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(623) jay
Sun, 9 September 2012 21:00:42 +0000

After filling with cash prepayed, receipt requested does not show the amount of gallons pumped. This has occurred several times before. The station #00009169467 is located in Forest Park, Illinois at 7204 W. Washington. This station is my most convenient BP. Please have corrected so I don't have to drive out of my way

(622) charles saxton
Sun, 9 September 2012 19:09:40 +0000

im making a complainant about an employee by the name of kelly johnson who works for 530 north western in lake forest i just dont understand why you have her working for the company and she stole from her last two jobs tj max and most recent she scammed a senior citzen out of more than ten thousand dollars therw home care givers in waukegan which was her last job before she start working for you guys bp she has already stole 20 dollars from her register with in her first week and her boss let it slide this is a very bad look for bp she is also under investigation for snap fraud right now i plan on contacting the media asap i just wanted to give you guys a heads up so u can't say you didn't know how do you think ur customers would feel if they knew you had a person like that workung for the company

(621) Patrick Venturelli
Sun, 9 September 2012 15:19:49 +0000

I have been buying BP Gas for years and have been going to a staion at Indianapolis and Route 30 in Schererville IN.

This station has turned into a drug head shop and it is a disgrace and not what I believe BP wants to represent.

Please look into this and put a stop to this. Soon this BP gas station will start selling Bath Salts and other Legal drugs that are killing our youth.

PLEASE PLEASE tell me that BP has a policy on this kind of junk being sold in their stations.

BP has always did the right thing and now it is time to take a stance!!!


Patrick Venturelli
Very Concerned long time customer

Sat, 8 September 2012 22:42:50 +0000


(619) Richard Gary
Sat, 8 September 2012 18:36:39 +0000

I visited my local ARCO station to make a purchase of unleaded gas at $3.899 / gal. The button I had to press to start the pumping of the gas showed $3.899 / gal. Once I started pumping, the price automatically changed to $3.999 / gal. I ended up getting 7 gallons before I could stop it. My purchase ended up costing me 76.27 cents more than it should have. The representative inside said she couldn't help me, and that I should "just leave." This is not a lot of money, but for this tiny amount, ARCO (and by extension, BP) has demonstrated two things:
1. Neither company trains their representatives to deal with customer issues appropriately.
2. Neither company will get any of my family's business in the future.
I fully expect no response from anyone from either company. Neither should you.

(618) joseph sullivan
Fri, 7 September 2012 15:30:41 +0000

I bought bad gas from Bp in cedar lake in. That's only the start the really bad thing is when I tried to get the truck fixed. It took almost two weeks to get them to agree to have it fixed and pay for it out of their pockets. Now the truck has been done for 9 days waiting for payment from them.it has been a horrible expierience and still no truck. Everytime I talk to them I get different answers and an attitude.

(617) Kanwar
Fri, 7 September 2012 07:09:42 +0000

Bp on high street prahran... The guy never let anyone use the toilet... Always say its out of order... Though he never put any sign on the door... Pls check ...Thanks... Kanwar...0406501980

(616) Talesha
Thu, 6 September 2012 14:58:27 +0000

I bought some gas from bp in late August and my car has hard ideling nd an horrible tickin noise my car sometimes won't stay started pleas. Fix this I only have one means of transportation and a job to get to.....

(615) martin worgan
Thu, 6 September 2012 05:36:05 +0000

I was using the petrol station in kidderminster on the worcester road, next to mcdonalds to wash my car when the jet wash swallowed 2 pound of my money. I'm not bothered about the money just when I went to complain the boss on at the time "11:00 am on 6/09/2012"
Was extremely rude and branded me a liar. I am so disgusted that I will never use that garage again and warn people about it as he didn't want to hear what I had to say and as it goes I thought the customer is always right.

