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(323) Carmela Dalton
Mon, 31 October 2011 16:25:59 +0000

I routinely use the BP Stations on Chagrin Blvd in Shaker Heights, Ohio. This station is a high volume station, but hasn't had receipts issued from the pump in over a year. I hate having to go into the store for this, because then you have to pull away from the pump because you don't want to tie it up and try to find a spot in the store spaces (which are rarely available), just to get the receipt. I need evidence of my mileage for tax purposes so I have to have the receipt. Why is it so hard to police your own stations and require the owners to keep a fully functioning station? Why should the window washer bins be constantly empty with barely usable squeegees (when there is water)? Is there any clearer a message to send your customers that you don't care about them even after charging maximum prices? When are you going to start making owners maintain the stations for the right to carry your name?

Gravatar (322) HC de Grauw
Mon, 31 October 2011 05:55:34 +0000

Beste BP,

Ik wilde deze ochtend mijn auto wassen in de carwash van BP te zwijndrecht, ik had mijn auto in de carwash staan en had de code in getypt, bij de eerste meter zag ik dat mijn antenne nog op de auto stond. Ik heb daarna op de noodstop gedrukt, om verdere schade te voorkomen aan de uw apparatuur en mijn auto. De machine stopte en kon hem terugsturen naar zijn begin positie. en dacht dat daarna de wasmachine gewoon zijn werk weer zou hervatten, maar wat ik ook deed de machine deed niets meer. Ik ben daarna naar uw medewerker gegaan en de situatie uitgelegd. In plaats van hulp en begrip, kreeg ik een lacherig antwoord van dan moet u maar een nieuw kaartje kopen ( 8 euro ) terwijl er nog geen druppel water op mijn auto is geweest. Ondanks mijn vriendelijk verzoek om proces nogmaals te starten bleef de man halstarrig weigeren zonder enige vorm van medeleven . Dit had ik ik niet verwacht van een bedrijf al BP.( waar ik al jaar en dag kom)

ik zie reactie graag tegemoet.

Met vriendelijke groet

HC de Grauw

(321) judy wade
Fri, 28 October 2011 17:22:14 +0000

Is there any where I can file a complaint against GCCF without hiring an attorney?

(320) Justin Rivera
Thu, 27 October 2011 15:51:45 +0000

I had the worst experience with a BP employee at 655 Flushing Ave on 10/26/2011 at exactly 11:49pm the Employee was not trying to help me once so ever. I'll start from the beginning, I was going to pay for gas using my debit card, so when I swiped my card it said see cashier or see attendant I can't recall. So I went to the BP employee that was in the booth and I told him what happen and he told me to try a different station so I have to move my car and the same thing happened again so I approached him and told him it said to see him and he told me that he cant do anything I asked him to swipe my debit card and he told me "No". I asked him if there was anything he could do and he told me "No" again and then when I asked for his name he had the nerve to tell me "he doesn't have a name". So since he didn't give me his name I took a picture of the man.This was the worst experience I've ever had. I got No help I had to leave and go to a different gas station.Please Email me asap.

(319) Angie Wright
Thu, 27 October 2011 10:13:44 +0000

I was at BP gas station 607 Frederick Rd, Baltimore MD. I only wanted $5.00 in gas and was using my debit card. As I approached $4.80 I began slowing down on pumping the handle made a clicking sound and it continued to pump gas until it filled my car up. A man attempted to try help me stop the gas but it kept going into the tank. I am a college student with very limited funds and that completely cleared up my bank account. Its not a matter of I didn't get my product, the problem is I didn't want a full tank of gas and now I have no money. When I called later to complain to management they said there was nothing wrong with the gas pump. I explained that 2 of us tried to stop it and it wouldn't. You don't have to worry about me going there again.

(318) Angie Wright
Thu, 27 October 2011 10:12:14 +0000

I was at BP gas station 607 Frederick Rd, Baltimore MD. I only wanted $5.00 in gas and was using my debit card. As I approached $4.80 I began slowing down on pumping the handle made a clicking sound and it continued to pump gas until it filled my car up. A man attempted to try help me stop the gas but it kept going into the tank. I am a college student with very limited funds and that completely cleared up my bank account. Its not a matter of I didn't get my product, the problem is I didn't want a full tank of gas and now I have no money. When I called later to complain to management they said there was nothing wrong with the gas pump. I explained that 2 of us tried to stop it and it wouldn't. You don't have to worry about me going there again.

