.

This is totally unprofessional and being a store manager myself, I understand managerial pressures but that never gives an excuse to talk to staff in this manor.

I generally find this lady so rude, and unhelpful but thought I should raise my concerns after I heard her speak to her staff in such a rude way

(753) Mansoor Javid
Tue, 18 December 2012 01:03:29 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam
My name is mansoor javid. i went to fill gas from BP petrol station at south gate branch in London at 4.30am to between 4.50am on 18-12-2012. I think if the petrol station is open there should b some one on the till. I believe he may b went to toilet but he left till alone. I was on the pump. i can,t see any one. I beep for person to b hear and came to the counter for let me fill the gas he did,t hear. I went to the counter and i saw the person was there and listening music with hand free. He can,t even hear me i call him 2,3 times it was so cold out side. I am also not allow to go inside so when he saw me he came to the counter. I told him ( brother please take you head phone off and look out side also some time while you work in side ) he also have very bed behavior. He don.t even open gas for me and i also decide not to fill from him please keep on eye what,s going on in petrol station. He looks like some Asian man to me

(752) Bob Taylor
Mon, 17 December 2012 17:11:00 +0000

I have been a BP customer for many years and completely satis local fied until now. I drive a SUV with an extra large gas tank. My local BP station, and many other local BP ststions, have begun shutting the pump off at 20 gallons. Most of the time my truck requires more than 20 gallons on fill-up. I realize that I could start filling up when the tank goes below half full, however, that is not what I want to do. A couple of the attendants told me that all I have to do is shut off the pump, let the cc sale complete itself and the start the pump again on another transaction. That makes no sense at all. For someone who purchases $80-$90 per week on gas, I expect better service. Can I get an explanation why the pumps have to be set to shut off at 20 gallons? I carry other gas cards that I seldom use, but I'm not opposed to taking my business elswhere.

(751) Billy Hinson
Mon, 17 December 2012 10:52:45 +0000

Someone needs to speak to the BP station at exit 77 in St George, South Carolina. Site ID 2786945. They are using false advertiseing of gas prices and overcharging each and every customer that buys their gas. Sign price was $3.199 but pump price was $3.229. Using BP card as same as cash the clerk stated she knew the pricing wasn't the same and didn't care. Very rude way of doing business. Will take this up with the BBB in St George and file a formal complaint against your franchised station.

Gravatar (750) Mr Cyriac Joseph
Mon, 17 December 2012 07:10:41 +0000

Dear Customer Service Officer,

I am a self employed person who regularly use BP fuel as part of my job. My local BP petrol station is in Nottingham,Mansfield Road Nottingham NG5 3GF.I am having a nectar card which I regularly use to enter the points after filling the fuel.Occasionally I might not able to present the card while filling the fuel and if I ask for the receipt for entering the points later, some people in the till refuse to give the appropriate bill which contain the code to enter the points. This has happened many times. Recently when I went to register, unfortunately they were not able to do it as it is not the appropriate bill. Hence I spoke to one of the staff in regard to this matter as the problem is always with one particular person named Prisvin.The gentleman who I spoke to this matter, mentioned that he is an assistant manager of the petrol station. On the 15th December 2012 when I went to fill the fuel, this assistant manager Prisvin was there and he asked me about the complaint. He was very rude and shouted in front of other customers and asked me to get out of the station. I think this behaviour from one of your staffs is very unfortunate and I felt embarassed.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could look into this matter as this is not the way to deal with customers coming to the fuel station and getting treated like this.

I am really sorry to inform you this issue. As I am a regular customer I felt very bad of that particular person's behaviour.

Hopefully you kindly look into this matter and respond to it.

(749) Miranda Pride
Mon, 17 December 2012 00:08:39 +0000

My family visited your location at 11147 North Port Washington Road in Mequon, WI around 10:00 pm tonight. We put in money to fill the tires with air and when we tried to fill the tires we learned that the air pump was broken. One of us went in to inform the attendant and get a refund, but the attendant just shook his head and said that it is against policy to refund for broken air pumps, ect. He also refused to put an "Out Of Order" sign on the broken pump, potentially cheating further customer out of their dollars. If it is against your policy to refund a customer's money due to broken equipment, your employees should be competent enough to keep said machines in working order. Or at least competent enough to hang an "Out Of Order" sign on the broken equipment.

