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(823) Marie
Sun, 24 February 2013 05:23:22 +0000

I am writing to complain about the garage on Green Wrythe Lane Carshalton Surrey. The cones were blocking the entrance but the shop was open so I moved a cone to drive in and go to the shop (as you have parking there) I was shouted at for moving the cone and treated in a very disrepectful manner, I then went into the shop and the staff did not care and said no the cones are there to stop people going to the pumps I tried to explain but I wanted to use the shop but they were not interested hence I drove away and shopped at Shell. I do not appreciate being shouted at and surely you should cone the pumps not the car park

(822) Paul
Tue, 19 February 2013 23:26:04 +0000

I went to a bp gas station 1103 New Jersey 34 Aberdeen Twp, NJ 07747. The attendant told me I had to wait before they would give me gas because of the shift change. I think this is utter nonsense. I only wanted $10 of gas in cash at it was at 1100 PM. There were no other cars at the station.

(821) Christine B
Tue, 19 February 2013 03:08:05 +0000

My complaint is regarding the customer service at BP Kwinana on Gilmore Ave in WA.

Recently it has been taken over by new managements which I think is great. Unfortuneatley the old staff still have the attitude of old management. There is a servere inconsistency with service. One day I go in and have a great person who can do nothing but give the best service possible with a smile. The next day I go in and the lady tells me not to bother buying my usual.

I regularly buy frozen coke and this venue has decided that they will not supply lids. Which is ridiculous as when your driving these drinks have a tendency to spill, which is why at every other outlet they come with a lid!! This is the only BP which has such a ridiculous take on this. They even have other drinks which have lids that fit but refuse outrightly to supply me with a lid. I was even told not to bother to buy them if it is such a hassle. Which is fine I am more than happy to drive to the next service station to get decent customer service and a drink that comes with a lid. Which in turn will lead to me buying my petrol elsewhere.

The only reason why I bother telling you is due to the rude service I received. I have never been made to feel so little or degraded just for wanting a lid so that my drink will not spill!!

Good Luck. If they finally allow me to have a lid let me know and I will go back. Hopefully new management has more common sense.


(820) Barry Johnson
Mon, 18 February 2013 17:01:03 +0000


Today, 2/18/13 at approximately 4:15 eastern I stopped to fill up at Maumee, OH (site ID 9150921) pay at the pump... no paper in receipt dispenser at pump.. had to get a duplicate receipt inside. While inside, agent (Dan or Chris) gave me the receipt as it was out of his realm of responsibilities. He is having a bad day... no problem. I asked to purchase a can of Skoal Long Cut Straight... again seemed like it wasn't his responsibility to handle the transaction... What really got me upset was the fact that the cost was $4.37 and change (from my 20) handed to me was $14.63...(a dollar short). I studied my change (bills only) and realized he was off by $1.00 and commented that I was a dollar short. He quickly grabbed a dollar bill from the top of the register. As he gave me the dollar that I was short, I noticed several bills including a couple of 5 dollar bills on top of the register.. had to be at least $20 on top of the register. He had been shorting customers for some time. When I got to the hotel, I also noticed that my coin change had been shorted as well... only a nickel, but still short. This is not much in the grand scheme, but principle still stands for something. I can assure you that I will think twice before stopping in a BP for some time. I travel between 70 & 80,000 mile a year in my job and BP has been a supplier that I have frequented. But I will definitely pause in the future.

Barry Johnson

(819) dick westcott
Mon, 18 February 2013 10:13:16 +0000

My complaint s toward the bp station off of hwy 97 in forest lake,mn 55025. On 2/15/13. I stopped there and purchased 15.43 gas at 3.79 per gallon. I had a coupon for 10 cents off for bp in forest lake. When I went to pay I was told the coupon was no good at this location, only at the bp at up town forest lake. This is not right. To make things worse as I left and went to the corner of 97 and hwy 61 the two stations there were at 3,69. The bp I refer to called Karl,s bp is always the first to post a gas increase and when gas goes down they wait a couple days to post the decrease, Also, they are frequently 2 to 7 cents higher then all 9 competitors. Finally I left a note for the mgr (Ann)and asked for reimbursement. I never received a call. I would still like a response. Thank you Dick Westcott

