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(73) the animals u killed
Wed, 16 June 2010 19:10:39 +0000

WTF already? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vYi_Ic9U3E

Do something...

(72) David Mackondy
Wed, 16 June 2010 10:53:16 +0000

I have been trying to sell my home in the Biloxi MS area. Since the BP oil spill, realestate is at a standstill in the Gulfcoast area. I recently changed jobs, from Mississippi to Florida. I have to sell my home to keep my head above water financially. Shouldn't BP be held responsible for the unable to sell my home situation?
David Mackondy

(71) Katie T.
Tue, 15 June 2010 22:24:30 +0000

BP, you guys need to fix this problem! You guys may not have "anticipated" this happening, but that is no excuse at all. Before you all decided to drill in the middle of the gulf, a home to many different kinds of marine and wildlife you should have thought about the dire consequences that could have resulted. Of course, for you CEO's money is all that really concerns you right? You guys are nothing but greedy, horrible people, who care about no one that this is affecting! I for one, will never again use BP and I will make sure to get everyone else I know to boycott as well! Stop covering things up, and making excuses! Admit that you made a huge mistake, and fix it immediately! I know I am not the only person who is completely irate about this tragedy!

(70) Nick
Tue, 15 June 2010 21:43:07 +0000

They should be shut down forever and never be allowed to trade again, the world should boycott all BP fuels and products, lets' start a campaign

Mon, 14 June 2010 18:47:15 +0000


(68) A. Willis
Fri, 11 June 2010 19:55:00 +0000

Your company’s response to the crisis that it created is deplorable. It is beyond me how one of the top petroleum companies in the world, who can spend millions of dollars each year lobbying USA congress, could not hire a group of officials to come up with contingency plans in case of an oil spill. Your carelessness have spawned countless YouTube parodies such as “BP coffee spill.” These parodies, funny as they may be, are also getting across a strong message about the need to get off oil and to use alternative fuels.
Despite all the harm that this disaster has caused, there is one positive lesson. An essential argument made by many people in this country (USA) against decreasing the USA dependency on oil is that a decrease in usage and dependency on oil would change the American standard of living. BP has essential ended all creditability of that argument by showing that unless the USA gets off oil, Americans will no longer be able to live. High gas prices and global warming have not been able to end Americans obsession with fossil fuel, but just maybe BP did.

(67) T.S.
Fri, 11 June 2010 02:39:21 +0000

BP should be ashamed of themselves for this massive oil spill. Your company has single-handedly caused this castastrophic event, & after almost two months, still can't get it under control. I keep hearing excuses, & not seeing the action that needs to be taken to stop the oil spill. That's why there should have been measures taken & testing done before hand to prepare for an event like this if it were to occur. BP waited until the worst case scenario had already occurred. Now the company is scrambling around trying to fix the situation, but after almost 2 months, no real results. Bottom line, the oil is still gushing out, & your company can't even figure out how to stop it. I have seen your company president & spokespeople. I can't believe that BP has such heartless, emotionless officials, who are completely numb to what's happening. BP doesn't even deserve to sell gas in the United States. You make hundreds of millions of dollars in our country every year, & this is how you show your thanks? Myself, & everyone I know are boycotting BP gas. We refuse to support such a wreckless, horrible company that is responsible for a disaster like this. We ask you to do the same.

(66) Malissa B
Thu, 10 June 2010 13:56:32 +0000

On June 2, 2010, I purchased gas at the Hugh Howell Road in Stone Mountain, Georgia location. I always fill my car when it reaches the half way mark. Usually this cost approximately, $10-$14 depending on the cost of the gas. On this particular day, it cost me $23.85 at 2.48 per gallon. Since this is way beyond the norm, I contacted the manager at this location to see if the pumps were calibrated correctly. Naturally, he stated that it was and I should check my gas gauge in my car. I have filled my car three times since that day. On 6/6, it cost $10; on 6/9 it cost $12; and on 6/10/10 it cost $12. I have a four cylinder car and $24 would fill my car up if it was completely empty (depending on the cost of the gas). I am requesting reimbursement of half of the $23.85 that I charge to my BP card.

(65) Gary
Thu, 10 June 2010 13:10:49 +0000

I don't know where else to post this but I am trying to find any sites where stockholders might be joining forces to take control of this mess from the inside.
As stockholders we can submit proposals (everything from firing the CEO to dedicating part of BP's profit to Gulf Coast clean-up and revitalization) to be voted on for adoption by BP.

