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(523) charlotte
Wed, 25 July 2012 19:55:54 +0000

This morning at 8:18am my daughter had used my credit card to get gas and when it got to the 20 she tried to click it and there was a malfunction with the pump it wouldnt unclick so then she took the pump out and gas started spraying every where on the ground and her feet and on me so then i had to pull up and get out i also tried to unclick the pump and it wouldnt unclick so i was outside trying to get the clerk attention and he was not looking i asked a customer outside to go in and tell them to turn off the pump finally they did then one of the clerks came out looked then went back in i told my daughter to go in and ask for him to credit my card back he got rude and nasty and told her its not his problem its hers and he wasnt gone give me anything finally i went inside and he continued to get rude with me and i asked if she wouldve got hurt then what and he said oh well thats not my fault thats hers i asked him who he was he said the manager then he turned around and said boss he got nasty with me infront of customers and the gas was $56.31 and i only wanted 20 finally i had to take her back home to change and the pump number was number 4 and i called the complaint hotline im waiting for them to get back too me and the address is 20251 james couzens detroit mi

(522) john vickers
Wed, 25 July 2012 02:14:44 +0000

Good Morning, Could you please tell me how long the over night road works are going to continue at your garage in raunds northants as they have kept me and my wife awake all night and as i am disabled with parkinsons this is a complete nightmare for us .We really believe some from of conpensation is in order . please reply a.s.a.p to retify this matter. thank you MR JOHN VICKERS , 6 CATLOW CLOSE RAUNDS NN9 6SA

(521) ben cummingss
Tue, 24 July 2012 16:00:57 +0000

i have been collecting your olympic coins for the past 3 months and have the one to collect that is out this week so that i have all 12, i collected 2 each week for both of my sons so will have spent £48 in total ony to go in the station today to find that you can now buy all 12 in a pre pack made by BP for £10 a set i feel totally gutted and ripped off and will be advoiding all BP stations from now on and forwarding what has happend to myself to my freinds family and via the social network as being a regular B customer i feel what you have done is very wrong

(520) michael vaughan
Sun, 22 July 2012 22:30:41 +0000

I am fit to be tied. The web and BP shows gas stations all over Arkansas, and Oklahoma. I am stuck out here 60 miles east of Oklahoma City with $250 in useless BP gift cards. I used all my cash in Arkansas to buy gas. Now BP tells me that I'm stuck here for 5 to 7 business days in a rest area. Oh hell no. I am demanding that BP bring someone out here and help me. I'm stuck like chuck. 336-986-2622 is my cell #. Hello!

(519) Beth
Sun, 22 July 2012 10:47:34 +0000

My husband and I were traveling home to Florida from our week's vacation in Virginia. We stopped for gas and restroom on Saturday, July 21, 2012, at 3:00pm at a BP station in South Carolina: Short Stop #2, I95 & Exit 68, Canadys, SC 29488, Site ID 8453938. While my husband pumped gas, I went to the women's restroom. It was absolutely the most disgusting and revolting restroom I have ever seen! The toilet was stopped up and looked like it might have overflowed; the floor was sticky and covered with debris; the sink was filthy; and the garbage can was overflowing. It was obvious that no one had attended to that bathroom for DAYS, and there was no way that I was going to use it. Since the gas pump was out of paper for receipts, I went inside the store to collect the gas receipt. There was only one person in the store. While I waited for her to print out our gas receipt, I mentioned that the ladies bathroom was pretty gross and needed attending. She completely ignored me and just handed me the receipt. BP needs to get on these gas station store owners who represent BP gas to attend to their business and make sure their facility is clean and presentable to their customers EVERY DAY!!

(518) Gage Masterson
Sun, 22 July 2012 09:00:25 +0000

I recently fuel my car at one of your stations on the M1, I put in £10 of fuel which give me 7 litres.... As I paid for the fuel and returned to my car and turned it on, my fuel gauge did not even move, usually at other services when I put £10 in I get a 100 mile range as it tells me on my car. I lead to believe that your stations are not delivering the correct amount of fuel through your pumps, I feel robbed of my money and I don't want to believe your company as a cowboy fuel station. I hope you can help me with this matter.

(517) Shuree
Sat, 21 July 2012 11:34:02 +0000

I was just at the BP at 909 Chesterfield Parkway, Chesterfield, MO 63017 and experienced the worst customer service experience on Saturday at 11am CST on June 21st, 2012. I have never written a letter to a company but I am so dissatisfied that I want everyone to know the unacceptable nature of what occurred. I bought gas and a car wash. Upon pulling into the car wash bay, the soap sprayed on my car but then all the lights turned off. The signal indicated that I should pull out with soap on my car. I sat there a minute but all lights remained dark. I went inside and the female employee took my receipt and printed a new code. She said to try it again. After entering the second time, soap sprayed on my car and the lights all went off again. I pulled out with double soap suds all over my car and pulled up by the front door. This time the male employee stood up, clearly aggravated, and said, “There is nothing we can do for you.” I was flabbergasted because my car was covered in soap and he said, “There are no refunds on the car wash and it’s broken so I don’t know what to tell you.” I said that it made no sense that I would not get what I paid for and have to go pay at a different car wash to get all the soap off. I treid to calmly explain this a few different times but he replied that he didn’t make the policies and I had to leave. I said that this made no sense and surely he could understand how unfair this was and he said to come back during the week to talk to a manager because no managers work on weekends. I have never encountered someone with absolutely no problem solving or customer service skills like this. I am shocked that employees would be training to have no answer to an unhappy customer with legitimate concerns. I can think of multiple ways he could have offered to make this right. As the soap dried into a thick white film on my green car as I was driving away, I decided that I will never respect BP as a company and that’s a shame.

(516) John Reynolds
Sat, 21 July 2012 07:14:43 +0000

The bp shop on interstate 26 at Clinton, sc. is poorly managed. The store is dirty, dark, latrines never been touched. I noticed they were selling little Debbie snack cakes for $.79 each, that said not authorized for single sale. The gas was 3.19 paying in cash, but $.10 per gallon more when using a credit card. As someone who looks for bp stops as I travel, that one in clinton south carolina doesn't fit the bp mold.

