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(1323) JAY
Sun, 26 October 2014 16:11:33 +0000

Hi, I'm Jay,Today 26.10.2014 Sunday this morning around 9.10am I went to Childs way, Milton Keynes close to Xcape, BP Petrol station for air check for my car, while my london trip with my family, the air machine was blocked with red cone. I went to ask the staff,is it working, he said it's working, it's closing for cleaning purpose also he come to remove vacuum instrument, then I park my car close to air machine,I put 50p coin into the machine. Machine is not working, I ask help the staff. He said , It is working, if not working need to ring throw phone number mentioned overthe machine, I ask him do u have any idea above the machine, then he said go to cashier get the receipt the ring to manager or customer service or whatever, then I went to ask cashier he was ignoring me, he was refusing to give customer service no, while that first guy came to get 50p from his till then went to try again that machine, after he said it's working then ask me go to fill air, this conversation goes 15 minutes, I said it's too late, just I want to speak your manager,he said his name is Kissan, he is the manager & he is the boss of the site, his words are rude & aggressive, his face turned crump he gave his mobile no. after that I left from the site with upset mind,It was worst Sunday, my whole trip was upset, that guys why treat like that & why they are not asking apologise, why are not help me, how is going customer service in BP carage, How is treating people

(1322) jose alvarado
Fri, 24 October 2014 21:40:13 +0000

I've been visiting the same BP for several years now and was very angry and disappointed at their service and employees. I purchased alcoholic beverages, and the employee started interrogating me. Asking me how I acquired a fake ID and that I should have brought a more convincing ID. To top it off, he got very angry when I paid in change, telling me I couldn't do that and throwing the change in his register. This isn't the first time the same employee has acted in an unprofessional matter. Rest assured this is the last time I'll be visiting the BP at 3170 Frontage Rd
Gainesville, GA. And i suggest everyone else stay away from it as well.

Gravatar (1321) Goodman
Thu, 23 October 2014 03:47:15 +0000

On the 17 Friday October 2014 i was assaulted by a petrol attended. I had 100 rand cash note in my hand and i said gv me 93 for R100.and the guy poured me R394.74 petrol and i was forced to pay all the money the bp supervisor forced me to leave my phone and come back to pay i did so in Bp dindela Vosloorus i Hate what they did i also hate bp

(1320) renaud
Wed, 22 October 2014 22:05:24 +0000

I have been insulted and humiliated before customers by the BP gas station inside worker on Tuesday the 21 st, October at 6800 Baltimore ave close to Fernwood cemetery in Yeadon PA. I gave her the money and asked her to charge it for the pump number 4 and once i went back to the pump I notice it's not working and then I tried to draw her attention and she started shouting on me , when I got closer to let her know she doesn't need to talk shit and behave like that, she accentuated by asking me before customers if I am crazy and I had to fuel my car with the pump 3 while somebody else was already standing there.that was really humiliating to treat me like that. that is my last time to stop by.

(1319) Joshua
Wed, 15 October 2014 15:54:37 +0000

At store number 792 very unhappy employees very unsatisfactoryService I suggest you look into the store maybe your profits will go up with happy employees very disgruntled bathroom is disgusting and needs cleaned very badly I seen cockroaches running through the store this store is located in Kinderhook QuickstopI definitely will not be coming back here I am a loyal BP gas by her good luck with the store hopefully it succeeds if not no loss

(1318) Beverly Chadwell
Tue, 14 October 2014 14:02:45 +0000

I live in Michigan-a lil county called Cheboygan.My question is--why are the gas prices so HIGH in this county.Recently moving 250 miles away-I have noticed the prices are 10 cents more than other places-lately 40 cents higher.I have heard it is Election year-but one side of the state is higher by a big margin-I have questions.There is less income up there-jobs are farther-people are driving farther to get their gas then anyone should--again why?I would really appreciate a response because alot of locals are curious-this one is just a little more curious.How can you work-or enjoy a life -knowing you have to pay.I do not know if its greed-911 gas was cheaper--its 80.00 a barrel-why are we paying 3.33 versus 2.73 250 miles away-Please respond-An upset consumer

(1317) Gerard
Sun, 12 October 2014 00:03:34 +0000

Well, that was frustrating. BP service station in Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. Went to grab the deal for 1 Gold item and 1 Silver item to get them for $5, only to be told that the promotion had ended and that I had to buy it full price, even though it was clearly marked. Maybe their English wasn't perfect, but you would assume that they would honor a labelled promotion. BP, screw you; unless I get some form of apology I will fill up with petrol elsewhere, like Gull.