Surely, I can't be the only stockholder who is just sick to death about what this company has done and wants to force them to "fix it".

If anyone knows of any grass-roots, BP stockholder sites, please post them here.


(64) John P Yagesh
Thu, 10 June 2010 08:47:35 +0000

Speaking as a CEO I find no confidence in your ability to lead and manage through this event. A caring CEO would have put on his big boy pants on as this event began to unfold and he or she would have showed their commitment by being in the trenches and working shoulder to shoulder with those doing the work. As a highly educated CEO you may have the book education, but you lack the common sense required to lead and demonstrate the conviction of your actions. Those executives that report to you are also a poor example of leadership. They are singing the company line and as a result they like you do not demonstrate their conviction for corrective action and mitigation of this horrible event. I'm surprised the Board of BP hasn't taken the steps necessary to pursue removal of you and those that report to you. As we both know your actions are now being driven by fear. Prior they were driven by shortcuts for profits. Cutting corners, taking short cuts, failing to follow procedures, doctoring reports and paying for favors to the Feds. For BP to survive this mess someone will need to come clean and admit the failings and more importantly be a proactive leader vs a reactive leader of BP. How can you be a CEO and not have the vision that looks to mitigating probable risks associated with the business you are involved in. Having lots of money is not the roadmap to success to pay after the event. Having a commitment to purpose and those that work for you to do the right things when the going gets tough is today paramount.
I hear the lies and I know it it is clear that you and BP are focused on how to drag this out for restoring the flow of oil for profit and for return on investments. Let there be no doubt there have been false and misleading information provided by BP to the Federals agencies involved. It is far easier to tell the truth. One day all the facts will come out, BP employees will sign like song birds and hopefully the application of law will ensure that you serve the time you deserve.

John P. Yagesh

(63) Andrea
Wed, 9 June 2010 20:53:38 +0000

If humans can not travel to the depths needed to reach this well, they have no business creating it to begin with. Way to go BP! You contributed to the suffering to countless animals and people. You are killing animals. Shame on you. You will pay for all of your greed in one way or another.

(62) Dennis Dee
Wed, 9 June 2010 08:59:08 +0000

I am angry,sad,and totally disgusted when I think of what your blunder is doing to the Gulf.To not have a plan to fix a catastrophic leak like this is unexcusable. I hope every executive is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and made to pay restitution of all their assets to the people of the gulf area and the environment!

(61) Daviod Cook
Wed, 9 June 2010 07:49:03 +0000

This signage is at the BP pumps. Don't we all think that BP should follow their OWN signage and accept the responsibility... especially when the bill comes in for the CLEANUP.

(60) rick
Tue, 8 June 2010 22:04:54 +0000

they should have to pay for all the clean up be heavily fined and make sure clean up and every thing that can b done should be hope all those states hurt them in there wallets only way u can hurt a company like that is in there pockets they caused this they should be the ones to pay for every part of the cleanup

(59) Tracy McIntosh
Tue, 8 June 2010 17:56:16 +0000

greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy. It makes me want to cry !

(58) Brenda Storozuk
Tue, 8 June 2010 17:47:45 +0000

BP had the ability to drill, it was like turning on a faucet. BP didn't calculate any real margins for error, and or the impact of the devistation. Deep water drilling is a huge mistake. It seems to me someone should have looked at the amount of pressure stored under the ocreans before making decisions that can never be altered. As silly as it might sound, its best to remember homo sapiens do not own the oceans. Besides the human suffering, take a good look at the suffering transpiring among the creatures that belong to the seas. How greedy, how thoughtless not to look for that single margin of error.

(57) Marian
Tue, 8 June 2010 12:12:03 +0000

May 20, 2010 - I called and filed a claim. I received a claim number and was told I would hear from a claims adjuster in 3 - 4 business days.
May 27, 2010 - I was told by Chris that the original person was incorrect and that it would take 14 days for the claim # to get into the system.
June 4, 2010 - Paul said claim number was not in the system and cannot do anything until it gets in. Said that it's possible that the claim GOT LOST.
June 7, 2010 - John said claim number still not in the system. Said that if it's been that long, they've LOST THE CLAIM.
JUne 7, 2010 - Called to file a new claim and received a new claim number.