(317) Leah Caddigan
Wed, 19 October 2011 02:13:03 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam,
On the 8th of October at 4pm I attempted to fill my car at Rototuna BP. I do so every week and usually have no problems. However on this particular occasion I encountered an issue. I politely called the attendant over and immediately she gave me attitude. She had a rude tone and an obvious attitude problem. She was no help to me so I said I would figure it out, she snatched the pump off me and raised her voice saying " I'm telling you, that you are doing it wrong" and various other patronizing comments. I did not appreciate the way she treated me and as of that day I refuse to use this petrol station. I have since changed to shell since they appreciate my $100 a week contribution. I would like to hear back about this complaint so that I am assured that the lady in question is reprimanded. If I do not hear back, I will take this further. I was unable to get her name, but she has mousey brown spikey hair and black rimmed glasses. European, mid 20-30s. Little gnome face. Very unimpressed with her service! I EXPECT TO HEAR BACK!

(316) mildred Caraballo
Tue, 18 October 2011 18:00:47 +0000

I just left gas station where I went to get gas. I started pump and sat in my car because I have bad knees and with rain they were aggravated. when I looked over my shoulder gas was pouring out of my tank. The pump hadn't cut off and about 3 gallons were on the ground. I have been pumping my own gas for over 20 years and this has only happened to me twice in that time. both times at a BP and at the same gas station. it will be the last time I buy gas at this station which is a pain because I live right down the street. I can't afford the wasted gas and to make it worse when I told the clerk and managersbout the faulty pump they were quick to lay the blame complete lying on my door. At least the last time the manager apologized . it was pump #4 at station located on the corner of West Boulevard and Lorain Avenue in Cleveland,Oh. I work too hard to have my money spilling on to the ground. the number under the welcome on receipt Is 9089624. The 87 grade. 10/18/11. Thank you for your attention.

(315) Caravanserai
Thu, 6 October 2011 18:51:44 +0000

very very rude customer service!

(314) Christine Kelly
Mon, 26 September 2011 17:39:49 +0000

I have had two experiences at the BP at the intersection of Northwest Hwy and Central Ave in Chicago where the pump read that over 13 gallons of gas was pumped into my car. The car I drive only holds 11.88 gallons when empty. The first time I was overcharged, I inquired with the attendant was assured the pump was correct. This time they insisted that the pumps have been checked for accuracy. I already reported this station to the city of regarding the first overcharge. This time I will be reporting them to the city, the Better Business Bureau, the alderman, and anyone else I can find that will finally look into this matter. I can only imagine the profit this station is making - Crooks!
The station is:
Joe's BP located at 5210 NW HWY, Chicago IL

(313) Katheryn Williams
Fri, 23 September 2011 09:40:27 +0000

Regarding store: 1701 N Main Street, Kannapolis - (704) 782-3196

I was in the BP store “1701” on Friday around 10:00am. It was pouring rain and I went out to get a sundrop and was wet by the time I got there. I waited in line while “Tina” stood at the front and ate a salad and spaghetti meal while the another lady was ringing people up. When I got up to the front Tina decided to help me finally and informed me that the machine was down and wouldn’t take my card so I had to go back home and get cash. I left came back about 10 minutes later still wet from all the rain and waited in line again. While the other lady was still ringing up people Tina was yelling over the customers heads at “JOSH” who was stocking the shelf’s. Her and the other lady was making rude comments to him like “Don’t tease if you cant please”. Let me tell you also that their where children in there and this is not behavior that should be allowed!!!!!!

(312) Tom Kowalczyk
Sun, 11 September 2011 16:49:05 +0000

On On Sunday 9/11/11 I was at the BP gastation located at 6001 W Monee Manhattan Rd, Monee Illinois,60449 at 4:00 p.m.. I've had a BP credit card since the beginning. They do NOT allow BP cards to be used at the pump...you must take your BP card, make an extra trip inside and get it pre-approved. Why would anyone do this once it is approved at the pump...you can't drive off as you are automatically charged. The attendant would not give me the managers name or store number. I went next door to shell, and they took my plain VISA card and I proceeded to put $100 in my truck. I am highly irritated that this is practice at this store and the manager is unreachable. I spend about $1000 in fuel per month and up until today it has always been BP.

thank you,

(311) Berkay Karakan
Thu, 8 September 2011 19:53:03 +0000

I'm a student at the Cleveland State University. There is a BP Gas Station at 2701 CHESTER AVE CLEVELAND 44114. I stop most of the time to get gas from this BP station like any other CSU students; but recently there are some people try to clean your windows and demanding money even you told them not to clean your car's windows. They are demanding money from BP costumers and I wonder how the store employees let them (Maybe they bribe the BP employees :) ). And what will happen if you don't give them some money maybe they will scratch you car or brake your windows. I will getting gas from this location and I will tell all my friends to do the same thing. Because It is not safe. They might even try to rob you.