(1316) Mr. Aultman
Thu, 9 October 2014 23:00:17 +0000

3000 Hilliard rd bp. Richmond, VA 23228.. (804) 264-6909
I so rarely complain about service because good service is hard to find nowadays i suppose. But for 2 years ive avoided this bp station whenever possible despite its close proximity to my residence. If its not just the filth, its these lazy rude older ladies that work there.ive walked in with my 10 year old and actually had to ask them to watch the vulgar language, not the only time... cashier too busy on the phone to ring me up and was clearly a personal call, actually left after about 5minutes waiting for her as other customers were getting angry. Stopped in just to pump gas and was a 40 to 50 yr old cashier directly in front of bp doorway smoking a marijuana blunt with a14 or 15 year old boy. And then just tonite, (the last straw) my debit was stolen previously so i need to pay cash for gas.Almost on empty i pull into the well lit bp. Open sign on! Pull around the broken pump to the working ones and before i can even get out of my truck this lady gets up and turnsoff all the lights and locks the door. Understanding they close at 10 but it was no later than 950 pm. Such a disgrace to the bp name its ridiculous. Again i never take the time to complain because i understand a abad day. But thiss store is a joke. Please i beg of you BP, as a company claiming to care about its customers and make america better, please stop in that store. Random inspection and termination perhaps. Could be a very busy store due to its location. But sometimes customer service means more than convenience. Meanwhile ill drive an extra 5 miles to wawa, and im not a wawa kinda guy. PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

(1315) daniel bravo
Fri, 3 October 2014 21:50:02 +0000

complaints to bp gas station located 1101 e.jersey st Elizabeth nj 07201the prices is diferent en the pump also the cashier the name jose bery bery nasty men

(1314) Tracye Morris
Thu, 2 October 2014 18:41:13 +0000

My complaint involves the gas stations located at 6800 Baltimore Ave in Lansdowne, PA, 6601 Market St in Upper Darby, PA and 6243 Chestnut St in Philadelphia, PA. Your partnership with K Mart gives Rewards Members 30 cents off per gallon as a reward for choosing to spend our hard earned money. Today (10/02/14) for the 2nd time in 5 wks I went to the location in Landsdowne, PA. The cashier stated she could not honor the coupon because their register or the instrument to change the pump prices didn't work. I asked her would she be able to do the transaction cash or credit w/o the coupon, she said yes. But, it worked to change the gas prices in those weeks. I left there and went to the Upper Darby, PA location where the cashier told me "we don't take this (the coupon) here". I informed him I yes you do, I used my previous coupon there about 2-3 wks ago. He said he did't know how or what to do with it. I showed him the instructions for redemption on the coupon. He then told me this was his 1st day and let him call his Mgr/owner. After the call he told me "He told me not to take it he didn't want him to deal with it on his 1st day". To say the least I was furious and asked when will this person come to the location, I was told he is there almost everyday at 7 am. On to the 3rd location, no problems whatsoever. As usual it took less than 30 second for my transaction. I went back to the cashier and asked him if the owner of this (Phila., PA) location owns the one in Upper Darby. He said yes and he is usually at that location at 7:30-8 am. I take who I decide to give my consumer dollars to very seriously and BP is my #1 choice before, during and after your oil spill. Being in the customer service field for 30+ years, I was appalled that the owner couldn't or wouldn't take the 30 seconds to instruct his representative. I had to emotionally and mentally calm myself for a couple of hours before sending this. All 3 locations plus 2 others are all 5-10 min from me and all have different prices per gallon, of which the Phila. location has the highest. Was I shepharded to the highest??? I sure hope not and depending on bhow this is responded to decides on whether or not I continue to support this company monetarily, verbally or written word. This type of service cannot continue. I felt as if I didn't matter, she still will use the coupon . I still will meet with the owner tomorrow morning to get his response to my experience.