BP, you are dealing with people's lives and the loss of their income. Now I'll have to wait another 14 days to see if this claim number is in the system or again has been lost! This is unacceptable!

(56) Rick Hedges
Sun, 6 June 2010 18:31:46 +0000

BP - you have unleashed a Pandora's Box. If you had truly known about the implications of your endevors ( drilling into the earth's crust ) you would have been much more careful. Don't try to tell us it is Trans Ocean's fault. You have learned ( very well ) that you have made a grave mistake here. I am a computer programmer and in programming, Murphy's Law is a reality - what can go wrong WILL go wrong! You obviously haven't accounted for that.
You must apply ALL of your resourses ( fincancial and technical ) to fight this disaster to the BEST of your capabilities. Your actions will have far reaching implications for future trust in your industry, and all industries for that matter.
I applaud President Obama for shutting down existing operations. We must be VERY careful with the forces of our Mother Earth unless we REALLY know what we are doing. BP - do the right thing!

(55) Gaylord Franko
Sat, 5 June 2010 19:58:02 +0000

How can BP be allowed to disburse 10 billion dollars to their shareholders when this money might be needed for the clean-up and damage claims? It should not be allowed. The money should be held in a trust fund until all claims are settled. This, my friends, is what unfettered capitalism looks like.

(54) sarah Hayes
Sat, 5 June 2010 18:50:12 +0000

You have devastated our ocean. Shame on you for waiting so long. Shame on you for your lies. You are a bunch of GREEDY, self-serving bastards....FIX IT NOW!!! You're killing our planet. You borrow the earth from your children. They're going to have nothing at this rate....So many good ideas out there for the clean-up. You are so pompous and arrogant that you won't let others help. All the money for that STUPID/Insincere commercial and you want to nickel and dime the people of the Gulf....I can't watch the news as it's so painful and depressing to look at dying wildlife...YOU ARE ALL SICK!!! The best thing Pres. Obama can do after this is lose all the oil companies and invest in alternative, clean energy. YOUR Careless, Thoughtless and Wreckless behavior to save a few dollars- was it worth it??? IM DISGUSTED!!

(53) Soizig
Sat, 5 June 2010 08:15:48 +0000

All the talk is about collecting all the oil and slowing the flow. Is anyone else in the world upset at this? The US government and BP are more concerned with halting the leak, preserving the well, and using it again in the future- NOT THE CRISIS AND DEVASTATION THAT THE WELL IS CAUSING. Do you mean to tell me that we don't have the technology to destroy the well and halt the leak by it imploding on itself??????? We do- I'm sure of it! If that happens though, the well is lost forever...

(52) Mr Claude - De Bien
Sat, 5 June 2010 04:44:42 +0000

I have just watched "TF1" the online French news website, and they have covered the "Mexico Oil Spill", I was so sad and upset to see the marine life and birds of the Gulf Mexico dying because of BP's negligence, I really do hope that BP get up and get moving in order to STOP the oil spill so no more wildlife shall die unecessarily!!!

(51) Steve
Fri, 4 June 2010 21:36:27 +0000

Me and my family have lived off fishing.We fish all spring,summer and fall long to help us survive in winter for food. And sometimes the food we catch last us more than the cold winter.I know Iam not the only one and my family is not the only ones suffering.My heart goes out to the people who make a living off the fishing industry.BP is responsable for everything.With all the technology that has been created even in the early depression in WW1 there should and I know there is a solution.Keep killing BP, thats all your doing right now!!!

(50) helene
Fri, 4 June 2010 17:30:03 +0000

I believe it is time for BP to be accountable for their gross neglegant error by doing the following: start to seek outside help and advice ie: us of oil tankers for the clean up, address the occupational health off workers that are being exposed to the toxins, provide resperator masks for outside workers and start being more accountable for this grave horrific, enviromental disaster!!!! The US goverment must also take action to address more appropriate clean up measures!!!!! from a concerned Canadian

(49) Nancy
Fri, 4 June 2010 09:50:30 +0000

Why aren't you using supertankers to vacuum the oil/water, then separate the two? This was done successfully off the coast of Saudi Arabia & isn't new technology. Also, the number of skimmers being used needs to be multiplied tenfold! Besides slowing the leak & cleaning up the shores, why are you trying to capture the millions of gallons of oil that has already gushed out & will continue to do so until relief well(s) can stop the flow completely?

