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(1473) Susan Aguado
Tue, 30 June 2015 16:41:19 +0000

This complaint is against the manager (Linda Miller) at the BP gas station in Mercer Wisconsin who hired my daughter and then humiliated her, and falsely accused her of throwing a tantrum while she was training for the bakery position and caused her to quit after one day of working. Another employee watched the store video of her being trained and found that the manager did lie about my daughter which is not cool. This same manager has caused several people that I know who worked there to quit because they are treated poorly and lied about.

(1472) Patty Lively
Tue, 30 June 2015 14:47:21 +0000

Why do the individually owned BPs in Ohio, USA not have restrooms? The Duke & Duchess BPs maintain restroom facilities but the others do not. Isn't it a company policy to maintain those facilities for customers. The people at the offending BPs tell customers the restrooms are out of order(continuously every time we stop) or claim they have no restrooms when we know that every BP does. Please address this. It may be a cultural issue as all the non restroom stations tend to be owned by another culture of people.

Gravatar (1471) G. Obenschain
Tue, 30 June 2015 09:15:19 +0000

When visiting the BP station on RT 54 in Selbyville DE my husband attempted to get gas only to have the pump shut off after dispensing 14 cents worth of gas. I went in to the cashier and after she finished smoking her cigarette she came back in and told me that they were out of the mid and premium grades of gas. She further stated that she didn't "bag" the handles until the regular gas was depleted. I believe another notification or warning should be made to the customers to save them time and show good faith. I didn't even need gas as I still had over half a tank but try to patronize this station as its I. My neighborhood. Might think twice about it now.

(1470) Andrea bindley
Tue, 30 June 2015 08:21:37 +0000

Very unhappy as went to bp garage in queniborough today filled up with over 35 litres of fuel to get my pizza/pasta voucher as informed on the pump and signs displayed outside only to be told that the offer had ended.in which case I wouldn't of put as much fuel in my car.if the offer had ended then the signs should have been taken down.this is misleading customers and I for one am not happy at all...

(1469) Abdalnaser Alshorbajee
Mon, 29 June 2015 09:46:58 +0000

On saturday 06/27/2015 I stopped by my favorite bp gas station at 4802 N.Canfield AVe in norridge,Il. I gave the cashier 50.00 dollars.I started pumping my Toyota Sienna .After about 1 minute ,the pump stopped.I looked at the pump machine.It said 30.00 dollars I.e I pumped 30.00 dollars so I went inside the station and told the cashier whose name is stephan that the pump stopped at 30.00 even though I gave him 50.00 .I also told him that there is something wrong with the pump.I also told him that I want to be compensated. Anyway he asked me to move from pump 3 to jump 1 where I pumped the remaining 20.00 dollars and added 18.00 on my credit card.Can you believe that a hhalf empty tank for a Toyota Sienna would take 68.00 dollars to fill I.e 68.00 divided by 3.29 per gallon would be 20 gallons for a half empty tank.please send someone to investigate pump 3 and compensate me if I was right.thank you.

(1468) Rod Donnelly
Sun, 28 June 2015 20:54:29 +0000

BP station on Dupont Highway Delaware City DE.(Rt 13 North of Delaware city )

They use Port-a-potties for customers rest rooms. They stink: have no screen hiding the prior deposits of other customers : and, I elieve, violate zoning codes as they serve food on the premises. Zoning codes stipulate food serving facilities must have hand washing and proper rest rooms.

More importantly, this site is a discrace to the BP beand. I don't care if they are a franchise or dealer, the signage is BP.

They should we either provide indoor restrooms or you should drop them.

(1467) Philip Voida
Sun, 28 June 2015 17:37:37 +0000

BP Gas station at 6411 US 301 South Riverview 6:30pm Sunday 6/28/15. Attendant on duty is female, whenever she is on duty her crack/meth-head looking boyfriend is inside the store, shirtless and disgusting-the whole time she is there. He appears somewhat menacing as he leans cross armed glaring at customers. I will be going to the Marathon farther away from now on.