Regards Martin Worgan

(614) Rod
Thu, 6 September 2012 05:12:21 +0000

I went to the Hoppers Crossing station, corner of derimut and sayers road just now to fill up $90 in my tank. As soon as i opened my door and got out I had the service operator look at me, the whole time i was filling my tank he was watching me like a hawk, 3 bowsers away was another person filling up their tank "an indian decent" person never once did they look at him. Just as i finished filling up i walk around to my car door to get my wallet out and out comes the other attendent to the door pretending to read the newspaper i saw the operator behind the counter point to me and directed the other attendant to go and get a look at me or my car to get my rego. Every time i go there i feel like im a criminal, these indians that operate these stations think that all us aussies a re criminals thats going to steal there petrol. I walk in he looked straight at me to get a good look at me. I looked him in the eye. This behavour of them thinking they are above the law and think everyone is out to steal is ridiculous. And the thing is the other person never got looked at!! i wonder why??? Im not racists but these operators make me feel like i have to be. Hard working honest people and we get treated like criminals. Its disgusting.

(613) Alex Seth
Wed, 5 September 2012 09:36:04 +0000

I would like the Directors and SMT of BP know that the staff at the BP garage in Gerrards Cross, Bucks regularly close 20 mins ahead of published closing time. It's not good customer service, goes against the published opening times (so if it's your policy to close up to 30 mins before the published times, then please say so), and doesn't help your financial bottom line (staff/operating fixed costs - minus the loss in business revenue in turning customers away because they can't fill up). I think it's time that someone reminded your GX staff that they are in the business of selling petrol and other services, and not in the business of knocking off early...

Thanks in advance.

(612) Chris
Wed, 5 September 2012 05:57:58 +0000

Whenever I want to refuel with LPG at 100 Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 3QA there is NEVER working refuel tank!! Why announce the price of LPG if in fact I cannot get it? Never works! NEVER! I tried twice in June, July, August NEVER! I always have to go to Patcham, to BP Mill road, Brighton and Hove! And at Mill road - ATTABOYS!! They are always polite, and always LPG working!!! I have a complain about petrol, how much I'm using to always go from BP Lewes road to Mill road!!! It's disquisting! Why announce LPG on your wall, if you cannot provide?

(611) Chrissie Ball
Tue, 4 September 2012 10:32:00 +0000

After my 2012 Camry not starting up 2 weeks ago after getting off work. I saw my check engine light displayed. There was shaking and vibration, rough drive as if it would stall anyminute.So I went to the Toyota dealer very pissed at them. Thinking they had sold me a car with recall issues, only to find out about some bad gas problem tested and handed to me in a plastic container, along with an estimate bill of $700 to fix the problem. So my next question to them was "Am I covered under warranty" since I just bought the car 3months ago and it was brand new? Nope The warranty did not cover that. I have no extra cash just sitting around and that was the main reason I bought the new car to avoid costly repairs, since I work 62 miles oneway from my house and a single mother. I called BP right away, thinking they would fix the problem right away. They took some info from me and said an adjuster would be callin me back. Its been 2 weeks and no call, no email, nothing. So I called them, the rep said he was only taking complaints and there was no supervisor I could speak to. This is total Bulls**t! My car is still running rough and Im on pins and needles the entire drive to my job. How can a billion dollar company NOT have a better system in place to handle issues like these? Im not looking for a handout or free money, i just want to have my car fixed so that I dont loose my job. My car is my bread and butter so I need it to get to work. There is no public transportation for the hours I work. I have some receipts for gas I purchased, not sure which stations have bad gas. But what about the times I paid in cash? They dont normally give you a receipt. Since this incident, I have only bought gas from the Shell Stations. So what is next? Do I just sit and wait for months or years for someone to get back to me on this issue? I Do Not Have The MONEY to get my car repaired and wait for reimbursment. I am living paycheck to paycheck like so many other Americans...except for BP.

(610) Ashley McAdams
Sun, 2 September 2012 21:01:44 +0000

I have purchased gas several times from several different BP locations, as a former employee of BP it is the only gas station I use.My vehicle has recently had its engine light turn on, I had it hooked up to several diagnostic machines from Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, and O'Reileys and have had the same answer, something with the fuel line. I have put fuel injector cleaner in, chaned the air filter (i heard that - could cause it) and made some minor fixes. My vehicle still idles weird and the engine light has turned back on after havong it reset. Im not sure who exactly to contact but would like some feedback on what to do.
Thank You,
Ashley McAdams

(609) Keiya
Sat, 1 September 2012 09:25:34 +0000

I am disabled and got bad gas from BP. BP is the only gas that i use and it totally screwed up my vehicle. Now my car wont start because I was a faithful customer to BP. I got an email stating that someoen was supposed to get back to me but no one ever did. The bad gas is not only in Indian its in Chicago. My car was running great before.