(310) Bruce VanMaurik
Wed, 7 September 2011 22:39:05 +0000

I wanted to express my great deal of shock after what I went through with one of the clerks at your BP Franchise store located at 4775 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237. She was working at 10:25pm EST, Wednesday September 7th, 2011. She told me her manager’s name was Julie but she would not give me her name. Here is an account of what happened. On the Saturday before this I went to the gas station before a trip I was taking for the day. I filled up my truck with about $85.00 worth of fuel as I do weekly and noticed that there was a notice on the pump that stated if you wanted a receipt to pay inside because of technical issues. I had already pumped so I went inside to see if the clerk could print me a receipt in which the gentlemen did very easily. When I was returned to the location on Wednesday and filled up my second car with another $60.00 in gas and went into the store the lady would not give me or try to print a receipt. She just kept saying it was broken. I explained to her that they were able to print one for me just days ago and she still persisted on getting very rude and stating look it’s broken. Me not understanding why she was acting that way wanted to buy additional drinks and I said to her it’s probably that you just don’t know how too… At which point she grabs the drink from the counter and says and I quote “Get out, Get out right now, I am not going to sell you anything, you’re just an ignorant pig, Get out right now.” At that point I am very stunned as I am a middle aged guy who was not being rude or anything to her. I asked her for her name and her manager’s name but all she gave me was her manager’s name which is located above. I can tell you right now that I have three cars and not one will be back to any BP station anywhere ever. Sorry my money is green and spends anywhere. I honestly don’t care if you return contact but just wanted you to know who is representing your company is such a poor manner.

(309) Kapil
Wed, 7 September 2011 06:55:41 +0000

For the last few weeks newly opened Bp service station express store situated in Verulam(Waterloo) Durban ran a promotion with a chance of winning 1
of many items(eg. Sony PS3, Sony Bravia) should you purchase over the indicated amount & enter your details, I having done so numerous of times
was informed the winners would be announced come end of August, This morning having gone there & inquiring about the competition was laughed @ &
told "we are working on it", Aside from being a pathetic excuse @ marketing false advertising is illegal. I expect a prompt response addressing this issue,
Should for some reason this message not pertain to you please advise as to whom i can take this up with.

(308) Adam San
Sun, 4 September 2011 04:23:35 +0000

On the 25Th August 2011 i sent a text to 62010 for a car wash for 50p instead of £6. I attended site number (33) were I presented the code that you had sent me back. The attendant was rude and was very un helpful advsing me that I couldnt use the vouvher here as he haddnt agreed it with head off. I drove 12 miles in total for the car was which was valid until 29Th August. The assistant world tell me were the nearest one was and he said its a rubish was any way. I am a sales rep and use BP as much as possible for the 30,000 miles I drive a year but now will consider using a different petrol supplier due to the manor in which the assisatnt presented himself and the fact that I drove 12 miles for a car wash when in fact he refused to authorise the car wash at that price. I hope to hear from you soon a disappointedlong term customer .

(307) Deon Brink
Tue, 30 August 2011 16:19:06 +0000

The BP on the corner of Garstfontein and Selati streets in Alphen park Pretoria South Africa constantly give really bad service. They have multiple times run out of fuel when there was no shortage of fuel. The service station advertise a 24 hour service yet they close at 11 o'clock every night. I find this incredibly bad service from a brand that is supposed to be a world leader.

(306) Russell F. Cash
Fri, 26 August 2011 09:19:34 +0000

We usually are preferential to BP stations becasue of the cleanliness of their stores as well as their gasoline. We do realize that not all stores who serve BP gas are BP stores; however, we would think that you would be concerned about how the name is being represented. Recently we stopped at a service station on highway 411 near Chatsworth, GA. We were SHOCKED at the items available for sale in the glassed in case near the cash register. There were all sorts of pieces of either smoking or drug paraphernalia, as well as condoms with very illicit pictures on the covers -- right at eye level for a CHILD, not an adult; and various "energy" pills as well. The smell of incense in the store was so strong it nearly made us sick. We don't know when convenience stores suddenly began marketing sex and drugs as "conveniences", but we'd like to see this store investigated. Thank you.

(305) sam
Fri, 26 August 2011 02:07:30 +0000

on 8/25/11 at around 7pm i went in to a small station in east liverpool ohio and the casher there had a VERY bad attitude problem (large black woman with a fake British accent) just from her behavior i will not be going back not to that place she ruined your reputation as a company and i will not be patronizing your business any more i will go to the sheets where the service is MUCH BETTER!!!!!

(304) nick
Fri, 19 August 2011 00:42:33 +0000

I visited a BP station on Van Wyck and Linden Blvd. on Aug.18 2011. I happened to be on empty and only had 7 dollars in bills and 1.35 in small coins(quarters, dime, nickels, and pennies). I asked to get 8.35 in gas and he took the bills and returned the coins, stating that he does not accept them. I reminded him that this is the U.S.A and that the coins are legal tender. He still refused. I told him that I'm going to report him and he gladly showed me his nametag reading "JAY". Now isn't that something???????