(1466) Salman Gillani
Fri, 26 June 2015 20:53:55 +0000

This is with reference to the BP Station located at Clayton. Its been very bad experience for me now couple of times when I went there for refilling BBQ Gas Cylinder (A service which they providing) but for last two times they are refusing it either mentioning the reason of night hours or morning busy hours, or they are not trained for this. Today again a lady asked me to come in the afternoon time for this service. This is quite surprising that if they are having refilling service then it doesn't matter which time I am going whether night or morning hours, they should have provide me the service. This type of bad service would definitely affect the BP fuel services as well because customer would not go next time for any service at that particular station due to bad experience with them.

(1465) Michael
Thu, 25 June 2015 21:44:34 +0000

i went to the BP on the Run Service Station at : 1 Kidman Rd Dry Creek SA 5094
this Morning, as i was waiting there to be served looking at 3 BP Staff right in front of me behind the register just Chatting away like its there smoko Break. as i stood there waiting my turn they basically ignored me, as another customer came to the counter beside me he instantly got served. after 2 customers got served i asked one of the staff there, can i get some service here & his reply was nah mate i am busy then placed a "next check out" Notice at the check out i was waiting in and walked away. i have to say the Service there is the worst that i have seen and will never go back there again. i am not sure if the staff there is racist but that experience left me not wanting to go to ANY BP service Station's again.

Tue, 23 June 2015 04:49:13 +0000

There is a BP sign going up outside its new site on Main Road, Walters Ash which is extremely dangerous. It will totally obliterate all visibility for cars when pulling out onto the busy road. We have a busy vehicle repairs and MOT garage next door with vehicles coming and going all day. We are extremely concerned over the safety of our customers, staff and also pedestrians passing the site. This road is the route for 2 schools so there are a huge number of children and parents walking along this stretch of pavement.The workers who are here to install the sign have also been round to us to voice their own concerns. We would like an inspection of the proposed station sign immediately and for installation to be stopped until a full inspection is carried out. I would like to add that the site owners Motorfuelgroup have been contacted this morning regarding this matter, as have the local council. We look forward to this matter being resolved without delay.
Yours Truly Barry Goddard

(1463) Jacklyn Gonzalez
Fri, 19 June 2015 21:23:24 +0000

I have recently visited a BP gasoline station on route 4 and am absolutely unsatisfied with the service.The man attending me was rude and took a long time to attend to me. I have never before filed a complaint but feel that the service was garbage.

Gravatar (1462) Phumz
Fri, 19 June 2015 12:39:55 +0000

At jr bp in katlehong the is a fraud which is being commited by guyz working out side especially by the one they call gundwane if the electricity gose off the its dsnt count the money tht they service during tht moment coz the is a faulty machine between the reader of the mechine en the till point, so i sore the guy putting money in his poket instad of gng to giv the cashier it was around R300 so imagne if ths happends the whole day how much ds he make plz be alert coz the guy even bought a car cash wthn tht mnth

(1461) Nabeel Nordien
Wed, 17 June 2015 05:41:46 +0000

Mismanagement of Gas

This is not the first time this has happened. Last night we ran out of gas for our stove. (Cape Town - South Africa). I drove to four BP service stations and none of them had any refills. This has happend on more than one occasion. Do you (BP) not do market research relating to supply and demand? i find it unacceptable that the refilling of 9kg gas bottles cannot be managed so that there are enough to service a particular area.

Dont get me wrong, the service stations are extremely convenient in all other aspect, but the gas management is poor and has started to leave a negative imprint in my mind.

