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(1223) Babu A
Wed, 25 June 2014 01:06:09 +0000

Sorry I forgot to give the details of petrol bunk.

BP Petrol Bunk, Service Rd, Singasandra Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Subject mentioned is : Do not go to this petrol bunk... bunk is full of cheaters.

(1222) Babu A
Wed, 25 June 2014 01:02:10 +0000

Bunk is full of cheaters only, I will never go to that bunk again and will tell my friends too not to go to that bunk.

They tried to cheat me 2 times by without resetting quantity to zero, I catched them from my vehicle fuel level indicator..

Upon catching their cheating they had simply put the petrol without speaking anything.

Note: They will try to divert your attention then without resetting to zero they will fill the fuel.

Other aspects
1. No 5S maintained in the bunk
2. No proper overhead shelter
3. Worst management

(1221) Steve Baumgartner
Mon, 23 June 2014 18:09:48 +0000

I just filled up at BP gas station at 550 W North Avenue Lombard, IL. My car was running fine for about 1 mile then started missing and engine stopped. It's as if I have a very bad tank of fuel. I am waiting for tow truck to pick up car to have towed for service. Please contact me, since the phone number listed for that station is out of service-BP 630-889-1819. 6/23/14 6:07pm. BP site ID 9175928. Reference # 1B643013. Pump #1. Filled up at 5:34pm.

Gravatar (1220) Sonal Mody
Mon, 23 June 2014 06:01:09 +0000

My husband filled up at the BP Rayne Road, CM7 on Thursday 19 June. Normally we fill up a full tank and reset the mileage after each fill up. On this occasion only filled up £11 pounds as already had 18 miles left in the tank. Paid at the cashier. Drove off. Realised the Porshe disgonistics still showed only 18 miles. Drove to Sainsbury filled £15. Called the BP garage about a faulty pump. Was fobbed off that my Porshe 911 was faulty. I doubt that very much!

(1219) Dana
Sun, 22 June 2014 17:52:57 +0000

I was just in at the BP in Manteno. I love that it has almost everything I need for a one stop shop. Although it's higher prices it saves me time. I go to this bp at least 4 times a week. Unfortunately today was a bad experience. I am in a hurry to be home to spend time with my family so I go to my one stop shop. I get pop water pizzas wine and gas. I wanted to also get a car was but the cashier said since she added the gas to my bill I could not get the car wash. Even though it was a 1.60 I would have saved because it was 16.97 gallons of gas I was upset that this was a chore. I will now make sure I just use my .30 cents off of gas at speedy way instead of the 10 cents off at bp.

(1218) Christopher Weber
Sun, 22 June 2014 17:28:04 +0000

Cashier stated he didn't like ringing up K-mart $0.30 off coupons but allowed me to enter code anyways. When I pumped my gas, turns out the discount didn't show so I politely asked what could be done. His response? "Uuh, at least you get to use the coupon again." Brilliant.

(1217) Emanuel
Fri, 20 June 2014 21:51:27 +0000

Horrible employee behavior.

The BP on 7040 E. Broad Street Columbus, Oh 43213 is run by thugs. I'm sorry to say. Very unprofessional. Went there 10pm 6/20/14 to pay for gas and get a drink. Employee with dreads and person who did not work there are busy making fun of customers as they enter the store. I pay for my gas and my drink he sheepishly hands me back my credit card. The most ignorant behavior imaginable. He doesn't know that he doesn't know. Neighborhood is too nice to find this behavior acceptable. BP do something about it.

Gravatar (1216) Gangmei
Wed, 18 June 2014 19:32:43 +0000


Kindly, check and take action on all employee's who works here.
BP Petrol Bunk
Inner Ring Rd, Ejipura Bengaluru, Karnataka
Petrol Pump.

For other user,
Don't ever fill petrol from this pump, they have cheated me Rs 100 today. Clearly, before I fill petrol I told them to fill for 300 and the guy just set to 100. When i say 300, they reset the meter and just fill for 200 only. When I ask how about 100, they said 100 it is already filled. I paid the money and when i crossed the ejipura signal the meter of my bike show jst 200 filled. Whenever i fill for 300, my meter will run as full bt today it is jst half..

They are really Robbers..