(303) Ryan karue
Tue, 16 August 2011 03:03:53 +0000

Hello yesterday at around 9pm i visited your stevenage branch and filled my tank with 45 litres coming to around 55 pound and i noticed a drip on my foot followed by alot petrol being leaked onto my leg due to the petrol nozzle not clicking and overflowing. i went into the till and let the lady behind the till know while she was sat on her mobile phone and she replied with there must be something wrong with my car, not even accepting there was a possible fault with the nozzle, she was continuosly extremley rude to me and would not even look into the problem and i asked her to treat me with respect and get off the phone which she replied this could be a important business call for all i knew and she told me to just pay and leave. i will never use bp again due to the worst customer service i have ever recieved and i believe she should be sacked as every single customer that got treated like i did would not use you again.

Ryan karue
very annoyed customer

(302) Nishan
Fri, 12 August 2011 09:42:26 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam
About an 16 hours ago me an 3 colleagues were harassed at BP Northdene in Queensburgh ,we had went to buy pies at bp an while eating the pie I noticed that this was not a cornish pie ,it was a meat or perhaps a beef pie , me being of Hindu Origin I do not consume beef . So I went back in to BP (wild bean cafe) an spoke in a very humble way as to what my problem is , the lady (busi)at the counter were we purchased the pie . Busi was very rude to me being a customer of your shop entitles me to be treated correctly , she had used vulgar language on me an a colleague , she criticised me by telling me that I ate half the pie now I am complaing , I had told her that when u it a pie in a up rite position the gravy meat falls to the bottom an all that I ate was pastry but she kept on laughing at me an calling me a (PUSS) this is not acceptable to me. So the cashier phoned his Manager an told him what was conspiring : the manager than said No refund and sound the alarm , the cashier locked me and my colleague in the shop until the security company arrived at this point infront of the security guard (BLUE SECUIRITY) Busi swore me (PUSS) again an again the cashier laughed at me all of the staff at BP were laughing at me . Is this customer appreciation , I have video footage of this incident recorded on my phone . I will not rest in peace , I will take this to the Press an Public about such rude , outrageous an DISSAPOINTING behaviour of BP Northdene an my lawyers will be looking into this .Sir/ Madam I have always appreciated the service from BP Garages World Wide but this such incident cannot be taken lightly , Please Help .

(301) Bashir Issa
Wed, 10 August 2011 15:06:09 +0000

I work near Euston Station and drive back to Northampton 5 days a week. I normally buy petrol at BP gas station on Hampstead Rd NW1, today I run out of fuel near Mornington Crescent Tube, I went to get a petrol on a can and I was told to call the police to get permission to purchase petrol. I called the police who told me they did not get involved such a lie. I asked the staff to give a chance to speak to the manager and they simply said call tomorrow, I demanded a name and number of the manager, staff nenes Siva who's dealing with me was really unhelpful and extremely rude. I was given a manager name Mahasan and off I left with the same cab stranded in Camden without petrol to go home. I informed this issue to the AA and will make a serious complaint to the CEO of PB. in my family, we have more than 20 vehicles I'm use, BP will loose our business for sure.

(300) BP Employee Kelly
Sat, 6 August 2011 09:45:05 +0000

A 2nd part to my verbal expressed anger ....


(299) BP Employee Kelly
Sat, 6 August 2011 09:25:54 +0000

I absolutely HATE the new changes to the system to set customers! It now takes me three times longer or even four times longer to set customers and if they just tell me a pump number and walk away, I CANNOT SET THEM AND THEN HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR COMPLAINTS EVEN THOUGH THERE IS A SIGN IN THE WINDOW THAT STATES I NOW NEED TO KNOW GRADE OF GAS THEY ARE USING IN ORDER TO SET THEM!!!!!! The customers who frequent our little station have shared in my experiences with the new system and are just as appalled at I am as to their wait times for me to get them set!

(298) Eric J
Fri, 5 August 2011 09:00:47 +0000

Hello- I have been going to the BP on the corner of RT.21 and Grand Ave. in Gurnee for some time now. I have been buy a coffee drink there every AM with a coupon I got, and they have been taking the coupon... until today that is. The cashier told me this was not a grocery store and to take it somewhere else. He was very rude about it. What happened to custrmer service? If he does not like his job there are many other people that could use it. Please look into this very rude cashier.

