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(173) Hunter
Sat, 9 October 2010 05:13:01 +0000

i asked if they add trident layers and they HUNG up on ME !!!!! very bad SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(172) Peter Dennin
Thu, 7 October 2010 23:41:23 +0000

I filed my claim with BP appropriately in June of this year, and when Feinberg took over he has harrassed me and lied to me. I have been told twice that I would be paid, but I have never seen a deposit.

My next step is to take my recorded conversations to the media, because I DO record each and everyone.

GCCF promised payment 10 days ago, and NO PAYMENT.

My claim number is 1058656 and my name is Peter Dennin. I lost everything because of BP and no one seems to care...

Peter Dennin
(850) 361-9121

Wed, 6 October 2010 08:04:06 +0000

1.Linda S. Ritlinger, R.N. Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

October 6th, 2010 at 1:00 pm
Dear Sirs,
I save hard each and every year for us to have a vacation, but this year, with bookings made, vacation times designated such that they couldn’t be changed, our vacation at Navarre, Florida was absolutely ruined. How was it ruined you might ask? Well, we couldn’t enjoy the ocean and the beach as we had previously done in past years as a result of your company’s incompetance and slack business practices that resulted in the oil slick. Even worse, the hotel where we stayed at, The Best Western in Navarre, Florida, where it normally had a mass of people and children we would mingle with and make friends with, we were one of the few in the entire hotel. We left with anticipation that things would have returned to normal at the time of our vacation, excited and looking forward to our one week getaway, but that excitment diminished instantaneously when we realized that we couldn’t with all confidence enjoy the beach and the ocean as we had previously, were bored and lonely in the hotel where all othe patrons had cancelled their vacation because of the oil spill, and came back to another year of work and struggles more disgruntled than when we left to enjoy our vacation which, because of your oil spill and the effect it had on the location we were booked into was a complete disaster. Places that would normally be open for vacationers were closed, and a cloud of depression blanketed the entire region. All in all, with our emotional pain and suffering at having the one only vacation that I can afford each year, the trauma that we went through during that time there, and not being able to change it at such a late time or afford to go somewhere else, I would put our damages at around $6,000.00 after taxes. Please reimburse us for our ruined vacation which occured because of the oil spill and it’s transferance to Navarre Beach, Florida which helped, along with the publicity it drew, to completely ruin our one and only vacation.

(170) Vicki Ward
Fri, 1 October 2010 13:31:52 +0000

with the postmark as proof because there is no way we are going to pay those late fees. One would think that with the rest of the problems BP has, they would not want to run off the business they have left. It has not affected our company at all, there are certainly more gas companies out who want our business.

(169) joseph seaman
Thu, 23 September 2010 20:30:16 +0000

I have contacted the GCCF claims office several times and they refuse to correct this matter. It appears they are punishing me for making a mistake on my initial claim form. My salary was 1550.00 per month and this is what I submitted on the initial claim form. I recently got a check for $1600 then a couple weeks later I received a $900 check. And at this time I had no idea I had been paid that amount for the full 6 months. Then I decided to call and see if I had to do a claim every month. That is when they told me I was paid this amount for a full 6 months. I have received a total of $2500 for 6 months. I am losing $6800 for 6 months for marking the wrong box on the claim form. Can you please help me with this matter or forward it to someone that will look into it? Please contact me with any question. My employer, B&D Seafood(oyster shucking plant), has been out of work since May and do not know when we will go back. Thanks in advance!

Thank You,

Joseph Seaman

Claim # 1003847

(168) alan m dransfield
Wed, 22 September 2010 03:00:14 +0000

Relief Wells May be Later Used for Drilling
While we were all quietly celebrating the news that the Macondo well that spewed nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf was finally officially "dead", there were nagging concerns that nevertheless refused to be silenced. For example, will US policy towards offshore drilling change in any meaningful way? Will the practice be safer? Or, more symbolically, what's going to happen to the reserve of oil that just sealed up? The New York Times reports that the BP-owned reservoir may hit the auction block, and be the site of yet another commercial well -- and if so, oil companies may turn to the very relief wells used to help halt the flow to siphon the remaining oil.