(1215) P Frels
Wed, 18 June 2014 13:56:53 +0000

BP charged me $75 late fee plus interest for a payment that I mailed a week in advance. All the other remittances I mailed in the same batch with the BP check cleared my bank two days before BP's payment due date. When I explained this to them, they said too bad, I had to pay it anyway. I said I would not pay it and cancelled the card. The next statement had the original $75 late fee and interest, plus ANOTHER $75 late fee and interest charge because I didn't pay the original late fee! I called them again. They were not interested in seeing my records from my bank showing that all my other checks dated and mailed the same day cleared well before their due date and said I still had to pay all the late fees or they would send me to collection. I said to go ahead, but I would not be paying over $150 for their slow processing of their mail. Is this the way to do business? Go back to Brittain!

(1214) Michael
Tue, 17 June 2014 20:13:20 +0000

I went to the Eastown BP in Grand Rapids to purchase gas and snacks. I ran my card and the cashier thought my card did not run for whatever reason as I was leaving. He yelled at me aggressively and when I went back to see what was wrong he said it was a mistake. It came off as very disrespectful. The same employee got very irritated with me on another occasion when I came in to buy cigarettes for my father. I did not know what the pack looked like and only had the name of the brand. It is his job to find what customers are looking for and to have enough patience to find the product. This employee was a larger tattooed male with blond hair and a beard.

(1213) Jacques Theunissen
Mon, 16 June 2014 06:57:19 +0000


Visited your BP Car Wash in Jean ave Centurion, South Africa. Never have I experienced such unprofessional service anywhere in my life before. The uniforms of the staff are disgusting. They work so slow and their attitudes are terrible. I will never visit any BP station to wash my car or for fuel ever again. I will post this on social networks and tell everyone I know to never again support BP in any way. I would like feedback on this complaint.

Jacques Theunissen
Cell: 082 442 7007

(1212) Andrew Collin
Fri, 13 June 2014 04:40:05 +0000

I have just been to the bp petrol station at melton mowbray and bought a feast ice cream. The cashier scanned it and the price was an unbelievable £2.19. I asked whether there had been a mistake but was told there had not. The cashier then proceeded to tell me that the price was the same as a motorway petrol station. I find this absolutely disgusting. I use a van for work every week and fill up a couple of times a week I can assure you I will not be using bp anymore to fill my vehicle up with fuel. At least dick Turpin wore a mask before he robbed you.

(1211) Sonia
Thu, 12 June 2014 20:53:07 +0000

The kalgoorlie bp service station has the toilet locked within the building and when I asked to use it they said it was unavailable. There was a bucket outside, presumably for cleaning but when I asked when it would be available the attendant just said you can't use it. This is unacceptable for all toilets to be closed at same time.

(1210) mark
Thu, 12 June 2014 08:32:39 +0000

I stopped at a BP in Avenue de Stalingrad and after pumping my diesel, I tried to pay with a credit card and he said the Visa card was unacceptable. I tried several cards and he did not care to try to take my payment manually. He refused my dollars and I had to pay someone 40 dollars so the station attendant would get his 22 euros. The guy was going to call the police on me.

(1209) ron lynas
Sun, 8 June 2014 13:39:07 +0000

the bp station on south st Glasgow Scotland.i have never seen pumps in such a revolting condition I have stopped using it for this reason it reflects badly on the bp brand all you have do is go and have a look and im sure you would agree

(1208) Sukhdev singh
Sat, 7 June 2014 13:50:24 +0000

Dear Sir
Everyday I try to use my bp credit card at sunrise 281Inc 114-02 Van wyck Expwy S Ozone park NY 11420,asking about the non functionality of cc machine atendent say system does not work.this is a big hassle fro me.please take a disciplinary action against the dishonest and irresponsible workers.

Fri, 6 June 2014 22:13:30 +0000

BP Fontaine Avenue, Charlottesville, VA

My husband and I go in there every morning on our way to work, and have for nearly a year. Clerks refuse to make subs quite often, saying they don't make them before 7 (sign says 6:30, but they keep it turned around backwards so you can't see that part), we have been shorted on food, and when we mentioned it (keeping in mind we are recognized customers) we were told they were sorry, too bad and nothing can be done about it. If you want a bag, you have to ask for it, I don't care how much stuff you buy. And very often, clerks will simply walk away if the lines get long. I have seen items ring up incorrectly, and when I say something, the clerk says "What it rings is what it costs." Twice, we have been in there when the registers were down and overheard the manager say "I ain't fooling with it right now" (talking about the resetting process). My husband has had sexual comments made to him by your employees.