(1313) christopher
Thu, 2 October 2014 11:03:03 +0000

I want to make a complaint on the bp on w market st in greensboro north carolina i went into the store to you use the bathroom and get gas not only i was upset with the bathroom door being lock but it had a note on the bathroom locked please see cashier so i said i need to used the bathroom he said its occupied which it was a lie so i just my gas and left i to go to mcdonalds this was not call for who ever work thursday morning im not trying to get anyone into trouble but the bathroom should be unlock this happen 1130 am

(1312) aidan
Tue, 30 September 2014 08:50:43 +0000

Hi just wanted to say that I am an avid user of BP and only go to this garage for my fuel, but unfortunately I wish to make you aware of a problem in one of your outlets.
the Q8 garage just outside Kilmarnock is the garage I wish to talk about I am a taxi driver and only sue BP outlets but will not be using this one again as on several occasions I have filled up at this place and had difficulty with my nectar card not swiping or scanning , I would like to points out I only work at night and usually fill up at end of shift so the garage is not busy in fact I can only remember 1 other person filling up at the same time as me before, now the clerk who's name escapes me tells me that the points have been added to my card which is contradicted on the fuel receipt I always obtain this has happened to many times to b a mistake and would be grateful if something is done about this as I fear I am not the only one this is happening too. please respond via return email thank you n advance

(1311) Kim Mcmillan
Tue, 30 September 2014 05:03:02 +0000

Today on September 30 @ 4:45 a.m. the clerk named Ben was SUPER RUDE to me! I came in and said I needed 10 on pump one. He repeated
Ten on 4. I said no, on One. He said SPEAK UP ! I said Im not speaking low ad theres no one in here but us I dont know how you didnt hear me. He said with an attitude well I did that time. I paid with a twenty took my change,and he said DONT SNATCH! Some people shouldnt work on customer service at all, he was extremly rude to me for no reason. I get gas here all the time, and this is the first time I have run into RUDE BEN!!!!

(1310) Carlo
Mon, 29 September 2014 18:32:09 +0000

BP Station 382 Portion Road, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, 11779 has fuel at 3.39 for regular...not bad. However the debit/credit price is 4.37. I asked the attendant if it was correct, he said it was. They probably send the money to ISIS or al-Qaeda.

I doubt anyone at BP reads this complaint board so I filed a complaint with the consumer protection agency.

(1309) J MCLEOD
Mon, 29 September 2014 14:24:45 +0000


The most disgusting bathrooms I have ever seen in a BP station! The toilets & floors were filthy. There was hardly any water coming out of the faucet - and there wasn't any soap. The most unsanitary thing was the sign on the walls in both stalls that said "Put toilet paper in waste basket NOT in toilet." My husband commented that the men's room was disgusting too and we will NEVER stop there again on our trips down I-77.

(1308) Jesse Davis
Fri, 26 September 2014 10:30:41 +0000

I put 5.5 gallons in my VW TDI at the station at BP
1221 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60605
About 2 blocks down the road my engine light came on so I stopped at the dealership on my way home. The diesel I put in was contaminated with algae and particulates that completely ruined my fuel system in my new car.(3 mo old). It is going to cost $5000 plus. I have a claim with VW to fix this and if not paid for I will be coming after BP with my lawyer to pay this repair plus damages!

(1307) Barbara Sinkowitz
Tue, 23 September 2014 06:04:29 +0000

Completely ridiculous! 1300 Ingleside Rd, Norfolk VA 23509 has the worst customer service! An older man who wears glasses and ballcap provides MINIMAL SERVICE to Caucasians. He's polite and respectfuly to everyone but light skinned people. The moment I walked up to him and asked for $20 in can, he completely walked away and didn't come back for almost 10 minutes. There is a second register, an older African American woman approaches, and he helps her at the other register! I asked to speak with a manager and he ignored me as if I was a gust of wind. This man needs to be reported!

(1306) Jennifer Gilbert
Tue, 23 September 2014 05:48:45 +0000


This place is a complete joke! Im am outraged by the service provided (or lack there of) at this gas station. It's only one particular employee who's rude to every white person there is. Yes, I strongly believe this is a racial issue. He blatantly ignored myself as well as another older white woman, but had no problems helps out a younger black male. The other woman and I waited for 5 solid minutes until I asked if there was another register available. He didn't say anything to me. I asked him again if he could open another register considering there were 2 employees back there just standing there. Neither one of them said anything!..I knew they could hear me, but they refused to acknowledge me or the other woman. I even knocked on the window! this rude old black man completely ignored me. After roughly 10 minutes waiting around, I got in me car and as I was driving off, another younger black male approached the window and he successfully paid for his gas!!! I want this old man fired! this isnt the first time people have had problems with him

(1305) Gary Rhett
Mon, 22 September 2014 17:29:50 +0000

Good evening, I just got back from a trip to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and I was given BP gift cards by my agency to use for gas for our trip to a conference. I stopped at about 6 to 7 different locations from South Carolina, Georgia and Florida and at every location there were no supplies stocked outside for cleaning windshields. There was no water, paper towels or squeegee to clean off your windows. We were having a lot of issue with insects that were mating in Florida and they were hitting the vehicle a lot and messing up our windows. So I would've hoped that I could've cleaned off our window when we stopped to get gas at the BP location where we stopped. This was very inconvenient for us, as a previous retail manager I know how important it is to have those supplies ready for your customers who are traveling. I would hope that something that could be done to improve this situation at these and all locations, would make it much better for the next customer that you have stop through. If you would like that information about these locations I still have my receipts and can provide the store numbers and addresses if need be. Thank you for your time.