The New York Times reports:

While BP plans to permanently abandon its stricken well in the Gulf of Mexico, with little but a plug left at the top, it may yet make use of the reservoir of oil and gas that the well tapped into. Experts say that there are no technical or commercial reasons why BP -- or another company if BP is wary of the political or public-relations repercussions -- could not eventually produce oil from the formation, which BP once estimated contained about 50 million barrels of oil. The well spewed only about one-tenth of that amount, according to government estimates.

"The bottom line here is that this reservoir still remains a target for further production," said Tadeusz W. Patzek, chairman of the department of petroleum and geosystems engineering at the University of Texas.

That well, one oil expert estimates, is still worth around $3.5 billion dollars. The official estimate of oil lost over the course of the spill is 4.9 million barrels. With over 45 million barrels left, there's obviously plenty of room left for profit. But, as pointed out by the Times, I can't imagine BP sees reopening the same reservoir for drilling anytime soon as a feasible public relations maneuver.

But, selling the rights to the well, or the title to the area altogether, would give another company the opportunity to operate the well under less scrutiny. And if they do, they may very well use the relief well drilled to help stymie the flow. Here's the Times again:

The relief wells, however, which were being drilled at a cost of about $100 million each, would be an obvious choice for any future project. The first intercepted the stricken well just above the reservoir, about 13,000 feet below the seabed. The second, meant as a backup, was halted about 10,000 feet down. Either well could be redirected and used to tap into the reservoir.

"Since these wells are almost to the formation, it would be prudent to continue down to the formation and make these wells producers," Dr. Langlinais said.

Of course, there's nothing particularly extraordinary about this news beyond the symbolic ramifications -- the source which produced an unprecedented environmental disaster remains open for business in much the same manner as it did before. Or, to read a bit further into things: that oil is still a valuable commodity, and will be profited upon. The BP spill changed little in terms of how we need, view, or use oil. Five years from now, you might be filling up your car with oil pulled from the same reservoir as that of the biggest oil spill in American history. Funny thought, right?

More on the BP Gulf Spill
Official Gulf Spill Estimate Doubled: There's Been an Exxon Valdez Every Week
BP Gulf Spill May Cause Loss of 1 Million Jobs
BP Could Go Bankrupt Over Gulf Spill

(167) cheryl
Sat, 18 September 2010 21:24:58 +0000

Has been almost a month since GCCF has taken over the BP claims. I have finally had the documentations transferred from BP to GCCF.
Been under review for around 2 weeks. No change.
On the Panama city news last night, complaints on how since the changeover no one had been helped in this serious situation.
Many businesses, individuals that have suffered due to the spill have still not been helped.
Please help with this.

(166) Chardonay Gomez
Thu, 16 September 2010 08:50:31 +0000

All of you British scum should be executed for what you have done to us. My family is having nightmares every day with worry about out beautiful country covered in oil for millions of years. We should seize your company and all of your personal money to give to people like me in trouble. If you try to get the courts to help you, we should just invade England like after 9/11 - this is much worse than 9/11

Gravatar (165) Enis Lozic
Wed, 15 September 2010 14:19:40 +0000

Hi, my name is Enis Lozic. I have been a very happy BP customer for a long time and never came across any issues with BP.

I got a new job which requierd me to travel approximatley 40 miles a day to work and i have always depended on BP full.The gas staion that i have been using for a while now is on the intersection of Lake Cook Road and Waukegan Road in Deerfield, IL. The service i have received form other gas stations of BP was great but this particular one is to say the least a big disappointment.

The customer service is non existent, and rude. They literally kick you out of the station. This will make me think twice before stopping at another BP gas station and re-fueling with BP.