These are not the behaviors of responsible adults. However, these are the typical behaviors of your Fontaine Avenue employees on any given day of the work week. And this is just our experience. Imagine what other people may have to say. And remember that they represent your reputable multi-million dollar industry.

This place is absurd. If there was anywhere else convenient that we could stop at in the mornings, we would. This place has got to be employed by the laziest, most dispicable people in Charlottesville. Being in the UVA area, it is regrettable that many out-of-towners probably think C'ville is a town full of sorry, smart-mouthed, rude individuals.

I would not want a single one of these people working for me. With all due respect, you seriously need to get in there and do some major clean-up at that place; and by that I pretty much mean you need a whole new crew. The only reason it makes money is because of the location. Lucky for you. Because your employees suck. And I would walk in the store with you and say the same thing in front of them.

I am about ready to voice my complaints to anyone else I can think of that might do something about this place. However, I thought it would only be fair to contact you first.

I would really appreciate a non-computer generated response from an actual person who intends to address this matter.

Thank you.

(1206) Christeen Maihle
Fri, 6 June 2014 13:53:14 +0000

I was at the B P station in Clarion, PA on Tuesday June 3, 2014. I thought that I could use my Kmart slip a second time but after the attendant explained you can only use them one I was okay with that BUT when I hit the button on the gas pump for 3.79 a gal I received my slip and realized that I was charged 3.99 a gal for gas; when I told the attendant she informed me that I had to speak to the manager who was not there, but I had left my name and phone number for her to call me which she has not done. So, on Thursday June 5, 2014 I called again and the manager, again, was not there, so I left my name and phone number a second time for her to call me and explain to the attendant on duty what had happened she said that she would have the manager call today before 9:00AM. I still haven't heard from the manager of the Clarion B P station. I am wondering what kind of operation you are running when the customer is not being considered an importmant part of your operation.

(1205) MR.W.Inston
Thu, 5 June 2014 08:48:39 +0000

My wife uses LongbridgeLANE BP Garage.Filled up at 21.00hrs 4/06/14. Staff were very rude and did not give correct change .
If they can't look after customers there are plenty of other companies .If it happens again I will take it further

(1204) barry simons
Mon, 2 June 2014 04:26:00 +0000

i use the bp garage near olney buckinghamshire all the time and notice they run out of fuel on lots of occasions and notice my car does not run very well sometimes aftr this i am not sure how clean the tanks are there could this be checked out please .
many thanks
Barry Simons

(1203) Gordon
Sat, 31 May 2014 13:00:26 +0000

bp should not hire rude people. I went to the BP On the Run Broadview,150 Hampstead Rd Broadview, SA, 5083 just 15 minutes ago to get some cans of redbull. The Afghan working there refused to check the price for me and said that he would only get the redbulls for me if I was going to buy them (without knowing the price), So he refused to serve me.This is all after waiting for about 1o minutes for him to show up at the pay window because he could not be bothered serving customers and instead went to hide in the back as he saw customers approach. That's not how we treat people in Australia. He should be fired.

(1202) Howard Hazard
Sat, 31 May 2014 09:14:21 +0000


I have been a loyal customer for a long time and have always been pleased to do business with the BP station on the corner of Congress Ave and 10th Ave in Palm Springs Fla.

However I have been disgusted for many months with the filthy images drawn on the filthy windows of this location.

Penises and vaginas and more have remained on the windows for FAR to long.

What kind of manager,staff and management team would not be appalled and if nothing else be concerned about decent famalies needing to avoid the embarassment of pulling in and being exposed to this.

This is a VERY low class,vile and thoughtless situation to allow.

