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(973) Deborah
Thu, 18 July 2013 12:06:55 +0000

I went to gas station on empty went in side pay for my gas waited 3min in 93 degree weather the man never turn on pump so I used button outside he never answer or looked I'm hot sweating a female I am so I go to do and ask him to turn on pump he is really rude telling me to hang pump up when the pump is up and calling me a liar. And her take your money that was rude because another gentlemen after me went in paid and pump gas he acted racial against me cause I was a female and black

(972) Chano
Wed, 17 July 2013 00:46:40 +0000

BP at 7140 Roosevelt, Oak park, IL

(971) Ruthie Southam
Tue, 16 July 2013 00:53:07 +0000

Good afternoon,

Despite having slept on it, I am still angry about what occurred yesterday at your store #5951 at 70 Prospect Rd, Prospect, SA, 5082 at 17:00-17:10 ish, so I have decided that I should make this complaint.

I had finished refueling and was waiting at the front of the line at the counter to make payment. There were three staff members behind the counter; a man in his late 40's to mid 50's, a younger man in his late 20's to early 30's and an older woman, in her early to mid 50's.

They were having a conversation that was clearly audible to myself and the other customers waiting in line, which they did not interrupt to acknowledge the customers waiting or moderate in any way given that we could all hear what they were saying.

The theme of their conversation was extremely offensive - namely, they were expressing their negative and bigoted opinions of migrants to Australia, particularly Indian migrants.

All three staff members seemed confident that it was completely acceptable to be having this conversation in their workplace, in front of members of the public (we were their unwitting audience) - they all were in agreeance with one another and even laughed at the mocking Indian accent that the female staff member used, which she used to act out an Indian character who was incompetent and stupid.

I have had sloppy customer service from each of these attendants before, but as this particular store is practically at the end of my street, I still use it several times a fortnight. However, I do not think I will be returning to this store any more given the appalling and truly despicable attitudes of the staff there and how apparently ingrained in their workplace culture these attitudes seem to be.

Their disgraceful remarks are particularly upsetting given that they serve migrant members of our community all day and seemingly wait until they've left the shop so that they can make fun of them - a man of Indian appearance had just driven off when I was walking in to pay.

Standing in line and listening to these people made me feel ashamed to be Australian and I know it certainly upset at least one of the customers behind me, as I exchanged glances of horror with him while your employee's bigoted and self-congratulatory exchange took place.


Ruthie Southam

(970) K Mather
Sat, 13 July 2013 15:01:03 +0000

Purchased gasoline at Cartersville GA (#6960975) on July 13. The inside of the station was very cluttered. However, both rest rooms were filthy. The womens had no paper, the toilet was plugged with paper and waste. The mens room floor was covered with wet/used toilet paper, there was obscene grafitti on the walls and the room smelled worse than the worst outhouse I have ever been in

(969) Linda Kirby
Fri, 12 July 2013 22:04:10 +0000

Store: Express Mart/BP
Where: North blvd/ Hwy 421 N, Clinton NC
Owner: Wellman Oil, Inc, 818 Warsaw Rd, Clinton, NC 28328 Ph#: 910-592-4135

On July 11, 2012 around 7:00am, I pulled into our neighborhood convvience store and started the pump using my bank card. I manually pumped 20.00 of gas while holding thetrigger on the nozzle. When I attempted to stop at 20.00 and pull the nozzle out, the trigger malfunctioned and would not stop pumping. Gas was spewing out on the ground, on my vehicle and on me. I had to put the nozzle on the ground, run inside and ask the attendant to stop the pump because it will not turn off and gas was flowing on the ground. by the time she stopped the tank 40.00 of gas was pumped....20 in my tank and 20.00 on the ground. I want back inside and asked her if I would be reimbursed for the gas that the pumped on the ground, She printed a reciept and wrote my name on it and said she would ask the owner, Meamwhile there was a ver big poddle of gas on the pavement at the gas tanks, there were no cleanup or hazard signs placed by the tanks, when I inquired today about reimbursing me or crediting my bank card, I was informed that the ownwe said it was not his responsibilty to refund me any money because I left the tank unattended. I was in an unsafe area with gas spewing out and I had to tell the attendant to shut off the tank. Needless to say I am not happy, not about the money but about the lack of responsibilty the owner took, 1st with the gas spill and next with his malfunctioning tanks. I will not ever buy gas from this place and im not sure if I will continue to buy BP gas if this is the type of business people associated with BP brand.

(968) Pam
Thu, 11 July 2013 15:22:32 +0000

I work in Fanshaw street and I quite often go to the BP in Fanshaw street, Auckland, New Zealand. Their wild bean coffee which now turned out to be a panparag coffee, the guy (Hardic)who makes the coffee chews pan parag all day all time, very unhygienic. By the time he makes a coffee and serves me I should be very very lucky to miss a couple of brown spit on my face, shirt or on the coffee lid and he transforms the strong smell of panparag to even the coffee mug, panparag is an Indian recreational drug which is proposed for a ban in few states for health reasons, very unhygienic place for food or coffee.