(48) Lauren Barbour
Thu, 3 June 2010 22:39:51 +0000

I think it is ridiculous what you have done and the lack of what you are or aren't doing to fix the problem you at BP have created. You knew what could potentially happen when you decided to drill that deep in the ocean, well you also should have known what could have potentially happened by drilling there and how to fix it BEFORE you went 5,000+ feet in the ocean! You complain that you would need to win the lottery to have the problem fixed by August. Are you kidding me?! Maybe you CEO's should throw some of your millions back into your company to make it happen. It's pretty pathetic when after 2 months of the incident there are "options on the table"! Not only have you created the biggest man-made catastrophe in history, you should be responsible for all of the wildlife you have and will continue to kill because of the lasting effects of this mess. I saw a box of sea birds that were covered in oil and choking to death today. It was awful and I got teary-eyed. I'm not a PETA person or anything but that's devastating. Not only have you killed millions of animals, you are going to cause mutations and defects in the generations to come if they even survive. You all should be ashamed and tell us what is going on instead of shying away from us. You company has already suffered enough but will continue to do so because of how you are handling the situation. I personally can say that I will no longer make any sort of purchase or contribution to your company ever again. People can forgive but no one will forget what you have created BP and how you are handling the situation.

(47) John
Thu, 3 June 2010 19:52:30 +0000

Dear BP,

You are worst than worthless. I never have bought BP gas just because you weren't around in the northeast, but now will make it a point to never buy from you now that I live in an area where you're at. You are all scumbags, and I don't care that I'm roping people that had nothing to do with the spill in when I say "you are all." If you work for this company, you are a scumbag. You are putting food on the table with blood money.

One of the seriously considered possibilities here involves a nuclear fucking bomb. A NUKE. And you guys are downplaying it. And wasting time and effort trying to ensure no one sees pictures of the oily animals. You make me fucking sick.

And this says nothing about the insane amounts of environmental damage you'll do to the ocean and coastline. I can't wait to see you guys in hell. Seriously. I'm not a religious person, but I truly hope there is an afterlife so that you can all rot in hell for eternity.

With regards,

(46) amy
Thu, 3 June 2010 17:45:42 +0000

I can believe a company that make million and million upon millions of dollars. Would NOT have a plan to stop the oil if it should leak... YOUR company sucks.... YOU have wrecked our nations beaches and wrecked many many lives of people and many many lives of the poor innocent animals and fish that live in the gulf.... I cant believe you have not stepped up with faster reaction to what has happened.... YOU BP should ask for HELP from other countries to clean up OUR country.... shame on you ........

(45) lorri gavitt
Thu, 3 June 2010 17:44:07 +0000

Watching the news now and seeing how badly BP downplayed the leak at the beginning. This is a travesty! If this had happened in the UK, it would have been fixed immediately. The US is bowing to to a greedy oil company at the expense of ALL Americans. This will devastate our economy AND our environment. Obama says "he's furious" yet he hasn't done jack about it. Take a stand and take care of it. He is bowing to a corporation in OUR country.

The commerical with Hayward telling the public he takes full responsibility is crap. 1200 boats is not enough to clean up the mess HE has caused. Let us not forget the 11 lives lost in the explosion and now their bickering with the families of the victims that perished.

The footage of the wetlands and the wildlife in LA make me physically ill.


Lorri Gavitt

(44) lissy
Wed, 2 June 2010 14:13:28 +0000

How can anyone believe what we are seeing on this live cam is the latest and greatest technology. I refuse to believe this well could not have been "killed" from day one in this day and age. BP is only trying to find ways to save oil from this spill and not kill the well. If they kill the well then they know new exploration has been suspended.
I want to know where are the experts and proper equipment that can completely stop this spill. Screw BP. I agree commentary needs to go along with the live feed. I also believe the people responsible for this well and contiuation of it's spill are criminals and need to be locked up ASAP and get experts in here and let them do there job. If what I am seeing is the best technology then it is already proven these people are criminals for drilling in the first place without technology to kill the well. I believe the definition is called negligence, murder and terrorism!

(43) John Davison
Wed, 2 June 2010 11:53:29 +0000

The CEO of BP states in an interview that "I want my life back." Can you believe this?!!Stockholders unite! YOU NEED TO VOTE THIS GUY OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY AND START BY FILING A COMPLAINT ON THIS SITE. This oil spill could have been prevented if this guy was not in charge cutting corners. Very very sad. Sad for the poor marine life, birds, beach lovers and people that make their living in and around the seas. The CEO of BP does not care. It's my hope that he takes a good swim in the Gulf of Mexico this Summer. Get a life buddy!