Howard Hazard

(1201) Debbie T Mayers
Fri, 30 May 2014 18:37:06 +0000

I purchased gasoline from the BP station on State Route 170 in East Liverpool (Calcutta) Ohio today at approximately 5:00 p.m. The cost per gallon (regular) was $3.99. I thought it was high, but needed gas, and was in a hurry, so I pumped $72.00 worth.
On my way out of town, I drove past the Giant Eagle Get-Go station: $3.65 per gallon; and the Sheetz station: $3.79 per gallon.
As you may imagine, I was more than perturbed.
I am accustomed to spending a few cents more per gallon at BP, but a 34-cent difference in price is absolutely ridiculous - and given that these 3 stations are within one-half a mile of each other, it might explain why I got right in and right out of the BP station when the lines at the GetGo were 10-cars deep.
I'm not trying to tell you how you should run your business, but if you intend on staying in business in this area, you may want to consider checking your competitions' prices prior to raising your price nearly 10% higher than the surrounding market area.
I have been a regular patron of this particular BP station since it was a SOHIO station in the 70s.
Very Truly Yours,
Debbie T. Mayers
15896 Givens Road
Wellsville, OH 43968

(1200) Lawrie Gillespie
Fri, 30 May 2014 10:13:51 +0000

I went to your Newmarket filling station to fill 4 petrol containers(Government approved ones)same as I have done over the past years only to be refused service. I was informed, wrongly may I add, that it was "the law" that a maximum of two could be filled. I was also told that it was OK for me to fill two, drive ou and back in and fill another two. Seriously!! What difference does it make whether I filled four or two times two. If this is your company policy it defies logic. I was also informed that if I had two 10 litre metal jerricans then I could take the required amount. Surely approved plastic containers are safer and less prone to corrosion.

(1199) Manuela Sabogal
Thu, 29 May 2014 11:06:45 +0000

Last sunday May 25 11:30 am I went to put some gas at the station on Forest Hill and Puddy , West Pal Beach Florida. I told the clerk 30dollars on number 10 and paid, once I aproached the pump I realized the gas wasnt runnning. Once again I had to go back inside the station asked about it and the clerk said I had told her a different number. Not only was another person at pump number 5 using my gas money due to the fact she put the 30dollars on a different pump then the one she was told , she was rude and said I never told her it was on number 10. I asked for the manager but he wasnt at the station, they just left me standing there with my baby in my arms. Im a single mom with a two year old baby running in and out of the station asking what had happend under a 98 degrees sun, is that fair? I really feel I was mistreated by BP workers who could care less about the mistake they made , gave me no response, left me talking bymyself just standing there with my son. The clerk just went inside, never came out and left her brother with the other customers. So I lost 30 dollars, went home with an empty gas tank and a really rude response on behalf of BP. I consider this treatment unfair for a single mom that walks in with ther baby in her arms, 98degree sun outside , in and out asking what happend and BP clerk turns and her back in me and hides inside the office. I want my money back where should I call or whom do I have to speak to, workers with type of attitude are the one that make sure customers dont ever use your product ever again and remember word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool, I know my fellow moms will not be using BP stations anymore.

(1198) Steve Higginson
Tue, 27 May 2014 07:02:47 +0000

Dear Sirs,
I recently filled my Austin Healey at your service station on the A49/A533 Junction in Cheshire, not only did the pump not cut off and sppilled fuel all over me and the car the staff seemed not concerned at all. However my biggest disappointment was how they could charge £157.8 pence per litre for super unleaded!!!! That is just robbery because it is only £148.9 on the motorway which we all know are more expensive. If this is meant to encourage people to use this fuel it is not helping you. Currently our fuel cards are with BP and as managing director I will be asking for alternative suppliers to quote because you simply do not deserve all our business at those ridiculous prices.

yours Sincerely

Steve Higginson

(1197) Kim Marsh
Fri, 23 May 2014 13:56:38 +0000

I just left the BP station near Davenport Alabama. I am extremely angry and want to know who gives the Indian owners the right to charge you to use the restroom. We stopped at BP because it was a name we knew and trusted. We went in to use the restroom and we were greeted with "are you paying customer?". Is this not the United States of America? What the heck? The sign flashing out front says clean restrooms. Who knows? You can't use them unless you buy something! If they want to lock the toilets up so be it but they should be required to post that somewhere instead of the clean restroom sign. Shame on them and shame on you if you allow this type of behavior. I realize what BP stands for and trust me It will not be anytime soon we will be back won't be so apt too believe they have a right be here in our country taking advantage if us