(1460) S. B. McCrorey
Tue, 16 June 2015 19:35:52 +0000

I was very disappointed when I stopped in at one of your BP stations while passing through Georgia (exit 58 Townson Rd, at Wetland Folly next to Peach World. Stopping there for gas on my way back from vacation with my family to fill up my gas tank, turned into a very unpleasant experience. I was shocked and surprised when entering into the store, the cashier never acknowledged any of the customers who entered into the store. She seem very nasty and not very friendly. I found the store to be nasty, with the bathrooms barely flushing, and with the roof missing ceiling panels and no toilet paper or paper towels. This location should be shut down, not only because it is about to fall in, but also because the worker there was very rude. I hope that BP know that this does not look good for the representation of your company. If I had to recommend someone to a place for some gas or to purchase some goods, I would definitely not send them to BP. I hope that the regional managers are checking up on their stores and making improvement where needed. I would love to have undercover boss visit this store so they can see the improvements that need to be made there starting with the employees. There was a written sign in the window that said the restrooms were only for paying customers only. What kind of customer service is that?

(1459) charmaine
Mon, 15 June 2015 01:44:43 +0000

good day I have made a complaint before but it is still a problem
the bp in Pretoria north in jan van riebeeck str has been without petrol for the last two months this is not good, since it has been under new management the site have been without out petrol every other day but now it has been for two months strait that the site has been dry.

please see to this problem or let them sell the site to someone that wants to work

(1458) Paul Seymour
Fri, 5 June 2015 00:17:41 +0000

As a semi regular customer to BP broadacres I would like to congratulate BP for showing their interest in educating their court staff to make use of its new pick and pay express shop to read newspapers during morning peak hour and forgetting their customers on the fuel court. When approaching two employees over the past two days their will to actually do the job paid for was more ignored and more focused to reading the latest news. I too would love to get paid as an attendant for reading papers all day what an awesome job. Please send me an application so I can enjoy the spoils.
EDUCATE THE NATION PNP EXPRESS HAS AN OPEN POLICY JUST TO READ. No more buying magazines or papers for me.

(1457) Sandra
Tue, 2 June 2015 22:01:11 +0000

I've just returned from filling up my car at BP in Evergreen Park, Illinois.
My total was $52.23. I was disturbed by the printed receipt in that it read I paid $3.929 per gallon. Given I charged the gas to my BP card at the pump, I went inside to speak to management. I was even more disturbed by the attendant's response. He admitted that all of the pumps were high octane, and I should contact the state if I had a concern. The pump I selected indicated the cost should have been $3.35 per gallon not $3.929... How would a customer know that a different octane is going into the tank. I never use high octane in my vehicle. This false advertisement does not speak well for BP stations that try to stick it to it's customers. I[m very displeased with this experience, and I will try going to a different BP station in the future. If I encounter a similar experience, I will cut up my BP card and stick with Shell. Hope you will investigate this malpractice of ripping off customers. I retained my receipt, and photos of pump with gas prices for 6/2/15 at 21:18. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.

(1456) Aivis
Tue, 2 June 2015 14:16:42 +0000

Hello i would like to complaint about one guy working in coustcuter in bp petrol station 433 ilford lane ig1 2pg.
he is very rude with his costumer, very negative, just arguing with all around today 2.6.15 he told me that i am nothing to him and should not come thereany more if i dont like his rules in store. i dont know his name he waswith glases on shift about 8 pm
i wount go any more to that store

(1455) ikraam
Tue, 2 June 2015 08:10:07 +0000


This service station is well positioned with easy access. For this reason I often stop to fill up en route to work in the morning. The putrid service and arrogance from the petrol attendants has left me reeling on several occasions. I have complained many times and was promised the problem would be addressed. But EVERY SINGLE time the same horrible service.i am not a regular there and choose fill up somewhere else along my route, but not once in seven years of stopping was I asked if myvwatercorvoil could be checked and indo my own windows. After last incident where I was left waiting for almost 10 minutes watching luxury cars that came after me being helped I am going to go through every avenue to complain about the disgusting service of the attendants at this BP.