(967) Lee Kendall
Wed, 10 July 2013 14:07:06 +0000

I used the 18 Court Rd Orpington BR6 9DA Petrol station with a fuel card and was told that I was not authorised to have a Pizza Express voucher?, please can you confirm this is your policy as I pay for use this card.

I await your answer before using your station again.

Signed, historical five Car frequent user
Lee Kendall

(966) Thiago Corgosinho
Wed, 10 July 2013 09:28:47 +0000

I have never felt so belittled in my life.

It seemed like another ordinary day when I pulled up to the pump at the BP in town. I asked for $5 Regular Cash and after a little while the employee said I had to wait because the machine was restarting (and you can't pump your own gas in NJ). I waited, no big deal. After some time, another employee came to help, and again I asked for $5 Regular Cash.

When I checked the pump, it was already at $11! Right about the same time I noticed this error, the employee came to my window and said the charge is $11. I said, "I'm sorry but I only have 5 on me." He then suggested that I can pay the difference later, he'll just have to take down my plate number. If I would have known what was soon to transpire, I would have taken him up on that offer.

However, the manager came. The situation was explained to him and he asked me for 11$. Again, I explained that all I had was a 5 dollar bill. This upset the manager. I apologized and even tried to cool the situation by telling the story of the SAME PROBLEM I had at the SAME GAS STATION just a few days ago (where I paid $25 for gas when I asked for $10, luckily I had my credit card on me then). Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do and to my surprise the manager started a scene. With his foreign accent, he began to get very loud. He said I was not an honest man and began attacking my character. I was shocked. How could have this issue escalated so quickly? Doesn't BP have protocols to solve these exact types of problems? The manager continued to rant, getting the busy station's full attention and at the point I started to loose it myself. I started to get nervous, so asked him to shut up and provide me with his superior's contact name and number that I can call to solve this situation. This infuriated the manager even more! The manager, now screaming at the top of his lungs, repeatedly kept telling me to leave followed by a lot of cursing.

Knowing full well that I could no longer reason with this man, I got out of my car and approached the first employee that came to help. I asked for the receipt and the contact information I previously requested. Of course, the manager interjected and ordered the employee that he was not to give me anyone's number and that he could print me a receipt for $5 so, and I quote, "this piece of shit can get the fuck out of here."

That experience with BP made me feel embarrassed, helpless, and ashamed of myself. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share this with BP.

I found a BP switch board number online, 1 (281) 366-2000. After telling them the story, they gave me the number to BP's Customer Relations office, 1 (800) 333-3991. I followed the automated message into 'General Inquires' and got a login prompt. In order to speak with someone I had to provide an ID# and PIN#. I don't have an ID or PIN number. I don't understand!

Not only was I publicly humiliated by a BP gas station manager, but now I'm getting the run-around by BP corporate.

I would like nothing more then an apology from that manager. Preferably in person, in front of his superior and/or franchise owner.

(965) Ryan Reusche
Sun, 7 July 2013 14:56:53 +0000

Hello, my name is Ryan Reusche.

I recently purchased gas and a car wash at the BP on 701W sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I am a loyal customer to BP and have been going to this one for quite some time. This experience was quite different I paid for the car wash at the pump, When going through the carwash the dryer did not work and at the end my car was still wet. I went into the gas station to speak with the attendant. The guy working with named Max me am a ex M eat. He was a Haitian man who spoke little English. I told him my problem and he told me since I paid at the pump for My gas and car wash he could not do anything. I asked for a refund first because my car was wet and going to get spotted, and set stated that he could not do that I would like to speak with his manager. He gave me someone's cell phone number that did not work. I stayed in the store and asked if he what else he could do for me. He stated he could do nothing, after 15 minutes of arguing with Him in the store he finally agreed to give me a second car wash in hopes that my car would come out dry. I accepted. It still did not come out dry but I left the station because he was not helpful and not willing to speak with me. At one point another Haitian speaking person came into the store. They asked me what was wrong and I explain the situation They translated for me and told him in English as well as patient that it was not right of him to deny me a refund because the service they sold me did not work in the description of the wash its power dry and my car was not dry. They told him if he did not fix that he would possibly have a problem, he looked at me and said I did not leave you would call the cops for Loitering. At this point I left. My car was still not dry, it was going to be spotted from Carwash. And I did not have a refund. I also did not have any contact info for a manager and the man working Thought he would get off with nothing, I don't think this is right. This man should not be allowed to work should not be getting paid if you cannot do common courtesy things like refund something such as a car wash if what the carwashes description this is not accurate. I have gone through the car wash multiple times and the dryer always work, so I know this is something Recent and that it needs to be fixed. My phone number is 507-251-3705. My name is Ryan I am willing to speak with you at any point but I expect a resolution at the very least I expect BP to give me back the money I spent on Carwash in the form of a gift card so that I may use that money for gasoline or Carwash At a different location where the wash is actually working. Furthermore I expect BP to investigate the management and employees at this particular location which I have given you and tell them to train their employees better. Lastly I expect Max me the employee who is extremely rude to me get some sleep Normal speaking two or put on a suspension as he does not embody the BP experience he is it rather embodies a lazy employee. Lastly when I was in the BP one girl came in to pay for gas and he was making comments about her low-cut dress to her in front of other customers iPhone that very unprofessional. c

(964) LaToya Carraway
Sun, 7 July 2013 12:20:41 +0000


I recently visited a store on 175th Kedzie in Hazel Crest, Il. 60429

They are trying to sell items for different prices other than what is pre- priced by the manufacturer. Specifically, Black & Wine Jasmine single cigars manufacturer priced at .79 cents are being sold the same ad regular priced items. I am tempted to call the BBB as there are other items being sold above marked manufacturer items. The clerk was Ayed Ahmad. He would not give me store owner information. This is rediculous!!