(1196) Beverly Rodriguez
Fri, 23 May 2014 07:10:54 +0000

I was an employee at the bp on alt 264 in Wilson across from bojangles. the manager in there used racial slurs would cuss at the customers and employees...I brought this to the owners attention and he did nothing about it. when he decided to get rude w my fiancée and myself I decided to stand up for myself and I got fired...I am thinking that is a little unfair

(1195) vipin
Thu, 22 May 2014 00:16:28 +0000

Dear sir/madam,
I have a fleet card of your company and our consumption of diesal is around 50 lakhs per months so we have gained so much petromiles points,we redeemed these points with different type of bouchers of different outlets but time has been completed over two months but we did not get these bouchers so we are thinking for switching Bharat petrolioum to another reliable company like indian oil and IBP.so you are requested to look in it.my card id is "FO0100382793".

(1194) a. fields
Wed, 21 May 2014 08:08:40 +0000

The bp station attendant in Montevallo, AL on May 21, 2014 a hefty older white lady with gray hair was being rude and showing animosity towards the customers.

(1193) Mrs Doyle
Wed, 21 May 2014 05:47:54 +0000


I am appalled to say that THREE MONTHS have now passed since I was doused in diesel at the BP filling station in Craiglinn, on 12th February, and your company has failed to respond to my comment and concerns. This is despite a Claims Consulting being instructed by BP Oil UK Ltd to investigate the circumstances surrounding this incident on their behalf. I have been told initially that enquiries would be made with the relevant BP personnel, and that you would revert back to me as quickly as possible with a decision upon liability. I have now been told that the BP personnel have completely failed to respond to these enquiries, despite the timescale involved now.

Three months without any form of reply is completed unacceptable, and I am now considering seeking legal advice, as well as inform contact the local authority Environmental Health department and Media should I continue to receive no response. It is disgraceful that BP staff put my Health and Safety at risk and put me, and others around me in danger, yet haven't even felt that I deserve any form of explanation, response or compensation after what I have been put through. I now wish for this to be passed on to the Managing Director or CEO of BP Plc (UK division) for immediate action.

The incident occured on 12th February, and for 5 days the skin on my legs, hands and lip were burning and inflamed.

On a more serious note, by 18th February I was forced to see my doctor due to feeling generally unwell and suffering headaches, tiredness and aching limbs. Blood tests ruled out any form of infection. This was the first time I have visited the doctor for four years, except for a throat infection a year ago.

I had immediate expenses to buy clothing items to get me home, as well as to replace car mats, and clothing which were all washed several times and still stunk of diesel even after a few weeks.

I now also seek compensation for the lack of due diligence shown by BP and lack of concern shown for my Health and Safety, in failing to deal with the incident appropriately. As well as this, I also wish to be compensated for the risks I was exposed to and danger I was put in, due to BP's lack of action. (Diesel being a skin irritant if left uncleaned, fumes being toxic, and the driving hazzards I had to sustain as I tried to get home with my diesel soaked feet slipping off the pedals repeatedly, as well as any flammability risks)

I am also very upset that BP have failed to respond to any of my emails for 3 entire months since the incident, until now. I now feel that BP thought that I didn't even warrent a reponse after what I was put through, and I am afraid, that after 3 month of failing to address my health and safety concerns, it is now far too little, too late.

BP have shown, throughout this ordeal:

* a lack of coshh training and practices,

* staff lacking h&s training and practices,

* failure to follow hse guidlines regarding the risks of diesel,

* shown no evidence that staff have carried out or know the risk assessment procedures

* as well as demonstrating complete disregard for customers health & safety or customer care.

* Failure to respond and take my concerns seriously

These points have all been highlighted by the way I was treated during and after the incident. I am very suprised by BP's continued avoidance in dealing with my complaint. I am extremely disatisfied by how I have been mis-treated then ignored by BP regarding this whole incident. I expect a response ASAP and expect to be compensated accordingly.

I am now a very dissatisfied & concerned customer!!

(1192) Rebecca Hayward
Fri, 16 May 2014 21:29:09 +0000

I live in Kapunda and leave for work at 5am, used to love getting a cup of coffee from on the run on way to work every day. The machine has been out of order now for nearly 3 months and I have been told by staff it is not going to be fixed. Very disappointing and I was not the only one who enjoyed the coffee

(1191) Ian G
Fri, 16 May 2014 02:08:59 +0000

Yesterday afternoon 15/5/14 I visited the BP connect station on Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. After filling with petrol I went to pay, there were at least three large posters advertising “All Day Breakfast” which included a coffee. So I ordered one at the pay station, the guy called out to a girl at the other end of the counter to order it so I walked down there to look in the display to make my choice.