(1454) DeVon O'Brien
Sat, 30 May 2015 16:48:48 +0000

I went to a BP gas station last week to get gas and as I was pumping my gas into my car I didn't see the expose wire coming out of the pump and I was electrocuted by the pump. It made my leg go numb for a few minutes. The clerk didn't really say anything, but "Okay we'll take care of it." I have pictures of the pump. Can someone please contact me? My number is 313- 685-5001

(1453) Johan
Sat, 30 May 2015 12:31:42 +0000

To whom it may concern

I have been living in peace and harmoy until BP decided to open up store right opposite our townhouse complex earlier in 2015. This is a residential area and the fact that the BP garage and convenience store are right opposite the complex doesn't help much. All good and well offering a 24 hour service centre, however no effort on behalf of BP was made prior to the opening if the garage in aresidential area. The noise emanating from the garage is totally unacceptable and eventhough efforts was made to talk to the owner, it has fallen on deaf ears

This garage is situated in Elgin road, Birchleigh, Kempton Park and if nothing is going to be done in this regard, we will approach the city council and take this matter further. Similar to the gulf disaster BP doesn't seem to care a damn about where it throws up shop. If any consideration was taken as to the impact of a garage in a highly populated area we as frustrated residents would not be in this mess with BP.



(1452) Sonal Sharma
Sat, 30 May 2015 12:14:22 +0000

Today I went to Petrol pump Station opposite to Hans Raj College. As always inspite of my father repeated forewarning that this particular station always cheat I noticed the same today. I asked the station guy for 200rs petrol. Without my permission he filled the petrol. Did not asked me to check the meter. And within a fraction of seconds he filled petrol. I questioned him that my meter is still showing the tank is empty he said that in 200rs it should be like this. Then I again asked him too fill 500rs petrol and I stood there and checked by myself. In 500rs the needle went 4milestone up. He did not even gave me receipt for my transactions. Really bad services. I need to know what action you will take on this.

(1451) Richard Frederick
Tue, 26 May 2015 18:29:41 +0000

I have an active BP Visa Credit Card(prev. through Chase Bank). How do I set up my account(now through Synchrony Bank) so that I can get my account information(balance, list of transactions, etc.).
Richard Frederick
(517) 507-5687 (Cell)
(517) 580-5063 (Landline)
E-Mail: rik69msu@wowway.com

Gravatar (1450) shaun davy
Mon, 25 May 2015 14:26:14 +0000

When filling tan with Diesel at the Bp Sewell garage in Beverley today- Receipt 00132:Keith B The pump nozzle didn't stop and the Diesel filled
and overflowed all over my shoes and Jean and all over the garage floor
which I informed the cashier guy, but as ruined my good shoes and jeans
plus I had to drive back to Nottingham with car windows open because
of the fumes!!.it was aurfull and distressing to say the least.
Rec- No: 001-01-608907
Could you please get back to me regarding this matter.
Thank you
Shaun Davy

(1449) Shereen archary
Mon, 25 May 2015 09:55:31 +0000

There has been paraffin mixed in the diesel that was filled into my car at a BP branch. I need someone to call me ASAP to sort this out. 0827715106

(1448) thomas schumpp
Thu, 21 May 2015 10:59:13 +0000

I usually get my gas from your company because I used to live right next to one but lately I have become underwhelmed by the service there. The last time I went there the squeegee broke off when I pulled it from its container which spilled a large amount of dirty water onto my work clothes. After going inside to pay I also learned the coffee there tastes like dirty water also. I do not think I will be coming back.

(1447) Lori
Thu, 21 May 2015 10:00:41 +0000

I can't believe that a gas station can get away with this! How is it legal to charge .96 cents more per gallon for me to use my debit card. I went in and asked them, their answer was it's on the sign so we can charge whatever we want. How are they still it business. Worst part is I had cash on me, but I realized the price difference after I started pumping gas with my debit card, so I spent $10 and went to the next station. I am not someone who writes letters, but I am enraged right now. I will never use a BP Gas Station again and there is one around the corner from my house. It is hard enough to live and work on Long Island with out people like this stealing from us.