Gravatar (42) Tonia Shaheed
Tue, 1 June 2010 22:39:12 +0000

I am very angry about this oil gusher!! Please stop lying about it being a spill! We're not stupid! And I want to see reports of these BP execs being prosecuted or charges being brought or something! It's time for serious consequences for their negligent and destructive behaviour. It's time for some folks to go to jail!
I'm mad as hell!
Tonia S

(41) David Dunn
Tue, 1 June 2010 16:31:19 +0000

At what point does a man made disaster stemming from greed become an act of domestic terrorism? This will directly effect more Americans than 9/11. What color is the oil threat today? How much more of our planet will we sell for our oil addiction?

(40) Dave
Tue, 1 June 2010 15:55:18 +0000

Can you please put an audio commentary and or text on your live cam so we can understand what we are seeing.
I would have thought you would have done this from day one.
The pictures are good but video with sound commentary would be better.

Thank you


(39) carl perfect
Tue, 1 June 2010 12:58:26 +0000

My suggestion to all execs is to not consider the cost in dollars at all,Hell I would not think 700 million bucks would do good job .try 10-20 billion. Just think about when large numbers of people start to die from cancer and other diseases caused by this.what will the regulators do then .Me thinks jail would be safest for you guys because with the numbers concerned some will have nothing to lose and a bullseye will be on the back of all execs heads. State protection in a penatentiary will be your only hope.

(38) Joe Wilson
Tue, 1 June 2010 10:20:18 +0000

I run a small service business in gulf shores/orange beach al., and the oil spill caused a fifty per cent loss of business for me in the month of may. I filed a claim # 6866124232603 with the claims office in foley al. the office manager there told me that i didn't meet the criterior for the type of business that they helped so i thought I would report it here. Thanks JOE

(37) jackie
Mon, 31 May 2010 16:50:25 +0000

Thank You BP! Thank you for ruining our enviroment, killing and endangering all of those animals, not to mention your 11 workers. This is changing our enviroment in ways we may not be able to fix! What is going through your heads?! IRRESPONSIBLE!!! I have never pumped gas from you and never will! To look at the images of the ocean and all of the poor, helpless animals who are SUFFERING and DYING because of YOUR IRRESPONSIBILITY is SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly hope you go bankrupt and out of business cleaning up YOUR MESS! You deserve nothing more! You are the epiphany of pathetic, I hope when you all go home at night and lay your heads down all of the images we see on a day to day basis of this disaster is all you can think of, you are all trash!

(36) Meghan Hurt
Mon, 31 May 2010 01:35:11 +0000

BP, what you have done has cost you customers in my family. You relied on shoddy workmanship and science to build your oil rigs, then when it collapsed you had no way of fixing the oil leak. My hometown is in Louisiana. I'm disgusted by the accounts and pictures of what YOU have done to our coastline.

You will never get one red cent from my family again. I am going to complain to my senators, congress people and president and make sure you pay for what you have done. Go to hell!

(35) Ken Campbell
Sun, 30 May 2010 22:04:59 +0000

I have worked for Fortune 500 companies in the past. Most are environmentally friendly, civic minded, responsible and have a genuine desire to do the right thing. What has happened to BP? Is it your desire to stay be at the bottom of the fortune 500 "barrel"? Signed, Concerned

(34) Louie Olmos
Sun, 30 May 2010 20:43:34 +0000

Hey Guys Just do your job and take care of our waters. You were intrusted with a great responcibility and so for you have really made no real effort to stop this tragity so please do the right thing and stop that flow already. Enough is enough!

(33) Amy Lawrence
Sun, 30 May 2010 00:48:10 +0000

I wrote to you the day after the explosion... I'm writing again at 11:45pm on May 30... TO HELL with you BP execs... you NEVER had a plan in place to proactively manage something like this. I say that all you oil-exec bastards get sent to the bottom of the gulf and YOU figure out how to close up this hole. I couldn't care less if you never resurface... just FIX what you've done. I will NEVER patronize a business that you even touch... I'll make sure of that. It's not much since I'm the power of one, but I can sleep at night knowing I've left no footprint on our fragile environment. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU... I HOPE YOU ALL ROT IN AN OIL-INFESTED ENVIRONMENT LIKE THE ONE YOU'VE CREATED.

