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(1423) Amie
Thu, 16 April 2015 09:35:15 +0000

I would like to Complain about the BP Gas Station cashier(prob owner) about my experience. He is in Munster Indiana on the corner of Ridge Road and Calumet.

I went in to the gas station and he didnt even pay any attention to me and I said excuse me do you sell cases of water here? He said "hold on a second" I said "ok" then gets and said what did you want? I ask again. "Do you sell cases of water, I didnt see any out". He looks at me and gives me a smart remark and said yes over there and I said not bottle cases. So he goes into his cooler and said " COme here, is that what you are talking about?" I said "Yes it is, how much?" He said well there is 35 bottles in there so it would be about 30 dollars.. I said " Are you out of your mind?" I can go to speedway (which I did) and go buy a case for 3 dollars. Thats is crazy..

My point is some guy that owns this BP, that probably gets alot of perks just tried to OVER CHARGE water to put extra money his pocket besides being a complete jerk! I hope he gets fired or it shuts down. Will never ever go again.

SOme one who had tried to get taken advantage of!

(1422) Rebecca Heffner
Thu, 9 April 2015 23:44:37 +0000

I am from Augusta, GA and have a complaint about a store in this area located on Washington Road near National Hills. The cashier and another staff member acted in a very rude and almost hostile manner towards me. I tried to pay for gas with silver change and some pennies, after the cashier took the change in his hand the other employee came over and took the change and proceeded to toss it on the counter saying, "We don't need this garbage, take this trash" , I was a little confused about his attitude and what he was saying and repeated to tell him "this is for gas for the black Scion all the way on the end" while he continued to talk over me in a raised voice telling me to "take this trash" and "NO, we don't need your garbage..", I then said "Why?" and not answering began pushing my change towards me across the counter with a mat, he kept telling me to pick it up repeatedly in a very disgusted manner and when I told him "no" he got very irate. I told him "NO, you keep it, I am reporting you". He continued to all but yell at me out of the door. The employees treated me as if I were a dog, their attitudes towards my form of payment was even worse, they acted as if it was infected.

(1421) Anna Mathew
Tue, 7 April 2015 01:28:56 +0000

Hi, I booked gas using IVRS on 16 Feb, and till 23 March, my booking was there. It went missing after that, and I have booked again on 30 March. When I contacted the gas agency, they are not giving an answer to how my booking was lost. And maintains that if i need cylinder, i should go and collect it from the agency.
I am a working person, and it is not possible to take leave to collect the cylinder. Also, they say they have no guarantee of delivering for the current booking. What is the guarantee that the booking will not get lost from the system again? At least, they should tell me how that happened.

(1420) gerard
Mon, 6 April 2015 14:29:30 +0000

Went into the bp station at 850 ne 62nd street,. Fort Lauderdale, FL for gas and a carwash. It has several signs offering a $0.20 discount per gallon with a carwash. The pump had no problem taking my money for the gas, when I finished pumping the screen did not ask me if I wanted a carwash, as it usually does. I went inside and was told (I think) by an attendant who had little, if any, command of the language that the carwash wasn’t working. I would not have gone in had the carwash displayed an “out of order sign”. The rest of the stations in the area were at least $0.20 /gallon less on gas. Very sleazy. BP will never get another penny from me. Ever.

(1419) Barbara Jack
Mon, 6 April 2015 08:58:39 +0000

This morning I went to the BP station at 7885 oxford Ave, Phila, PA, 19111. This has been my go to station for decades. I am not sure I will return after today's experience. I went to the same pump I always use, inserted my debit card, followed the process, and when I activated the handle no gas pumped. I went to the window, could not see the attendant, finally found her, and told her it would not pump. She cancelled transaction and told me top try again, which I did, with same result. Back to the window, she was pre-occupied, and finally told me to go to another pump. So I did. Same thing happened, I went back to the window, she was a bit annoyed, again cancelled the transaction. As I walked away I told her that her attitude could be a bit better. I am not back at the pump, and again no gas pumped. After the 3rd attempt at the new pump, I went back to the window and she was very annoyed that I intruded on her texting session, I asked her to please come outside as no gas was pumping. She rose from her chair in a huff, acting as if I did not know how to properly use the pump, and she was not able to get any gas out either. She mumbled something and went back into the office. I left. I need to tell you I am reluctant to return to this station that I have been devoted to for years. I told me husband that he should close down his BP card because of my bad experience. I highly recommend that this young lady be trained in customer service skills if she is going to be an attendant. By the 5th try I may not have been the most cordial customer but this girl lacked in everything and really set the tone for the day. She does not appear to be someone BP would want to be greeting customers early on a Monday morning, or any day. My real hope is that she did actually cancel my debit card those 4 times and that she receives the training she needs to please the public. Thank you.