(1446) Pat Zambory
Tue, 19 May 2015 10:30:34 +0000

We currently have a BP card which is going to expire June 1 and we have not received a new one. When I was finally able to get a live person on your recorded messages, I was told it would take 7 to 10 days to receive a new card. Why should I have to call for a replacement card? All credit cards automatically issue new cards when the expiration date is near. We currently have automatic charges from vendors and they are asking for a new card since our current one is soon to expire. This is really lousy service. In addition, we have not been able to access the website provided to us. It was supposed to be active as of May 18.

(1445) Gary Henderson
Tue, 19 May 2015 10:07:47 +0000

To whom it may concern,

I would like to complain about your BP Connect garage on the Greenford roundabout, North side Western Avenue. I pulled in to put £20 worth of diesel into my London taxi cab. I am very familiar with diesel pumps in that lorry ones which are the fast pumps are a lot larger. The particular pump I used was a normal size diesel pump. I proceeded to put the diesel in as I normally would. To my amazement, the diesel shot back at me, and went over my jeans and boots. I reported this to the cashier who told me that this was the fast pump. I pointed out to her that the pump should be larger, she shrugged her shoulders. I would like you to tell me if it is possible for me to be reimbursed for the cost of my jeans and boots. The jeans were £95, and the boots were £48 from Next. These were both new items of clothing which I have had to replace. I feel that the mistake is yours due to the size of the nozzle and no notice. The transaction number is 457712 and the date is 05/05/2015. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Mr G Henderson

Gravatar (1444) Robert Thompson
Sun, 17 May 2015 19:07:48 +0000

I often visit the BP Gas Station on West 14 Mile and North Washington.

My address is 255 W 14 MILE RD, Clawson, MI 48017 -- He's right across the street.

I can see the scaffolding from the roof at his station, it's clearly damaged, especially on the East side. You can see this both on the ground and from the 6th floor across the street.

I take care of my Dad in a Senior Care facility and often go across the street for him to get some food.

The manager there, for some 2-3 years now, gives inconsistent prices for products. For example, today, I asked how much an ice cream was for my Dad and he said $1 then as I walked back to get another he said $2. I then got a Gatorade and for a $5 he gives me $2 back. So I go to get something else and he taps the counter and asks for it back, so I did so of course.

It gets worse: He has workers there sometimes who charge even more inconsistent prices sometimes very high.

He has an attitude problem. Very cold.

(1443) shailesh goyal
Sun, 17 May 2015 12:37:30 +0000

no staff is there at count no 1-5
only count no 6 ha rush of two wheelers
at count no 1 only one two wheeler has there
after questioned by staff they said that at count no 1-5 only staff members allowed not for public
which staff was allowed has vechile no - RJ14-BZ-8773
and your outlet number is 55230 near to SAHKAR BHAVAN
all staff used abusive words
please reply me for their misbehaviour
if you not reply me or considered my application then I am going to the court.
please considered my problem immediately and reply me fast.
i was also complaint in petroleum office already.

thanking you

(1442) Candy
Sun, 17 May 2015 11:37:01 +0000

We have a pb gas station that doesn't open on time! We stopped to get gas and only 2 pumps work! As we were pumping gas four cars pulled in and left to go across the street to get their gas. This station is an embarrassment to pb! I will not use this station until it has improved. The station is located at the corner near central Ave and 75 in toledo ohio. The actual address is 6437 west central ave. Stop n shop is the name it's under

(1441) mark verhofstad
Fri, 15 May 2015 17:24:54 +0000

I just went to BP Sheldon to get some more diesel for my car. As it was just after 11pm I had to go to the window first to pay, which is not a problem. I told the customer service agent I required40 pound of diesel. He then just pointed at a hand written sign 'closed for 20 mins'. Didn't say a word, didn't even look up. I understand working in customer service industry myself, it's difficult to please everyone, however attitude and communication like that is inexcusable and has to be addressed. After a hard days work this is the last thing I need. I trust This will be dealt with internally. I am a very regular customer of BP (mainly through work) so I'm very disappointed in the way I have been served and am looking forward to your reply as in general your service is good.