(164) boldtrader
Sun, 12 September 2010 21:56:46 +0000

Regarding the BP at 137th ave and 152 st in Miami, just south of the Metro zoo: Has anyone been a part of or have seen any violence at that location, loiterers or acts of crime, any of which have been reported to the MiamiDade police?

(163) alan m dransfield
Tue, 7 September 2010 01:55:02 +0000

And STILL the relief wells are NOT completed. As reported weeks ago on this site,I smell a rat with these releif wells

(162) Emmanuel
Sat, 4 September 2010 23:00:36 +0000

I was at the BP in Miami,Fl on 137 ave and 152nd street and I was denied service for complaining to the guy at the counter about ignoring me so he can talk on the phone. He was talking on the phone and just put his hand up to tell me to wait, so I put my money down. I asked for my item and he proceeded to throw my money back at me while denying me service! He also continued on his phone conversation and threatened to call the police, along with not serving the customer after me because she was with me! I would like the number or email of the manager of the store to file a complaint on that associate! He was WAY out of line and as a seasoned manager myself I would take swift action on such behavior! I've been a loyal customer for a long time and know a lot of the staff. He came in new not too long ago and seems to think he can do whatever he wants!

(161) joann
Sat, 4 September 2010 08:55:02 +0000

i purshed gas an received 90% water and it tre my car up i want someone to pay for it,it cost be 600$ from the BP Mart at 670 w. louise street clarksville ga,they should have to pay for my car

(160) Cody A Tatum
Sat, 4 September 2010 08:20:31 +0000

I would just like to say that this gulf disaster will be hurting economies across gulf states for longer than most citizens realize. Even if bp can reclaim and dispose of every drop of oil released during the spill, it simply does not matter. The fear that the water supply has been contaminated will detour not just an unpredictable amount of tourists from traveling to our coast but will do so for an unpredictable amount of time. We will see people consistently migrating their vacation destinations inward. What is going to happen to us millions along the coast who have dedicated ourselves to aquaculture along the gulf? Who is going protect those of us out there risking our lives to either introduce people to the coastal outdoors through fishing, camping, or nature expeditions or those harvesting the Gulf's precious resources for consumers across the nation? The Texas marine economy's gross state product stood at $1,148,531,000,000 and employed 9,041,030 according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife's Economy Report in 2008. I cannot wait to compare the 2010 report they put out. I recently found a way to introduce Americans to the beauty of the gulf coast in a way that is more economical for consumers and environmentally friendly. The project was expertly formatted and financially backed. We were about to take off, and let me be modest by saying our outlook was promising. Long story short, Bp's avoidable disaster has conjured enough fear in millions of coastal residents, visitors, and consumers that our investors have found new interests that are "a bit more stable" as one put it. There are many safe areas, especially in Texas. It does not matter how good they can clean up their mess, reverse the damage done, and prevent it from happening again, the lack of public trust in Gulf fisheries is causing an unacceptable decline in our marine economy. Subsequently, thousands like me are out of work. I believe. No. I pray Bp has learned from their mistake and will not let this happen again, but once was too much. What are they going to do for me? My original mission is even more important now yet ironically harder to reach. All I wanted was to show people the beauty of the coast I love. Bp has all but devastated the lives and livelihood of many of us who could in fact help others regain faith in the sanctity our waters and the creatures that inhabit it.

(159) alan m dransfield
Sat, 4 September 2010 02:20:20 +0000

Another Oil Rig exploded in the Gulf of Guinea yesterday and fortunately there were no casualties or oil spill this time.
What lesson have been learned,ZILTCH>

(158) Ana Maria Robbin
Thu, 2 September 2010 13:35:26 +0000

The clerk at Sunshine BP 128 at 9701 NW 41 Street in Doral, FL was very rude to me last night. There was a sign saying "car wash $1.99" yet he insisted it was not valid. His attitude was not just rude but unacceptable. Due to time constraints, I should have taken my business elsewhere but I ended up getting gas and doing the car wash. Needless to say, that is the last time I use that particular station as I do not appreciate how I was treated.
Another patron waiting in line even told the clerk that he was out of line after the clerk made a rude remark upon my exit.
In today's economy, all businesses need to take better care of their customers!