(515) Greg Borders
Fri, 20 July 2012 21:27:42 +0000

My Name is Greg Borders and I work for Midwest Cabinet Supplier, Inc. I was on the road to deliver cabinets to the Verizon retail store in Mobile, Alabama and stopped at the Atmore Interstate BP station to fill up my company deisel truck and a cargo van my wife was driving. I tried to swipe my company american express card but there was a note on the pump saying (can not pay at pump see cashier). So I went inside and the cashier told me to go ahead and fill up and then come inside to pay. She said their system was down, so I did as she said. After filling up both vehicles I went inside to pay. When she swiped my company card it was declined several times. I then gave her my personal bank card that was also declined, then a personal credit card that was again declined. I called my company and they checked with amex to make sure there was no problems with the card and there wasn't. I called my bank to see if there was any problems with my account and there wasn't. After several tries it finaly took the company card to pay for the gas for the van. but still wouldn't take it for the truck. I had to use the atm and withdraw money from my personal account to pay cash for the diesel. This took up an hour of my time and caused me to be late delivering the cabinets. The cashier had no knowledge of what to do or who to call. The manager had left and went home. There were no phone numbers to call when a card was declined and no one knew what to do. After all of these problems with this BP Station. I will never stop at a BP station again. You really need to train your cashiers on what to do in this type of situation. I have told all the other drivers about this. We do alot of deliveries around the U.S. and use a lot of gas. But never again will we stop at a BP station.

(514) abbigail partridge
Wed, 18 July 2012 17:39:01 +0000

I want to complain about the nightstaff at BP, Bacons End, Birmingham, Uk. There was a middle aged white lady with black hair and glasses and a black lady with blonde hair extensions. Just half hour ago we stopped to grab a couple of things and we were waiting in the que outside as we were rudely turned away although other customers were in the shop and was told to go to the night hatch. We did so and we got what we needed after a long wait and then my partner asked for head offices number to complain. A few nights previously I had been there alone and the black lady was snotty and rude to me and she just couldnt be bothered to deal with me, so tonight was the last straw. Anyway, my partner was asked why he wanted it abd he was truthfull so then the black lady started to accuse my partner of being racist!! Then the other rounded on him too. Thing is me and my partner arnt even full white english ourselves so to be called racist is a joke.... especially when members of my own family were gassed by the germans and even now my partner gets grief about his travelling blood so to be accused of racism is a joke. To be fair I feel we've been unfairly stereotyped by a racist!! I want her attitude to be dealt with.
to be
o racism

(513) glen mattison
Wed, 18 July 2012 07:52:24 +0000

i work nightshifts for BP. i start at 10pm and finish 7am every shift (4 days on then 4 days off) my complaint is that they do not pay me the night rate and instead just pay me the same as a day shift. everywhere else i know that does nightshift pays their staff the night rate and i have worked other places in my area that did pay me the night rate, but BP dont for some reason. this is unfair as starting at 10 at night means i have sacrificed my normal social life for this job only because i assumed id be able to make extra money working nights, im actually making less than the day shift staff :( not cool! screw you BP

(512) Kelvin H
Tue, 17 July 2012 22:52:22 +0000

First let me say I'm surprise to see so many complaints, although I plan to call the office as well as send a letter to all it may concern.I just walk into a Bp station on Okeechobee road, walk in got something to eat went to register only me in line for about a minute, the clerk told me to hurry up, and then ask the person just walk in what would they like, I was only getting a sandwich an gas...but she says she is closing, I told her she should have lock the door, if she did not want any customers in their, but her personal problems are not the customers. People need to respect others dollar, i work hard for my money,an if i choose to come to your store an spend it respect my money.....the address is 4971 Okeechobee blvd..name Rita ..happen tonight at 11:00pm other clerk on duty Upsesh.... GUARANTEE they wont even speak with her to let her know shes wrong.... but i'm working on putting a foundation to stop business from disrespecting peoples dollar.

(511) Tim Shaw
Tue, 17 July 2012 07:37:05 +0000

At your service station in castle donington,I purchased some fuel .I did not get a vat receipt at the time,but realised I needed one so drove back to the service station to ask for one.this was at 2145.when I got back there,despite it being a full 15 minutes before closing time,the staff had the shutters down and were just leaving.I spoke to a member of staff (who rolled her eyes when I told her I needed a vat receipt) but she told me I could come back for it tomorrow.I returned to the garage just 10 minutes ago (this being the following day) and requested a vat receipt,and the cashier was in the process of doing it,when she asked her supervisor for help.the supervisor refused to issue me with a vat receipt as the transaction was not on this day.I asked why this was,as I had the receipt from yesterday and no garage had ever refused a similar request before.I believe it was basically because he didn't know how to or just couldn't be bothered,and was quite rude and abrupt when asked who his manager or franchise owner was.if I cannot get a vat receipt for this transaction,I will lose the petrol money my company would normally pay,and I believe this supposed supervisor has broken the law by refusing a request for a vat receipt.your swift response is anticipated.

(510) CWeilhammer
Mon, 16 July 2012 12:29:08 +0000

The BP gas station located at 1055 Raymond St. Indianapolis, IN 46203 is very filthy. The conditions of the lot outside of the building has oil, gas and various car solvents that are sitting on top of the black top lot. The pay at the pump swipe area is covered in dirt and grime and appears to be rarely cleaned. The grass areas of the station are covered in litter and debris and no one is cleaning the outside of the lot. The inside of the building is another hygiene deficient area, as the fountain coke area is always sticky and there are flies and various other insects flying around the area. This station is fairly new however it is not serving the community in a way that is attractive. The overall matter of lack of cleanliness must be addressed as customers will stop going to the "dirty BP". I addressed my concerns with the owner and they did not seem to think it was an issue.
Please address the issues at the Raymond BP.