Kind regards

Mark Verhofstad

(1440) Patricia Hall
Thu, 14 May 2015 17:20:21 +0000

2202 rolling Rd bp refuses to acept manufacturer cigarette coupon

(1439) Bob
Wed, 13 May 2015 19:56:44 +0000

The toilet seat has been trying to fall off the toilet for YEARS in the men's room. How it stays on I haven't a clue. It has got to be holding on by the last thread!

Toilet isn't even bolted to the floor anymore!!! It rocks all over. Quite the thrill ride.

If that isn't enough, they hung a black garbage bag over the urinal as it is broke too!!

WOW! Do the owners have no standards in the country they come from? Is it really only about the almighty dollar, everthing else who gives a squat?

This is all at 28W125 Warrenville Rd
Warrenville‎ IL‎ 60555-3913
United States

Come have a look!

(1438) Angry Customer
Mon, 11 May 2015 16:54:02 +0000

I was a customer of BP up until yesterday May 11,2015 when I tried to replace two spoiled pickled eggs. Two weeks prior I had told the store cashier that the eggs didn't look right, she said I will let my manager know. Two weeks later I purchase two eggs which appeared to look like another jar, late that night bit into one and almost became sick. The next morning I went to return the eggs and the same attendant said I must come back at 500pm when the person who sold them comes in. I returned at 500pm for that attendant to tell me there was nothing he could do and that I was lying that the eggs were spoiled. I left the eggs on the counter but funny how I noticed a fresh jar of eggs unlike the eggs earlier that morning. They knew the eggs were spoiled.

(1437) Lavonda
Fri, 8 May 2015 20:28:18 +0000

Quite educational, looking forth to returning.

(1436) jessica renegar
Fri, 8 May 2015 11:14:56 +0000

I have been a loyal customer for BP since I was 16 and first got my drivers license I go there from everything from gas 2 diapers for my son and recently I have ran into a problem hey lady that works at my town's BP station named Tammy is extremely rude and not only does she gossip about myself also many many others and extremely rude and I've also heard she has a drug problem which I have no proof of obviously. I know for a fact that she is also selling cigarettes and alcohol to minors. my whole family is customers of BP and each one of my family members and friends have discontinued shopping at BP because of this lady.my # is 7044950207 this lady works at the Union Grove quick stop BP station and Union Grove North Carolina and I'm asking to please look into my eyes is a shins or I will inquire elsewhere thank you. Jessica

(1435) Jackie
Wed, 6 May 2015 21:57:27 +0000

Do all BP locations refuse to accept a Concealed Carry License as a valid d form of identification? To my knowledge those licenses are issued by the government... So because that id was not accepted, I was unable to use my credit card to make a purchase. Very messed up! Is that a rule enforced throughout the country?