(157) adam sterling
Thu, 2 September 2010 10:05:33 +0000

filed claim on aug. 24th in pcb florida and was told i would recieve a decison in 48 hours. After 48 hours was told it would take 3-4 days. after 4 days was told 6-7. After 7 days i was told 3-5 to get submited and 3 -5 days under review, my claim has been under review for 6 days now and filed for ten. they only have 1 contact number they just read off the gccf sight i already have access to. They dont realize there wrong information is adding to the problem .......... adam sterling

(156) alan m dransfield
Wed, 1 September 2010 00:51:12 +0000

This must be the 4thor5th BP manager to take the 5th amendment.What are they hiding??!!
Another BP engineer to take the Fifth
One of BP's onshore drilling engineers is expected to decline to testify at a joint U.S. Coast Guard/Bureau of Energy Management hearing here in Houston on Tuesday, invoking his Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself.

An attorney for Brian Morel is expected to make an appearance before the board that is overseeing a joint investigation of the Deepwater Horizon accident on behalf of his client. Morel's attorney declined comment in an e-mail.

Morel was scheduled to testify on the same day as three Halliburton workers involved in the cement job on the well. One of those Halliburton workers, Jesse Gagliano, was communicating regularly with Morel and other BP engineers about the cement job in the weeks leading up to the accident.

A BP engineer who was on the rig at the time of the accident, Robert Kaluza, took the Fifth instead of testifying at hearings in May. The other BP drilling engineer on the rig at the time, Don Vidrine, as also declined to testify repeatedly but he has cited illness.

Many assume taking the Fifth is almost like admitting guilt, but Peter Henning, a professor of law at Wayne State University Law School, said it's really meant to protect a person who is simply not sure of their potential legal liability.

"You may believe you're innocent," Henning said, because in an accident like the one involving the rig it's unlikely anyone intended for the explosion to happen. "But you may not be sure if your actions did break the law. And that's really the issue here: no one really knows exactly why this accident happened."

Taking the Fifth is a particularly useful right to have in a situation such as the Deepwater Horizon accident. In May, Attorney General Eric Holder announced there would be a thorough criminal investigation and federal prosecutors have leased an entire floor of a New Orleans office building to house investigators in the case.

"Anything you say before the Coast Guard hearing could be used against you later," Henning said. "So if you are going to testify you might want to save it for talking to a prosecutor or if you're personally facing a civil suit."

But taking the Fifth isn't free of risk. Companies will often put employees on paid leave if a worker takes the Fifth as a precaution. In some cases prosecutors have been known to pressure companies to either fire or cut off legal funds to workers who refuse to testify

(155) Stream and beach protecter
Mon, 30 August 2010 15:14:35 +0000

BP should be fined millions of dollars for the equipment that has broken down and the oil that leaked. They also should be fined for how many lives they have taken. What about the RMA that proves that they should be fined millions.

(154) Mr Flute
Mon, 30 August 2010 14:11:50 +0000

I needed to pump air in my tires in the bP located on northwest highway and central ave in Chicago. I put the change needed (.75 cents) and I heard the compressor turn on for 2-3 seconds and turn off. I communicated this information to the attendant on duty who rudely insisted that it works and will prove to me that it does by putting in his own .75 cents and wait. The issue was that he was extremely rude and was willing to have me wait while I had a crying newborn in the backseat. this happened on August 30, 2010 at around 1:45 pm. this attendant needs some training in customer service and some anger management training

(153) richard charpentier
Sun, 29 August 2010 10:39:57 +0000

i just filled up at BP Station
WAYNE 19087
Tel: 610-687-0622
and needed to refill my tires, the sign clearly states that there is free complimentary air for customers, when I when in the manager (peter) told me they are no such things. I asked him to follow me to read the sign, and was told it is not his problem. It is not for the $1 I spend but for the lack of customer service I received, and if they don't want to honor their sign, they should remove it. Can I please have the contact info of the owner to write a formal complaint.