(509) LORD Chris Hartnup
Mon, 16 July 2012 09:35:56 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to make a formal complaint about your rip off price's at the pump. I run a courier business and it is hard enough to make a living without your over the top price's for diesel. I unfortunatly had to stop at your Forest east service station on 14/07/12 and to my amazement was being charged £1.47 per litre. This is daylight robbery as across the UK it is on average £1.37. I am in good mind to contact the ombudsman about this. Why you need to rob people like this I really dont know. These price's will be forwarded to the correct people in order to prevent this happening in the future. I may well be contacting the national newspapers too.

Yours Sincerely

Lord C Harnup.

(508) Enrico
Sun, 15 July 2012 20:30:32 +0000

Pump#2 at BP at 2291 Atlanta Hwy Cumming Georgia 30046 has had intermittent problems for many months. It NEVER allows you to fill your tank. You have to do it in 3 to 4 transactions. I buy about $100 of gas from this station every week. I'm about ready to find another station.

(507) Natasha Reinking
Fri, 13 July 2012 23:42:18 +0000

This is the third time I have had a horrible experience with one of your associates at the BP station located at 185th street in Cleveland Oh 44119. The night associate TIFFANY (all three of my dealings with her have been after 10pm EST) is OUT OF CONTROL rude! I will not return to that store again until she is gone. The day shift associates there have always been very pleasant, helpful,cheerful and kind. So it suprises me that this character even works there. The first run in with her was when she locked the doors at 10pm and we were all directed to the window. I simply asked her "Is this new with the window thing" and her nasty response not only reflected in her voice and tone but also her face expressions but she said NO - Its always been like this and I said hmmm I have lived in this area for 10+ years and I have never had to "buy" through the window. And she responded again with a smart remark and at that point I walked away. I went back a week later which joy overcame me when there she was working the window again...I took a deep breath and approached the window. I asked for beer and TIFFANY - AKA Ms Sunshine reply's with "You cant get beer it doesnt fit throught the window" I said your kidding right? And she smirked and said nope you cant get anything but cigg and gas. Once again I find myself walking away without buying anything. Now onto this last and finally situation that I will have with BP/TIFFANY. I went up to the store this evening on 7/13 around 11:40pm.I approach the window and wait for about three minutes until Ms Sunshine comes to the window, no smile, no hello, no good evening, nothing - a blank annoyed face - thats all she has - I proceed to ask for my cigg - she turns grabs the ciggs rings them up comes back to the window holding the cigg to her chest and tells me the amount due. I slid my card through the window (thank god that fits) she grabs it and starts stareing at my card with a nasty look on her face. She continues to do this for awhile then turns heads towards rhe register then turns around and says I need your ID - you didnt sign the back of your card. OMG here we go again - I state my card is signed as I begin to pull my ID from my purse but maybe its a worn off, She response with an eye roll - neck roll thing. She grabs my ID from the window and begins to stare at that. When I say why everytime I come here there is an issue with you? I said I am in here every morning with no problems and with myself or my card so why is there always a problem with you? At this point she says something (not sure what) and throws my Card and ID back through the window and starts walking away. I ask her for her name and state I will now be making a complaint with the company and her manager. She stands with her back to me for a minute and I continue to ask for her name several times. She shouts out with her back still turned to me and of course with a good neck/head roll "go ahead I dont care". I finally said "thats ok I will still make my complaint they can pull up who you are once I give them the day and time. At that point she spins around and sticks her chest out and says my name is TIFFANY, I smile and said great I will def be making a complaint about you count on that. I dont know if she is just a miserable person or if she was trying to memorize my card and ID info but I dont trust it either way so I will not be returning to that or any BP anytime soon. There are alot of gas stations in this area that I can go to for last minute stuff and this is just what I intend to do. This associate is crazy and I wont put myself into that situation again. And its sad like I said before the day shift folks are really nice and helpful and there is always laughter going on in the morning. Too bad that one bad apple spoils it all.

(506) Katherine Robinson
Wed, 11 July 2012 06:40:25 +0000

I went to BP in little Marlow, Bucks, UK on tuesday 11th July, 2012 at 6.30pm. Because the nearby Shell garage was out of use yesterday, there were long queues leading dangerously out of the petrol forecourt into the main road. In total there were 15 cars at the pumps or queuing for petrol and many drivers were becoming irate at the delays. It took me over 20 minutes to get some petrol. The reason the queues had formed was because of the long line of people waiting at the till to be served. Despite there being two cashiers, only one till was manned during the whole of my time at the garage. When I asked where the other cashier was, I was told he was 'doing something'. This is not an unusual state of affairs at BP Little Marlow. Often there are queues at the one till, yet the other cashier continues with non-urgent jobs, such as sweeping the floor or stacking the shelves, with no regards whatsoever as to the need to provide a service. Also, the staff rarely ask me whther I have a Nectar card (as they are trained to do). Overall, the service in this petrol station is highly unsatisfactory.

(505) Diayne Lemon
Mon, 9 July 2012 16:44:43 +0000

Im so disappointed to be writing a complaint, as i have been a customer of bp for many years and never had a problem. On the 9th of July at 9.49 i contacted heacham (Norfolk) bp to ask what time they closed, the lady said 10pm. So i drove to heacham, got to bp at 9.57. The forcourt lights were on but the shutters were already down and the lady was cashing up. As she see me on the forcourt she turned the lights off. I was on vapours as it was but now i had to find another petrol station before i was stranded for the night. All because she wanted to leave a few mins early. I know it was only 3 minutes but when you have small children and a busy schedule you sometimes have to do things at the last minute. So 10pm should be 10pm not 9.57.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks

Miss Diayne Lemon.

(504) Ian bates
Sun, 8 July 2012 05:43:05 +0000

Hello, i have recenctly been to one of your stations and filled up with £54 of fuel, i recieved a recipt for this but an extremely rude assistant told me the payment did not go through despite the recipt coming through.

He told me i must pay again and now i find i have been charged twice.