(32) Tristan Smith
Sat, 29 May 2010 19:02:59 +0000

How long will it take to realize you people are in over your heads? Do you think maybe your engineers aren't able to fix this? Did you know that there are people around the globe called "experts" that get advanced college degrees in fields that encompass this exact situation? Do you think it may be time to look outside your dim little walls for help?

The eyes of history are upon you BP. And, I have to say that it doesn't look like history is going to write a pleasant piece about you. It looks like you will go down in history as a counter-example for further use of fossil fuels.

In conclusion, if your intention was to bring harm to not only yourself, but your entire industry, then my hat's off to you. You have succeeded in that endeavor brilliantly.

Here's to your masochism...

(31) Nenif Zekrawa
Sat, 29 May 2010 12:32:52 +0000

BP are a bunch of political liars! Why won't you allow most contractors to work on the clean-up? An insider source told me that he/she drives an hour to sign a paper saying he worked, than drives back home without actually doing any work.

I think you guys are up to something, and if there is something, I will make sure it is my lifetime goal to expose you stupid nazi's for what you are! A bunch of greedy SOB's who have no care for the environment, the people, or the world!

How come your temp workers showed up for the presidents speech but left immediately after the president departed?

I suggest everyone here keeps their eyes on Washington and any new bills passing. I think this may be a technique to divert some attention from any important bills being passed.

(30) Casey O
Fri, 28 May 2010 22:42:20 +0000

this situatuion is insane. have you any idea what you have done to this planet. I believe that the class action suit should be world ce all people on this planet will suffer and ultimatly pay for what bp has done. The destruction of the food chain, the contamination of the ocean, top or bottem. you should be ashamed, and bp should be removed from the equation alltogether, all assets taken by the federal government of the united states, and bp execs arrested for crimes against humanity.

(29) Danielle Martin
Thu, 27 May 2010 13:06:13 +0000

Dear BP,
What blows my mind is how you seemingly HAD NO PLAN for this situation in the gulf! How you as a giant corporation could go on for years knowingly turning your backs on the possibilty of something like this happening is beyond me. I will boycott your craptastic company forever! You should be so ashamed! How do you have no heart for all the people and animals you are hurting and killing!?!?! Disgusting!

(28) R.Grant
Thu, 27 May 2010 08:41:00 +0000

why not use magnetized metal plates or bearings to plug hole in well

(27) richard mcdonald
Wed, 26 May 2010 11:52:44 +0000

the leak needs to be stopped , i would rather the oil be set on fire as to let it kill the gulf. i would even set it on fire myself if it continues much longer.

(26) M Tomlinson
Tue, 25 May 2010 10:52:40 +0000

BP, your ignorance and lack of caring is disgusting. Throughout this whole ordeal you've thought of yourselves and hide from help. Every company should strive to make the planet a better place - you just made the planet significantly worse. How hard is it to do what's right, even third graders know when to ask for help. I assure you this, I will never use a BP station ever. It's a small step, but it's my small step.

(25) Anthony
Mon, 24 May 2010 14:53:18 +0000

I have a question to the BP executives. Oh we're supposed to be happy that your building those "hat" and "stoppers" now? Why weren't these made years ago and have some sort of contigency plan readily available? Why didn't you accept help right away from the military/coast guard rather than say "oh we got it under control" you know what? Your full of s**t! You suck... I hope that the exectives all get fired, they don't deserve to keep their jobs! Your company's "lease" is still owned by you on that oil rig! I hope that BP goes bankrupt. Also, why hasn't Britan helped?? You know what? F**k you all BP, Britan and the BP executives! I hope you go bankrupt, I hope that people sue your company for everything its got! I hope that the owners loose the millions as well because nobody deserves to profit from BP. Oh.. that "saving energy or go green" is out the window! Forget about it, if you were really green the oil would stop less than 1 or 2 weeks instead of a month long gusher!

(24) C.D.
Mon, 24 May 2010 11:18:40 +0000

I guess since BP refuses to help us we will have to speak with a lawyer about our problem to see if they can help in any way! My income is gone b/c of this oil, and BP is not concerned. We are good hardworking poeple, we didn't ask for this to happen, we didn' cause this to happen, so we should not suffer for it!!

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