(152) bruce bardaville
Tue, 24 August 2010 17:02:51 +0000

have tried to sell my home in cape coral nw florida people are afraid to buy here say they think the oil will end up here would like some compensation please advise yours truly bruce bardaville 2531sw25thst cape coral florida ph.2394621443

(151) Cheryl
Mon, 23 August 2010 11:18:00 +0000

Was told by the BP office & the media that 8/23 today, it would be easier to work with BP claims changed to GCCF for processing. This is a joke. I went to website & could not get in. All claim #s were to be changed, after 3 months. Took almost 45 minutes to get to talk to someone. They could not find one of my claims. They said info was not uploaded to them yet.
Website had locked me out since I had the wrong claim# & they did not know how to reset. Finally got someone that will reset tomorrow. Lets try again tomorrow.
I may be in for another 2-3mths processing.

(150) alan m dransfield
Fri, 20 August 2010 00:44:02 +0000

Another major BP/Government blunder is now breaking news of a giant oil plume underwater.BP oil spill: US scientist retracts assurances over success of cleanupNOAA's Bill Lehr says three-quarters of the oil that gushed from the Deepwater Horizon rig is still in the Gulf environment while scientists identify 22-mile plume in ocean depths

Whats happened to the 2 releif wells. ??!!
I bet my bottom dollar that BP are trying to squirm out of the 2relief well connection and I expect some bullshit reason to be published anyday

(149) Stacy Greenspan
Thu, 19 August 2010 19:57:05 +0000

I am growing tired of muting your revolting public relations spots on TV. What we need from your company is less lip and more action. It doesn't take a chicken to know a rotten egg. People know the truth about your rotten company. Take the money you are spending on these offensive public relations ads and spend it on taking care of the folks whose lives you've ruined.

Stacy Greenspan

(148) rosalind shoots
Thu, 19 August 2010 16:10:05 +0000

I did not have a problem the 1st time I filed but the 2nd time very frustrating. I filed out of the Orange Beach Alabama office. My claims adjuster, Sherry Ross was given my paperwork on Monday August 2nd. I had tried many many times to reach her by phone but would not get a return call. I even spoke with BP reps. Who also sent her messages to call. I was able to finally meet with her on today August 19th and learned from her she never filed my paperwork. All she could say was "well its too late now the process has changed." I would not be so upset but everyone in my office who filed after me received prompt service and payment. I just feel she could have been courtious enough to call but she acted like "so sad too bad."

(147) Tom Lewis
Thu, 19 August 2010 11:59:44 +0000

I hate that store you can't even buy something with out a Homeless person all in your face that is sick. I was in there to buy me some ciggs. I have this gay guy saying I was sexy and the guy look just like a man. Standing there all in my face with a order of breath. Not only that he walk out the store and follow me and ask me for a Date and he said his name is Stephen. Well he look step on and that is sick what are they doing there selling there bodies I don't know I will not be going back there again and that is real. They can have that Store 4004 Broadway Kansas City Missouri 64111

(146) Shandra Kenndy
Thu, 19 August 2010 11:50:49 +0000

Hello the BP in Kansas city Missouri 4004 broadway Kansas City Missouri Have a lot of people that hang in there and they are very rude. I will not come back to that Bp I could not believe what I was hearing about sex all over the counter and a guy that was gay standing in my face saying that my husband was cute I ask the guy his name and he said Stephen and I told him do he realize he is talking to a Married Man. And he said so. I will not be back that and Jesse is a great guy but he have to many homeless people hanging on his shift like they live there.I don't know if that is a BP Or a Homeless shelter? Can any one that go to that location let me know?
I will not be back and that was my store to go to now I give it to the Homeless that surounds it. And pan handle for money right there in your face and the clerk do nothing about it. I feel I could be attacked or Robbed I'm threw for my safety I will not be back at that store in my life. 4004 Broadway Kansas City Missouri 64111 Stay safe to all that attend that store for service Homeless and Gay men talking about sex while you are buying what ever . And that is not how a store should be handle. I thought Jesse Was better then that. I was Shock to allow that hanging around in a workplace. like it is a Bar and grill John Kenndy