Please can you do something about this.

Many thanks

(503) Tina green
Sat, 7 July 2012 13:02:29 +0000

I would like to make a suggestion that will enable people that want to buy petrol from a Petrol Station and not a weekly shop to have an express till so that people like me that use a supermarket to go shopping and a petrol station to fill up are not waiting for 10mins to pay!!! I am getting that I will not use these type of stations whenever poss because of the amount of time I have to wait with 10 people in front with a weekly shop ! Stick to petrol leave the shopping to supermarkets! Thank you annoyed

(502) mrs. domond
Fri, 6 July 2012 15:40:07 +0000

Today I filed a police report against your bp location at 10 th and congress in lake worth fl. The pump malfunctioned and would not stop and gas exploded all over me. My clothes are now ruined and I was late to work from my lunch break. I immediately told the clerk and all he could say was sorry. While gas was every where he did nothing. I had to go home and take a shower. I called the fire dept. Because this could have been very hazardous. There should have been a sign placed on this pump or something so this won't happen to anyone else. I will be pursuing compensation for my distress and ruined clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I saved everything to proves. On top of everything I should not be responsible for the excess gas spillage.

(501) Mrs P Mellor
Fri, 6 July 2012 12:04:00 +0000

I have just visited bp services on the a40 at
Eynsham and the toilet there is disgusting
The sink had dirt an inch thick - the floor has
not been cleaned for what looks like years
The whole thing is do dirty it's a health hazard
I was physically gagging

(500) Pamela
Wed, 4 July 2012 13:23:45 +0000

July 2, 12 my brother went to BP station on the corners of Bloomfield and Summer Ave in Newark NJ. My brother handed the attendant a $10 bill, the attendant put $34.34 worth of gas. My brother called me I had go to him because the attendant would not let him leave. When I got there the attendant was very rude to me when said that if he was given a $10 bill that is all that should have been out into the tank. When the amount is entered into the pump, the pump will turn off. The attendant said that the pump was left to run and that my brother should have stopped it, this is not a self-service station. Well this whole situation ended up with a very rude yelling match between me and the attendant only because he wanted the money that he over charged my brother for. I told my brother not to go to that station anymore. You really need to look into this. Who knows whom else he has done this to.

(499) Sam Chen
Tue, 3 July 2012 07:29:40 +0000

This morning I went to Suitland BP gas station to add gas at pump number 3. The pump shut-off valve malfunctioned and could not stop causing spill out a lot of gasoline. I told the attendant there it was very dangerous and they should also credit back to me the wasted gas. He simply ignored me. The attendant might not have been authorized to do so but the owner of this station is liable. The address of this station is 4801 Silver Hill Rd. Suitland, MD

(498) Pammy
Mon, 2 July 2012 20:36:57 +0000

Today 7/2/12 I got a call from my brother he was a BP on the corner of Bloomfield Ave and Summer Ave in Newark NJ. He handed the attendant a ten dollar bill, the attendant filled the tank $34.34. I go to see what was going on the attendant told me that the pump was left open so the gas flowed. He wanted me to pay him the difference. I told him it was his fault not my brother. I told him if someone says this the amount of gas the amount is put in to the pump and when the amount is reached the pump shuts off. Please look into this station the attendant was very rude and not able to admit his was wrong. I told my Brother not to go there again. I would never go to that station and I am telling my friends not to go to that one.

(497) Mr s Ritchings
Mon, 2 July 2012 16:35:43 +0000

Hi last week I went to the bp petrol station in longlevens, Gloucester where I purchased some diesel there where it being advertised at 136.9 on the big board at the entrance, when I was filling my car the price was infact 146.9 which is surely false advertising. I went into pay and told the cashier who didn't seem too bothered and said he will get someone to look at it. So today I went it and again it was advertised at 136.9 and went to the pump it said 136.9 at the pump but when I lifted the nozzle it went to 146.9 so I only put 15 pound in as this is disgraceful. I told the cashier again and there was no sign of interest and I want to know what is going to be done as this has cost me money and I want compensating for this as if I am not satisfied I am going to trading standards.

(496) Nora Olson
Sat, 30 June 2012 13:49:31 +0000

To whom it may concern: I am a resident in Brookfield, WI and frequently buy my gas from your BP location at 11417 Watertown Plank Road 115th Street of Wauwatosa, WI. I choose this gas station over many others due to the low prices and convenient location. However, I am extremely compelled to make a complaint against the owner after my experience yesterday afternoon. I was a witness to extremely inappropriate behavior by an individual believed to be the manager or “owner” there. As such I feel compelled to report this to you in hopes that action will be taken against this individual. Otherwise I will happily find a new station and company for my gas and I will gladly pass the word on to my many friends, coworkers, and family who support me on this matter.

A man in a black Honda Accord was pulling in to the station lot to pump his gas. As he was pulling into the lot, another individual believed to be the manager or "owner" so to speak of this station, was recklessly pulling into the lot from the opposite entrance. He very rudely took up both lanes and was dangerously swerving his vehicle making it difficult for the other individual attempting to pull in. He was also talking on a cell phone and to the passenger in his car, not paying attention to his surroundings or the other customers. The customer in the black Honda was tentatively pulling in attempting to avoid a collision while also trying to prevent backing up traffic from the road where the back end of his car was stuck since he was not able to pull forward. When it seemed the "manager" had pulled somewhat to one side the man in the black Honda proceeded cautiously to the opposite side. As this occurred the "manager" in his car hazardously and abruptly swerved his vehicle towards the customer in the black Honda. The manager in his vehicle very angrily pointed and threw his hands up in disgust at the customer. The customer thoroughly enraged by the managers inattentive, rude, and dangerous driving that almost caused an accident, replied with a rude hand gesture as well (middle finger). As the man in the Honda finally pulled into a spot in order to pump his gas, the manager rolled down his window and began to yell at the customer making inappropriate accusations. The customer replied angrily. The manager then proceeded to get out of his car and go in to the station and tell the individual working at the time to turn off the pump where the man in the black Honda was attempting to pump his gas. The customer heard the manager saying this to the worker and cancelled his transaction and proceeded to drive away to a gas station down the street to pump his gas.