(748) mr samuel pallant
Sat, 15 December 2012 19:36:28 +0000

i attened your BP connect garage today on the 15.12.12 and filled up my car as usual, i went in to pay and my debit card was declined which the menber of staff asked me to try again so i did just that. it declined yet again then he asked if i had an alternitive payment method which i did i tried my credit card, the machine then told me that i had entered the wrong pin so i re entered my pin and yet again told me it was wrong i had used both of these cards the day before and just to add to the fustration my debit card has an available balance of thousands of pounds!!!!!!!!!i was then asked to get cash from the ATM so i went to do so but had reached my daily withdrawal limit i told your staff member and i was at this point getting fustrated. your staff member did not take any notice of the prompt of your card machine telling him that he should call the authorisation centre he then told me they are not open 24 hours which i know for a fact is a lie as i work in a jewellers and this is done quite regularly. despite this i was then not offered to fill in a form to come back and pay later, i then took my last resort of calling my mother to come and pay for me she left the house and on entering the garage she crashed the car into the 1ft high at least kirb on the entrance of the garage, you enter off the slip road and it goes into a hairpin straight away its a stupid design with no reflective surfaces on this extreamly high kirb!!!!! i believe that this is the fault of your unhelpful and careless staff that this occured!!! if he would of called the authorisation centre like he should of done this situation wouldnt of occured and also if he had given me a form to fill in this wouldnt of occured so he had two options and oppitunitys to resolve the problem but decided not to do either of them!!! i am highly aggravated by this and angry that your member of staff was in my opinion not trained enough to deal with the situation at hand!!!!! i would like this matter to be addressed and delt with i would like compensation for the stress and agravation caused in this situation and i would like you to have highly reflective arrows placed on this entrance to make drivers who dont visit this garage more aware and last of all i would like your staff member to be delt with as this situation was avoidable on two occasions and neither of those options where taken up!!!!! if i do not recieve a reply concerning this matter i will be taking it further i can assure you!!! the garage this incident took place is:
SITE ID:012446
M1002007001 T17212144

(747) Shrewsbury
Fri, 14 December 2012 14:09:36 +0000

Dear Team,
I wanted to raise a concern about my local BP station in Malthurst Shrewsbury uk. Everytime I buy something off the shelf like biscuits, small tin of vaseline and this week a packet of Lockets I always get charge 10p more per item than what is displayed on the shelf. Eg lockets 85p when scanned till says 95p? When ive mention it theyve charged me the higher price and said the ticket was wrong. Can each ticket be wrong everytime by exactly 10p? Seems a bit suspicious to me so thought id mention it. Dont know if trading standards need to be informed?
With thanks.

(746) LaWanda
Thu, 13 December 2012 20:33:39 +0000

7:37 pm THURSDAY DECEMBER 13 2012

(745) James Bealer
Thu, 13 December 2012 19:05:30 +0000

Went to BP station at 1040 Dayton Yellow Springs Road, Fairborn Ohio 45324, site ID 8469215
This stationed advertised 10 cents off per gallon with a car wash. The gas was $3.16 per gallon. I selected the Car wash but did not get the 10 cents off per gallon. When I tried to ask the attendent, he said he did not know how to read the receipt and I needed to talk to the Manager "Jimmy". The next day I called every hour on the hour to talk to the manager from 8am to 4pm but was never around. I have worked for the Air Force government Civil Service for 44 years. I have contacted the Air Force Leagal Office and the BBB. This is the way BP treats Disabled Vets with false advertising. I will continue to pass the word to the 40 thousand Government workers at Wright Patterson AFB. GREED thats what BP is all about and the Foreigners who work their You should be so proud

(744) garry mcneillie
Thu, 13 December 2012 16:23:47 +0000

I would like to make a complaint about your Monkton lodge filling station on the a77, everytime I use this station I leave it absolutely fuming! I buy the biggest majority of my fuel from here.... Not anymore! The service is nothing short of pathetic and everytime I use it there can be upto 10 people waiting to be served and only one till open whilst other staff swan around not doing very much! I have in the past approached staff to ask why only one till is open and i have to wait about 10 mins to be served only to be told only one till is allowed to be open??? I am not alone with this, everytime i go to pay there are alot of people complaining!
The final straw was tonight when i took my 17 year old daughter (who is learning to drive)to learn her how to fill the car with petrol. I drove in and told my daughter what to do whilst i sat in the car and watched. I noticed a member of staff walking towards my car, she approached and asked what age my daughter was.... Does she really think that i am so stupid as to sit back in the car and allow someone under 16 to fill my car??? She was actually quite rude in her manner and i was not very impressed. I explained what we were doing and i got a response of "well were not to know".... Bit of common sense should have prevailed as i was sitting in the car! Her time would have been better spent opening another till and clearing the people standing like idiots waiting to be served!!!
i have had enough of feeling full of rage everytime i use this station and will never set foot in it again! I want to use bp fuel in my car and that station is closest, so i think an alternative supplier will need to be found from now on!