(1418) Don Fredbeck
Sun, 5 April 2015 11:40:41 +0000

This is a notice rather than a complaint.

I have had a BP/Amoco/Standard credit cars since 1974.

No More.

I recently received a renewal card from Citi Bank. It required calling to confirm receipt before activation. When I called, Citi told me that I had to give them mu SSN into to complete my account - with the bank! I refused a) because giving over the phone was stupid, and b) I don't want an account with their lousy bank.

I am done. My card has been cut-up. Keep your F'ing bank!

Gravatar (1417) Durham 'Durry' Garbutt
Sat, 4 April 2015 10:27:53 +0000

I purchased a car wash at the BP station, 2499 US #1, St Augustine, FL using a Visa card in a remote terminal outside of the car wash. The terminal processed my card and instructed me to proceed. It was a very bright day and as I am 73 years old and my eyes don't dark adjust quickly I did not see a previously washed vehicle stopped under the blow dry panel outside of the car wash tunnel. I went to the convenience store that is part of the operation and asked for a refund or a wash. The clerk was rude and directed me to a man she said was the owner leaning on the building smoking. He accused me of lying and trying to get a free car wash. I pressed my case and he reluctantly gave me a wash code while still accusing me of deceit and not using his car wash properly. I entered the code when instructed by the remote terminal. When I pulled into the car wash tunnel there were no lights on indicating the wash system was not operational. I went back to the 'owner' and he said I did not do what he told me. I did exactly what the remote terminal instructed me to do as I believe the device was functioning properly. He refused a refund and refused to come with me to look at the difference between his vague instruction and the instructions delivered by the remote terminal. He threatened to call the sherriff and charge me with tresspassing. I am 73, partially disabled from post-polio syndrome. Having to repeatedly get out of my car to be abused by the 'owner' and his staff left me in pain. This is definitely elder abuse

(1416) anthony bevins
Thu, 2 April 2015 18:13:17 +0000

hi i wish to report a member of staff at the bp store on princess parkway manchester m14 i had gone in to get some gas on a gas card for the metor at my home as i need ed some for me heating he put it on my card and id seen him sell a something to do with the lotto to the man before me so i had a 31 coin on me so i asked for a number 7 catd as they are numbered he turned round to have his back to me and said something about me being english and he is not so he was not going to sell any of the lotto things to me then i asked him to say it again but he said no and to get out of it he said bp would not let anybody buy thing like the lotto if they are not filling my pockets with their f+++++g with their stupid cash i find this very sick and i will demand that he is sacked within the next 5 days and i want him to come and say his sorry to me

(1415) craig ferguson
Thu, 2 April 2015 01:02:22 +0000

Hi the staff member that works the early shift (5:40)am in the 94 Carlisle road, Airdrie, Scotland, UK was very rude and laughed in my face when I told him the air machine wasn't working implied that i didn't know how to work the machine (which I do) would not give me a refund. The machine is clearly broken and the staff won't have it fixed or refund customers who try to use it. When I asked the staff member to come to the machine he refused to and said he could not leave that garage store as he was on his own. Also another issue that I have noticed over the last few years with this garage is that the regular diesel pumps have the old fashion heads that don't fit into modern car fuel points. BP please look into this garage please.