(608) Kim Q
Fri, 31 August 2012 18:31:27 +0000

I bought gas at the BP in Indianapolis like i do every week. A few days later my car is running rough and stalling. Then i see on the news that BP is selling tainted gas! Seriously?!?! i go to the site praying its not the station i got gas from and what do you know....its the one i went to! Called BP to file a claim and was told an adjustor would call me. I wait a few more days and call back and find out that they never even entered my claim! So, i do it all over again. Then they tell me to take my car to the dealership where i bought it, have them fix it, and then have them fax BP all my information for payment. So I call my dealership and they said they wont fix it until payment is paid in full upfront. Well, I am a single mom struggling to make ends meet and dont have that $350-$2000 (as quoted from the BP claims agent) that it will take to fix the car. So now I have a car that i cannot drive to work and still have to py the car note on it on time. If i cant get to work i dont get paid. if i dont get paid, i cant pay bills and feed my kids.
if i cant pay the bills we get evicted. if i cant feed my kids i am being neglectful. Cant believe this is happening to me. I just work everyday, raise my kids on low pay, and put gas in my car every week. i live too far from work to walk and dont own a bike. And the messed up thing is i had to pay my stupid car payment yesterday and cant even drive the car now! This is so unfair. I have no idea what to do now.

(607) Karen stgeorge
Fri, 31 August 2012 07:03:14 +0000

I only get a smallamount of gas from the BP in Neosho wis at a time. My car has the engine light going on daily for the past few weeks. Then the car started riding rough, to the point that we changed the coil packs (recomened by a mechacnic) along with new sparkplugs and wires. This at the cost of $150.00 did not help the problem. After my sons detecting, we found almost no color or ordor to the gas. WATER!!! with a hint of gasoline. What are you going to do BP?

(606) Keeran
Fri, 31 August 2012 05:31:00 +0000

I was driving in to central London in a courtesy car, the wind screen was filthy and when I went to use the screen wash there was nothing in it. This made it VERY difficult to see, I then approach your petrol station on Vauxhall Bridge street. I tried to wipe my screen with my tissue however the screen would not clear. I then bought a bottle of water from the petrol station in order to try and clean my screen. When trying to do so and VERY aggressive and angry employee of yours ran out and started shouted that I had to get out, this wasnt a car wash, that the water made the floor slippery (even though we were out side and if it were to ran the floor would get wet any way) and I wasnt a paying customer even though I had bought the large bottle of water from your station. He then proceeded on to say that if we did not leave he would call the police. I then asked to speak to his manager as i was EXTREMELY unsatisfied with his customer service and to be honest lack of manners! He then went on to say it was none of my business, you dont need him. He then hurried back in to the store, where my sister then went in and asked for the number for customer services/complaints. He then said again that was none of her business and that he wasnt authorised to give it. The employees name said it was Vijay but was very reluctant to give it.

I am utterly appalled by the service that i had received whilst at your petrol station. I was a paying customer and could not see out of my wind screen which was a hazard whilst driving. I hope this complaint is taken very seriously as we were two young girls and felt extremely intimate by your angry and aggressive employee Vijay!

(605) June
Thu, 30 August 2012 18:12:04 +0000

I wish to complain about the owner of the BP station in Englewood, Ohio. I was in a funeral procession and my car had been making a funny noise, so I pulled into the first station available and raised the hood. My newphew pulled in behind me as he didn't want to leave me stranded. I live 40 miles from where we had the funeral.I raised the hood to look inside and my nephew told me to park it there till we got back from the cemetary. A guy who was outside ask us to pull it up in back of the station which I did and before I could leave the owner came out and rudly told me I couldn't leave it there. We told him we would be back to get it after the grave service and he told me he would have it towed. He wanted us to give him an exact time we could come back and get it, but we didn't know since we still have a few miles to get to the town where he was being buried. He cussed out my nephew and his girlfriend, so we just took my car to the next town. I feel he was truly out of line in his actions. We were not dumping the car, we were trying to get to the cemetary with all the others. I have never been treated so bad in an emergency and will NEVER give anyone a recommendation for BP stations!