(1304) steven casper
Mon, 22 September 2014 12:06:01 +0000


I have a complaint about one of your Gas stations. The station I would like to bring to your attention for deceptive advertising is in Wentzville Missouri 63385 at on Veterans Memorial Parkway 636-327-5607 near Ruggeri Dr, am told its store number# 13. First, let me tell you I have not purchased any of your products since you dumped all that oil in my Gulf Of Mexico. I was thinking maybe someday BP OIL would gets its head out of its ass and become a responsible company again, but while traveling back from Kansas City on I-70 I found that to be untrue.

As I drive on any trip I look for the best price for gasoline along the highway, when I saw your $311.9 sign at your Wentzville location on Saturday 9/20/2014, I pulled off the highway and looked again as I came up the off-ramp and again saw the top price of $311.9 that is always the Reg, unleaded price in that position on all gas station signs. I did not look again at that sign as I had already seen it twice. I pay cash so I went into the store and prepaid; when I got back out to the pump the price was $321.9, I when back inside and was told I did not look close enough at the sign, the $311.9 price is when you by a car wash. This statement in its self demonstrate the station knows it is trying to deceive, they know you can’t see the small tiny print that states, with car wash, until you are right on top of that sign; they also know by then you’re not looking anymore. I got my money back and when outside, the clerk was right in tiny letters it reads Regular with car wash I took a picture of that very deceptive signage, and told myself I will never ever buy or think BP will ever change its ways, your company is just dishonest to its core.

This is deceptive advertising, you can call it what you what to, but the price is light up to draw ones eyes there, the light up print size of about 18-24 inch in height and the stipulation is printed on the sign in 4-6 inches, and can not be read from the highway or the off-ramp or in a moving car. One has to be standing still and be within 25 feet to see that deceptive advertising clause. Let me just say many gas stations offer discounts but non-are dishonest to the traveling public. They post they full price for all to see and then tell you about saving money after you have stopped thru signage. BP your Company is a mess and your public relations SUCK.

Steven Casper SR
2228 College St
Mount Vernon ill 62864

(1303) Lex Farley
Sun, 21 September 2014 22:57:08 +0000

I have a Purgeot 307 petrol version. If I fill up on the cheaper fuel I get an anti pollution fault. My mechanic told me to only use the most expensive fuel pump. I notice that the fault goes away when I use the best BP fuel except when the fuel prices drop significantly. Then when I fill up, the error comes back. This leads me to believe that the BP tank has the wrong fuel connected to the pump and I'm paying the higher price for the cheaper fuel. My mechanic has thoroughly inspected the vehicle and advises its a petrol issue not a problem with the car. I use the BP in highland park on the Gold Coast exclusively. Can you please inspect and provide feedback. Thank you.

(1302) Makenzi Ries
Sat, 20 September 2014 23:50:30 +0000

Luverne, South Dakota. We wwnt to get gas before heading back home an when we got there we read the hours an it says open till 11:59 but when we got there they where already closed and the pump said see cashier, the cashier was at the counter an looked right at us an canceled our transaction multiple times!! Very upset now we have to travwl back to sioux falls with an empty tank of gas an expect to make it there. This is the woest service i have evee had at a bp gas station before. Maybe you should change the houses on the website if you close earlier now!!

Gravatar (1301) Jennifer Carter
Sat, 20 September 2014 19:55:56 +0000

what 7.30pm I went to buy a lottery ticket a Sunrise B.P gas station the young lady who attended me WAS very rude I believe her name is Mary I was next in line after buying my ticket i ask her to check other tickets Ihad she told me to step aside and let her take care of the other customer who came in after me. That is not customer service...That at the BP at Oakland and Hiatus road in Sunrise Florida.... This is so Sad !!!