This is a matter that I believe needs to be dealt with. I will say that I do not fully agree with the actions of the customer in the black Honda (yelling and hand gesture), but I do believe his actions were thoroughly provoked by the inappropriate and dangerous behavior of the manager/owner driving his vehicle. The manager/owner driving his vehicle while talking on the cell phone and to the passenger, was inattentively and dangerously driving his vehicle. This behavior shows his lack of respect for customers, customer satisfaction, and above all safety. This behavior could have resulted in a very dangerous accident as well. Not only was this manager’s driving very negligent, but the way in which he handled his confrontation with the customer was absolutely unnecessary and unprofessional. This could also be said of his belligerent actions to prevent the customer from purchasing gas at this location.

I strongly feel that disciplinary action should be taken against this manager/owner. His negligent, inappropriate, rude, inattentive, and dangerous behavior should not be tolerated. This should be handled with as soon as possible before another unwanted situation occurs. I thought you should know how your company is being represented by its workers, and that this is the type of behavior that your company’s so called “professionals” and workers carry out towards their customers.

This situation urges me to no longer purchase gas from your company and also to encourage others to do the same. This behavior cannot be accepted and I will not support a company that tolerates this. I hope that corrective and disciplinary measures will be taken to avoid such instances and displeasure in the future, and also to prevent your company from losing valued customers.

(495) Michelle Whipple
Sat, 30 June 2012 06:41:56 +0000

Price advertised on the marquee 10 to 15 cents lower than the actual price of the gas appears to be a regular practice of various BP stations on the East coast. When traveling on June 29, 2012, another incident ocurred again with the station at 1381 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY (00004805016.
On that date, the advertised price of regular gas was $5.57 and the pump price was $5.67. I am a regular customer of BP and have a gas card #4266 5142 2276 8773 that i've used for a few years. With that said, the stations cashier accused me of not knowing how to operate the pump, when i complained that the price did not change after i entered my zip code. He than told me that the price would show on the receipt and to go ahead and pump my gas. Very skeptical, i pumped the gas and as i had thought there was no change on the receipt.

I would like the credit of $5.50, the amount that i was over charged, returned to my account. I can sent you the receipt and further discription if warrented.
Thank you,
Michelle Whipple

(494) keith
Fri, 29 June 2012 05:55:54 +0000

Hi, i would like to make a formal complaint against your staff member "JENNY" in the Strood garage in Kent. I went there as i always do today at around 10 am (29/06/12), to jet wash my motorbike. i walked in and Jenny, wouldnt even look at me, i stood there and asked for a jet was token, she said "not with that your not" meaning my bike, i explained i always go there as its my local garage, she said "its too dirty". then she looked away, i told her i thought she was rude and walked out.... i have pictures of my bike to show how not so dirty it was and after cleaing to show how NOT dirty my drive is to show it wasnt TOO DIRTY...i mean, why have a jet wash if you only let clean vehicles there? I feel your staff member JENNY needs to learn manners and stop turning custom away, i always fill mine and my wifes car up there and i was going to fill my bike up too, but i will never go there again unless i get an apology from her, which i deserve. Is it your policy to turn people away from your garages just because i was riding a motorbike? i ask because there was no way she could have seen my bike when i pulled in so therefore only turned me away as i was in motorcycle riding gear? also there was a 4x4 dirtier than my bike on the jet was at the time.....

i look forwad to your reply.


(493) Sally Shelton
Wed, 27 June 2012 15:28:46 +0000

I have been going to the same BP gas station for about two months, since I started Georgia Perimeter College. The address is 4368 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, GA 30338. On multiple occasions I have had TERRIBLE experience there that made me sick to my stomach. First of all, it is very dirty. I had to use the restroom today, walked in and the toilet was covered in brown liquid spots and there were literally 5 bugs flying around in there, toilet paper all over the floor and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in WEEKS! The floors, the beverage glass cabinets everything!! During one experience, the entire rack of bananas fell onto the floor, instead of taking them to the back and washing them, they picked them up off of the filthy floor and put them on the rack. Not only that, but they can barely speak english. When I've seen customers have a problem at the pump, they are not eager to help or even TRY to understand what the customer is saying! they rush you to make a purchase, and decrease from the amount of impulse buys. I will not be returning to this BP because of this incident, and I, as a consumer, would like BP to do something about this issue!

(492) juliet
Wed, 27 June 2012 01:17:19 +0000

Went to the BP in Columbus, OH on the corner of Greenlawn & High, operated by Duchess Shoppes. I stopped at one pump, but there was a sign on it saying the credit card reader didn't work. So I moved my car to another pump. Except all the other pumps on that zone had hoods over them that they weren't working. Same with the next set of pumps. Finally found a working pump at the third set. Swiped my card, was asked for not my PIN but my zip code, entered that. Began pumping. Pump stopped at 99 cents. I jiggled the pump, no response. Squeezed the trigger, no response. Followed the instructions on the sign that said to wait for x amount of time and try again. Did that. No response.

Getting irritated, I went inside to ask what was the deal, see if maybe the clerks could start up the pump for me. One clerk behind the counter was waiting on people and there was a line at his station. The other clerk had a sign in front of his station saying there was no cash in his drawer, and he was just standing there, drinking some huge drink out of a cup with a straw, and talking to some woman who was not buying anything, but also just standing around.

Realizing neither of these people would be any help, I decided to cancel the whole thing. Went back out to the pump, hung up the nozzle, and pushed the button for a receipt. No receipt. This was the limit. So I went back inside.

The guy with the drink was still standing there jawing away, while the other clerk was waiting on a customer. I waited until he was done, then asked for my receipt. He pushed a few buttons on his monitor thing, then was clearly flummoxed. He asked Mr. Soda Pop if he could print a receipt because he didn't know how to get out of the screen he was in. Mr. Soda Pop shifted himself, called up the transaction, and said, "Ninety-nine cents?" in disbelief. I said yes, I wanted my receipt and to get out of there. They rolled their eyes at each other, but eventually Mr. Soda Pop printed out my receipt and handed it to me.