(963) rita riccelli
Sat, 6 July 2013 21:51:39 +0000

To whom It May Concern,I have been a BP customer for many years. We are a two car family. Several days ago I went to My BP gas station (Located at 1212 Kings Highway Cherry Hill, New Jersey Site # 9167768) and asked the attendant while waiting to fill my car with gas to check my oil. I opened the hood and he said he wouldn't, he doesn't check oil. He told me "...to go to the Sunoco station at the corner..." He would not check the oil. As I engaged him I told him I don't buy my gas at the "Sunoco station" I buy my gas here. I asked if this was a company policy or his own private policy. He Handed me my gas card back and told me to go, he did not care what the company said He does not check oil and walked away. New Jersey is not a self service state so every other gas station does check oil. I have asked before he gave me excuse that he was busy etc. which I accepted .But today no one, only I, was there waiting to fill not another car on sight. Needless to say I will not be going back.

(962) Ken Herbert
Fri, 5 July 2013 06:42:56 +0000

BP gas station at wards corner road loveland ohio. Been driving up there for the past 3 days from 1 am and 2am. I pull in walk up to the door only to get a wave and we are closed. 3rd day another guy was pulled in trying to get gas with cash but he was out of luck like me. I told him there is a UDF down the road and follow me. If they are closed they need to turn the open sign off.

(961) Marilyn Coleman
Thu, 4 July 2013 10:58:58 +0000

July 4th, 2013. Keiths BP in Moselle, Ms. I have been doing business with this store for over 15 years. This morning, the girl behind the counter gave me the wrong cigarettes and I had not even made it back to my car(right in front of the door) realized they were reg and i ordered menthol. I turned around and went back in to exchange for the ones I ordered, and was told once you walk out the door,(even if you just turned around and come back in, and she knew they were wrong, the manager states she can not exchange them. This is robbery and an injustice to long time patriots of the store. It may not seem like much to you and your company, but true patriots of a local store are getting a little upset at all these stupid regulations and the unfriendly attitude of this store. It is not surprising to a lot of us that this store has such a hugh turn over in employees.

(960) Johann Huysamen
Tue, 2 July 2013 13:49:28 +0000

Good day
I recently send my car Opel Kadett Gse in to Atlantis BBp garage Adress Ivan Hampshire Place Atlantis Industria 7350 Cape Town Soulth Africa this service station operates under BP Name I was Quote R2800 for replacement of my 5 speed gearbox the manager promised me that he wil get the gearbox as soon as I pay the mony in to his account I did so whith out delay However the guy fitted a 4 speed gearbox in my car a week later it is now more than 3 weeks and my car stil stands in his workshop His name is Rodney Damon tel 021 5774121 Fax 0215774602 email ardammon@gmail.com I am so sorry I ever did business with BP as this service station do work under the name of BP

(959) Nathan
Tue, 2 July 2013 11:24:46 +0000

Hi there, I stopped in at the BP in Condell Park, NSW, Australia (corner off Lancelot Street) and to my surprise, there was no one manning the counter. It is 0205 in the morning (3rd July) and I would not be surprised if the attendant is still asleep as I am typing this. Could this be investigated as it is not the first time I have encountered this at a so called 24-7 BP in Condell Park.

(958) latia
Mon, 1 July 2013 17:22:45 +0000

I went to the gas station on 1865 Brooklyn Boulevard I was having problems with my card so I went to the window and a guy refused to allow me to pay I told him I have a debit card from work so it doesn't work at the pump and he would not allow me to pay so I had to call the cop for him to give me his information he gave me the wrong number and when I asked for my receipt he wouldn't give it to me. it's took officer abrea to come in order for me to pay and get my receipt
site ID5019690.
Stan: 092421482238
Trace# 00000976
He refused to give me his name. I will never use bp gas station nor would any of my kids or family. I want him fired. It took a half of hour for me to get my gas. He embarrass me in front of many customers

Mon, 1 July 2013 13:09:38 +0000


(956) Rajeev sharma
Mon, 1 July 2013 05:02:27 +0000

Just filed up petrol at BP go Quakers hill parkway, Quakers hil. Display price for unleaded petrol was 140.9. Usually price for octane 98 is 15 or 17 cents higher from unleaded but this time it was 28 cents higher ie 168.98. I believe display pice is lower to get the drivers to the service station. Not happy

(955) Jim
Sun, 30 June 2013 15:27:13 +0000

I visited the BP service station on Key Highway in Baltimore, MD this afternoon. We filled up and I went into the store with my girlfriends mother while the rest of her family was outside. WHile she made a purchase I was waiting next to the line. Out of nowhere the cashier asked me if I wouldn't come any closer because he "had the plague or something" and asked what my problem was. I had just been standing there quietly waiting. Then when I asked what he was talking about, he repeated himself. My girlfriends mother noticed the interaction and mentioned that we were together. He then made some distasteful comments asking if she was my girlfriend and kelp talking as if he was just looking to start a fight or argument. BP needs to do something about this type of customer service. Its unacceptable and is the reason I will be going to the Royal Farms across the street for gas and snacks from now on.