I asked the girl which items were included in the “All day breakfast” and I was told that I had ordered an “All day breakfast roll” and it was being heated.

OK, that’s fine but I would have preferred a bacon roll so I asked for a coffee. Now this is where the terrible service really started.
I was told very firmly that I hadn’t paid for a coffee and that I needed to re-join the queue to order one.
I protested that I had ordered off the poster, re-join the queue and pay was repeated. I said that it was very misleading that there was another product of the same name! The reply at this stage was that they didn’t have large cups only regular (apparently the offer includes large coffee) so they were not able to fill the offer anyway.

I said that a regular would do and all I got was the re-join the queue bit again! At this stage I decided not to bother with the coffee and annoyed took the roll.

Once outside I thought again, as the coffee was the reason for stopping and decided to go back and order a coffee, when back inside I found the two of them arguing about my order, with the guy insisting that I had ordered just a roll. This was impossible as at that stage I didn’t even know that was a roll of that name. So incensed by the worst service that I have encounter for many years, I threw to roll on the counter and walked out.

Although the handling of the situation by the staff was incredibly bad (they obviously need much more training and should not be allowed in front of customers until properly trained) it is very confusing to have two products with more or less the same name and the same price. The advertising is therefore very misleading and should be referred to the Advertising Standards Authority.


(1190) elizabeth tricarico
Wed, 14 May 2014 14:39:09 +0000

On May 10th at 11pm I went to the BP located on Mcchenry road in Buffalo Grove IL, Tamil or amihl, whatever his name is, was my cashier. I went into the store to purchase some sprite, i was holding my phone while checking out and the cashier accused me of taking pictures of him. I told him I wasn't, he responded by calling me a liar and accusing me of being on drugs, he said there is no reason for me to be holding a phone, i was texting my mother. He then proceeded to threaten me, he said he was going to call the cops that I was in big trouble. He tried reaching for my phone, I told him he was nuts and left. This was uncalled for, simply holding a phone set this guy off, he did everything but give good customer service. Legal action may be in order, this is not the first incident i have encountered with him, and my family and I will know longer go to a BP again, all thanks to him. Something needs to be done I will not ignore what happened until justice is served .

(1189) kimberley smith
Wed, 14 May 2014 10:21:12 +0000

I am absolutely disgusted and appalled the fact that I went into a BP station in Twyford to find out the drink (fruit juice) I brought was 3 MONTHS out of date! I tried to make a complaint to the store and they informed me that a manager wasn't in and to try again the day after it has now been 3 days and I have tried everyday and now nobody is answering the phone. I think that this is outrageous customer service and I assure you I will never be going in there again!!!!!!!!!!!!

(1188) Mr M Whybrow-Price
Fri, 9 May 2014 06:32:45 +0000

I used BP garage at 66_76 Cambridge st,St Neots.
I was spoken to in a manner that was rude and disrespectful.I was asked to put my cards in the till card reader which I replied I do not usually do this the BP person normally does it,I was then told to do it a 2nd time so the BP person was not listeningto me or could not be botheted,so I tried several times and got it wrong I told the BP person that maybe he should do it but again I was told to do it and this time he also said "I should think before I opened my mouth",I had not swore or raised my voice at all he also said it in a threating tone so I do not understand why he said what he said. I carried on with the transaction and later asked for his name as he was not wearing a uniform or name id badge,he refused but added it was on the receipt which is was not, so again I asked for his name which he refused again.This happened today at 12.04 09.5.14
I isr BP a lot anf this is 2 st instamce of this behaviour I would hope the person is retrained or more enlightened with dealing with customers in the future.

(1187) RIA
Wed, 7 May 2014 23:41:31 +0000

This morning i went to my local BP to fill up petrol as i do EVERY WEEK. Today i decided to fill up 1L to see if it was accurate and i found that they were ripping me off.. I have pictures and i will be going to higher powers if this is not resolved.