(604) scott wakefield
Thu, 30 August 2012 15:59:59 +0000

A rude console operator at bp , little boundr rd .My wife rang me with an emergency , i told her i would ring her back as i was filling up he shut the pumps down. When i went in to see him he raised his voice and threatend to not validate my fuel next time also to ring my boss and tell him i threatend him in the company vehicle. He told me the whole site was no phones no smoking , i asked what about the truck parking area . He thought that was a smart arse answer and that ead why i copped the attitude .I currently use about $7500 of diesel a fortnight and my boss has about 12 trucks using bp cards

Thu, 30 August 2012 13:10:19 +0000

I'm writing to let you know of a subpar gas station. The station of topic is the Bp station at 14299 Lagrange rd Orland Park Il 60462. I have lived in the area for over a decade and for a long time it was the only station I would fill up at and the only convient store i would visit. So well over $1500 a year I spent at your station with my personal vehicle, and then on top of that my work vehicle, I would fill it up there as well. About 2 years ago I stopped going due to an incompitent staff. The staffing changed and the people that replaced the old staff could not speak english, smelled terrible of B.O. and routinely would adjust prices at the register stating the price was incorrect. So I stopped visiting the station and took my buisness up the road to Shell/Circle K. Well last week I attempted to give your station another try. Well not much has changed the cashier was rude and seemed to not care if he had my buisness or not. He was closing a cash drawer from what I could tell, then took a personal phone call from his cell phone. All the while myself and three other customers stood in a line waiting for this man. Once he finally did acknowledge the line of customers he got into a verbal altercation with the man infront of me for changing a price. He was rude to that man and he broke the law. If a price is listed on a shelf that is the price you must sell it for. So I then had my turn to pay for my items. The cashier then started to try and bring me into his altercation to side with him, and I tried to just ignore him but he persisted so I calmy told him that the customer was correct and that him (the cashier) that he was wrong. He then became rude with his tone and stated how he felt he was right. I should mention I am a law enforcement officer and was in uniform and feel that is why the cashier was trying to get me involved. I just believe that Bp needs to know of an ongoin situation that is occuring. I have never had any buisness treat me like that. Now I am not saying they should treat me any different than anyone else its that I feel totally ripped off and ofended at this store. I want you to know I will no longer go back to BP due to the treatment I have recieved at this store.

(602) Brian Robsion
Thu, 30 August 2012 11:07:43 +0000

I want to know who is paying the repair bills on our car after buying gas from our local bp gas station


(601) Laura Leonardo
Wed, 29 August 2012 21:57:57 +0000

the lady at the BP on dayton pike in soddy daisy, tn with the drawn on eyebrows is the rudest and most unpleasant person i have ever had the experience of dealing with on a daily basis. in the future i will drive the extra 2 miles to go to another gas station.

(600) Sean Evan
Tue, 28 August 2012 14:25:05 +0000

I am an employee at BP in london and i would like to complain about how much food i have to put to waste because of this STUPID 4 hour waste policy and employees are not even allowed to eat it or take it home or we get in trouble. CHANGE THIS STUPID RULE there are children dying who would rather eat 4 hours old food rather than throw it! bloody un-fit for human consumption policy