(1434) Crystal
Wed, 6 May 2015 11:28:43 +0000

3420 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108 went there monday may 4th 2015 close to 6pm. I had just cashed my check and needed gas, mind you, i was on E. I was told very rudely by the so called "manager" that she wouldnt break my 100$, didnt even know my total yet. This lady has denied every single 100$ bill i have come in with. My first visit i was CUT OFF immediatly and told they didnt have enough change in the mornings to come back in the afternoon or at night, they never even scanned my items, that was the first 50$ they lost. Now 6pm isnt morning time. I find it hard to believe that BP doesnt have change EVER when its open 24hrs. This lady seems to assume EVERY person who wheres a baseball cap is a THUG or DRUG DEALER, im here to put an end to her madness. She seems to have an issue with making this company money. Shes rude, iggnorant and just plain mean. Im greatly offended by the type of people your company chooses to run these stores! I can only imagine how much business you have lost because of this woman. I have YET been able to purchase anything from your store because of this woman. I asked to speak to the manager and with an attitude i was told "ha, i AM the manager!" shes a heavy set Caucasian woman, and she seems to ALWAYS be there. Please train her again and again and AGAIN until she understands that NOT EVERY customer that pays with 100$ bill in rockford is a drug dealer, some of us have real jobs and shouldnt be judged for wearing a hat. But shes really really really nice to my sister in law who happens to LOOK caucasian. Disgusted.

(1433) Hector Lopez
Wed, 6 May 2015 08:13:34 +0000

I went to fill my car up with gas at the local bp that I have been going to for the last 10 years. I went into the store and bought a pack of cigarettes, I swipped my Credit card and the cashier asked me if it was credit or debit, I said you can put it as credit, then the cashier stated that will be an additional 5$.I said I have been coming here for 10 years and stated that there is no such thing. he jus brushed me off and had to bite my tongue not to snap at this guy. BP PLEASE HIRE EMPLOYEES WHO DO NOT RIP YOU OFF

(1432) James Morphew
Sat, 2 May 2015 17:18:43 +0000

Have just been to bp garage at boars head crowborough and price had been risen sharply to 117.9 when earlier had been 114.9 they were only accepting cash as payment for fuel and when i asked for a reciept they could not supply one as computer was down a written reciept was not offered just seemed very strange and a little underhanded and if i did not really have to get petrol i would of leftwith no fuel

(1431) Xolani Ndimande
Tue, 28 April 2015 13:26:10 +0000

Place of incident: BP garage, Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Name of responsible person: Jusuf (senior management / CEO) and served by Bheki.

Till Slip Details: Date 15/04/24, Time 06:42, Number 51691, Pos 01, C/No 0008, Shift 632

On the 24th April 2015 I filled up fuel plus the attendant checked the oil level and advised that one pint of oil was required, of which he poured.

Today the 28th April I started to hearing a change of the engine sound and when opening the bonnet, I was shocked to see that oil spillage in the engine and only to find that the oil cap was not there.

I approached the BP Garage at +- 15:40, with the till slip since the engine was last opened there. When the Supervisor who attended me called informed the senior management who walked pass me, looked at the engine and advised the supervisor to organise to take the car to the car-wash bay. This is without greeting or talking to me; without making any deep assessment of what this could have caused and also without replacing the oil cap.

I stood outside the car for +-45 Minutes, thinking that some arrangement were being done but nothing materialised and all what I could be told is that the spares outlets are all closed since it was already after 17:30 I have to return tomorrow for the cap replacement.

The management behaviour displayed was more than the word pathetic, I asked if Jusuf was still around and the petrol attendants confirmed that he stays till late but when asking to have a word with him, the supervisor dialled his number and said I can only talk to him over the phone. Why did he leave a situation at his workplace without attending to it and hope to fix it via the phone? This shoed no respect to me a customer, worse a customer that was wronged by his staff member.

I also do not believe that there could be mechanical damages that might have already have happened to the engine due to the gross negligence of his staff. Engaging with a complaining customer could at least have helped in developing remedial attempts on the damage control.