(743) Michelle Knisley
Thu, 13 December 2012 08:31:51 +0000

Hi! This morning, upon checking my bank account, I realized a deposit I expected did not go in. I had $2 and 3 miles to empty. I rushed my two young children into the car, attempting to get them to school/daycare before I tried to remedy my banking situation. I made it to the closest Bp station (corner of 360 and Mechanicsville Turnpike), at which point, my gauge showed 0 miles to empty. But I had my $2 in hand so I knew I'd make it to school. As I exited my car, the employee came out, looked at me, locked the door behind her and said, "I have to go get a money order. Ill be back." She then began walking away. I said, "I have no more gas in the car and have to get my kids to school!" She kept walking, never turned around, didn't stop...nothing. I was then forced to call my mother to help. My children were both late to school, and I am absolutely appalled that this occurred.

Gravatar (742) vivek awasthi
Wed, 12 December 2012 04:53:46 +0000

I was at the bp service station in Northcote last week and was dealt in a very unprofv essional manner by the staff namely Layton a chinese guy I told him that he shouldent talk to the customers like that and he became angry. I have beene customer the customer there for last 4 years and the , customer service have never been better . I hope some improvement will be seen shortly and servic will become better. For more details please contect me on 0211645686. Thanks

(741) Jane Breitfeld
Mon, 10 December 2012 13:07:39 +0000

I just got gas a your station at 2099 Quaker Point in Quakertown, PA. I had a coupon from K-mart for .20 off the cost of a gallon of gas. I went inside like the coupon instructed and asked the attendant what I should do. He said I had to input the code 3933387197 and then to swipe my credit card. He asked what amount I wanted to spend and I said $45. When I went out to the pump, it still read 3.49 a gallon, so I went back inside and he said it would print out 3.29 on the receipt. No receipt printed so I went back inside again and he printed me a receipt which said 3.49. He did not offer to refund my money for 12.86 gallons, he just gave me back my coupon and said to try it someplace else. He was more concerned with his computer than he was with assisting customers. I will not go there again!!!

(740) Joan Padbury
Mon, 10 December 2012 12:25:47 +0000

I went to the BP gas station near my home in Antioch Illinois. I was looking forward to getting several gift cards for the holiday. When I told the cashier what I wanted she said they don't except credit cards for gift cards only cash! What's up with that when I get gas and other items there they accept credit cards. I'm not a happy camper.
Joan Padbury

(739) Gary
Sun, 9 December 2012 14:55:48 +0000

Dear BP please add a T to the BP for thief. Your stations in Broward county, Florida have set the pump computers to reconize a debit card as a credit card, to gain the 5 cents extra for the gas, not giving the 5 cent discount, same as cash. You are the only company that recently did this. Whats the matter the billions you make isn't enough. I work for a law firm that thinks there is a class action suit here. I also will work to have family, friends, co-workers there family and friends stop using BP. I will also contact Ford motor company to stop using your logo inside the gas door. Your ripping us off stop it at once before you pay another hugh fine.

(738) Rob Nielsen
Sun, 9 December 2012 11:04:38 +0000

BP store 32054
1395 Butterfield
Aurora, IL 60504
Site # 11900196

What is going on here?
Location has bee going downhill for months
Latest gas purchase 12/1/2012
No receipts at all pumps, no paper?
No tobacco or lottery sold, lost license?
Window wash tanks empty, no towels
Store looking dirty and unkempt
One person on register who could barely tell me what was going on.

Not a good representation of your business model if it is to meet customer expectations.


(737) Rahim Ali
Fri, 7 December 2012 14:59:40 +0000

I just bought the car 4 months ago and my car state giving me a problem i always go to the one close to my home in chicago at devon and ridge and when i put my car in repair its a fuel problem.I had to pay a total cost of $1449.00 dollars to a tech cause your gas messed up my engine and had it stalling and cutting off. I was a life time member of yours until this happened and now Shell gets all my business now but never the less I will consider coming back to you all if I can get some compensation for my car damage.

or u can call me @ 773 507 2014

(736) prashant patel
Fri, 7 December 2012 14:51:48 +0000

I had to pay a total cost of $1249.76 dollars to a tech cause your gas messed up my engine and had it stalling and cutting off. I was a life time member of yours until this happened and now Shell gets all my business now but never the less I will consider coming back to you all if I can get some compensation for my car damage.

(735) Mr G Staines
Fri, 7 December 2012 10:24:56 +0000

I would like to make a complaint about BP Crownwood Connect which has a M&S food hall,they have tried to over charge me twice within a week.
they tried to over charge on cakes and milk if it hadn't been that i asked for a receipt I would have been none the wiser.