(954) kate fornicola
Sat, 29 June 2013 23:03:38 +0000

In Fayetteville, nc at 11:30 pm I visited the bp located on the corner of Skibo and Morganton roads. I was buying several different ice cream items. I waited in line for several minutes. By the time I was served there were 4.or 5.people waiting behind me. A young African American male then walked up to the front of the line. He handed the cashier (a heavy set African American female) his id and they began flirting and chatting while she rang him up. When the transaction was complete the cashier flirted further telling the male customer "I like you".before he left. The cashier did not greet me as I approached the counter nor apologize fir the wait. Instead of ringing me up right away, she continued to talk to the male customer (who was now behind me) over my shoulder. I asked her if there was a reason we all has to wait so long. She said "what!" I asked if it was because she was waiting for her friend to bring his Id. She said in a rude tone "excuse me?yeah I was waiting on a customer. What do you expect me to do, ring someone else?" I asked if it was possible for her to ring up another customer while he got his I'd. She barked back "how do you expect me to do that? You know what, I can't ring you up so now you have to wait some more since you wanna make smart assed comments" I asked "are you kidding me, I simply asked a question after having to wait?" The cashier barked "yeah,you wanna be a smart ass she can ring you up" as she motioned to the other cashier ( a thin causcasian girl). The other cashier took her time walking over to the counter. She did nothing to intervene as the African American cashier continued to mumble under her breath that I was a "smart assed bitch". I turned to the young lady and told her that she was inappropriate. That only seemed to upset het more as she began yelling at me. The causasion cashier then stated "I'm inappropriate too so I can't ring.you up either" she pushed the ice cream items toward me and walked away. I waited for a moment, pushed the ice cream back toward the cashier and said "you can have it". I left that bp and I have no intention of returning. This US the gas station I regularly use. It is convenient and close to home. However, if these are the customer service standards that bp finds acceptable and these are the type of people bp employs, I am afraid that I will not be able to patronize this or any bp ever again

(953) Sandy Popek
Sat, 29 June 2013 22:14:00 +0000

On Saturday June 29,2013 at 4:00p.m.,I went to the BP Gas station at Roosevelt Road and 9th Ave. in Maywood,IL. I had just got off the expressway after an hour drive, to get gas and use the washroom. I spent $60.00 for gas and when I went in to the store which is a very good size, they told me they had no washroom,how is this possible, this is one of the most important things you need besides the gas, this should be looked into because we all know they have bathrooms, I am really upset by this.

(952) Anita
Sat, 29 June 2013 18:43:39 +0000

On June 19, 2013 at 10:30am I went into the BP station located at 5035 W. Touhy Skokie IL, to play the lottery. I played the lottery and left the BP. I work in the area of the BP I am a regular customer. I started on my walk to work and I felt that someone was following close behind me for a block away from the gas station, I turned around to find that it was the manager of the BP. I asked him why are you following me and he pointed to my bag, I showed him what was in my bag and he stated he thought I stoled something He apologized and turned to go back to the station. I was offended and shocked I wondered how long he was going to follow me and what the outcome would have been if I did not turn to address him. I feel that this behavior is not acceptable. I am not comfortable at this station anymore and I dont plan to ever go there again.

(951) Erin Carr
Fri, 28 June 2013 15:36:38 +0000

DZJjn My 17 year old daughter went to a BP station in Adrian, Michigan and prepaid $20 for regular gas. The attendant told her to move to the next pump because they were busy. She did and proceeded to pump diesel into her vehicle. The pump ahead of the diesel was a gas pump, but someone was already there and the attendant could see that. So after pumping the diesel she went back and told the attendant and the attendant apologized and said she didn't realize it was a diesel pump. Apparently the nozzles are universal and fit gas tanks too. I've tried to contact the manager on several occasions and he refuses to talk to me. It cost us $350 for repairs. I don't feel we are completely liable.

(950) Ray Konrath
Tue, 25 June 2013 07:13:26 +0000

I went to purchase gas and a drink at the station at 7933 w. 95th St.,(site id #8876575) Hickory Hills, Il. 60457,while my gas was pumping I went in the store to buy some chocolate milk (which was in date)while walking back out to my vehicle I noticed clumps on the bottom of the bottle, presuming this just needed to be shaken, which I did, I open the bottle and the product looked like syrup and water that would not mix, I took the bottle back to the cashier(Spiro)whom stated he sees nothing wrong, I informed him that it was not right and if he felt there was nothing wrong he should taste it, his reply was I don't drink this and I don't see anything wrong, never offered an exchange or anything, I left the bottle with him and walked out stating I am thru with that BP station due to service. I haved worked in retail for 31 yrs and that is not the way a customer should be treated. I felt you needed to be aware of how this employee is representing your company.