(297) Dan Terry
Sun, 31 July 2011 09:11:28 +0000

I have today filled up my car at BP Fuel Station, Mill Road, Patcham, Brighton. I placed 17 litres of fuel from pump number 4. When starting my car, it displayed an empty fuel tank as before. It should register at least 1/3rd full. I tested my car (being less than 2 years old). There is no error with my fuel gauge. Upon complaining to the duty manager, I asked if they could demonstrate that the pump was working by dispensing some fuel into a canister. I receive many excuses why this could not be done only to be faced with a 'cannot help you'. I reported this to the Brighton Police (Ref: 31/7/11 - 1089). I feel that there is either an error at the pump which the management were aware of due to their suspicious behaviour. I would like this matter investigated please.


Dan Terry

(296) Alan Wilson
Sat, 30 July 2011 21:34:47 +0000

Can i bring to your attention a matter of the gate that surrounds the bins at the side of the shop is never closed and constantly bangs in the wind all day & night,
This has been ongoing for weeks i have several times gone over and closed it myself and told staff but shortly after its banging again,
I understand the two gates are not alligned so the girls find it hard to close, can someone fix said gate and possibly pit a standard latch on so when it closes it stays closed.
This is in regard to the Warnbro station 6169 off Warnbro Sound Ave.
My detaials to contact are #0458 046 964
Your assistance is appreciated as i live directly behind the bins and have had naff all sleep all weekend due to the bad weather really bashing them.

Yours Sleepless

Alan Wilson.

(295) Charlotte B. Teagle
Sat, 30 July 2011 15:21:00 +0000

I have been using BP for many years and have never had a complaint. Today I stopped at Leaf Grocery, 6081 Hwy. 115E in Cleveland, GA 30528. First, my BP card was rejected and the message said "see attendant". I went into the store and asked what could be wrong since I have never had a problem with my BP card. She ran the card and said she would keep it while I went back outside to pump the gas. When I went back inside, she said I would need to use another credit card. Another trip back to my car. Then, when I returned with my Visa card, I was told I would need my ID. Another trip back to the car. Then, when my VISA card was scanned, the wrong amount appeared and I pointed this out. Oops, she said, she had used the amount from the customer before me. After several trips to my car (I'm old and it was about 95 degrees), I was more than frustrated and was so angry about the poor service that I decided I would cut up my BP card and give someone else my business after all these years. Just wanted you to know why you're losing a loyal customer. I would like an answer to this complaint before I cut up my card. EYTw7

(294) Christopher Overton
Fri, 29 July 2011 03:20:34 +0000

Dear BP
I made a complaint last Thursday 21st July and have not had the courtesy of a response from you.

I have been a loyal customer for years with an average spend at your pumps £12,000 a year in fuel.

I will now be passing this matter on to the Complaints commission.

Mr C Overton

(293) Minnie and Adam Komperda
Tue, 26 July 2011 07:27:50 +0000

Today on July 26th at aproximatly 8:00 a.m. Our son was refused service at your station in Brandenburg Ky., by the manager named Mary Basham.
When asked why, she told our son, "because of what he had done to her daughter". Our kids dated maybe 10 days during the beginning of the summer, and he broke it off with her because of his own values. So they were upset with that.
A personal matter should not stop us from being able to be serviced at your station. We would appreciate that our son and ourselves could shop there without being critized for a break up with teenagers. Thank you so much.

(292) Joseph
Tue, 19 July 2011 19:22:52 +0000

As a salesman on the gulf coast for the last 18 years I suffered a 25% loss in sales as a result of the BP Oil Spill on April 22, 2010. After being denied intentionally by the GCCF, I resubmitted twice more times and have continued to get the runaround. Originally I was told that my loss was not attributed due to the spill. Well after proving that my accounts had been compensated by BP for their losses, I showed that their lack of purchases affected my commissions. Still nothing. Then after re submitting two months ago I am now being told that my claim wasn't event re reviewed due to a glitch. This is unacceptable. These losses that I have incurred have devastated my family financially and someone should be held accountable as a result. There is absolutely NO SENSE OF URGENCY WITH BP/GCCF. I honestly think that they are putting everyone off in hopes they will not have to pay off. Im sorry to say I will NEVER support any type of BP business again and I know that this will affect innocent people but it is the only thing I know to do.

(291) Kelly Phillips
Sun, 10 July 2011 07:07:49 +0000

I am writing from my cell phone. I am so shocked & angered by my experience at the BP located off hwy 19 (I-76). About 30 mins ago I walked in to pay cash for my gas. The cashier was extremely rude & disrespectful. I can only hope his words & actions where caught on video. 1st he told me to speak up & when I did he yelled at me & told me to get gas somwhere ealse. My husband in disbelief went in to talk to him. The cashier then screamed, swore, & flipped him off.