(1414) Erim Mataracı
Tue, 31 March 2015 00:57:09 +0000

Dear Authorized

I'm leaving in Istanbul/Turkey. My wife is working in Telecom operator "Turkcell" so we have BP card.
My car is Wolkswagen 2009 model Golf 6 and engine is 1.6 TDI. I'm consuming BP "Eurodiesel" for 2 years using my wife BP card given my operator "Turkcell".
I'm consuming BP fuel from Ziverbey/İstanbul BP.
After i started to use BP my car has started to throw intensive smoke for 2 years.
Finally my car gave a "particulate filter malfunction" and i took my car to the Wolkswagen service.
In service they say that it can be about fuel. I stopped to consume fuel from BP and started to bug another firm fuel "OPET".
For 2 month there is no problem in my car an it is not throwing smoke.

Dear authorized

From this point i suspect that your fuel in Ziverbey/İstanbul BP can include some other particulate "impurities" is suggest your
make an investigation without informing BP authority in Turkey for the healthy of investigation.Maybe i'm wrong but if i'm not wrong
but if this case is not about only one gas station your reputation will be in danger in Turkey

(1413) sunny malhothra
Fri, 27 March 2015 09:09:22 +0000

i bought an engin oil bottle for 26.99 pounds from south Nor wood petrol station.person who served me his name is cross he gave me oil but he did not gave me free gift of tool kit and asked to come on weekend we i went back he offered me screen wash when i refused to take that he did the misbehave and refuse to gave me my free gift even though he is selling the kits with price.and when i asked to see the manager he did not allow me.i am really not happy with the service and i want my money back or compensation.

(1412) Rich
Wed, 25 March 2015 14:18:42 +0000

on the morning of the 25/03/15 I went to the BP on the Coventry Road in Birmingham. It was around 3.40am and all I wanted was a pack of 10 cigarettes. The reason for my complaint is the attitude of the BP colleague. The colleague was not at the desk and was scrapping the freezer as it had a big ice build up, I knocked the door to get the colleagues attention so he could serve me. On response to me knocking the glass door the colleague cursed and said "For Fuck sake!". As he walked round to the desk he then rudely asked me what I would like. As I told the colleague what I intended to purchase all I got back was "Is that fucking it?". Now as you can understand I was taken aback by the rudeness and his appalling attitude. As a MANAGER in food retail myself I take being respected as a customer very seriously. I feel I needed to bring this matter to your attention and would like to know what you are going to do about it. The colleagues appearance was long grey hair and he wore glasses.

(1411) Luz
Wed, 25 March 2015 13:00:10 +0000

I went to punch a certain amount of Gas and started pumping until I wanted to release the handle it didn't release and kept pumping and taking more then what I wanted but more importantly what my car could take.

(1410) Chis McGee
Tue, 24 March 2015 15:13:54 +0000

Dear sir or madam,
i was very disappointed to learn that yourcompany which is i beleave is trying to be green ? has removed a lpg pump from the harlow bp station ,
this is a step bakwords .

(1409) Allen Harrison
Mon, 23 March 2015 19:06:50 +0000

I work for Alameda County Environmental Health as a Vector Control Biologist Supervisor. Our staff have received several complaints about the unhealthy conditions existing at the station located at 10600 Macarthur Blvd. in Oakland, CA. 94605. The complaints center around persons defecating and urinating in a corner of the property next to a residents home. The homeowners located nearby are unable to enjoy their backyard due to the strong odors and flies attracted to the corner. We realize that the station owner is not able to wash the area down as has been done in the past but we are sure that you will agree that something has to be done to address this problem and allow the homeowners to enjoy the use of their yards and homes. This problem will escalate as the weather gets warmer in the summer. Please inform me of what your plan of action will be in the near future.

Best regards,

Allen J. Harrison
Department of Environmental Health
Vector Control Biologist Supervisor
1131 Harbor Bay Parkway
(510)567-6818 Fax (510)337-9137
email: allen.harrison@acgov.org

(1408) Bridgette neal
Sun, 22 March 2015 07:40:13 +0000

Took my 2002 GMC Envoy on 03/08/2015 to bp gas station at 935 N. Nappanee st, Elkhart, In. Put $25.00 worth of gas in. About 16 gallons, went to start up and leave and my truck wouldnt start, had to call a tow truck, took my truck to a certified mechanic and he stated my fuel pump was messed up, never had a problem with it starting before this day, when the mechanic dropped my gas tank and drained the so called gas out to his surprise he states it was 16 gallons of water, contaminated gas! He drooped a lit match to some of this gas it didnt even burn, just went out, when i tried to tell the owner he didnt want to hear it. Cost me over 500.00 dollars plus towing charge to get my truck fixed, plus $25.00 worth of gas that was no good, im not sure who else i can report this to but i feel i should be reimbursed. I will never go to any bp gas station again!