(818) Stephen warren
Mon, 18 February 2013 09:11:48 +0000

I went into bp neveridon road wickford this morning 04.30 and tried to fill up with petrol and stood there waiting for the staff to release the pump I could see staff in the shop but they. Never went to counter to ok pump there was another car waiting for the same in the end we both pulled off and had to go to esso down the road this is not the first time I have had this trouble with the night shift at this garage the other two bp garages in Basildon are sound when you pull up at pump and take nossel out they hear it beeping and release it I have even befor gone into the wickford one when I have had to wait and asked are you open and dark girl has huffed and puffed that she has to push a button I think you really need to look at your night staff of last night thanks Steve warren

(817) Ashley Manning
Sun, 17 February 2013 21:01:53 +0000

I am writing to make a strong complaint about the man working at the BP at the corner of Broadway and Russell in St. Louis City.

I went there last week to fill up my car and bought a car wash. When I went through the wash- it washed my car but the dryer did not work. So I pulled around with a soaking wet car to tell them that their dryer was broken. I asked if I could have another wash code to go through again in case it was a fluke. After the lady looked at me like a crazy person, she got on the phone without really acknowledging my problem. I guess the guy who fixes these matters was unavailable so she took my name and number down. Today (2/17) I went back to fill up the car again and go inside to see if I could get the code to go through. After waiting at the window for a full few minutes with no acknowledgment at all from the guy who was texting he finally looked up at me. I explained that I was back to get my car washed. He told me that they never got it fixed and it works now so told me it was never broken. He told me that if the washer works, the dryer works. I said that is funny because when I went through the dryer was broken. I explained to him that I'm familiar with how properly functioning car washes work- thank you, but I'm telling you that yours was broken. After he basically called me a liar to my face I got pissed. I asked him if the wash car worked properly, why would I waste my time coming in and telling them it was broken-- I would have just gone home! After he kept denying that the car wash was ever broken I asked him to look at my new luxury vehicle and if he was insinuating that I can't afford a $6 car wash? Why would I lie about this!? Any other car wash I have been to has never operated this way. Even if the car doesn't get washed to your satisfaction you can usually just go right back through without incident after a friendly person apologizes to you. I have never been treated that way in my life! I said words to that man that made me feel like a real housewife of New Jersey! He gave me the car wash code and I told him I would never be back ever again and he told me not to come back!? I can not BELIEVE that this guy owns a business and gets away with treating people this way.

(816) Sam
Sat, 16 February 2013 18:52:44 +0000

Hi ,
I have a complain to lodge about the BP petrol station (Underdale 7234, Underdale SA).
The petrol price was $1.26 but the pump no# 2 was registering $1.28.
At the reception we are ready to pay for higher price though it was just 2 cents difference but the person on the cash register kept us waiting until he called 3 different places to fix it.
We were in a hurry to go, but he kept on saying I will fix it . Other Customers were also not happy to wait to pay for petrol .
Anyways it was not fixed and we had to pay the incorrect price .
I need a strong action against this and advise us with outcome '.

Time : 23.27
Date : 16.02.2013
Receipt number #54785


(815) Ron Caddick
Sat, 16 February 2013 17:45:24 +0000

I would like to file a complaint against one of your gas station clerks at the station at the corner of Hillsboro Boulevard and NW 39th Way in Coconut Creek, Florida. He wouldn't give me his name but he was on duty in mid-afternoon on Feb. 15, 2013.

I wanted to find out the value of a BP gift card and then pay for the rest of my gas purchase in cash. At first he didn't want to verify the available amount on the card, but then did, and then told me I would have to go out to the pump and pump in the $10 and then come back in to give him cash for the rest of the fill up. I said why can't I just give you the $10 card here and the money for the rest of the fill up. He refused and called me an asshole and to go out to the oump and use the card and then he would set the pump over to give me the cash amount. After I pumped the $10 he made me have to wait until he was good and ready to reset the pump. I only then pumped in $33 of the $40 that I had given him. This meant I had to make three trips to complete my transaction. As I was leaving the station he called me an asshole again.

This is not the kind of employee I would want working for me if I owned your company.
I was always taught that the customer should always be respected.

I do a lot of driving and spend $60 to $80 a week for gas in that station but I will never go there again. However, since I like your product I will find another BP station to give my business to.

At the very least I think this man should be severely reprimanded. If it was up to me I would fire him.

Please respond to this complaint at your convenience. I am very upset about the way he treated me. Thank you.