(290) Randy Hartzog
Tue, 5 July 2011 12:39:14 +0000

I have had a claim in to the GCCF for a year and still no resolution. I have a simple claim and my status is unchanged still under review. Ive been told numerous times that I was one of the first to submit my final claim but no one knows why it is taking so long.No one can give me answers, I have not received one penny in compensation, I have lost my house,car job and future and continue to go down hill. I was forced to move from Panama city beach Florida to try and find work and no one gives me answers just to wait. Continue to wait. It is past the point of ridiculous. I don't want to file a lawsuit or be a part of any court proceedings I just want closure.

(289) benjamin
Mon, 4 July 2011 17:52:56 +0000

i have a complaint on store that is located on 1890 nw 107th ave miami fl is the mall station location and stan#0351719317 site id#9216094 i currently have a complaint on employess PEDRO ALASKUAA and ALINA FUENTE i went to put DIESEL on my truck at that location and the employess made the mistake to put my credit card as GROCIERIES and not DIESEL when ive been a LOYAL customer with your company putting more than $400 dollars a week with BP my buisiness was going towards BP but after this experience i really dont want to do business after this instant with these two emplyess. After they declined my card at time at the store for $300.00 and the employee PEDRO started screaming at me with a LOUD TONE and VERY RUDE toward my wife and myself infront of other customers at the store stating that we didnt have any funds in the credit card and my wife had to go through the inconvience of calling the credit card to unblock again for the mistake that the employeee did. PLEASE FELL FREE TO CONTACT ME TO NAPOLEONPERALTA@ATT.NET

(288) Missy
Sat, 2 July 2011 19:30:25 +0000

I will never shop at the BP gas station on Lewis Turner Blvd., Ft. Walton Beach, Florida again. The manager and clerks are extremely rude and make it a point to talk foreign and laugh loudly while customers are shopping. I spent $50.00 in the store and then asked to have a napkin or tissue and was told no. I then proceeded to the restroom and was told I was not allowed to use it. I have never been treated so rudely! I posted a comment on Facebook about my experience and was shocked at how many other people had the same kind of treatment from that store. I will continue to "Black Ball" this store until someone changes the way the clerks treat their customers! My family owns a convenience store less that a mile from this store and I will announce my outrage to all of our customers. People should not be treated the way myself and others have been treated at this store!

(287) Earl Acree Jr.
Sun, 26 June 2011 07:56:02 +0000

I have been a customer for the passt 20 years. I have encountered unsatisfactoy customer service from a number of your stations. The attendants are extremely rude at East 185th in Cleveland. I was unable to obtain a fill-up without first stating a dollar amount. I was unable to obtain a receipt or pay at the pump. Last night was it for me. I went to another station on the westside of Cleveland that said my bank card was declined. I checked my balance while sitting there and found there was no reason for the decline. This station also wanted me to purchase a dollar amount rather than a fill-up. Is this a procedure in certain neighborhoods or for certain customers? I am so disappointed. I am sure I can now begun a loyal customer to another brand with better service.

(286) Earl Acree Jr.
Sun, 26 June 2011 07:56:01 +0000

I have been a customer for the passt 20 years. I have encountered unsatisfactoy customer service from a number of your stations. The attendants are extremely rude at East 185th in Cleveland. I was unable to obtain a fill-up without first stating a dollar amount. I was unable to obtain a receipt or pay at the pump. Last night was it for me. I went to another station on the westside of Cleveland that said my bank card was declined. I checked my balance while sitting there and found there was no reason for the decline. This station also wanted me to purchase a dollar amount rather than a fill-up. Is this a procedure in certain neighborhoods or for certain customers? I am so disappointed. I am sure I can now begun a loyal customer to another brand with better service.

(285) Randy S
Thu, 23 June 2011 12:50:53 +0000

We have a family automotive business that serves folks on the AL/FL coast. Our business took a 44% hit and our property was devalued another 42% as a direct result of the oil spill- we are fighting to stay open and owe the world right now but BP has rejected our claim and the legal opinion we have gotten is because our business does not fit into what they catorgorize as a tourist trade. We have been in the same spot for 23 years and gave endured hurricanes, economic trends and so forth but now are looking at closing our doors-
Thanks for making it right BP!!!