(1407) Brian Stevenson
Mon, 16 March 2015 05:43:01 +0000

Mere Service Station, near Manchester on way to M6

Friday 13th March 7.30 pm

Half the pumps out of order. Diesel all over the floor, no gloves or paper towels, bins full to overflowing. So awful I should have paid extra on the motorway (and it wasn't cheap). I left with diesel on the soles of my shoes and hands smelling of diesel.

Terrible. I felt sorry for the poor chap trying to run this shambles.

(1406) jeffrey Hirschfelder
Sun, 15 March 2015 08:31:33 +0000

I recently had a terrible problem at a BP station in Longville MN,requiring serious immediate attention,please forward a e-mail ,i would like to discuss this issue with customer service.

(1405) Eleanor Armes
Wed, 11 March 2015 12:53:26 +0000

Customer care is more than a friendly voice on your phone line or the cashiers in your stations. Having efficient, well maintained pumps should be a priority. Today I reached the saturation point which sparked this email. I left the station with 4 gallons of gas because the pump was running at a trickle. I was lucky - the lady at the next couldn't get her to run at all. Pump nozzles covered with plastic bags, pumps that shut off every few seconds requiring one to manually fill the tank, pumps that are not marked as empty or inoperative causing the customer to have to go to another pump and start all over, "see attendant" messages, receipts won't print. These are not isolated occurrences. One of the above and sometimes several of these things happen almost every time I go to fill up. As a consumer this waste of my time and is unacceptable. I have had a BP credit card for 20 years. I like BP gasoline. The attendants at my station are pleasant and courteous, but the maintenance on your equipment is appalling. At $2.50 a gallon, I should at least have a fully operational pump to use when I drive into the BP Station on Second Street in Richlands, VA!

(1404) Marnie Haviland
Sun, 8 March 2015 17:58:44 +0000

I went to the bp in forest hill, Maryland, st#AB123 today. I stepped out of my suv and fell on ice. the attendant inside acted as if he did not see it. I was soaking wet, went in to tell him and purchase my gas and he said they put ice down yesterday!!! really, didn't ask if ok or anything. I rode back home and changed clothes, came by 10 minutes later and he didn't even put a cone or any type of sign to prevent people in the future from using that pump until thawed. this is horrible service. He will do anything for a buck. I took pictures and if I have any medical problems after getting checked out I will be seeking monetary retribution. I also have my receipt from the date of purchase. No doubt there is a video of me falling. My child was horrified in the car watching me almost hit my head on cement. Is this how Bp expects its store operators to behave? I would like a return email to discuss this issue. That is the least a large company can do when its employee has acted in this manner. thank you

(1403) Marge hlinsky
Sat, 7 March 2015 19:05:57 +0000

I had the worst experience with BP/Graham's station on Calumet avenue in Munster, Indiana!!! My car wash code that was to be valid until tomorrow. Well, after waiting in the car wash line for at least 30 minutes got to enter my code, code doesn't work...repeatedly call for attendant, which come to find out doesn't work! I made a cell call to the station where the worker said I would need to get out of line and come in. Then take my 2 year old (who was sleeping) out and go in expecting to get another code or get a refund. Well that's what a normal response would have been. But this store told me there's no manager on duty and no one can help and/or refund the money. Totally frustrated!! And still have a dirty car!!