(734) Joel Gooch
Wed, 5 December 2012 16:48:46 +0000

Hi, My name is Joel Gooch I am writing about a problem with one on of stores and the owner and upper management of that store. I am referring your store located at 6417 Lee Highway in Warrenton, VA. I was accusedby the clerk of trying to pass a fake coupon to buy a pack of cigarettes. I used to Manage this store and left what I thought was on good terms. When the clerk accused me of this in front of some of the customers I served for 5 years was humiliating to say the least. I tried to contact the director of retail operations and he would not call me back. Then i emailed the owner Don Wine and once again no response. I have been totally embarassed and humiliated in one of your storers for no reason. The coupon was a manufacturer coupon that I took for the 5 years I worked for this company and they still take coupons. I can't help but think that they dont care because its me. Well I'm a paying customer and I do not deserve to be treated like that at any establishgment. This store and its owner obviously do not care about anything or anyone unless you are a member of there church organization. I will not shop there ever again and I will tell everyone I know not to go there and I fplan on contacting the Better Business Beaurea and also the wage and labor board. Its not right the way they treat people there.
Extremely unhappy and will never shop at BP again.

(733) Marios Hajisavva
Mon, 3 December 2012 23:53:38 +0000

Hi there. I live near your BP gas station in Hillingdon which also has a 24hr Marks&Spencer shop. I go to this station quite often since its 24hrs and its next to my house. The problem I have is that whenever I go in your staff NEVER EVER give customers a detailed receipt but instead they just give a receipt indicating just the total amount due and the payment method. In the beginning It did not bother me but it kept happening again and again until one day I asked for a detailed receipt. What I discovered was not one, not two but three items that were charged more than the price indicated on the stands. I complained to the mamager and she gave me the money back only to discover when I went home that the buy 1 get 1 half price deal on an item was charged full price. I decided to send you this message to complain now after coming back from the station because the stuff did not give me a proper receipt yet again. My question to you is why don't you give detailed receipts to the customers without them having to request one? Every single shop in the UK gives out receipts, why cant you? If I did not bother to ask for one I would never have realised that I was overcharged. I wonder how many times this has happened to other customers? I will be reporting you to the authorities for not giving customers receipts. If you have nothing to hide why don't you give proper receipts?

(732) MR. PANTON
Mon, 3 December 2012 17:21:50 +0000

I would like to make a complain in because I got ripped off by the B.P gas station located by the Atlanta Medical Center, Address: 356 Boulevard Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30312. I stopped there to purchase $20 worth of gas. After pumping my gas I parked and went around the back of the location to throw some trash I had in their dumpster. By the time I made it back to my car less than 3 minutes later my car was booted by the moron from their private parking enforcement called Premier parking enforcement, "agent 27255'" After arguing and calling the cops to the location I ended up paying $75 to have the boot removed from my car so I could leave. No way to treat a paying customer so with that being said B.P. will never get another dollar from me.

(731) Muhammad Mangat
Sun, 2 December 2012 11:35:47 +0000

I went to BP petrol station in Malvern/Links today and drove into the car wash with a ticket. To my utmost surprise, washer ran accross my car without any water shampo or anything liquid at all. I went in the shop and told them there is no water in the system and it ran accross my car all dry. The guy behind the counter replied, " so what you want me to do?" You don't expect this kind of attitude or ignorance of customer services even in small subarban corner shop. I had to explain him that he is representing a chainstore, there must be somekind of customer complaint procedure your company adhere to. His response did not change. The best he offered me is that he will ask his manager to give me a call after 9 tomorrow. No receipt of acceptance or reference. I dodn't know how much my car has been damaged beacuse it was turning dark. I will appreciate if someone from customer services could reply to address this issue. Thanks

Gravatar (730) NA
Sat, 1 December 2012 11:42:06 +0000

I topped up at the Bp garage in Potters Bar at around 10pm 30.11.12 .I noticed that the pump had started charging me before any petrol had gone into my car.
When I went to pay I thought I'd inform the cashier (a man named Saba) of my concerns in case their was something wrong with the pump . His reply was ''no that would never happen'' to which I stated ''no it did happen, i'm just letting you no, incase something is wrong with it, or if it happens to someone else'' - This went on for quite a while. The cashier proceeded to tell me that I was lying and then to my disgust he started to swear at me , asking me ''who I think I fucking am'', I was terrified , I thought he was going to come round the counter and attack me. Im absolutely shocked at how I've been spoken to, for merely raising a concern I've been accused of lying, sworn at, threatened and humiliated infront of a que of people.
I won't be able to return to this station and feel quite shaken about this whole experience .