(1300) Pamela Benton
Thu, 18 September 2014 18:31:49 +0000

9-12-14 BP 1736 Candler Rd. Decatur, GA 30032. I visited this location
Were 5.00 was put on card for me. The incorrect octain was pressed. Once it was brought to cashiers attention, my friend was told that 5.00 was credited back to his account, and just to re-swipe his card. At that point card was swipped again which is now 10.00. Cashier Ahmad which is what he said his name was came back outside after 15 min on going back & forth, about just sending amount to another pump which is what I requested, stated that 5.00 was put back on card if not he would give us 20.00. I didn't think that he would do that, however he said it. Upon leaving my friend checked his card & noticed that not only was 5.00 was charged twice I noticed that the so called credit for 5.00
was all zero's. Once I completed my shopping we went back. I let my
friend go in since it was his card, and Mr. Ahmed stated that he did not
say anything about giving us 20.00 if the card was not credited
correctly. So instead of a confratation my friend said lets just go so we
did. Well I had went into the hospital the next day and just getting out
today, and I went to store myself to talk with Mr. Ahmed to inform him
that I would be sending an email to cooperate about this matter. I
apologize for such a petty situation, however it's the principle. I have the receipts for that day. Your prompt attention to this matter would really be appreciated

Sincerely: Pam Benton

(1299) J B
Wed, 17 September 2014 08:14:23 +0000

Pleasant Prairie BP
10477 120th Ave
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

The staff here (for years) hasn't seemed to care that the receipts run out at the pump. 50% of the time, despite paying at the pump, I have to leave my car to go into the station to get my receipt. This stinks in the winter time, and especially when I have small children in their car seats. I have complained to the staff in the past, and they don't seem to care.
Yesterday, I spoke with cashier, "Edwin," who clearly didn't care about my inconvenience. He even said so much. When I told him to tell the owner that he lost a customer because of this, he said, "Oh well!" He went on to say to me in front of other customers, "Everyone knows this place sucks!" He actually seemed thrilled to write his name down for me when I said I would be contacting corporate. Very disappointing.

(1298) Hector
Tue, 16 September 2014 07:29:39 +0000

Pick & Roll at 2115 Main St, Green Bay, WI.
Terrible customer service. The look of contempt and rude manners of the tall guy that works there as if you are beneath him is unacceptable. Been there several times and every time he is there is the same. Not going back.

Gravatar (1297) MARCUS COLEMAN
Mon, 15 September 2014 21:37:40 +0000


(1296) K. Farnsworth
Sun, 14 September 2014 16:24:47 +0000

Exit 76 on Interstate 20 in Alabama has sign indicating BP service at the exit but there is not.

(1295) Lyon Seary
Thu, 11 September 2014 05:51:28 +0000

I live in postcode area OX10 6PL. There are 2 BP Service Stations within 8 miles of me - one at Nettlebed and one at Benson. For weeks now I have found no supplies of Diesel Ultimate at either garage. Are BP discontinuing this product? I need to know this because if the product is no longer available I can twice a month go to Henley and get Shell V Power. Please advise!

Gravatar (1294) Breonnia May
Tue, 9 September 2014 18:55:09 +0000

on 08/08/2014, While on vacation in South Carolina my family and I stopped at a BP Gas station. Pulled up to pump 1, there were 3 handles, 2 black and 1 green, all had the obvious different grades of gas and diesel labeled. I proceeded to pump reg grade and filled my tank. went into store to purchase items to complete our trip to family reunion in Georgia and went back to the car, got in started and car started smoking. Immediately a gentleman from around the side of the bldg., approached the car and told me that had put diesel gas in my tank, I insisted that it was regular and after a few minutes went over to the pump and in very small print there was a sign that said diesel for all pumps. Initially I felt it was a con/scam because the man that charged $160 to fix the issue appeared. I paid to have it towed around the corner to his shop. I am requesting my money to be returned, because by law diesel handle/pump should not fit into a regular gas tank, that is the most obvious tool to show an unaware customer that its the wrong gas. I paid $45 to fill my tank with diesel, $160 to repair, $40 to fill up tank again. Please reimburse my lost vacation funds and fix the scam. I have pictures of the pump and receipts from the location of the BP. I Will be more than happy to forward pictures and proper address once you email me. I cannot copy n paste here. 907-306-6261/907-884-4413

(1293) michael constiner
Mon, 8 September 2014 22:30:42 +0000

I have a local circle k/bp by my house where I always get gas and shop everyday. I spend over $1000 in gas alone a month plus another couple hundred in misc. stuff throughout the month. Recently I had to go inside just to have my signature verified. This has never happened in the two months that the station has been open. This is going to be a huge hassle if I have to do this every time. I may have to take my business to another place if this is going to be the chance. Greatly disappointed and frustrated with this new process.