(284) Tod Davis
Wed, 15 June 2011 22:48:15 +0000


Dear President Obama

You say you care about the American people that voted you in office. Then I ask you sir why will you not pay attention to the ones that are sick and are
Getting sicker with no help, they have spent every dime they have trying to Get better. How many more people need to tell you that this Gulf Coast Claims Facility / Garden City Group does not care. They lie to people and Offer false hope and lose vital documents such as medical records , Tax forms and other documents we as the American people trust them with . They always are changing their process so they do not have to pay people
And intimidate medical providers in to doing what they want. If I started
Calling and hanging up on you and called you and offered false settlements
With the full intent to defraud you I would be sitting in jail. If I lost you info
Such as tax records and medical forms you would be all over me. But when
Kenneth Fienberg , Gulf Coast Claims Facility , Garden City Group , Brown & Greer , Guide Post Solutions does it , You do nothing ! I always thought you took a oath to serve and protect the American people so why have you not done it. They have constantly harassed us , lied to us and offered false settlements in the amount of $10,000 but they do not see that
As breaking the Law. Their own attorney William Quiry told us yesterday
When asked who is going to pay attention and answer to why they have broke our privacy which falls under the Privacy act which was put in to
Place right after 911 to protect the American people and their private lives’ And who is going to answer to the criminal actions they have committed . Sir His exact response was no one. However these companies don’t care about privacy issues or laws . They care about one thing MONEY and who they are not going to pay. I give them credit though they have figured out how to effectively screw over some Of the people that voted you in to office and you wont do anything about it. My question is this what makes Kenneth Fienberg , Garden City Group , And a law firm called Brown & Greer above the law. You took a oath to take care of this country
And for the people living in cars and who have lost everything because of
These companies listed above your ears are closed. Sir we need you to step
In and order a investigation into these companies actions and practices in paying claims to a federal declared disaster. We need to know our president
Really does care.

(283) Greatest
Tue, 14 June 2011 09:00:19 +0000

The Highway 36 West Long Branch location has annoying customers who have to stop doing annoying things around me.

(282) from all the staff
Mon, 13 June 2011 14:32:34 +0000

We are writing this complaint about the acting manager of our site bp chalfonts way amersham, his name is sasi and he gives order like he owns the site, terribly route with the staff, ask night cashier to wash the forecourt like toilet, ask staff to do the night shifts alone and open the store door all night which is against bp lone working policy, putting pressure on staff at that extend that everybody started hates him, very young and with the unbelivable support of ravi area manager he is acting as a king and staff are slave, kindly do something or investigate, as i know this is waste to complain here as bp management never listen, god help u

(281) Roy
Sat, 11 June 2011 22:42:40 +0000

it's been 2 days since my last complaint , and the gccf has update the website 91% to 93% , but my claim is still under review , it has been 9 months since I originally file and was denied to the high of volume of claims the gccf received , I submitted and claim Dec 13 , and now 7 months later in review . I am behind on all my bills , and still stress out , I am really thinking about just waiting till Feb 2012 and suing all parties involved in the spill , you guys"B.P." want me to waive my rights to sue and sign a paper so yall can sue on my behalf , then yall need to make me whole yall sue Transocean for $40 billions that's double the amount of the funds that being ran by gccf , it look you guys" B.P."are tryin to profit off the spill . Where is the media on this ? My solution is you got my email from this complaint and my email is the same on my claims , look into my claims and pay me for my injury , lost wages , and pay me what I asked for and I will sign the paper if not I will wait till 2012 and sue for my injury , lost wages , and puntive damages , so we can settle this out or in court , and I will ask for 10 * more in court because all the bullshit your attorney put me though " Feinberg"

(280) Roy
Wed, 8 June 2011 21:47:44 +0000

The GCCF is doing a poor job . I was to that "all claims are being handle in the order of which received" That statement is untrue . Final Quick Pay were the 1st payouts . The GCCF say their website update daily , that's untrue . The wbsite updates every 2 to 3 weeks . I was told my claim would be process in 90 days , that's untrue . My claims is 160 days old and still in review. I think since the GCCF get paid 1.25 millions per months their stalling is B.P. don't step in Mr. Feinberg will end up stalling till he make the remaining 14 billions dollas of the fund. As of 6/8/11 their only 9% of claims left to process , just pay what claimant ask and the 9% you won't have to worry about .

(279) Adella Plummer
Wed, 8 June 2011 20:31:41 +0000

I filled up at Swaffham petrol station, King's Lynn. The fuel seemed to be coming out rather slow and the pump kept stopping. I went to pay my bill and went back to my car, turned on the ignition and my 'digital' dial hadn't moved. I went back into the shop and the man behind the till shrugged his shoulders at me!! I'm studying so do not have a lot of money but my last £20 to get to Norwich hospital and my car ran out of petrol on the way. I missed my appointment, couldn't get home and had to pay £22 for a taxi to come and get me. I would like a full refund of my petrol money and taxi fare as this is BP's fault. I have a 1litre engine which does 70mpg, that amount would usually fill up most of my tank.