(949) Sue Conte
Mon, 24 June 2013 11:27:20 +0000

Drove 20 miles total to try and redeem 30 cents off coupon for gas from KMart today. Seabrook and Amesbury BP attendants said they didn't take this coupon or have the technology to use it. Now I am out 1/2 hour and 20 miles of gas for this lie. NEVER EVER AGAIN Kmart or BP will you see me or my money. Liars and cheaters.

(948) James
Fri, 21 June 2013 17:30:53 +0000

I had bad incident on June 21, 2013 around 17:25 at 99-49 Horace Harding Expwy, Corona, NY 11368 gas station. I parked my car in front of the pump #4. There were no any sign that pump is not working. I went inside to pay cash. When I came back it turned out that pump #4 is not working. I went inside and asked young guy cashier to whom I paid why he is selling gas at pump that doesn't work and why there is no signs that pump is not working. While I was addressing this questions to my cashier, who was young fellow without name badge on him, the woman from another cashier with name badge ANNAMARIA jumped in start answering instead of him that you put your car it is your responsibility to check pumps before paying. I didn't spoke to her and she was not my register. My cashier asked me to go out and move my car to another pump. I went out and moved my car to another pump #2. I came inside, waited again in line and came to another man cashier and explained to him the situation that I have already paid, pump is not working and I moved my car to another pump. Again, I told him that you should've put sign that pump # 4 is broken. In fact there were half of pumps at this station are broken, some of them have sign, but pump #4 didn't have the sign. Suddenly, the same cashier named ANNAMARIA jumped in (while she had long customers line her own) and said you know what I do to you, she pushed away my cashier and took money from the machine and throw at me saying go and find another gas station. This was most horrendous customer service experience I have experienced in my life. I live 2 blocks away from this gas station and was patron of this BP station for many years and this kind attitude I just don't deserve. This is not only gas station around and sure I can find another one, like Mobil just in 100 ft. This kind attitude and customer service is not acceptable neither from ANNAMARIA, no from anyone else.

In addition, it is also sad to see how this place is declining over the last several years. Half of the pumps are not working, there is no cashier in the booth outside the shop how it used to be. One has to walk and go inside to pay. Those remaining pumps are dirty itself and around. I believe it is time to close this station it becomes hazardous to my neighborhood. I have to file the copy of this complaint with Better Business Bureau of NYS.

Gravatar (947) luciana ortega garcia
Thu, 20 June 2013 14:03:15 +0000

I used a gift card of 40 dollars to put gas, but i only wanted to use 20 dollars of those 40.he swiped my gift card and charged me 40 dollars. he swiped it and i said 20 dollars on pump #. when i told him i only needed 20 dollars he said: no problem! put 20 dollars and the rest will go back to your gift card. i tried to use my gist card after i went to bp and my gist card was declined. i checked balance online and it says 0(zero).it shows that the 40 dollars were used only in a bp olathe,kansas transaccion. i went to talk to the employee who charged me the 40 dollars. he sai to call the gift card company. he was very rude. he refused to give the the manager's name. he was very dirty also
i went the following day. i asked for the manager. who i think is the owner told me :"he is not here" i explained the situation and he said "yesterday they charged you 20 dollars" he was very rude and had coffee stains on his shirt.i showed him the online proof i have and he refused to look at it.
shame on you. i want my 20 dollars back
PLEASE RESPOND!! 913 2718442

(946) stan maravelias
Wed, 19 June 2013 18:22:28 +0000

My wife's car stalled and had to be towed in to the nearest Nissan dealer.
BAD GAS was the answer at the dealer. $1509.79 for repairs.
We've called numerous times with no return call. 5-20-2013 towed it is now 6-19-2013

(945) E Graham
Tue, 18 June 2013 11:38:24 +0000

There is a BP in Mableton, GA located at 155 Veterans Memorial Hwy, 30126 that is taking extra money for each gas transaction. Once you put in your card for payment and press start, the total automatically jumps to 8 cents. Yesterday I did not press start, I just took the pump from the holder and put it in my gas tank. As soon as I removed it from the holder, it added 19 cents to my total. I told the attendant and he attempted to say I pressed the button. I know I didn't and since there was no gas outside of my tank it is not possible. I believe the owners are purposely adding this little "service charge" to customers and it is illegal. I plan to also report this to the Better Business Bureau.

(944) Steve Burnette
Mon, 17 June 2013 07:20:04 +0000

Problem with Pump #8 at BP Gas Station at 39471 12 Mile Road, Novi, Michigan. Site ID: 6966964

Filled up with Ulitmate on Pump #8 on 6/17/2013, 7:58am. Pump shut off at $77.05 but as I watched, it slowly increased in sales. Pulled pump nozzle from tank inlet and while holding the nozzle in my hand, I watched the sales continue to slowly increase. Fuel usage also increased but no fuel was drizzling from the pump nozzle. Replaced nozzle to the pump and it shut off. All together, $0.15 increased in price after I shut off the pump nozzle. Perhaps some maintenance is in order.