I went to another gas station down the street where, it turned out, the price was 3 cents cheaper.

I should have known that it would have been a bad experience at that BP because the bushes in front of the sign with the price on it hadn't been trimmed, so you couldn't see the price from the road.

(491) D. Burke
Tue, 26 June 2012 19:40:39 +0000

On 6/25/12 I purchased 50.00 worth bad gas at the BP Station on West HWY 166 in Carrollton, GA. I am a regular user at this station and spend appprox 6,000 a year in fuel from this BP store not including other purchases I choose to make there as well. I actually could pay .20 cents a gallon less at a store a few miles down the road but have always liked this store and the friendly employees so choose it instead. I recently purchased a new truck and take much pride in it as I keep it well maintained. After getting gas this day my truck run awful and I was worried if I would make it where I was going. Today I found out it damaged my truck and it will need some professional work done to be repaired. My fuel lines have to be cleaned, filters replaced and gas tank removed so it can be cleaned and my engine has a rattle. I have been notified by a professional mechanic that the lifters will now have to be replaced due to the rough idle it damaged them. I have been a very loyal customer up and would like to continue to be but it's hard to under these circumstances.

(490) ???
Tue, 26 June 2012 11:15:52 +0000

hi i want to complain about the staff at a bp garage in wallasey merseyside on king street my friend has just been alowed to obtain petrol from the pump but then was refused entry to the shop to pay for it ! this has been an ongoing problem for 2 of my friends as the memeber of staff hassnian raza and also his family have a grudge against me as i was married to hassnain and now want a divorce this has been happening since i filed for the divorce and it is not fair that my friends have to suffer i myself do not use this garage anymore but my friends do as it is their local garage

(489) caroline white
Tue, 26 June 2012 06:00:04 +0000

On Friday 8/6/2012 at approx 1400 hrs Ifilled my VW Golf Plus with £40. 80p of what I assumed was diesel fuel at the Blackpole BP garage in Worcester UK. I noticed as I approached the M5 motorway my car engine hesitated twice and again once I got onto the carriageway of the M5. The road was extremely busy and the weather conditions were poor. Just after The Strensham service area the 3 lanes of traffic were stationary and my car's engine stalled and it would not restart. As I was in the central lane this was a serious problem. Luckily the nearside and offside lane's vehicle drivers noticed a problem and pushed my car to the hard shoulder. I left the car and stood in the rain and wind for a long time until the recovery RAC truck picked the car and myself up. The roads were very congested and I felt very vulnerable as I was travelling alone.

My vehicle was delivered to my home in Cornwall on a recovery lorry the next morning. I was going on holiday on Monday 11th of June to France and I contacted the garage where i have a car warranty and agreed to get the car examined on my return.

Yesterday the vehicle was transported to the garage in Penzance by the RAC. They phoned later to inform me that there was PETROL in my tank. My receipt clearly shows that the diesel pump was used.

This incident had the potential to be extremely dangerous. As well as the damage to the car it has been a frighteneng and stressful experience. Irang the Worcester garage this morning and the person I spoke to was foreign and I don't think understood what I was saying. His attitude was rude and dismissive and he asked me to ring back as he had a customer. There must have been several incidents where customers had used what they assumed was the diesel fuel pump.
on that day.
Please give this matter your immediate attention.


Caroline White - Mrs.

(488) abbas rasool
Mon, 25 June 2012 21:16:07 +0000

as i am customer and bp petrol staion big fan because ur petrol have quality.
my complaint is i went to ur one of brance
in gatwick airport south
the member of staff name i think RAM if im not wrong
he is so rude he didnot say hello or hi there any meet and greet even i try to speak to him but he did not give me answer and was
pointing me to credit card mechine to press pin cod
he was not even saying a single word.he was doing this behave with every customer
but he like to speak to other member staff but not customer.So please give him lesson
iam not realy happy seems i have to skip BP gatwick south brance but cant stop buying
BP petrol.
my request you to please check recording
26/06/12 time was 12:25AM NIGHT

(487) Danny Alexander
Sun, 24 June 2012 13:55:52 +0000

My family and I were returning from holiday in Florida and we stopped at Exit 261 on I-95. We pulled into the BP Station immediately at the end of the exit ramp, turning left from the North Bound lane of I-95. My Son needed gas for his vehicle and I had two of my Grandchilden, ages 9 and 7, in my vehicle who required a restbreak. We were met with an extremely impolite, brash and self-centered operator who would not let them use the facilities becuase I was not buying gas. He hen complained that my Son did not use a BP card. Heated exchange of word then occurred and he told me that we should not have used his facilities unless something was purchased because he must pay the water bill. I explained that he represented BP to the traveling public and he should change his method of dealing with the public or his career could be over faster than expected due to no customers wanting to stop and purchase BP products or any other items he sold. I would advise NO ONE EVER stop at exit 261 on I-95. That man is a disgrace to BP and customer service. I also repoted him to a number I found on the door which was a Florida company, presumedly responsible to monitor as well, and they told us we would receive a call on Monday. We'll see! BP you should rid yourself of this operator or face further complaints.

(486) Kevin Chandler
Tue, 19 June 2012 17:54:12 +0000

I wish to register a complaint against the BP petrol station at Harlow on the A414 just off the M11 motorway. On Monday 18th June at about 3.40pm I was attempting to fill a company vehicle with diesel. Suddenly the pump (no. 1 if anyones interested reviewing this from the mighty BP) stopped shortly after pulling on the handle. What a coincidence I thought and then promptly told the adjacent motorist that it appears they have run out of fuel! No problem I thought I would go and pay for my £9.49 worth of diesel and then have to stop at a rivals station to complete the job!