Ron Caddick
Boca Raton, FL

(814) carl
Sat, 16 February 2013 15:46:34 +0000

I am writing because I went to a bp gas station and pumped gas the fuel nozzle didn't stop when suppose to causing heavy gas to fall to the floor. The other issue is that I tried to talk the clerk what had happen and he just didn't care to help out. I ask for the customer service number and he just said go outside and look for it. The other issue is that the price they were advertising bis not the price the pump shows it for. This is the reason why i stop at this gas station vs hess. I have been using bp for a while and this is the first time i was dissatified. The gas I wasted and the false advertising was all that I could bare. Is there something 4gat can be done. If not I will not fault the xompany but will just take my business elseware. 5hx in advance

(813) Mr Hassan
Thu, 14 February 2013 12:31:29 +0000

My name is Dr hassan. I entered the BP station in sheffield 105 bramall lane sheffield s2 4qz.
I am absolutley disgusted with the customer service i recieved!!! On the 14th of feb 2013 at 3.20pm i purchased petrol at 10 pound 15 pence i gave the cashier 20 pounds and 15 pence expecting a ten pound note change. I was given no change whatsoever. When i told the cashier about his mistake i was told to fuck off!!! I could not believe this man he was utterly rude and aggressive. When i asked to speak to a manager i was told there was none available after 20 minutes a manager came out and said he had just entered through the back door how convienient. after a 1hour wait they checked the till and realised that i was right i recieved no apologies or anything!!! this is just disgusting!!!! The cashier was Irfan Uddin employee number 33 and the manager on site was SYED. 6y2kw

(812) John
Thu, 14 February 2013 11:41:47 +0000

Do not, do not, do not stop at the BP station at exit 7 (Harriots Bluff Road) off interstate 95 in Georgia. On January 28, 2013 the price of regular gas at this location was $ 3.899 per gallon compared to approximately $ 3.35 at other Georgia stations and $ 3.45 in Florida.
Even other BP stations in Florida were only at $ 3.55.
Felt ripped off again by this company.
Sent BP customer service an email two weeks ago. They did nothing but tell me to call the government.

(811) Hughie thomas
Wed, 13 February 2013 12:58:44 +0000

You station on long shoals rd in arden nc. Everytime I go to get smokes marlboro light 100s special blends its the same thing wont have them till friday just came out of the store and same story. They refused to sell me 10 packs because they were out of the carton. Thats 40 buckd they let walk out the door. Guesd ill go somewhere else .

(810) Jason Critcher
Wed, 13 February 2013 08:52:00 +0000

Bp solutions credit card is no solution they will not cancel my account and keep billing me for 10.00 membership fees. Do not get a card from them they will make it very difficult to get rid of the card. I'm not buying their gas either they have made me so mad. I would hate for somebody else to go through what I have!

(809) Dale Scutter
Tue, 12 February 2013 18:06:35 +0000

Would like to complain about a bp garage on Tilehurst Road Reading Berkshire for planning to close early on 12/2/13, the time for this garage to close is 23:00 but to have the entry blocked off with cones at22:51 is uunacceptable.so I came in through the exit and fuelled much to the disbelief off the guy on the till, and as I entered the shop at 22:54 they were closing shutters etc inside the shop, I can appreciate yiur staff want to go home but they go home after 23:00 its not their finishing time
Dale Scutter

(808) Steve Haggie
Mon, 11 February 2013 20:42:29 +0000

Today I went into your service station North of Taupo on the main road by the Wairaikie Resort where I went to use the restroom.The first toilet was disgusting dirty, the second one had no toilet paper and the third was occupied .I then washed my hands only to find that both of the blow driers wernt working.I approached a staff worker who's name was Nadia and told her of my concerns and she said to me that they are always filthy dirty and discussting and that she would never use them her self.At no time did she even mention a thank you to me for letting her know or even to say that she would look into the matter.She then went to the pie warmer took out what looked like a chicken kebab started eating it and walked away from me.As I use BP along with my family all the time I was amazed at the arrogance of this staff member who has let your brand BP down, I will still go to BP in Cambridge where the staff there are brilliant, but probably when I go South for business next time I will probably bypass that branch purely because of the attitude of that staff member.