(599) Oscar
Tue, 28 August 2012 10:16:56 +0000

I obtained gas t BP on 14299 S, La Grange Rd in Orland Park on Tuesday 14th. On friday, 17th i noticed my car had a very hard start and shaky engine, as well the engine light turned on. I took it to the dealer right of way, since i thought that couldn't be a good sign since my car is a brand new 2013 Hyundai Elantra. After they check the car, they told me they could find any problems with it. On Saturday 18th, i filled my car at BP station on 47th & Western Ave. Chicago, IL. The following morning, i noticed my car had the same problem as friday, but worse. So i decided to take it the following day to the dealer, where now they say they found a misfire on so on.
At the time, on monday I heard about the BP gas being contaminated, so i put it together and realized it had to be the gas i obtained in the prior days. I made a complaint with BP, and i rep called me within 24 hours and gave me a Claim number.
NO i haven't hear from them, ad i had to pay out of packet $408.00, money i had already designated for other purposes. I been try to reach them with no luck at all. NO i'm wondering how long BP will take to fix their mistakes.
They claim they will be responsible for all expenses related to BP gas.
Are they will be responsible for late fees from Credit cards, and other fees we will be penalized for not making payment on time? since we use that money to fixed BP gas mistake.

Has anyone been compensated by BP already?

(598) Sergio Gloria
Mon, 27 August 2012 14:42:35 +0000

August 25 Filled tank at Ocala Fl area BP gas station 10347 N.US 27 soon after engine started running bad Aug 27 Mechanic drained tank full of bad orange fuel

(597) Brian Johnson
Mon, 27 August 2012 14:24:05 +0000

Dear Sir. I recently phurchase gasoline from a missouri B.P gasoline station and now my car is running rough and seem to be misfiring. I took my car in for an estimate and the cost for repairs run about $400.00. I was told it was from bad gas. SDo I am makink a formal compliant to try and retify the situtation
Thank you in advance for your cooperation Brian Johnson

(596) Jimmy Williams
Mon, 27 August 2012 14:17:19 +0000

Hello my name is Jimmy Williams During the month of July and august I purchase gasoline from our local B.P. station and now I am experiencing preomblem with my car. It is running rough and seem to be missing the price for repairs was estimated at $400.00 to repair and I had heard about the distribution of bad gas across the midwestern States

(595) Rick Belanski
Mon, 27 August 2012 10:06:56 +0000

I want to complain about the BP station at 3100 S. Cicero, in Cicero, IL 60804. The last three times I have tried to use "pay at the pump", no receipt, at a different pump each time.

The last time when I complained about it, the clerk said, "we are very busy here". Right. Just 10 seconds earlier, when I walked in to get my receipt, he was standing there, yawning: "Busy", my ass.

It might seem like a minor thing, but...what is the point of "pay at the pump" if I have to keep coming into the store to get a receipt?

(And then get a BS reason for it, too!)

Rick Belanski
Chicago, IL

P.S. I am not trolling for coupons or free gas or anything else -- just tell this station to put some damn receipt paper in the pump printer, so I can buy my gas and be on my way. Simple, right?

Gravatar (594) Bob
Sun, 26 August 2012 21:08:32 +0000

I have purchased Premium gas at one of your stations. My motorcycle is running rough, sputtering out or dieing at a stop light. This is very bad for a motorcycle driver and has possible personal injury. I am going to have the gas replaced and engine checked out. How do I get compensation?

(593) Carlos Garner
Sun, 26 August 2012 07:19:04 +0000

During the end of July and August months I purchased gas from this oil company! Recently after this been experiencing ruff idle on ignition which is causing a constant tick noise. Outcome is repair part & labor will be $350.00, this is very disturbing. Consumers should be compensated for such unforeseen car or truck damage!!

(592) Shena Carr
Sat, 25 August 2012 09:52:53 +0000

I bought gas on Tuesday August 21,2012 from a bp gas station on 71st and state street my car start running bad on Thursday august 23,2012 when i started it before going to work it was shaking and cutting off took to mechanic and the them what happen and they said if i put the bad gas in my car from bp u have water in your gas tank i have got x amount of dollar of work put in my car do to the careless mistake of letting this gas getting distributed to your customers i will like to here from someone to reimburse me the unnecessary money i had to spend when my car was running perfectly fine before i put the bad gas in my car i will be calling to follow up.

