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Angry about the oil spill? Unsatisfactory BP experience? Submit your complaints and let your voice be heard!

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(2) Crystal
Wed, 6 May 2015 11:28:43 +0000

3420 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108 went there monday may 4th 2015 close to 6pm. I had just cashed my check and needed gas, mind you, i was on E. I was told very rudely by the so called "manager" that she wouldnt break my 100$, didnt even know my total yet. This lady has denied every single 100$ bill i have come in with. My first visit i was CUT OFF immediatly and told they didnt have enough change in the mornings to come back in the afternoon or at night, they never even scanned my items, that was the first 50$ they lost. Now 6pm isnt morning time. I find it hard to believe that BP doesnt have change EVER when its open 24hrs. This lady seems to assume EVERY person who wheres a baseball cap is a THUG or DRUG DEALER, im here to put an end to her madness. She seems to have an issue with making this company money. Shes rude, iggnorant and just plain mean. Im greatly offended by the type of people your company chooses to run these stores! I can only imagine how much business you have lost because of this woman. I have YET been able to purchase anything from your store because of this woman. I asked to speak to the manager and with an attitude i was told "ha, i AM the manager!" shes a heavy set Caucasian woman, and she seems to ALWAYS be there. Please train her again and again and AGAIN until she understands that NOT EVERY customer that pays with 100$ bill in rockford is a drug dealer, some of us have real jobs and shouldnt be judged for wearing a hat. But shes really really really nice to my sister in law who happens to LOOK caucasian. Disgusted.

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