(807) Carolyn White
Sun, 10 February 2013 19:22:38 +0000

My daughter went to the local Fayetteville, NC BP station to purchase gas. Her credit card was denied; however, she did not realize that $100 hold was put on her bank account even though she did not get any gas. She discovered this when she went to get her seizure medication and couldn't. Why does BP not inform consumers of the hold on their account? More importantly why was a hold put on her account when she didn't get gas. We are on day 5 and the bank says it is BPs doing to release the funds. The BP station here says it is the bank's responsibility. What are we supposed to do to help my daughter get her money released?

Gravatar (806) Deborah Wightman
Sun, 10 February 2013 09:33:56 +0000

When we had stopped at the bp station on luyben hills rd. in Kingston Springs, Tennessee on Sunday February 10 around 6:45 - 7:00 a.m everything looked ok at first. We tried to enter but it was locked, and through the window we saw something burning on the counter, when the attendant came out of the restroom he came and unlocked the door, which we figured out right away it was incense that was burning which i have to say stunk to high heaven, and must have been trying to cover up some other kind of smell, because there wasn't just one burning there were two. My mother said hello, I said hello also but again no response. My mother went straight to the restroom, I looked around while I was waiting, a gentlman came in and said hello immediately he was greeted with a hello, and how are you, my father came in and paid for the gas we had gotten. But when my mother came out of the restroom she asked if there was someone who cleans the restroom, he said you just come out of there? She said yes and it is filthy someone needs to clean it, and since the incense was burning on that side of the counter, she was waving the smoke away from her, he says good? pointing to the smoke and she said no, then she reiterated that he needed to get someone
to clean that bathroom. I went in and immediately found out what she was talking about, I'll bet not one thing in that bathroom had been cleaned in at least a month the sink, the floor but especially the toilet, and it sure smelled like no one had cleaned in long time! I was afraid to touch anything. But when I was done, I came out and said sir you have got to do something with that bathroom, it's disgusting in there, maybe you should put one of those incense in there because it's terrible in there! And I walked out, no apology or anything, how rude! I sure hope another traveler doesn't experience anything like that again especially a woman!

(805) S Edwards
Sun, 10 February 2013 00:41:16 +0000

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to forge a complaint as I often use the BP station in Bracknell and am repeatedly greeted with poor service and rude, arrogant members of staff, with just now being the final straw. At 05.25 on 10/2/13 I approached the window where the clerk retrieved something from a drawer & then decided to begin counting money. It was a full 4 minutes before he even acknowledged me, then after asking what I wanted waited another 2 minutes before he started walking to get the milk which I had asked for. When he returned I paid and he threw my change back onto the counter in such an unprofessional manner. Not only are you generally an expensive station but when you offer service like this, why should I spend a single penny in your stores? I'm extremely unhappy. I hope you take this matter seriously as it is not acceptable in the slightest!

Yours sincerely,

Sonny Edwards

(804) Percy Harvey
Wed, 6 February 2013 15:57:08 +0000

Your Ref: 1-327465098

I am forced to make this complaint because I am extremely disgusted with the lack of courtesy and service regarding money owed to me due to an error made by BP.

On 17th December 2012, I purchased £103.67 worth of diesel from your southbound A3 Wisley Service Station, Surrey. For whatever reason, the initial card transaction was declined and the cashier cancelled and retried using the same card. On the second attempt it went through without a problem. After a couple of days I noticed that my bank statement showed that you took two payments of £103.67. I am in possession of receipts for both the void and successful transactions. I went back to the service station on the A3 and the manager advised me that he could not refund the amount and that I had to call your customer careline number, which I duly did. I was told that you would be looking into this error and would be responding in the near future. On 13th and 25th January I emailed your careline for an update on your investigation and requested that you reply to my email which you have failed to do. I feel that the service I have received on this matter is non-existent and totally unacceptable. My last email on the 25th January gave you seven days notice to respond with a satisfactory conclusion to this matter and failing to do so would result in me seeking legal advice to reclaim the £103.67, plus interest and any costs involved. This is your last chance and I wish you would have the courtesy to email me with an update and preferably refund my account with the £103.67 which rightly belongs to me.

(803) Patricia Nelson
Wed, 6 February 2013 11:18:11 +0000

February 02, 06, 2013

Dear BP

Because of drive-offs costing the station owners large amounts of money, I fully understand why your businesses have gone to pre-pay for cash and local checks. But why pre-pay for your BP gas and other credit cards? I purchased gas at your station for the convenience of the location to my home. I have used your gas card for the convenience of not having to walk into the business. I am neither late with my payments nor am I over limit. I resent having to walk into the business when I plan to use your credit card. Would you be able to change the policy for card holders? If not, I will continue to pay off the card and I will switch to a Phillips or Conoco card, that I can conveniently use in more towns then BP. These businesses will accept the card at the pump, all for the convenience of not having to walk into the building, regardless of location. When one has arthritis in the knees, one looks for the best alternative that provides the least irritation to the joints as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to address this complaint.