(1186) Lenora Asbury
Tue, 6 May 2014 17:24:31 +0000

Today, May 6, 2014 at approximately 5:46 pm I purchased gas at BP7066111 471 Main Street East Orange, NJ 07018. I had just picked up my new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee from dealership for routine check up. I pulled in and asked to be fulled up since gas was very low. Attended improperly pushed in gas nozzle because about 3 to 4 minutes later a different attendant pulled it out saying it is running out. When I jumped out I immediately said I know I never go over $65-$68 and he stopped pump at $79.12.

I first took pictures and then summoned clerk over asking for a manager. Clerk came over with an attitude saying, "Oh that ain't nothing but a couple of coins, maybe .52 cent." Then pulled out a $1 and attempted to hand it to me knowing that that could not be true.

Please help with this situation. I am insulted and feel that they need a lesson on customer services. The Site ID: 7066111 and the pump # was 02.

(1185) Stephanie
Sat, 3 May 2014 23:17:06 +0000

I just went to your BP on the run at West Beach on Burbridge Rd and I was waiting in line when the staff (a female) yelled out to me asking if I was waiting on petrol. I replied and said no I'm just after some coffee. She then sighed & grunted as if to indicate I was being an inconvenience by ordering coffee. When it came to her serving me she had the rudest look on her face. I said to her she can serve these people first I don't mind waiting for the coffee. She then replied with a "Oh you'll be waiting for coffee"! Never have I ever relieved such bad service in all my life. I get C Coffee all the time because its easy & the service is usually good. I suggest you use more staff if you are going to offer such services. I can empathise with the staff as they do seem to be stressed.

(1184) kavit Hathi
Sat, 3 May 2014 01:41:42 +0000

Need to sack Sana from BP woodstock, appalling attitude when making coffee and arguing with other colleagues whilst behind till...

Bad bad attitude

(1183) Renee Hamilton
Fri, 2 May 2014 17:43:10 +0000

The Bryans Rd Md BP gas was all water today my truck along with several other vehicles broke down there today after getting gas from their pumps today. They gave me the name Sue Baker to call with Burch Oil

(1182) Joy Smith
Wed, 30 April 2014 02:04:25 +0000

Hi I got 2 scratch n win cards not winners Put them on my to do pile to enter second chance Finally get to them Spend the time filling out and then expects me to remember which station???????? Notice it says its on docket Who on earth unless for tax or reimbersment says yes to receiving docket All places now ask do you want docket/receipt I along with many others say NO to save the trees If scratch n wins are given then so should docket & recipient must be told they must keep receipt with cards in order to enter I will not be accepting any further cards with the lure of a prize These cards are just wasting trees really Yup Im the fool You wont fool me again Very rare I go to a BP anyway Now I think of it It was a BP that I drove away from last week without getting petrol as the guy wouldnt turn on pump unless I paid first and there were NO signs telling me about it & nor did he He signalled to me after 3 people who arrived after me were at his window & some one asking me if it was prepaid I will have to be very desperate to consider BP to fuel up DONT BOTHER REPLYING

(1181) Kerry Burvill
Tue, 29 April 2014 06:23:21 +0000

I thought I would write to you to tell you about the bad service that I received at the BP Petrol Station at Leicester Forest East Southbound services on Sunday. When pulling in to purchase petrol, we decided to also stop and purchase a coffee and snack for our travel. We were on two occasions charged for the wrong items, the staff there certainly didnt know about the current promotions that were in force as we wanted to purchase the £3.00 offer which included a large offer. We were eventually given a refund but only after a lot of complaining. I also visited the ladies bathrooms at this service station and I have to tell you that were absolutely filthy. They smelt disgusting, the toilets weren't cleaned, there was no toilet paper in two of the three toilets and lots of debris on the floor. I took the opportunity of telling your staff of my visit and I didn't feel that they were concerned, I certainly was as I wished I hadn't purchased any food with the hygiene of the toilets being so bad! I hope this will help to improve the standards of what can only be compared to a disaster!