(1402) Ann Kirby
Wed, 4 March 2015 20:25:00 +0000

I went and bought gas after work today at your gas station located at 454 S 19th St, Blair, NE 68008. I swiped my credit card at the pump and put in the appropriate information and it allowed me to pump my gas. Then it asked me if I wanted a car wash and then I was done. I drove off and 5 minutes later the police came to my door saying that I drove off without paying. I went back to the station and the attendant who reeked of alcohol told me that he saw me drive off and I owed $6.58. He would not take my debit card so I had to use the atm in the station which charged me $3.00 extra for using it. So now I paid $9.58 for a $20.44 bill which does not make sense. When I went home and pulled up my credit card statement, it shows that the full $20.44 was charged on my credit card. When I called the station again to get my money back, he told me again that he saw me drive off and when I said that I had swiped my credit card again, he told me that I would have to talk to the manager tomorrow. This is totally unacceptable and has ruined my night and made me never ever want to buy from a BP Station ever again. The manager was supposed to call me a long time ago. It appears that I will never see my money again unless I take them to court. Horrible way to do business especially in a small town.

(1401) Arun
Wed, 4 March 2015 20:21:40 +0000


Baltimore 33rd St BP
I have to record this video to prove that BP station was ripping people off at the pump
I told cashier about the pump problem that Meter was running before I start pumping gas.
Cashier did not sound pleasant and didn't refund any money or come out side to see it in person and told to complain to the company.
Let’s see what the BP will do now.

(1400) brandi
Wed, 4 March 2015 14:58:06 +0000

i have gone to the bp in maumee on dussel/ford street multiple times and everytime the cashier is extreamly unfriendly. however my past two experiences have been extreamly dissatisfying. apparently there is an issue with their credit card scanner, the first issue i had was they double charged my card! i was able to dispute it and it was since reversed. now today will be my last visit because both my cards were declined for no reason. i am not sure if this location is all about fraud and terrible customer service or if it is just a coincidence that the last two times i have had issues with their credit card machine but regardless i will not be returning to this location!-absoulutely disgusted

(1399) Will
Wed, 4 March 2015 09:11:56 +0000

At Cherwell Drive, Oxford around 1:29pm 04/03/2015, I went in to send a package via Collect+ and purchase a lottery ticket. After he done those two things, he asked if I had filled up at the station. I said no. But then he asked me again. I said no again. The man serving me sounded very rude and unprofessional while serving me. I didn't do or say anything to provoke him. I've been using this service station for almost 8 years and I've have never experienced such a poor service. I didn't get his name but he has dark skin. If I get this kind of service again, I won't be returning. I hope nothing bad happens to the package I've sent. It's just appalling to have seen the behaviour I've witnessed today.

(1398) Claudia Pico
Tue, 3 March 2015 21:58:51 +0000

The 2 girls working inside the BP at Long Rd. in Chesterfield Valley accidentally put a $10 pre-pay on my pump unknown to me that belonged to the man pumping gas next to me. Instead of actually fixing this situation when it arose in the station where I was with my child, the clerk asked me if I had cash to pay for his gas since the money had been spent at my pump. I needed to get my daughter home so I gave her my last ten bucks. A short angry troll of a woman said "hey, at least you got free gas." To which I responded "no I didn't, I bought his gas." She said "well alright then" and huffed out to her car. As she was walking away I said I'm sorry if that came out in a mean voice and she said and did nothing. After she left, the other girl apologized for her behavior and saying "she's a little hormonal, she's pregnant."
THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE! If you're that hormonal you need to keep your crabby behind at home and stay away from the general public. I'm the mother of 2 and acting like that is absolutely disgusting. She gives working mothers (expecting and otherwise) a terrible name. It's not my fault you can't do your job correctly and you can't make an educated comment about a situation.


(1397) Kristin
Sun, 1 March 2015 19:03:54 +0000

I was at the BP in Glen Ellyn, IL to get a carwash. I waited in line for over 20min only to get up to the machine to pay and found out I couldn't pay with my credit card. It was a code or cash only wash, and nowhere had that been posted. In fact one of the signs said "Enter code, deposit cash or insert card". I then had to drive around to the front of the station, go inside to pay and get a code, drive back around to the car wash and wait in line for another 20min. I was not happy at all. It should be posted somewhere early enough that you don't get trapped in line and definitely before you get all the way up to the pay station. Also, the sign that deceptively says "or insert card" should be replaced. I don't think I will ever get a car wash there again, even though it is the closest one to my house.