Any way on arrival at the payment desk I queued behind a person just wanting a sandwich. The woman cashier asks them to go to another till to complete the payment. When it was my go the same cashier (middle aged woman about 5 foot 2 tall with a very prominent foreign accent (middle eastern I think!)) says that everything has stopped working. She went on to say to her supervisor that she didn't mean to push the red button under the counter and she only pressed it once! In that moment the incompetent woman managed to shut down all petrol filling pumps, the means of controlling them and paying for the fuel that had just been put in my tank. Well done BP or whoever owns the franchise for this station for putting such an incompetent person on one of your cash tills and pump controls. You must be really proud of her losing you all that business while absolutely no one appeared to have a clue what was going on.

I was then asked to fill out a non payment form used by the Police in the event of criminals leaving without paying. This is so that I can put myself out again and go back to the petrol station and pay for the fuel I had taken before the incompetent woman managed to single handedly disable the entire petrol station with the push of one little red button!!

Thanks BP for wasting a good 30 minutes of my day waiting for your incompetent staff to sort out the debacle, which was not satisfactory for me as I still have to put myself out to go back soon to pay or run the risk of my collar being felt by the rozzers!!

Question for the Customer Services person, who do I send my invoice to to recapture the time BP caused me to stand waiting for your incompetent staff to not sort this mess out? As time is money and 45 minutes of my time (30 mins waiting at the station to get a police form and then a further 15 minutes at the next petrol station to complete filling up my tank) equates to in the region of £17.00? Almost double the amount of fuel I will end up paying for!

As I'm the little insignificant one here and BP are the almighty giant of the the petroleum industry and probably don't give a flying fudge cake...I don't expect for one second anything will be done about reimbursing my costs or removing the incompetent staff from this petrol station. I'm sure the red button is there for good reason and not for that stupid woman to play with!

Your reply is eagerly awaited!

(485) Jonathan
Tue, 19 June 2012 13:28:35 +0000

Store #6891 (Cliffdale Road, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Denise (BP employee) is constantly on the phone, ignores customers and has a very bad attitude. This needs to be addressed and corrected immediately. My experience is horrid and I may no longer visit my local BP.

Very Unsatisfied and Annoyed Customer

(484) Joshua Delong
Tue, 19 June 2012 00:42:46 +0000

As I do twice a week, I visited GP Gas Station on Sumneytown Pk and Broad Street in Lansdale PA to fill up my tank. At this point in the week I was at the line just before the "E" symbol on my gas gauge. Like normal I put in my Credit card information and selected regular gas and begin to fill up. I let the pump run automatically while I watched the output Gallons indicator rise. Eventually I noticed that the tank was filling up to 12Gals then to 13Gals and so on. I only have a 12.6 Gallon tank and i arrived with a small amount of gas in the take. So this number is impossible. I pressed the trigger on the handle to release the automatic pumping and the number continued to climb. I then proceeded into the station to retrieve the attendant for assistance. After explaining that the numbers were still climbing on the pump, even though the pump wasn't putting any gas out. The attendant then hit the tubing connecting the trigger to the machine and the numbers stopped increasing. In the end the machine registered 15.171 gallons taken with a fuel sale of $50.96. I explained that this is impossible since I only have a 12gal tank. The male attendant told me to check my gauge to see how much gas was in the car. It was at 3/4 tank which he witnessed. He took my information and told me the manager was at the bank and he would have to wait for her approval to refund the overage amount. While I was at work I called BP at 16:30hrs asking for an update. The manager was aware of the situation and despite not calling me back right away. They determined that I should only receive a $10 refund. I explained the math used to calculate the difference owed and told her I should receive $19.12 bank (See Math Below). She then informed me that for arguing with her I wouldn't get anything back and that she was doing this out of kindness and accused me of my fuel gauge being broken. As well as the fact that people have been continually using the pump since the time I departed.
Later I returned to the station after work and I was surprised to discover the pump station had an out of service covering on it. seems it was truly broken after all.

12.6 Gallon Tank (Kia Soul 2010)
3/4 filled up = 75% = .75
12.6 x .75 = 9.45 Gallons filled
15.171 - 9.45 = 5.721 Gallons Overcharged
5.721 x $3.359 (per gallon) = $19.21 over charged

(483) Kathy Hawkins
Mon, 18 June 2012 18:40:25 +0000

Went to the BP at 1401 Chouteau Ave in St Louis, MO Friday June 15, 2012 around 2 p.m.
Card reader was authorizing my husbands card but pump would not come on. When I went to the attendant to ask what the problem was He told me no debit, no credit, none of the card readers work. Desperate for some gas I gave him $20 cash and told him I wanted $20 worth on pump 5. He had me point to the grade I wanted and I returned to my vehicle to pump gas. He would never turn the pump on. I returned to the building to ask him to turn it on. I had to tap on the glass to get him to acknowledge me. I ask him to turn the pump on. Still ignoring me, I stood in front of the other customers and tapped on the glass again telling him to turn the pump on or give me back my $20. He produced the $20 bill I gave him, folded, from his pocket!!I let him know what I thought of him, calling him a bad name and returning to my car. He was a hispanic man who was pretending not to understand English very well. Probably hoping I was some dumb white chic who would just walk away without my money. I've been in this situation before in Memphis, TN in a predominantly black neighborhood and the gas attendant refused to sell me gasoline, this was also a BP. What I can't believe is how BP tolerates this ignorant behavior out of it's franchise owners and employees, still in the 21st century. Are we not all over the prejudice thing yet? Seriously, these people should be fired. I expect to return to St. Louis in July and August and if I stop at this gas station again. I expect to be served and not ripped off.

(482) Kenan Sonar
Sun, 17 June 2012 17:30:42 +0000

I put in (45.43) petrol in my car some time during may and i was wondering why they took out the money 2 days ago (15th june 2012). why did they not take the transaction out after the petrol was put it rather than a month later? this has really frsutrated me and irritated me. only last week i put in 17.02 and they managed to take it out straight away. i am confused at why it took so long for you to take out 45.43 from my account? I now have to pay a fine because the money did not come out.