(591) Shirley Parker
Sat, 25 August 2012 06:12:32 +0000

Last Saturday (18/8) I went to the Fourways garage in Corby, Northants to buy a cylinder of gas for my bbq. i am a regular customer as I live just up the road. James and another guy served me. There was only one left but it didn't seem heavy enough to be full and we had a 5-10 min discussion as to whether we thought it was or not. I decided that if it wasn't empty it must be full. None of us had any idea how much a plastic cylinder should weigh! To exacerbate the problem, the label shows 10kg which isn't very much at all so we went ahead with the sale.
Using the cylinder on the Sunday, we realised that in actual fact it only had about a third in it. I telephoned on the Monday, again on the Tues and finally got the manager (Dawn) on the Wed.
I tried to explain the situation but was rudely cut off by Dawn saying that you only sell full cylinders. I again tried to explain that there had been some discussion about whether it was full or not, verified by James. She still insisted that you couldn't have possibly sold one less than half full as they are all tagged. We argued for some minutes with me getting crosser by the minute as she was rude and was questioning my honesty and that really wound me up. She finished by saying that she would check with James and the CCTV.
I then phoned your customer services, to have the foreign girl back up the manager saying I must have used the gas as you DO NOT sell half full cylinders! She refused to put me through to a supervisor or a manager.
Now I was LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn then phoned me back to say CCTV and James had verified my version and she could give me a £10 voucher as there might be a problem with the cylinder. That just added insult to injury and I refused. I wanted it replacing. She eventually apologised for questioning my honesty but only after I got angry over her still arguing over how much I had used on the Sunday! GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!
I picked up a replacement today and spoke to James. I was told that BP knew a half empty had gone out but were not sure where it went to. ME!!!!!!!!!!
So............ You REALLY do need to send not only your manager on a PR course but also your customer services team as well. 'The customer is always right' is obviously NOT your policy and the only person to come out of this with any praise is James. He apologised profusely and gave me a bottle of wine as way of apology. He will make a good manager in the future!

(590) imrightbob
Fri, 24 August 2012 12:50:41 +0000

Filled up with gas on 2 a day apart with 2 different cars. Is it coincidence that both of my car has knocking and taking an OBDII scanner shows that there are misfires on both cars. I thought they were bad coil packs on both VW's but how does all 4 cylinders go bad @ the same time, they are independent from one another. Tainted Gas!!!

(589) Kai Jackson
Fri, 24 August 2012 10:31:02 +0000

I purchased a full tank of gas for my Nissan Armada truck from the BP on 35 and King Drive in Chicago on Friday, August 17 and within a day or my truck begin running horribly. On Sunday, August 19 it wouldn't start at all. Finally got it to turn over on Monday but engine sounded horribe and threatened to shut off several times. Finally let the gas run out, purchased a fuel cleaner and now runs like normal. This is unacceptable and for expensive as gas is these days BP needs to make the consumers feel whole when they have bad experiences like this!!!!!!!!!! I welcome a response from you!

(588) Nakish Allen
Thu, 23 August 2012 21:57:35 +0000

I filled my 2003 chevy impala up at the bp on e. 56th street east of post road in Indianapolis on Tuesday the 14th and been having car trouble since. Vehicle stalling to start & making some sounds upon start.

(587) MJ
Thu, 23 August 2012 16:17:03 +0000

I recently went to the BP at 24651 South Point Drive Chantilly, VA 20152. There was a man sitting in the area where to pump fuel, and he came up to me and sprayed an aerosol product that he was trying to sell onto my car, without permission. After taking a significant time to remove the residue, I contacted the attendant at the BP store and was only told that he was trying to sell something- and he could not seem to care about my complaint. Poor customer service and shady side-dealings of products will prevent me from returning to this BP and I will be sure to inform my neighbors of this incident as well.

(586) Dennis
Thu, 23 August 2012 14:34:03 +0000

Subject: New Video at Gas Pumps

Sorry, I find the New TV/Video screens Distracting and Annoying

It was So Nice and Easy to Just Scan my Credit Card and Fill up and Go, Now I have to push so many Buttons it is getting way to Confusing and make More Mistakes

(585) Duran fly
Thu, 23 August 2012 14:04:18 +0000

I got some gas on 95 off of western next to walmart and my car been acting up....hope bp pay for this

(584) Steve Lutowsky
Thu, 23 August 2012 12:44:25 +0000

I purchased a brand new Ford Fusion in Michigan and purchased fuel at the Atlas Oil BP Shop in Partage, In on August 16, 2012. After arriving home in Carol Stream, the car would not start the next morning and after a lot of ahaking it started to run. I took to the car to our local Ford Dealer (Joe Cotton Ford) and they told me about the BP fuel incident.