(1396) HJones
Sun, 1 March 2015 16:02:57 +0000

Your Bp attendant in your gas station Washington rd in Augusfa Ga accross from the masters GC I believe is conducting a scam . I scanned my Bilo card and had 95 cents off at the pump which was correct. When went inside to pay and swiped the card again he stated I had no points. I truly believe he is lying, and very certain he is refunding this amount to himself after I left. I will never go back there and I think u should investigate him

(1395) Tricey Solomon
Fri, 27 February 2015 09:15:11 +0000

This is in reference to the BP's in the Bronx at 163rd Street. The staff there are very rude and in need of some customer services classes. As a paying customer it really annoys me to hear them do nothing but complain especially while taking my money ! The young lady there is very impatient and the older gentleman is slow and never admits when he is wrong. If BP's want to secure the business at 163rd these individuals need better training. Also someone needs to remind these people that the number one rule in good customer service is to remember that the "customer is always right"

(1394) Nancy
Wed, 25 February 2015 22:10:24 +0000

Chanhassen mn.Couldn't pay at the pump asked for zip code -which I've never had to do
Then entered zip code and said invalid-
Because of this extra step and not allowing me to pay at the pump I will never stop at a Bp again -plus clerk no name tag and cud care less.

(1393) Taranjeet singh
Tue, 24 February 2015 09:37:04 +0000

Hi mate I had complaint about bp station on pulteney at in Adelaide the guy behind the counter is very racist he has duty to talk same as he talk with Aussie he is bullshit I don't know why he does I ask him for coffee and he refused me he such a disappointment me he is really duffer and stupid I will never use bp again and also I will said to my friends don't go on bp becoz stupid person is there

(1392) Anurag Agarwal
Mon, 23 February 2015 03:06:14 +0000

Where Can I file a complaint related to unethical and illegal practices followed by BP

(1391) Christopher Ashdown
Sat, 21 February 2015 13:12:53 +0000

I recently went to a BP petrol station on the Farnham Road in Slough Berkshire, my young daughter was desperate to use the toilet and she was refused. the cashier stated that this was against health and safety, I may add that in my professional career health and safety plays a big part, when I questioned him about the nature of the health and safety risk that the toilet played he could not answer. In this day and age I find it totally unacceptable that certain petrol stations do not offer customer rest rooms.
I would like to have some feedback as this has left me totally dissatisfied and I will not be using this site in future.

(1390) Tonya
Sat, 21 February 2015 10:12:32 +0000

I went to the Pinson AL store for fuel one morning and the attendant was very rude. I placed a cpl small shopping bag sized bags in the garbage can at the pump before I pumped gas and the attendant came to the door and asked if I was done filling up garbage cans. I in no way filled up the garbage can. I will not go back. I hardly ever use a gas station garbage can and this woman made me feel like an idiot.

(1389) Jeff greene
Fri, 20 February 2015 17:54:56 +0000

The Britsh petroleum company has destroyed our gulf coast. They have lied about restitution. They have torn families apart and are trying to get away with it. This company should be ashamed of theirselves and they should never be able to drill oil anywhere near the United States or any water. It is time the top people end up in prison. Quit ruining American waters. Don't your executives have a heart. Pay for your crimes against the gulf coast residents.

Gravatar (1388) ABHISHEK VERMA
Fri, 20 February 2015 07:56:59 +0000


i am abhishek verma is new connection for apply bp gas agensy ditributor chandra gas service station road railway stastion mainpuri
main naya connection lena chahata hu mujhe ye 5300 rupess ka connection de rahe hai main kebal 14.2 cylender lena chahata haiu

Gravatar (1387) Stan
Tue, 17 February 2015 03:15:58 +0000

Last week I went to fill up my car at Fifth Avenue Motors and received the most shocking service I have ever received.

I requested that the attendant to fill up my tank.
(The Attendants name was Shorty)

My tank normally takes about 50L ~ 52L .