Patricia V. Nelson
1273 Rd. J Lot 17
Emporia, Ks, 66801

(802) Debi
Wed, 6 February 2013 10:31:15 +0000

Just filled up at Saltash, Cornwall BP service station PL12 6LF, attempted to buy some drinks on offer only to be told they were not on offer and as I didn't want them I was TOLD to put them back in no uncertain terms. When I asked for a 'please' to be put in front of that the guy at the till sneered at me....so I walked out and told him to do it as he was so rude, manners cost nothing and I won't ever be visiting a BP garage again.....the customer is always right? Not with BP

(801) Tom Beaudry
Tue, 5 February 2013 20:29:19 +0000

I just returned home from the worst experience in my 30 years of driving. I went to BP Station 5804653 Kendall Park,NJ. When I pulled up to the pump there were 3 young men sitting in the booth,after sitting there a minute and being the only car on site 2 of the men stepped out. 1 smoking a cigarette right next to the pump while the other took my card and order. He was struggling with the pump so the 3rd man came out and got it going. While my fuel was being pumped a 4th man entered the scene and began talking to #3 and never payed attention to my pump which by this time was well past the amout I had ordered.
Being it was not my fault I told him I was not paying the 8.18 over pump and they began to laugh.I found no humor in that at all and being a customer of that station for 20 years I will not be bringing my cars near that station again. The 4th man who claimed to be the manager was rude and disrespectful told me to call the cops. Thanks to your business dealing at these privately owned stations I will be passing this information along to everyone in my neighborhood to shop for thier fuel at a differnt location.
I think it would suit BP to keep their Stations community friendly and treat all customers with respect....

(800) tiffiny
Mon, 4 February 2013 22:06:55 +0000

To whom it may concern,
I ran my debit card on the pump in charleston, sc and ran in to buy some juice. While in the store, some nice customer informed me there was gas spewing everywhere at my pump. Not only did the pump not shut itself off, not only did I end up paying for way more gas than needed, but the store clerk didn't do a thing about it. No apology, nothing. And in fact, instead of hitting the emergency shut off button, had me run out, get gas all over me, my new shoes, my hands, etc to atop the pump. I'm disgusted by this.

(799) Auriahna
Mon, 4 February 2013 14:14:51 +0000

This morning at 8 Am a friend of mine called to inform me that she had gotten a pack of cigs that morning and employees at BP were trying to look for me and that I had come in previously and made a transaction with a $100 bill and they claimed that I "snuck my hand over to the bill and wrinkled it and put it in my pocket" and took the change they were giving me back. I got up and went there and asked them about it and they immediatly called the cops which i was fine with but they didn't even ask me if i did it by accident. They just accused me of deciet and I had to go to the police barraks make a statement and I did not mean to break the law. They made me feel like garbage. Also, this happened in december 28 2012 so the cops dont understand why the waited so long to make a report. They are claiming of surviellance that they could not show to the police until later? I dont think this is very professial and they need better employees and mangagement expecially.
I believe they were hundred short and tried to blaim me!! ~lawsuit pending...

(798) Rokas
Mon, 4 February 2013 13:56:40 +0000

2,Elizabeth Way

This petrol has a Jet wash, which is not working for over more then month. When I went to ask when it's planned to open, every time I hear tomorrow. And the staff is quite rude working there. Hopefully you can sort out this problem.


(797) Anton Pretorius
Mon, 4 February 2013 01:09:51 +0000

We would like to lodge a formal complaint to BP South Africa about their outlet in Northmead, Benoni.

Could someone please go and find out why the shop outlet on this premises never have stock of essential items such as milk due to "broken fridges" that never get repaired. The latest stint is 3 weeks and counting. Further to this the beverage fridges also now have the exact same problem " Four weeks" and counting.

This to us is totally unacceptable given that we spend R3k a month (on milk, bread and coffee/baked goods every day) in the shop alone and another R5k on fuel every month....and that's just for one house hold.