Please help

I am Xolani Ndimande
+27 72 963 6117

(1430) roy
Sat, 25 April 2015 16:04:00 +0000

I have been a faithful customer of BP many years. I even supported BP through the ordeal of teh spill in the Gulf.I can no longer do business with the local station. You have to drive around to find a working pump and then hope that the card reader is workng on that pump.The station is located on SaltSprings road in Girard Ohio. today i went across the road to Sheetz where I will
be buying my gas from now on thanks to this one local station and its neglect

(1429) christina phipps
Fri, 24 April 2015 23:04:25 +0000

I went into your pinnacle north Carolina store tonight and it was the worse experience I have ever had in a store the cashier was cussing got mad at me because she had to move boxes then was extremely rude as she was checking me out. If I was to treat someone like the way she treated me out in public I would be arrested if it wasn't for the fact I had my 2 year old son with me I would have called the police on her but it was my sons bedtime and I was there getting milk for him if there can be any actions taken against her please let me know if his is a formal complaint and this situation can be handled promptly

(1428) terran tippett
Thu, 23 April 2015 12:54:52 +0000

I just recently went to a bp in st.louis M.O off i70 and new florrisant rd where I observed the woman attendant serve clearly a minor without carding and the minor take the beer in the bathroom and drinks half and left the rest on the floor in the bathroom smells like beer everywhere I hope youcan do something about this when I asked the white female gas attendant about it shesaid all say final thisisan outrageand not acceptable

(1427) D Wilson
Wed, 22 April 2015 02:10:11 +0000

BP Marine drive Uvongo KZN, I use this petrol station frequently (but not again), 3 weeks ago I was overcharged by R2000 and was only made aware of this when I received notification of the payment via sms from my bank, i returned to the station to be told that they would refund by means of a reverse payment, it took 4 days for the money to reflect in my account, I let it pass without complaint although i had no funds in my petrol account for this period, I then used the petrol station again yesterday 21st April only to be overcharged again by a similar amount, luckily i picked it up straight away, they then offered to refund via a payment reversal, i refused and requested cash which i then deposited straight into my account directly myself. Firstly is there a scam going on as my mum also said that it had happened to her a short while ago at the same petrol station, secondly it cost me both time (about an 1.5 hrs) and money (bank charges and fuel to return to the petrol station etc)

(1426) victor roberts
Tue, 21 April 2015 22:49:14 +0000

I forget get the cashiers name but it was 10:11 when I checked out. This was the last straw she is rude for no reason. I went in to buy some beer. But forgot my snacks so I got back in line. I used my ebt card but didn't know I had to tell the cashier. She got upset saying it was more work, I said sorry and she keep with the attitude. When we were done with the transaction she says I don't see how you can buy beer with cash and wanna use ebt for food. That's not her place to say.I stop going a few months ago cause I was the only one in the and she was acting like she was stocking and I was waiting for about a minute or two.this is the same lady Store #106, Daleville, Al 36322

(1425) Michelle Rivers
Mon, 20 April 2015 14:24:23 +0000

Hello BP,

Saturday April 18th I went to BP station to fill up and get a car wash. Several things happened while there.
1. My son took the nozzle out of the tank placed it into the holder and while waiting on the receipt the gas came out of the nozzle all over his 200 dollar pair of cowboy boots (Justins). We just bought them for him this past Christmas (2014). We go in notifying the clerk of this and also to purchase a car wash. Paid the 850 for the car wash, enter our code and enter into the automated car wash and NO SOAP was being distributed. We finish the car wash and go back in to tell the Clerk about there being no soap and all he can say is "Clear Soap". Soap usually forms bubbles and there were NO BUBBLES. The Clerk would not do anything about this. So now I have a 200 pair of cowboy boots that reek of GAS FUMES, and will probably never ever be able to wear them again little along sit my house cause the fumes are so bad. And my car never got a wash worth 8 dollars and 50 cents. If you need receipts or information from the receipt let me know and I will be happy to send it to you.

BP Location:
1040 E Dayton Yellow Springs Rd. Fairborn Ohio 45324

Thank you for your time,


(1424) Monique R
Mon, 20 April 2015 13:54:08 +0000

The location on 10005 six forks road in Raleigh NC is the most prejudice gas station that I have ever been to. The employees were not friendly at all. I ran out of gas and they suggested I go down the street to a Latino gas station. I'm African American and from out of state. I will never visit a BP again and I will be sure to tell all my friends about this prejudice place.

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