(1180) charlie
Tue, 29 April 2014 02:55:57 +0000

At about 1700 hrs today. Together with my child attended BP on Sherwood Road Merrylands. At the time I was attempting to purchase a slurpy from the machine as well as other commodities. At the time I approached a male assitant behind the counter and asked him if he had any lids and straws for the cups. At first he told me that they were located near the coffee machine. I then left the cashiers to attend to the coffee machine to see if I could locate it. As I couldn't find it. I approached the counter and asked the assistant for help. He quickly looked up into the ceiling and smurked at me. He informed me that there wasn't any available. At this time he made no attempt to help me as he then said dont drink it then. Still smirki at me. I asked him why he was being rude and that this is not customer service. He said to me that I must have been angry about something else. I informed him that it was his manner and his lack of customer service is why I was upset. I left the premises and will never attend to this BP again.I asked for the sales assitant name and he told me it was Tim. No name badge on so Im not sure if it was . The worst experience ever. Lucky it wasn't a mystery shop. Appaling

(1179) Cat
Mon, 28 April 2014 10:55:01 +0000

Yesterday, I pre-paid $25 of gaz and left without pumping.
I returned right away and a girl is at my pump.
I told her, hey I forgot my gas. She tells me don't worry,I used my credit card.
I asked her to wait and I double checked with the clerk.
He told me "there's still prepaid gas at your pump so I assume it still there.
So the girl leaves and I'm incapable to get the gaz back.
He hand me the manager # and he doesn't call me back.
I ask the clerk to call him. He answered right away.
He have the clerk checked and he affirms that there's still prepaid gas at my pump.. And I'm told to hold on t'il the next morning to find out.
Well I just found out that not only I left the girl left with part of my gas, I wasn't giving the right to get the other part and someone else got it.
I feel very upset about this situation and am asking to be fully reimbursed.
Thank you very much,
C. Thibault

(1178) James Keller
Mon, 28 April 2014 09:31:56 +0000

Received Statement which clearly included (2) Duplicate Charges totaling $184.60. Called customer service on 4/7/2014 and they sent me dispute forms and I promptly completed and submitted.
Never received any response regarding this issue. Called on 4/23/2014 after much phone time, someone said they were still working on it. Checked again 4/28, Rep on the other end knew nothing about it.
If this is the way BP does business, I will be closing my account in the near future as the duplicate charges will be eating up all our savings through the program and wind up costing us more.

(1177) Brenda Bowman
Sun, 27 April 2014 14:24:45 +0000

Concerning BP Station on Hwy. 77 Siloam Georgia
Yesterday 4/26/2014 at about 5:45 PM I went to buy gas, as usual these few men are in the doorway sitting in CHAIRS, there's no way in the store without going pass them. They use to most foul language and are very loud! My husband went in to pay for the fuel and I tried to pump and was so upset by the F word and many other bad words. I told him this is the last time I will listen to this in a place where I should be able to buy my gas without hearing all this!
This is NOT the first time it has happened! I just try to stay away from the store, but sometimes I need to..
I mean really a chair in the entrance of the store! Just because they are locals don't give them the right to carry on in such a way!
Someone needs to check this store out and do something about this! I am sure IF any decent folks stop by off the interstate and hear this, they will just go on to Flying J..
Thank you for your time!

Brenda Bowman

(1176) Dale Meyers
Fri, 25 April 2014 02:59:56 +0000

What's the point of having a competition when you spend $50 on petrol and the piece of shit behind the counter must be keeping all the scratch tickets for anyone his colour. I use BP fuel because I believe that it's the best and this incident will not change that. Princess Hwy Oakleigh inbound will never get my money again.

(1175) Angela Golden
Thu, 24 April 2014 18:08:54 +0000

I use the BP station in Brundidge AL. First of all let me say the employees are awesome. My problem is with the pumps. They are old and never updated. The owner is aware but does nothing. Several of them with not shut off when the tank is full. They just pump gas on the ground and customer and of course the customer has to pay for it. The keypads are all messed up. You have to go in and leave your debit card with the cashier, go pump your gas and then go back in and pay for it when filling up. This defeats the purpose of pay at the pump. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have bad knees and am tired of this. BP should be ashamed to be associated with this store. I am taking my business across the street to Chevron even though I prefer BP gas.

(1174) Andrew Green
Wed, 23 April 2014 13:13:20 +0000

I have just been to BP connect at Oxenford and purchased $55 of fuel. I ordered a coffee only to be told NO. " I'm way too busy, too much to do and not enough time" surely this is not standard company policy. Needless to say I'll be taking my business else where in future.

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