The location of this service station is excellent as it's central to our area and routes we travel on during the week......hence this problem being such a BIG one

Service in the shop and on the forecourt by the staff is also lacking HUGELY.........with staff in the shop sleeping behind the counter, or simply ignoring waiting customers in the morning. Pump attendants lack a drive to give service quick and that's not even mentioning their unfriendliness towards customers.

Going hand in hand with the above mentioned is the Car wash facility on the premises. Again it's location is perfect yet the equipment and facility is always broken or not working.

COuld someone please look and improve this for us, else we will be forced to take our business else where

(796) william whiteside
Sun, 3 February 2013 19:32:00 +0000

BP petrol station
Stourbridge Road
West Midlands
B63 3UA
I went to the bp petrol station address as posted above 03/01/13 @ approx 2.30pm,
There were at least 5 other cars filling within the station,
I proceeded to try to fill my petrol can from the boot of my car and was told by the female attendant over the tannoy i had to pay for the fuel 1st,
This is discrimination 5 other people were filling without problems,
I left the station and filled my can at another non bp station and will not be using bp products again in the future.

(795) alan wilson
Sun, 3 February 2013 12:51:49 +0000

I went to your service station on A4 BATH RD at charvil twyford area because i saw that your diesel cost was £1,38 litre .The pump i pulled up to was ultimate at 143 so i reversed back to the other pump found it to be ultimate also, crossed to the next row bloody ultimate again,got out of car physically searching gor the ordinary. diesel .couldnt find it.drove off pissed off without refueling.i am also considering contacting trading standards.

(794) Mary
Sat, 2 February 2013 20:13:17 +0000

site ID 6782098
did not ring up sale of other merchandise

Gravatar (793) Aamir Khan
Sat, 2 February 2013 12:17:41 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam
The reason i am sending the E-mail is the question in my mind which is every day i am facing.
I am living in village called Langley Slough area near heathrow. I have three BP station arround my house. One called Brands hill the second colnbrook and the third one on the parlaunt road Langley. All the time when i gose to fill the tank each station has different price per leter.
Today colnbrook 152.99 the brandshill 147.99 and the langley 150.99.Can you please workout on it and let me update that why they have different prices.
Looking forward
Aamir khan

(792) Mary Doolin
Sat, 2 February 2013 10:14:51 +0000

Around 2:30pm on Feb 1, 2013 I stopped at BP #9837, 1085 HWY KY 44 E, Shepherdsville, KY 40165. I prepaid at pump 16. It was around 16 degrees outside and when i stepped out of my car i immediately lost footing due to the water on teh ground being frozen and slipped and fell landing on my left hand on the top of it since i had my phone in my hand. I'm sure you can retrieve the video footage of it. I got up and looked around and saw no evidence of any salt on the ground to prevent incidents like this. I carefully walked into the store to prepay and immediately notified the attendant of my fall. it was an elderly lady with blonde hair and glasses who was very nice about saying "sorry about that." and that was it. she wasn't too concerned about if i had injured myself, if i was ok, nor did she attempt to get the manager for me to file an incident report. this concerns me as this station is not concerned of their customers safety especially when there is ice on the ground when they can slip and fall and severely injure themselves not to mention file lawsuit for negligence. Which my hand is now bruised and throbbing. i hope this company looks into this incident and questions as to why there was no salt spread out on the ground especially since it was freezing outside and ice on the ground.

(791) Mrs R J Curzon
Fri, 1 February 2013 13:48:24 +0000

BP Tudor Maidstone Kent

I have just been served by the most rudest young man i have ever met. Had on his name badge john, i didnt get a please or a thank you when i purchased my fuel and he gave me a filty look. if you want service with a smile do not go to this shop!

(790) Ms Diprose
Fri, 1 February 2013 13:44:25 +0000

I am disappointed that my complaint regarding BP Tudor Allington Maidstone about staff has still NOT been dealt with. I made my complaint on 20th December 2012 after waiting 3 weeks for a supposed apology. Disgusting service, is this what BP wants to be known for? Rubbish customer service

(789) Megan Cox
Tue, 29 January 2013 16:56:10 +0000

BP store in Bolivar, Tn.