(481) Ernesto
Sat, 16 June 2012 08:46:08 +0000

Yesterday 6-15-12 I went to fill up at the station on SW 57th AVE and 13 street (Miami, FL) and the prices were way off. Outside the sign said $3.39 per gallon and in reality they are charging you $3.49 per gallon, I have the receipt and pictures that i took from the sign. Why are they stealing from us? WITHOUT US, THEY ARE NOTHING!!! I will never use BP again, its a chame because i have been with you guys since amoco, but i work way too hard for them to be taking my money like that on my face. When i went inside and ask the cashier, he responded with a big smile that i had to pay cash to get that price of $3.39. THERE WAS NO SIGN OF ANY FORM SAYING SUCH THING.... IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?


(480) Vicki V
Sat, 16 June 2012 04:24:57 +0000

My family and I stopped at the station at 1073 Little Rock St off of I-40 east of Little Rock, Arkansas. The restrooms were atrocious. We wound up leaving to another station across the street. The attendant on night shift was so busy playing solitaire on her phone she couldn't be bothered to look up with the slightest greeting, let alone put away the mop standing in the middle of the restroom hallway or the bucket beside it. The mirrors were disgusting. The floors were very littered and sorry, but little girls have to sit. Not in that bathroom. The stalls were filthy and seats. The bowls were full of other peoples leavings. This is my first complaint to a corporation like yours in my 33 years of life. That should tell you how bad it was. At 4 am there was not but one other person in there. There is no reason for her to ignore customers and severely neglect her duties. Just in case you want to figure out who the clerk is this occurred on June 16th at 4 am.

(479) Chef
Thu, 14 June 2012 22:00:14 +0000

Just left this location at about 10:10pm. Was buying a bottled beer that was in a large cooler at the front of the store. This store is located in my neighborhood so I visit on a regular basis and buy the same beer at the same price at least once a week. This particular evening the cashier tells me that the beer $1.62 instead of the $.99 like I have been buying for the past year. Then continues to insult me by telling me to read the sign(hand printed), "It says .99 cents for CAN beer." WELL, needless to say the sign reads and has always read "16oz BEER .99 Cents" WELL, needless to say there isn't any 16oz CAN BEER in that cooler and never has been. Then he proceeded to tell me that I was stupid and didn't know what I was talking about and cursed me out of the store. I used this store to fill up my truck at least 2x a week, lottery tickets and beer. Needless to say I won't be going back there or any BP again. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EXPERIENCE THE RUDE EMPLOYEES AT BP BUT IT WILL BE THE LAST. Quick Trip (QT) has much better service. No employee name (didn't have a name tag on) LOCATION:
1111 Moreland Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 627-5545

(478) Kyle Boyce
Thu, 14 June 2012 11:45:38 +0000

At your BP Gas location on Rts. 113 & 20 in Millsboro, DE, I had a very unpleasant experience.

Upon entering the store to pay for gas, I forgot to check the gas pump #. I informed the cashier that I forgot to look and asked if she could please put $30 on 'that' pump over there.

She looked at me with a very unpleasant demeanor and stated "Next time you need to check before you come in."

I stated that because of poor customer service, I would take my business elsewhere, to which she said "Thank you" in an arrogant tone.

I realize she does not represent BP as a whole, but I was not pleased with her service.

(477) Samantha
Wed, 13 June 2012 17:37:29 +0000

I don't have a complaint about the gas, but everytime I go to the BP at the corner of my block it sucks. First off I use to go there a lot as a kid and I remember buying a pack of instant soup and moths flying out of it, then one time the chocolate I bought was melted, and now I just bought sour patch kids and they are 4 months old :(. This is why I will always go to 7/11 instead that is rather 2 blocks away.. sorry and service sucks.

(476) Mrs Sandhya Kalsi
Wed, 13 June 2012 05:46:25 +0000

Sorry to say we had terrible experience at bp petrol station, London Road, Guildford, GU4, United Kingdom on 12/06/12. My mother in law was doing school run around 8am and filled her car at the bp station. She went to pay and her card didn't work. She was embarrassed already with the situation where staff became very rude.

Lots of customers were in and out but rudeness didn't stop there. She requested staff that she would drop the boy to school and come back to deal with the matter but staff didn't listen and kept on asking her to read the statement regarding payment or they will call the police.

My mother in law rang me at home but the man I spoke to said she has to pay. I asked him to take payment from my card through the phone to which he replied that he can not do that either. We also said that we will come and pay the bill within an hour as of high peak traffic time and let her go, to which he replied he cannot do that either. Again, We requested that he takes car details and we will come and pay the bill. He still didn't agree.

I asked to speak to his manager to which he replied there was no manager. I also asked what policy bp has if bp's cash till were to break and customer cannot pay? Which he simply didn't answer. Finally he said he will ask his colleague and told me that my mother in law can leave her any valuable item as guarantee and she could be allowed to leave. By this time it was 0820am. My mother in law had to leave her mobile phone as a guarantee and she was allowed to leave.

It took 20 minute of embarrassment to resolve this matter for a 65 year old woman and I had to intervene through phone. My father in law went promptly and paid the amount within an hour. Shame I am sure it could have resolved in better way. Is bp's customer service training this futile?

(475) Robin Worth
Mon, 11 June 2012 13:53:23 +0000

I have filed a complaint with the store owner in Rock Hill, SC regarding one of their cashiers approaching several married men while she was working for sexual favors. There has been nothing done about the situation at all. This is not right and nor should a cashier be aloud to do something like this without any verbal warning. I am highly disappointed in BP and I will never go back to any of these gas stations because of this.

(474) Jack Slupek
Sun, 10 June 2012 22:28:07 +0000

I have been an employee of several franchise BP's and a customer and have tried to be patient for a situation to correct itself at my local store. I live in the USA in OHIO near your Landen store on Montgomery RD. I would prefer to talk to someone privately and handle this without smearing the BP name. I just want to handle this and hopefully see the changes.

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