(943) Tara Bruechert
Sat, 15 June 2013 20:14:17 +0000

My husband and I stopped at the BP gas station on Navarre Avenue and Coy Road in Oregon, Ohio approximatly about 8:15. There was a woman working the register.My husband tried to purchase a pack of cigaretts when he gave her a $50. She marked the bill with a marker the ones to detect counterfit bills. The mark turned a light brown, and she started to make a scene about it in front of other customers. My husband then gave her another $50 when she marked that one also. That mark also turned a light brown. She again started to make a scene in front of the customers, and threatened to confiscate the money and call the police. I understand that she was doing her job to a point but causing a scene and imbarrasing him infront of other customers is not. This is not the first time that she has been rude to him. There was one time before. She needs to get better aquainted with the counterfit marker, and manners.

(942) Jonathan
Fri, 14 June 2013 08:24:25 +0000

So I stopped at the bp on Hwy 98 in Mccomb, MS this morning to grab a quick breakfast and I see two pans with burritos in them so ask her what the one on the right is and she snarls back "breakfast burrito!". So I ask her if the other one is a breakfast burrito too and she smarts off by saying, "it's in a different pan isn't it!". Then I check out and the other lady is just as rude and trashy as tge other one.This is the worst customer service I've ever seen! Where are y'all getting these people from?... A prison work-release program? Needless to say, y'all have lost my service! I should've just went to Shell

(941) susan petrie
Mon, 10 June 2013 13:01:21 +0000

I went to BP gas station at 30990 Dequindre, Warren, MI 48092, and used my credit card at the pump. the pump did not give me a receipt so I went inside, where they printed me a receipt. I went online today to my credit card account and it showed an additional charge to my account that I did not authorize. I went back to the station and the owner of the station called someone regarding this and found out this was verified on his accounts. He started to refund my $67.79 charge, but was going to deduct $1.70 from it. I told him that was not right and I wanted the full amount of $67.79 returned to my account. After much raised voices about what he was going to do or not going to do, he told me he was not going to refund the charge because I refused for him to charge me $1.70 to do it.
Auth #: B47698
Ref: 98598002
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(940) Mr Lindsay Darby
Sat, 8 June 2013 02:07:11 +0000

I went to the BP garage on street lane, leeds one saturday morning as i usually did to fill my car up with fuel. I pulled onto the forecourt and positioned my car with the rear end facing the shop as my filler cap was on the drivers side. I got out of the vehicle to start filling it up and as i undid the filler cap i heard the tannoy, i took no notice as i thought it was for someone else. The lady at the pump next to me said that the guy in the shop was trying to tell me something. I looked over at the window and he told me over the tannoy to turn my car around. I was confused as to why he would ask me to do this as there were no signs to say otherwise and as i had used the garage before and never been told to turn my car around before i asked him why. He shrugged his shoulder and made a gesture with his hand to tell me to turn my car around. The lady at the next pump looked at me and asked me why he was telling me to turn my car around. At this point the whole forecourt was looking at me. I was still at a loss as to why he was asking me to do this so again i asked him why. He said he wasn't going to turn the pump on till i turned the car around. I gestured to my rear number plate and said " It's the same on the front too so whats your problem?!" He asked me again to comply but by that point i was fuming!! I replaced the pump and shouted across the forecourt for him to stick his petrol up his arse. The lady next to me said "well done mate, i would have done the same" I jumped in my car and drove off. I have since banned myself from buying anything from a BP garage including petrol. If there is a policy about parking vehicles a certain way at the pumps its should be made aware to the customer. I felt like a bloody criminal that day just for using BP. NEVER AGAIN!!

(939) joane
Tue, 4 June 2013 09:34:52 +0000

I go to have my car washed at one of your bp service stations and i must tell you the manager that are their are a wonderful person and i can see that he is very stressed and speaking to this kind man just to found out that he work 60 hours a week and that he get only one day a week of rest and let me tell you i think this is totally un human from the owner and his wife now i go in regural for coffee in the morning and this day the car wash manager did not see me standing at the coffee counter he walk to go and fetch a board from outside the office and i notice than not the wife or husband greeting this poor man i looked at my watch and notice it is 7.30 and this poor man work so early and not even getting greeted but standing their i notice how friendly the are towards their ather workers, and that poor man working in the sun and cold get that kind of treatment now i wonder what salary that poor man is earning i wish that his so caslled boss and his wife wake up and smell the rose and see what kind and pleasant man you are abusing give him the respect he so much deserve i feel like getting the news papers out to go and see how that car wash man humble person and such a desent man unlike the owners it look more the women doesnot know how to be human i wish bp can investigate this slavery and greed from unkind owners

(938) Tracey
Tue, 4 June 2013 08:22:49 +0000

My son when into gas station to purchase a drink and gave the attendant .70 more then he should have and proceeded to tell my other son that he was a dumb***! She's very rude and disrespectful!