I went to get gas there this morning. I love using bps gas. It is a lot betted for my car. However, I went this morning and the card machine on the gas pump would not work. I tried it once and it said "please see attendant" so i walked inside already frustrated, and asked the man to set it up so i can get gas. He did not apologize for the inconvience, he explained to me how i had to work the pump like i was an idiot. I told him that i did that but walked outside pressed the start button and got gas. When i went back in he rang me up and asked me how i was doing. I replied "i am not doing very well" n he handed me my reciept and told me "i know because you are being a smart a**." I work at a fast food restaurant. I deal with customers being rude with me all the time. I believe BP should train their employees about being professional. The man at the BP in Bolivar should be fired for using profanity toward a customer. I will not go to the store in Bolivar any longer. He has lost my business for good.

Tue, 29 January 2013 10:55:25 +0000

whilst visiting the BP GARAGE IN BROMLEY KENT ON TUDOR ROAD, I wanted to fill up my car, i attempted to then petrol burst out all over me, so i assumed i had done it wrong, tried again and it still wouldnt work, i went inside to ask the cashier what was wrong with it who was so rude, very old asian man who barely grunted at me let alone spoke to me, he came out and tried for himself and it was just coming out through the hose! but he still made me pay, i have a 2010 fiesta so worried i took it to a garage and they assured me its not my car and that it was the pump, and after using a shell garage with no problems i now know it was the pump so after spending money on air, ruining my shoes and trousers im furious!

(787) Jerome Dickens
Sun, 27 January 2013 09:53:43 +0000

I live by the BP Gas Station on Clairmont Rd NE in Atlanta, Georgia. The Gas Station Attendants have the nastiest attitudes I've ever encountered in my life. They're always on their cellphones while ringing up customers. If you ask them a question, they answer you very rudely. The overall customer service stinks. A Quick Trip Gas Station has opened down the road and I will be taking my business there.

(786) Nick
Fri, 25 January 2013 11:12:07 +0000

I wish to complain with regards to two issues.
1. I purchased 5 bags 20kg blaze coal from your west hendon nw9 garage.
When I opened the 1st bag there was 2 pieces of coal and a load of soot.
2. When I phoned to complain PB head office transferred me to customer care who gave me the telephone number which is no longer in use in fact all the numbers for the local bp garages are not in use.
So I now have trundle down to the garage with 100kg of soot to argue with someone who has no idea what to do.
If you are going to have your name on a petrol station I suggest you have some kind of control over who is running it.
I want bp to return my £63.00 I spent and additional £20 for wear and tear of having to carry the items.

(785) John Clarkson
Thu, 24 January 2013 15:54:34 +0000

I purchase gas with a BP Gascard, but I receive no discount. I can no longer use the cash price, but must now pay the credit price at almost all BP stations. Why do I need a BP card, I can do the same transaction with my debit card.

(784) Chris Dixon
Thu, 24 January 2013 08:43:05 +0000

Chillicothe, Ohio
BP on North High Street, next to SR 35

I asked about the BluCig starter package on display and was told that it was the current premium model as seen on their website. After opening the box, I found that it is not the premium; nor is it any model offered online.

Upon attempting to return the product, I was told that it was non-refundable. Even though I was told false information and everything is still in original packaging, I am stuck with a horridly overpriced product that I do not want.


(783) marium
Wed, 23 January 2013 18:46:56 +0000

i am trainee in bp royal green but the manager is sexually assaulting me. i don't know what to do. i don't wanna lose my job as my papers are going tomorrow

(782) robert williams
Mon, 21 January 2013 14:00:15 +0000

youngstown, austintown ohio. corner meridian and mahoning. always bought all my fuel there. now there is hardly any windshield washing equipment( I checked them all last time). and you still have to go inside for a receipt after using credit outside. Is this a company owned station or is it one I could possibly run? Haven't been there in 3 weeks

(781) Kristen
Mon, 21 January 2013 11:18:16 +0000

I would like to file a complaint against the BP gas station in Farragut, TN. I don't know the exact address but I know that it is right of exit 369. My mom was pumping gas and slipped and fell on ice. She really hurt her hip & her wrist. After making sure she was okay, I went and told the gas station attendant that there was ice & my mom had fallen. He could care less. He just said "okay" and did not care to ask if my mom was okay. He could have at least come out there and put some salt down so other customers wouldn't fall as well. We were there sometime around 10:45 AM on January 21, 2013. I did not get his name, but I hope BP would educate him in customer care. I will NOT be shopping at this BP any longer I think I will keep my business with QT Gas Stations. Thy are much more friendlier & customer appreciative.