Adella Plummer

(278) Bree
Wed, 1 June 2011 12:35:31 +0000

Last night as I was driving through a town, I stopped at a BP there was a car in front of me by a pump so I assumed they were open, the garage door was open, and there were 2 older gentlemen inside talking. I pulled out my BP credit card and started to get out of my car when all the lights were shut off, and then pumps were shut off. My boyfriend thought it was a joke!!! I am still very angry about it. It was not a power outage because the lights in the garage were still on, and the lights across the street were on. My gas tank was on E, so I had to go to the Marathon across the street. I still spend around $70.00 in gas. Worst customer service EVER!!!!

(277) Elaine Turnbull
Tue, 31 May 2011 08:55:32 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing with a complaint regarding a BP staff member name ‘Betty’ from your Victoria Park Filling Station, Crow Road, Glasgow G11 7DN.

On Saturday 28th May 2011, my boyfriend stopped the Victoria Park Filling Station as we required fuel. He proceeded to the pump while I entered the shop to pay, when I entered there was a customer in front of me so I waited in line. The customer left and I approached the counter ready to pay for the fuel when I noticed she was looking out of the window staring at my boyfriend who had finished filling the car and was sitting in the drivers seat at the pump waiting for me to return. The staff member (Betty, sorry no surname) completely ignored me, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, mumbled something and ran from the shop. She approached our car and started taking down the registration number. My boyfriend open his window and asked what she was doing, she very rudely asked “will you be planning on coming in to pay for that petrol”, to which my boyfriend replied “no I’m not because my girlfriend is standing at your counter waiting to pay you”. He received no apology and when she came back into the shop I informed her I had been standing at the counter the entire time waiting to pay and if she had bother to ask and hadn’t ignored me I’d have told her I was paying for the fuel. She informed me I hadn’t been standing at the counter when she left the shop to which I told her she should check the CCTV and she will in fact see I had been in the shop the entire time.

It seems her thoughts are that if you are the person filling the car then it should be that person who enters the shop to pay and anyone doesn’t is trying to steal. I can honestly say that almost every time we are using a filling station, I go inside to pay whilst my boyfriend uses the pump. We have never before had a problem with this method of paying and that neither myself or my boyfriend are in the habit of stealing. I am angry, upset and certainly do not appreciate being accused of attempting to steal, it was very embarrassing.

If this member of staff makes a habit of accusing people, you will soon have no customers willing to use your filling station. I will certainly not be using BP again.

Yours faithfully

Elaine Turnbull

Flat 1/1
28 Greenhill Road
G73 2SP
07793 717 784

(276) Rebecca Benjamin
Wed, 25 May 2011 20:50:22 +0000

Today,25 May 2011, I was greatly humiliated by one of your employees at a gas station in Naples, Florida. The store ID# is 8527285.
I had purchased a car wash "ULTIMATE" for $9.00
and had my car washed. When the automatic system had finished my car was full of suds from the soap that I had to use my windshield wipers to remove it so I could see out of the window. I went to the person behind the counter that sold me the wash and he came out with me and started the system again and quickly went back in the store. The result was the same and when I went back to him in the store he started to yell out profanities in front of other customers calling me a liar
and using the "F" word openly. He then told me to get out of his store. I called the police and even though they could not do anything I wanted them to know what he had done. Is this the kind of person you want to work in your stores? Used to be this kind of behavior would not be tolerated and the person would lose his job. I think that this is totally unnecessary and uncalled for behavior. I recently had a heart attack and had to have bypass surgery and was shocked at this outburst of disgusting language, not to mention the anger which he displayed, as I felt threatened and afraid for my safety. And therefore I called the police. This man could be dangerous to other people. I am thinking that I will never go into any of your stores again and definitely will not purchase gas or a car wash. Sincerely Rebecca Benjamin

(275) Marcy
Wed, 25 May 2011 10:30:06 +0000

This morning, on my way to the office in South Elgin, Illinois on Randall Road I stopped by the BP Amoco gas station & market to get gas and coffee. When I went in to get coffee, the coffee area was filthy. many of the offered coffees were not available. There was no half and half and when I mentioned it to two woman at the counter (who by the way were laughing and chatting away) the one woman just shrugged and told me that the "night crew didn't do their job!" This was at 8:00 in the morning!. The "icing on the cake" was when I walked out and noticed that the bottem of my shoes were so sticky that I had to remove them at work and put them in the sink to get all of the sticky off of them. I am truely disappointed in this type of service expecially since I had just paid almost $5.00 per gal. for gasoline! This is the second time in the past two weeks that I have had to deal with this type of service from this particular service station! Help!

(274) Humberto Pacini
Tue, 24 May 2011 11:29:04 +0000

After reading all the complaints I realice this is a BP global problem the company does not value its customer my issue was at your station on13901 NW 67 Ave, Miami Lakes Fl No 8986648 very rude attendant, please do not respond I want no compensation I will not be using BP anymore.

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