(937) chad
Mon, 3 June 2013 20:12:24 +0000

Hi! I am not sure if this complaint is actually going to the right person. However I have a complaint about as CSA (Female - Indian) at 136 Gary Ave,Bloomingdale, IL60108-2225. I went there for a car wash and paid $7 outside. Apparently after pulling in found out that Car wash is broken. I went in and inquired and informed the CSA about it and she is asking me what can she do. To that I told her that you should at least put up a sign and that I need refund. She was acting as if it was my fault and that we exchange some heated words. To that I said that I do not want any free code for the car wash to that she went rude with 3 customers standing there and wanted me to call her manager. So Rude..the owners shoul keep employees who believe in customr service. And strongly believe in giving out freebies but at least be polite..I had worked for BP in the past as PM and know that the company stronlgy believe in good customer service. Whatever happened to customer is always right. I wish some time in future that BP mandates that at least one of the franchisee is always present at the business.

(936) Amber Peterson
Mon, 3 June 2013 12:01:51 +0000

BP- located in New Hope Florida.

REFUSED TO LET MY 5 YR OLD CHILD WITH AUTISM COME BACK INTO THE STORE. We have been going there for 2 years now, and once, he had a meltdown over chips. all he did was cry and get mad, I carried him out to the car, got my gas and left.
the meltdown in the store was no longer that 1 minute.


It is ILLEGAL in the state to leave children in the car. Also illegal to discriminate against person with a disability!!! I am not happy and I will be planning to sue.

(935) amy spence
Sun, 2 June 2013 00:19:26 +0000

This evening my sister and I went to the whangaparoa store. firstly, as we walked in the pie selection was apauling. there were 3 pies on display and one lasagne. Once we chose out of those 3 pies, we waited 2-3 minutes in line to order our coffees before the attendant rudely told us we were waiting at the wrong counter.

After moving to the back of the other line I asked how much the medium coffee combos were and the gentleman had told me $5.50 so I ordered 2 of them. He failed to tell me that this combo did not include our pies and we were charged full price for the individual items.

when I queried this, they then told me that the pies were not included so I then asked to change the combos to a large to include the pies. After a few minutes, I asked should I be waiting in line to get a refund and my answer was 'yes'. So I then moved back into the other line and when I got to the counter the gentleman then wanted to charge me extra for the large combos! I said that I will not pay extra for the large combos if they are advertised at this other price.

The gentleman was remorseful about the inconvenience but the lady was quite rude about the ordeal. When we finally got our coffees, the pies were luke warm and the coffee tasted like flavoured milk (weak flavoured milk).

My sister is a qualified barista and she even commented on the way that the coffees were made.

I have never had a bad experience with the wild bean café until now and I am horrified at the level of customer service received.

I hope that you will be able to rectify the problem so that other customers will not receive the same service as we did.

Gravatar (934) molly
Sat, 1 June 2013 14:48:55 +0000

marissa stegal employer at the bp in silver grove ky is trying to say im not allowed in the bp anymore just because she don't like me, bp is the only store around, I would have to drive 10 miles out of my way instead of .5 to go to a different store, I would like a manger to remind her I did nothing wrong for her not to let me shop there, it is not my fault she don't like me, and I still have the right to shop there!

(933) diane korpics
Sat, 1 June 2013 09:28:02 +0000

4165 Broad St Yardville, NJ 08620 BP station will ONLY HONOR KMART GAS COUPON USING CREDIT CARD. Credit price is additional .10 cents per gallon. They REFUSED to allow me to pay cash price while using the .30 cent off per gallon coupon issued by KMart. I'm quite sure this is illegal and will be contacting state authorities.

(932) Michelle Wilson
Fri, 31 May 2013 09:14:01 +0000

I purchased a full tank of gas on Monday 27 in Dewight Il at ML & RJ Swight BP Il at 7:59 am. This gas caused my car to die one mile from the station. I had my car serviced at the dealer and found the entire tank of gas( the same day I had my car towed, as it would not drive) was water. It has caused my fuel tank damage and fuel filter to have to be replaces. My car is brand new 2013. No isues until I filled up at BP. I am livid. My trip had to be canceled and I have not been in my car since Monday. I am in a rental. This has caused me great stress. I have lost my uncle today, this is further caused a strain as he lives out of state!!! I am furious and want to have some one contact me. I will be contacting my lawyer as I have a feul sample and my reciepts for the repaid and the gas purchased. My contact number is 815-651-7466. My email wwilsonm1@aol.com. I need speedy reponse and resolution to this matter

(931) Richard Hallett
Wed, 29 May 2013 11:52:12 +0000

Stopped for fill-up at: Lake Springfield BP, 590 W. Lake, Roselle IL. when swiping my credit card, I was prompted if I would like a car wash, I selected yes, because the car needed it, then filled-up, once completed, i got my receipt with the carwash code, only then to realize this station does not have a car wash, loosing $8.99...

Is the "code" only valid at the station it was purchased?, and if there is no car wash, why was this station allowed to sell a car wash?

If you don't fix this, I'm never buying from BP again..