(1292) Jim
Mon, 8 September 2014 14:04:37 +0000

I purchases das last weekend at a BP station using a BP card. I was charged the credit card price of 10 cents a gallon more. The credit card company asked why I am calling them and BP says the station can do what ever they want. BE CAREFUL-DO NOT USE YOUR BP CARD OR YOU MAY PAY MORE.

(1291) Ben Marple
Mon, 8 September 2014 07:21:47 +0000

The BP on highway 48 in Lawrenceburg, IN refuses to sell any gas except for the Premium grade, which is price much higher than any other gas stations in town. If that's not bad enough, the employees are completely incompetent. I attempted to purchase $10 in gas and two packs of cigarettes on 9/8/14 around 7:30 a.m. The clerk took my card and scanned for $21 and then proceeded to tell me all they had was the premium grade gas at over $4 a gallon. I was in a hurry and needed gas so I take my cigarettes and proceed outside to pump the gas. To my shock and dismay, when I attempted to pump the gas it was empty. I went back inside to inform the lady there was no gas. She gave me back $10 and apologized. As I was walking to the car she chased me out the store and told me to give back the $10, because she put it back on the card. Ok, so I gave her back the money and proceed to leave. The lady then proceeds to yell at me to give back the cigarettes, which were not refunded to the card. So, now I am out $20 with no gas, and no cigarettes. This is not the first time there have been problems at this store. Half the time they don't even carry gas, and when they do they only carry the premium grade and charge much more than any other gas station in the area. Please do something about this ridiculous store.

(1290) Wendy Kempster
Mon, 8 September 2014 05:26:16 +0000

Date 6th Sepetember 2014

On the way from Amanzimtoti to Jhb we had the misfortune of having to go to ladies toilets...At CATO RIDGE BP, only about 4 lights out of 20 working at basins.. the toilets that had toilet seats where broken- not on pedestal properly... and the toilet I went to, the lock didnt work... These Ablutions need some serious attention....

(1289) Sterling Dusharm
Wed, 3 September 2014 16:23:34 +0000

I had problem with a air and vac unit that didn't work after a put money into it. The person inside said it's not their machine and call the company who owned it and complain. Now here's the thing that upset me. He was rude and short with me and arrogant. He's customer service skills are lacking to say the least. He knows that I am a regular customer who fills up two vehicles, uses the car wash and purchases products from his store. All he had to do was give me credit or my money back and I would have been fine. I told him the I would never use his station again. He said fine. So BP lost a customer for ever due to a employee with no business sense at all.

(1288) Debi
Tue, 2 September 2014 12:37:02 +0000

Your BP station on I 40 West just out side of Memphis just passed the i55 split!! This station is disgusting!! The restrooms are down to one. Everybody is using the women's. The men's has a partial piece if plywood blocking it. The floor is covered in water and really disgusting toilets and sinks. And they are serving food there with all of that going on. Yuck. Construction and better management is needed. Thank you

(1287) prasanna
Mon, 1 September 2014 19:23:05 +0000

In human treatment to a customer at BP petrol station
Today morning I went to Craigieburn BP petrol station as I go regular there .when I go for payment register ATM card was reading an error message. The very bad surprise came when I ask for any alternatives. He said “ you can’t move you have to stay inside the petrol station till someone come and pay for it otherwise I will call police now for the theft of petrol” I beg them I will give you my driver’s License and go back home and bring money for payment and yield my wife is at home with new born little one and can’t move
But his answer was still “This is what management asked me to do" I moved the car to the parking bay and waited 30 minutes
I waited there until my wife call a lady next door and came with whole family to BP petrol station
I felt increasing disgust about your manager and whole BP when one of the customer service person proposed me if can get your credit card detail over the phone your wife need not to come ,by the time my wife was there

Got 45 minute late to the work , half a day mental unrest !!!
Is this the policy of BP for your customers we are in Australia !! I was shocked!!!.

(1286) paul gonzales
Sun, 31 August 2014 16:17:29 +0000

what I have seen bp has done in the name of money, the damage, the ugly spills, the people that suffer, is heart breaking. And then I have to look at those lies you call commercials. If you do not like it on this planet get off and let us get on with cleaning this planet.