(780) D. Alex
Wed, 16 January 2013 19:53:18 +0000

I was questioning a $500 fuel adjustment charge on my account ( and since I drive a mini cooper i knew something was wrong) and the woman at BP (who had an accent and I couldn't understand her) would not let me speak with a supervisor. She told me she would send me a dispute form and that it would take time and there were no supervisors there to help me. Then she put me on hold and said everyone was in a meeting and someone would call me tomorrow. I have a business, too, and this is an inappropriate way to handle a question about something your company did that I had nothing to do with. Hopefully, someone will rectify this problem before I cancel my account, notify the BBB, local tv stations, and put this all over the Internet.

(779) John
Sat, 12 January 2013 19:32:30 +0000

Dear BP customer service,
I am a medical student and I am writing to express the worst experience in the BP gas station located in: 5481 South Dupont Parkway, Smyrna, DE, Tel:(302) 653-7975 on Thursday Jan 10th around 4pm.
The gas station pump did not have paper to print my payment. Second the bathroom was dark because of light bulb problem. Third there was not any hand soap to wash my hands. The forth and the most important was the very non acceptable answers of the people (they are from India)in that gas station.

(778) rajesh kumar
Sat, 12 January 2013 09:15:57 +0000

i m a customer of bp gas agency and i m not satishfied with the manager of bp gas narnaul distt mohindergarh state haryana india .he will not guide properly and irritate the people behavely

(777) Leslie
Fri, 11 January 2013 20:45:49 +0000

Tonight 7:30 pm I went to bp gas in Paterson Plank rd Secaucus NJ, the line was long and it was raining hard that I barely can't see so I went to gasp umps with no line but there was a cone in between I was hesitant but I checked the pump it was on so I thought it was working all of a sudden I heard a load knock on my window as if he will break it! , a man who's working there putting gas was so mad at me yelling and got the cone I thought he will attack me he was yelling, did you see the cone what are you stupid not thinking! So I said I'm sorry I didn't know you don't have to yell at me then he left and I left too! I was so scared that he will attack and hurt me! It was a scary incident that man is a psycho and dangerous! To the manager, I suggest you check on this guy he is not fit to work in your co. One of these days he might hurt someBody!

(776) Scott Sherwood
Mon, 7 January 2013 12:53:54 +0000

I used your station this morning by the stanley bypass in leeds (west yorkshire - LS12) and was shocked to realise that your station does not offer cash-back. Normally this is not an issue however the cash point was out of service. I fell that as a customer a cash back service should be offered as the station is also a 24 hour shop!

(775) Annalisa
Sun, 6 January 2013 20:46:31 +0000

On December 27th just after 8pm I went into your BP station located at 5501 W Lisbon Ave in Milwaukee WI 53210 and paid $25 out of a BP gift card to the cashier for the pump I was parked at. I went back out to the pump but all attempts to pump gas into my car failed. The gas gauge up top never wavered from its display of $20.00 / 6.252 gallons, presumably being the transaction of whomever had been there before me. Eventually the screen updated to tell me I should go back inside for a refund. The cashier stated 20 gallons were dispensed and $5 is my refund. He would not come out to the car to verify for himself that my gas gauge was empty, only stating it was impossible for no gas to have come out. This was repeated by the manager Hemant and the other individual I spoke with over the phone, purportedly cousin to the owner in India. All insisted there were monthly checks on the pumps, all was in order, and that it was impossible that it did not function correctly. I was finally told to go file a complaint, that there is nothing they can do.

I had never had a problem with this gas station before. Now I will never go there again, and suggest you don't either unless you don't mind paying for gas you never receive and dealing with managers that claim there is no way to verify it other than everything is checked regularly and it all worked correctly.

(774) Brittany Jernigan
Sun, 6 January 2013 14:23:09 +0000

To Whom It May Concern:

Last night my husband and I were on the way home when we stopped at the Shabana Illinois BP gas station off of route 30. My husband used pump number two. Since it was cold outside he then stepped back in the car, a few minutes later all the sudden he jumps out of the car and runs to the pump. Apparently the auto- stopper on the pump was broken causing at least a gallon of gas to spill out over the side of my car onto ground. This also caused my husband to get gas all over his shoes and my car reeked of gas the entire ride home. When my husband stepped inside to inform the attendant of what happened his replay was “oh yea it’s been doing that.” Yet there was no sign posted that there was anything wrong with the pump.

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