(729) Concerned customer
Sat, 1 December 2012 04:00:32 +0000

To those who may concern (HR)

I am a regular customer at BP M&S store on Trafalgar road, Greenwich. It is very sad to say that the heating condition in store is terrible. I was talking to an employee yesterday and he said the heaters are not working at all and the HR team has done nothing to replace them. I took my temperature monitor to check and it was as LOW as 4 degrees. It is very disappointing to see the OFFICIAL SPONSOR for OLYMPICS can not even afford to heat a store. The workin conditions for the staff is very poor.
Hope someone responsible will look in to it.

(728) Gary Linning
Thu, 29 November 2012 14:18:47 +0000

I have just spent 6 days cleaning out my carburettors on all my scooters because I happen to buy poor quality fuel from your Milingavie petrol station. This is not the first time. It has cost me £20 in fuel, not too mention 24 hours of my time and £200 in parts. I don't expect BP will ever reimburse me for my time, parts or fuel that I bought. So if I can avoid BP petrol stations from now on. I will.

(727) Linda Erickson
Thu, 29 November 2012 10:22:41 +0000

just wrote to you.... this all happened thurs morning at 9:30 AM...11/29/2012
Linda Erickson

(726) Linda Erickson
Thu, 29 November 2012 10:20:46 +0000

I just returned from my neighborhood BP and this has totally ruined my dy and up set me. First of all, the woman working there did not speak "understanable" English... another customer had to tell me what she was saying. She was so rude and nasty I could not believe it. I had a coupon from KMart that gave me 30 cents a gallon off of the going rate, she proceded to tell me to "go somewhere else" with that coupon, that "her" station did not use them. Anyway, I will not be going back there as there are 2 other stations on the same intersection. I will also pass the word at the next homeowner meeting here, we are 200 homes strong right next to that intersection. You probably could care less about this, but I am very upset about the way this woman talked to me.
Linda Erickson
station is at 3300 Lantana Road ( may be in city of Lantana OR city of Boynton Beach in Florida..... at the intersection of Lantana Road and Congress Ave )

Tue, 27 November 2012 22:59:37 +0000

i went to BP GAS station on ratcliffe terrace EDINBURGH TODAY to buy bulb so i did ask the guy on the counter his name as it was apper on his shirt is GILL
du you sell a bulb like this ? so he did say yes so i said i need 2 so he turn and open a bag an pick up 2 bulb and went to the back shop and come back with to bulb box and put the bulb on it and i did ask again
so he did scan the box and told me £6.99 so i looked in the next to me so i notice there is the same bulb in the shelf so i picked up 2 so i told him i will buy this so he said same 6.99 so i asked him to scan it so he refused so i asked why so he said i scan the other item so i insist to scan the one i picked so it apper as £5.49 then he get upset and he said i will not sell it to u for £5.49 i will sell it for 6.99 so i said no i will only pay the price apper in the screen so he said i will not sell it to you so i asked why so he said becouse it 6.99 so i asked about the manger to report that he sell used bulb as new and try to coin me so he said he is the manger so i asked about the head office number then another guy came from the back shop and said ok pay the £5.49 but i am insist to report it so the company know that is the guys coin the custmor buy selling used stuff as new in there company and i will contact my lawer tomorrow if i diod't get respond from the company

(724) Julio Jimenez
Tue, 27 November 2012 12:25:12 +0000

I visited the BP gas station on 1237 Jerome Avenue, Bronx NY 10452. On November 27, 2012 about 11:36am not to sure what the time was. The site ID#3017803. I went in just to pump gas. I walked to the there cashier was and told him i wanted $20 of gas. I gave him my credit card and he returned to me and said i had to do the transaction myself at the gas pump. I explained to the cashier that, I honestly not good with that because of previous transactions. but he wouldn't accept my card. then he told me that his job is not to pump the gas for me (which i never ask him to do that i just wanted to pay for the gas). While he was telling me all this there was a line of people behind me trying also to get gas. After being rude and loud he took my card which was till in the counter and told he whatever how much gas you want. i said $20 dollars regular... which he charge. I was really upset and embarrassed by the way this cashier was talking to me and he way out of line. the cashier who's name i couldn't see because the letters where blurry and wouldn't tell me his name... As i walked out to pump my gas he cashier keep talking and having a sarcastic laugh. I don't know what type of people or animals this person is a costume to be around by he clearly shouldn't be a cashier or work where respectful citizens go to shop. I'm also filling a complain with Better Business Bureau. Btw the transaction for the gas station is receipt# 00003017803.

Thank you for looking into manner.

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