While filling out my log book and resetting my car’s trip meter and computer some time went by, and when I looked up at the pump to was passing 55L, I looked in my side mirror and to my shock and saw the petrol was gushing out of the tank in a solid stream and running down the driveway.

The attendant did not even notice that this was happening, as he was to busy chatting to his colleges. I then proceeded to shout at him to STOP. I noted that he had a piece of wire that he was using to override the pump, when he stopped the pump showed 56.45L

I then told him that I will not pay for additional fuel wasted and offered to pay for only 53L to be fair. The attendant refused and said I must pay for the full 56.45L of they will call the Police and I can not leave.

There was no manager or anyone to talk to and the woman that works behind the glass that takes the money refused to give me the owners contact information for me to call him.

As I was held hostage I then said that then can call the Police as it was there error and it was not mine.

The Police eventually arrived and the matter was resolved and I only paid for 53L.

I am extremely disappointed in the way the matter was handled, and be held hostage is unacceptable from a petrol station that represents PB South Africa.
The woman that works behind the glass that takes the money also refused to acknowledge my presents and was just as unprofessional as the petrol attendant.

Also to add, no one did anything about the petrol running down the driveway as this was and extreme fire hazard, very Unprofessional.


(1386) Nora Jennings
Mon, 16 February 2015 15:36:15 +0000

My husband and I recently stopped in a BP gas station on Valentine's Day around midnight. It was located on 14679 Duval Road in Jacksonville, Florida. During this visit my husband went to the fountain drink machine. He was unaware that the nozzles had been placed onto the machine improperly. When he tried to pour the drink it sprayed all over him, covering him in soda. When he informed the cashier, she did not apologize, nor did she make any move to have it cleaned up, a sign was not placed on the machine in order to prevent this accident from happening to someone else. She was not the only employee working at the time, so something could have been done. After we went over to the refrigerators to find a drink, where I found mold collecting inside of the refrigerators. When we went to pay for our drinks, first we were charged incorrectly; Then the lady at the counter gave us $4.00 too little in change.

(1385) Vikki stein
Sun, 15 February 2015 20:34:50 +0000

Uncle willie's BP 12984 s. DuPont hwy Felton, DE- a bunch of cashiers who don't know what they are doing. The deli lady is always getting too "friendly" and making people uncomfortable. And the manager let the store run out of kerosene during a major winter cold spell! They also have cashiers literally living in the store! Ridiculous excuse for a business.

(1384) Duncan Charman
Sun, 15 February 2015 08:40:24 +0000

I would like to make a complaint about the BP service station on Dartford Road, March, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. In this station there is a member of staff called Godfrey. Every time I fill up or put fuel in my vehicle I have asked for a Nector IOU so my wife can add on the Nector points later. Godfrey always "forgets" to print one out and either offers me an alternative one from a pile he keeps by the till, and one time I took this and found that although I had spent £60.00 the receipt was for £14. I challenged Godfrey on this on my next visit and know that he is keeping the higher amount Nector receipts for himself. He also sometimes offers to just give you a normal receipt and states that you can still add your Nector points on without an IOU receipt, except you can't, which I stated to him. I then told him I was going to make a complaint
, although I didn't. Today 15/02/2015 I went into the garage and as usual said to Godfrey, "I want my IOU receipt too please before you accidentally forget again". Godfrey asked if I had made a complaint and I said I had. Suddenly my chip and pin didn't work and I had to sign for my fuel, Godfrey asked to check my signature, I showed him the back of my card. Funnily enough Godfrey then said "your signature doesn't match" to which I replied "Don't be a d***head". I am fed up with this mans attitude toward me and now the implication that I am attempting to pay with a stolen or cloned card. I only have these problems with him as I have challenged him over the Nector points. I have had similar problems with the other staff there, except when I chall them they suddenly seem to lose the ability to converse in English. I believe there is some seriously fraudulent activity at this petrol station and that you should look into it.

(1383) Vikki Stein
Sat, 14 February 2015 16:12:05 +0000

Station in Felton, DE. Too many people who don't know what they are doing, overly friendly deli manager who makes people uncomfortable. Cashiers who actually live in the store. And a manager who just recently let the store run out of kerosene during a severe cold spell! Just ridiculous excuse for a business.