(930) Louise Parry
Wed, 29 May 2013 05:20:16 +0000

Visited a store in Northampton that is combined with a marks and spencer, on Sunday the 26th of may, I am due to give birth on Saturday 1st June so as you can Imagen I'm heavily pregnant, to be confronted by a deranged intoxicated man who brought the store to a stand still shouting threats of violence and being absolutely vile I was petrified and felt very vulnerable, there was no level of protection, no security, no quick response from local police no alarms raised, nothing!!!!! The man had full control wanting lighters, is there anything in place any panic buttons tha should have been pressed, I understand the staff may be use to this but customers are not I was scared and worried the situation could have escalated and turned very nasty......... But help was not requested, ??? Why was this????

(929) Nancy Bader
Tue, 28 May 2013 20:52:51 +0000

I forgot to give you my reference number

(928) Nancy Bader
Tue, 28 May 2013 20:45:28 +0000

i pulled out the pump for unleaded and the pump was engaged,on it sprayed all over my car,shoes and under armour jacket, i got the car washed but i think I should be reimbursed for my clothes and discompfort.I talked to a man from BP and he told me to email you with what I thought the value of the sandals and jacket wereUnder armour rain jacket $150.00, nike sandals @60.00. I had to ride 30 miles with the reaking smell of gas on my cloths then they were ruined. Thanks Nancy Bader

Gravatar (927) gregory myrick
Tue, 28 May 2013 11:02:41 +0000

I went to a bp gas station on the corner of Abercorn st and esenhower st. in savannah,georgia...and gave the casher sonyawesko a hundred dollar bill and told her I wanted premium gas on pump 3.....but when I started pumping my gas ,after hitting the premium button, I noticed that the gas pump was not set for premium , but pumpimg regular gas into my car....so I hurruy up and stop the pump after five gallons had went into my car ,and when I told her about it she admitted she hit the regular button in the store, so when I talked to the manerger( john hubert ) all he did was offer me a free car wash and told me to continue filling my car up with premium gas....sanya was trying to tell him she made the mistake , but he told her to shut up.....my car omly requires premium gas .....so now I had to go get the gas pumped out and refill it with premium.....I call the police ,so I could get a report , but when the police arrived on the scene thay knew him ,and he (ap. Mcmurry),said to me that it was a civil matter and he coulding write a police report.....then the manerger said in front of the police officer that I was getting on his nerves and pissing him off....its like thay all was laughing at me ....another lady casher there said to me ,why don't I put that gas out of my car into her car.....and laugh....so I left the gas station , had my car drained and refilled it with premium gas else where....can u please look in to this matter for me . all of this is clearly bad for customers , and bad for business. I cant trust the cashers there ,plus the manerger JOHN HUBERT treated me nasty, plus the police offer seems to be laughing with them and refuse to make a report. . thank you.

(926) Randy
Mon, 27 May 2013 06:07:47 +0000

I am currently at one of your Bp store located in kardinya, perth WA.
I have purchased a gas bottle which I had to come back due to the plug of the gas bottle being so tight that I could not turn the plug.

So I came back to the store asking if I can have a replacement but he was hesitant and answered if I Actualy know how to use a gas bottle.

I was a bit shocked to get this response cus if felt like he was being a smart ass to me...

So having to come back and to get this type of response, I am very angry and very disappointed in the way the staff has treated me.

He has now called the cops on me cus I am demanding to get my money back and is currently refusing to give my money back.

I am standing in the shop waiting for the cops to arrive right now and this staff Is refusing to attend to me.

I am a customer who has not been properly attended to so the cops is apparently going to deal with me instead cus of your company not knowing how to deal with customer service.

I am not happy cus I have wasted my time and still waiting for the cops to arrive when this simple problem and easily be fixed.

(925) J Ceil
Sun, 26 May 2013 15:59:40 +0000

Received a $50 BP Gift Card. They are SAME AS CASH. At the station where I used it, I was charged the credit card price $4.09/gallon instead of the cash price of $3.99/gallon!
The attendant wouldn't help me so I called BP gift cards who could "only check my balance" then I called BP customer service and got none.
What a rip off!

(924) jj hh
Sun, 26 May 2013 12:52:01 +0000

BP Gas reward code from Kmart is a complete scam!! It tried to lure people going to use BP gas, but not paying the discount, 30 cents off per gallon up to 20 gallons. We normally do not go to BP, but wanted to give a shot as we got this coupon. When tried it at a BP station, the guy (hardly speaks English) said the code didn't work, but not expire yet, so he charged regular full price. We called General questions contact number on the coupon 1877-349-0420. The 1st tier on call Nicole and her manager both resisted to provide help to redeem the coupon for us and get our money backup as BP stated on the coupon, instead they asked us to go to another BP station. You must be out of your mind!! who int he world still trust BP after this, how do we know the next station will keep what BP promised?? It is complete SCAM, BP used this kinda coupon to lure people to buy their gas, and not pay the discount as it says, and worse it didn't stand up for their customers to correct this. It is a fraud, and all consumers should be aware of!! we will never go anywhere near BP, tell everyone we know about this!! Apparently both women on the call and BP do NOT care about losing their customers.

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