(1285) Edina Harrison
Fri, 29 August 2014 05:39:26 +0000

Hi There,
Just a quick email to complain about the customer service at BP Amberly (highway 15) in Queensland, Australia. I fill my car up at this particular service station every week and I normally just fill and go. I had to stop at this particular service station today after work to use the toilet and was refused because I wasn't a paying customer at the time. Unless I receive an apology, I will go out of my way to ensure that I don't fill up at BP again.
Sincerely, Edina

(1284) Trudy Smith
Wed, 27 August 2014 22:14:19 +0000

My complaint is about the Condon Street Bendigo BP service station. The fuel pumps there DO NOT cut off when your fuel tank is full. I have complained multiple times as this is the only service station that I have this problem at. Today when I complained again the response from the operator was Interesting!! She stated that they have logged many fault reports and they never get fixed. She said to me you should only put a set amount of fuel in your car. If BP can not afford to fix this problem maybe a card board sign put up stating bowsers dont auto cut off might be helpful. Is BP going to replace my $200 asics that now are covered in petrol??I would appreciate a response to this complaint because there is no excuse for the lack of maintenance. Regards Trudy

(1283) Joan Abernethy
Wed, 27 August 2014 17:50:29 +0000

On Sunday, Aug. 24 I went into the BP station on Wilkinson Blvd. in Belmont, NC. I went inside, gave the clerk a $50 bill and put in my code for my 30 cents off a gallon K-Mart certificate. Then I proceeded to the pump to FILL up my tank. The pump handle DID NOT click off to let me know my tank was full and gas spilled out of my tank. I went inside to get someone to help. The clerk was nice about it until the RUDE, disrespectful manager came inside. The clerk then said "you should have been watching it". I told her I WAS watching it but the pump handle DID NOT click off like it was supposed to do. I aske dfor someone to come out and help clean up the mess caused by the faulty pump handle. ( I could not start my car with the amount of gasoline that completely filled my tank area.) I asked again for help and the manager again refused. The clerk said "move so I can wait on my customers". What exactly was I?????? Again I asked for help and the rude, hateful manager said "just give her a car wash". I did not need nor did I want a car wash. I just wanted the gasoline cleaned up from my gas tank area---not a difficult request to honor. From then on, the manager ignored me. The clerk said "clean it up yourself with the windshield paper towels". Finally a nice gentleman in line said he would clean it up for me. He was shocked when he saw how much gasoline the faulty pump handle had caused to spill.
The way I was treated by these two employees was absolutely unacceptable and inexcusable. I was only asking for help with a problem created by a faulty pump handle. No customer should ever be treated in this manner. I should have been given the help I asked for or given my $24.65 back. I DID NOT cause the spill. These employees give BP a very bad reputation. I will be reporting this to our local BBB and our local Chamber of Commerce. (I'm sure that if these two employees were asked about the incident that they would lie to protect themselves.) I will never do business here again.

(1282) charity jones
Wed, 27 August 2014 16:36:10 +0000

I was a loyal customer and employee until some new owners took over. Owners decided not to keep all the employees. I wasnt one who had a job with them when they took over. As a customer I stayed faithful until today August 27, 2014. I purchased gas at the pump didn't speak to anyone, got gas and left. I was soon called by the new owners and told if I came back I would be arrested. I asked for a reason being I have never done anything but mind my own business. She said she didn't have to tell me anything and I was banned. I feel like this is harassment and that something really needs to be done. I'm not upset about not working with them because I still work for the previous owner. I just believe something should be said.

(1281) Edward N Corrigan
Wed, 27 August 2014 11:24:11 +0000

On August 25 2014, I Stopped at the BP Station on Harlem and Alpine Rd. in Loves Park Illinois. I pulled up to the pump to fill up my truck and payed by credit card. Then the Manager of the BP station came running out, and told me he had pushed the button to my pump and I had put 45.00 dollars in. then shut the pump off and inserted my credit card and put 29.95 worth of gas in my truck. the Manager saidIowed him 45.00 dollars. I explained that I had just pulled up to the pump and filled and only use a credit card. He was very rude and obnoxious yellig that I owed him 45.00 dollars which i didn't. I will never stop at a BP station again.

(1280) Greg
Wed, 27 August 2014 08:46:53 +0000

Terrible customer service at your Dempster and McCormick store in Skokie li lis. I don't appreciate your clerk hectoring me about how I need to be patient with your aged poorly maintained pumps. Never again. That's enough guff for me.