(1382) Robert smart
Fri, 13 February 2015 23:17:36 +0000

I went in to bp station on glades and St Andrews blvd to buy a pack of cigarettes. There was a sign on crispy cream saying buy a donut and get coffee free. I spilled about about 1/4 of my capacitor COoffee. I then went to cashier and expected a bill for the donut and a lighter. Not only did they charge me $2.19 for free coffee but charged me an addition $1.49 for another coffe. They gave me After I refilled the cup that was 3/4 full. Somehowla .36 cedit. I was readily buy 50 bucks of gas but didn't not

(1381) Jim DeVaul
Fri, 13 February 2015 08:09:36 +0000

I received diesel fuel in my VW Jetta this morning from the BP station located at 2352 Morris Ave Union, NJ. In my amazement the pump clicked off at 11.5 gallons. I checked my in car fuel estimator which said I had 150 miles till empty and the gauge was a little above 1/4. There is no way possible i didnt get ripped off at this station. I looked for a NJ pump inspection sticker but didnt see one. I will completed a complaint to the state of NJ division of consumer affairs as well.

Thank you,

Jim DeVaul

(1380) mir waleed
Mon, 9 February 2015 09:16:58 +0000

i have booked gas but didnt got gas

Gravatar (1379) Jama
Sun, 8 February 2015 13:16:45 +0000

Last night I went to fill up my gas to ( California and Peterson ) when I enter the store nobody was there I knocked I called but no answer after like 2 minute one Indian guy come over and angry sad ye I ask to open the pump that I will gonna pay cash . Than I finish pumping gas and I went to pay , when I enter the door there is a window which is you give money from this window it was close and the guy was standing one step away and he angrily sad you need come here and you gonna pay here . And I say what's the differences he sad this window for only lottery and this one is for gas .he just don't wonna move i guess it's gonna be his responsibility to take a payment from two very close windows .

(1378) bob
Sat, 7 February 2015 22:34:48 +0000

I was at the Manteno BP and had a horrible experience with the manager Heather She was rude to me and other customers She seem to be on something I couldn't get the service I expected and complained the enter time I was being taken care of Do they do drug testing on there employees?

(1377) Susan
Sat, 7 February 2015 19:21:02 +0000

Please inspect the BP gas station on Courthouse Rd (rte 208), spotsylvania, va 22551.

The property is run down and ill kept. The inside main store looks like an earthquake hit it (a mess) and is full of old random junk. On three ocasions the food or drink I've bought has been expired. The people who work behind the counter never say a word and act like they could care less if you are there. Wouldn't dare buy gas there!

(1376) horace cary
Thu, 5 February 2015 16:50:15 +0000

the BP station on Roxboro street and club BLVD short changes me every time I get ten dollars worth of gas. when I go to the pump to pump my gas the pump shows that I only gave the attendant inside 9 dollars and 87cents when in fact I gave the attendant a ten dollar bill.

(1375) Mary Thom Vandercook
Wed, 4 February 2015 18:47:49 +0000

BP Store 3415. I pulled in, most pumps down, the ones you can use you have to prepay. I went inside and said I wanted to fill up. Sorry, need an amount. Ok, if you don't want my money, I'll take $25 on pump 11. Scanned card and said would you like to use your 5 cent discount. Yes. Go outside and pump won't work. Attendant says, naturally, are you doing it right? She comes outside and the genius can't get it to work either. Sorry, you'll have to move to another pump and pay again. Go back inside, go through the process again, this time it doesn't ask me if I want to use 5 cent discount. I question her, and she says you already used it. WTF. On what? The air. Did you want to leave your name with the manager. For what? I get home and my BP/Chase credit card has been charged twice. Great service, BP.

(1374) Matt hooper
Tue, 3 February 2015 23:44:05 +0000

i just put fuel in my car from your engadine bp express,
Yesterday I topped up at a bp at moorebank for $1.16pl for ultimate.
And just then topped up for $1.38pl at engadine. Can you please explain why? Apart from a greedy operator?
Swapping to shell out of protest, disgusted with the level of greed in this world.....

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