(583) Sharon Clarke
Thu, 23 August 2012 11:09:03 +0000

I called into the BP station at Swaffham today to purchase as I have done many times some electric from the pay point you have there. I had a voucher from British Gas for £15 to be redeemed at my local pay point only to be told by your staff that you don't accept these! I find this very unacceptable as you are only to willing to take money off me for a top up but are not willing to accept this voucher which all British gas customers like myself have received. Your staff were very unhelpful and I found this to be very rude. I have got in touch with British Gas regarding this. I have experienced other problems with your staff there like not accepting a £50 note even though it passed the tests that you do to check that it was genuine! I expect you to deal with this ASAP and maybe your staff could do with some more training. The garage is situated on A47 by pass Swaffham Norfolk
Sharon Clarke

(582) Jason
Thu, 23 August 2012 11:05:30 +0000

Reading this forum I see there are a lot of people not knowing what to do in this type of situation. My name is Jason Brennan and I'm the owner of Fine Tune Auto, an independent auto repair shop in Lansing, Il. Although we cannot guarantee you any reimbursement from BP, we are fully equipped and ready to handle any fuel related concerns you may have, and can verify whether the problem is fuel related or not, advise/repair/get your car back on the road asap. We also have 0% for 6 months financing available for those who qualify. You may book an appointment by calling our main # at 708-418-5000, or visit our website at www.finetuneauto.com.

(581) donnell wells
Thu, 23 August 2012 08:38:59 +0000

I to bought some bad gas from BP from the station on rte. 30 in Chicago heights my engine is shaking and running hard engine also died this is extremely a bad inconvenience.

(580) Kate
Wed, 22 August 2012 19:41:32 +0000

Libby and other Beverly folks,

I too got gas at 103rd and Western this weekend--on Saturday, August 18th, 2012. On Sunday morning, my engine made horrible noises when I tried to turn the car on, and it kept stalling. It gets progressively worse each time I start the car. My mechanic says to bring it in--I'm afraid I might need it towed in tomorrow.

(579) Libby
Wed, 22 August 2012 18:27:03 +0000

I bought from the bp at 103rd and western in chicago on Friday evening. Car sounded horrible all weekend, died on Monday night. Took it to the dealership and the gas was contaminated. $750 dollars to fix,money I do not have. My car was only 2 years old. I am very disappointed in this company. So far no one has responded to my 2 emails.

(578) susan Skoniecke
Wed, 22 August 2012 18:11:58 +0000

On Tuesday Aug 14 2012 I filled up with almost 28 gal of unleaded at Costco in Merrillville IN.Weds morning the vehicle coughed and would not start. AAA got it running, we took it to our very responsible Repair shop (Herman's in Tinley Park IL). They kept it and tested it for 3 days, got it running rough at start but could not justify repairs considering it was running and nothing came up on their diagnostics. Suggested we refill with Premium. Have done so and still experiencing very rough starts.

(577) Joseph Brennan
Wed, 22 August 2012 16:53:38 +0000

I recently bought gas at my local thortons and started having car troubles and then i found out that bp was giving bad gas in my area at the same time i filled up my car. I do have documentation that i filled up at the time this bad gas was distributed. i would like a refund or compensation for my inconvienence.

Wed, 22 August 2012 13:05:51 +0000

I had 2 seadoo gsx jet skis that both had motor damage from bad gas purchased in sparta mi 49345 i have paid for the repairs which were $4200.00 so if anyone can help im all ears (616)8219164

Wed, 22 August 2012 12:55:47 +0000


(574) Theresa
Wed, 22 August 2012 12:47:13 +0000

I too purchased gas from 14299 S. La Grange Road in Orland Park, IL Saturday morning & have had hard-starts & engine light on ever since. I have file 3 different emails. Please contact me asap to advise where to take the care into directly & have BP front the charges. Waiting around for reimbursement is unacceptable.

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