(1279) Mariann Kukla
Mon, 25 August 2014 12:04:39 +0000

On 8/19/14 visited a service station on Lake Cook Rd and Waukegan Rd. in Deerfield IL. I tried to get gas for my car and the pump wouldn't let me use my BP credit card. I then pressed pay inside and I was able to get gas. I went inside to pay and asked why the pump wouldn't work with the card and the attendant said pump 6 won't take credit cards. (no sign posted). I gave him my BP card and he said since it doesn't have an expiration date, he will not except the card. I said its not my fault the card doesn't have one, I used it last week. He said its not his fault either. So, he told me I had to use another credit card. I have had a BP card before it was BP (since 1975. What gives?

(1278) Vishal sachdeva
Sat, 23 August 2014 13:16:57 +0000


My name is vishal sachdeva . My phone number is 646-709-5134 . I m yellow cab driver in newyork . I m regular Custmor for the

Bp gas station at 213-02 jamaica av, queens village newyork 11428

I m going everyday there for the purchasing gas ... Thursday 08/21/2014 after noon 12.30 I fill gas from there I give 50 dollars for filling gas .... Then I forget to take the 9 dollars change back . Right way I was on the highway I try to call at the gas station 718-468-0105 but cashier name aalam he don't pick up the phone .

Next day 22 nd I go there then I talk with another cashier there he say don't worry same guy coming tomorrow so go there and take yours money back .

Today I go there for purchasing gas the cashier aalam saying I know you forget to get change back but somebody when fill gas from us then he don't pay so what we do ? Same thing if u forget we don't give u back .

9 dollars is not big deal . But he give me very wrong answers and insult in the front of another custmors . Now I m going to hire lawyer also due to this matter .

I ask him I call u lots of times you can see at my phone number he say I know you call me but I don't pick up unknown number .

So I just like to inform you about this I m going to send this email and complaint to all realted departments like consumer and etc .

If you guys take action for this gas station owner or cashier good ... If u r not able then I can contact all realted departments .


(1277) Marv
Thu, 21 August 2014 11:15:09 +0000

On Friday, 21 August 2014, Upon my visit to the BP/7-Eleven station at 2865 Bishop Rd. Willoughby Hills,Ohio, I was taken aback by the rude and terrible customer service of the clerk. I went in to by an orange juice with a sign posted 2 for $3, I asked her how much one would be,in which she responded $2, and why don't I just get 2 for $3, when I told her I only needed one, she responded in a snarky manner and told me to get out the store after I had made my purchase. I initially didn't know if she was just joking,but her demeanor indicated otherwise, even her co-worker seemed to be taken aback. I really think you all need to make "secret shopper" visits to your stores to see how some of your employees treat your customers.

(1276) Shakil Ahmad
Sun, 17 August 2014 14:01:44 +0000

Bp station #462487 in Florida has the dirtiest non functioning restrooms.the owner is very rude and refuses to get it cleaned or fixed.TThe subway customers (inside the store) suffer as well. Thanks

(1275) Craig Backway
Sun, 17 August 2014 03:33:52 +0000

I would like to voice my absolute disgust with the behaviour of a blonde mature female service attendant along the A303 last night on the 16/08/2008. Her manner to customers in publicly stating that " She wasn't payed enough to put milk in a customers coffee" was only surpassed by her rudeness and bullying behaviour to her fellow European female worker. I spoke privately to her colleague who sheepishly said that the person in question was displayed this conduct regularly. I plan to take this forward to the company and see what can be done for a person who shouldn't be employed by your company. Through further listening to the discussion between the attendance the person in question demoralised her colleague for going to assist tired customers. I will revisit this station again in a week , obtain the attendance details and publicly insult her on social media, as she saw fit to last night to her colleagues. In financially challenging times customer care is everything to ensure patronage of your services. Please be aware that I will forward this to all media source at my disposal. Thank ypu
Craig Backway

(1274) Julie
Wed, 13 August 2014 20:20:43 +0000

Poor experience with the BP station on Rolkin Road in Charlottesville, VA. So similar to a recent comment posted.... there is never any paper in the machines for receipts, so you have to go in. The other day I had to wait in line behind 5 people for at least 10-15 minutes just to get a receipt. This evening I went in again to get the receipt and had to wait while the female clerk with a couple of face piercings yukked it up with her co-workers even though she saw me standing there waiting. When I said, what's with the paper being out? This is the third time in a row that's happened? Her response was "They run out all the time. They have to change those like every day and a half. People pump gas. Sorry about that." The last part was said very snotty and dismissive, like I was the pain in the ass for complaining. And she walked away without letting me respond. I almost went back to confront her but I decided not to. Instead, I think I'll just use Exxon or Mobil. Life's too short to put up with such crappy customer service.

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