(145) Elizbeth M Sanders
Fri, 13 August 2010 18:12:01 +0000

I have just found out that BP is using 2 different standards to compensate owners of Condo Units located in Gulf Shores, AL. 1st standard is the adjuster is using the hightest rental based on 2008 and 2009. Owner submits all the rental records and each month they are calculating the loss of income minus any rental income and agency fees. Very fair way of doing this.

Our claim was under a bulk claim and the adjuster is taking the lowest year, dividing it by 12 months, minus the agency fees, then multiplying by who knows at this point. They are sending us check for 2.5 months
The bottom line it is less than if we were not in the bulk claim process. I have submitted all of the required documentation, and the statements for our June and July Rental. The adjuster is telling me they just want to get money in peoples hands. Question why would BP use 2 different standards in calculating the loss of income. What I am receiving does not equal my loss. As an added footnote, we purchased the Condo in March of 2010, spend approximately $10,000 in upgrades to increase the rental income. Now we must use past history.

(144) kevin
Thu, 12 August 2010 16:18:51 +0000

Hi, I watched quite a bit ofyour ROV footage and searched the web also, but I can't find any footage of the massive Deepwater Horizon rig on the seabed. Would you be so kind to post some of provide me with alink that shows the Deepwater Horizon on the seafloor? Thanks Kevin

(143) Mark
Tue, 10 August 2010 10:31:05 +0000

I was laid off from my job in May 2010 due to the oil spill. I went through the proper procedures and still to this date have had no compensation from BP. Everytime I speak to my adjuster he tells me that they are not paying claims unless you work on a boat, fisherman, or boat person. Can someone tell me what is going on with this picture? I worked for a company who supplies marine materials such as paint and or supplies and they tell me that's not related. Please tell me what to do?

(142) alan m dransfield
Tue, 10 August 2010 01:35:14 +0000

The top two BP officials which were in charge of the rig have refused to attend TWO Senate Hearings on the grounds of sickness.
SICNESS my ASS, they don't wont to go incase they incriminate themseleves.
The Senate should enforce these guys to attend.

(141) robert cope
Mon, 9 August 2010 15:47:13 +0000

Incident One

7-31-2010 My wife and I go to the Beach every weekend where we have a good view of the beach on base just east of the Sherman marina. On this day there were two tents set up one closer to the Sherman cove marina on NAS Pensacola and one tent maybe 50 yards further east. The tent further east was clearly visible to us and sitting on the beach we had nothing better to do than observe what is going on around us other than boats there was this tent of FIVE BP oil clean up workers. My wife and I arrived about 1200 and began observing the FIVE BP oil cleanup workers. We departed the beach at 1600 the BP oil clean up workers had left at 1530. Between the time we arrived and the time the BP oil clean up workers left A time period of THREE and ONE half hours:
a. No more than twice did ANY worker get up from sitting under the tent.
b. No more than two workers ever stood up out side the tent.
c. Of the TWO times workers stood up from under the tent, it was for only TEN
d. Of the TWO times the TWO workers did stand, The TWO workers raked a small area I estimate to be about 20 feet by 20 Feet directly in front of the tent. The beach is covered with dried black sea grass and in doing the raking job correctly the grass would have been removed. The only area without sea grass was the 20 Foot by 20 foot area mentioned previously.
e. That works out to 17.5 man hours or 1050 man minutes observed. Of that time only 40 minutes were actually involved in some sort of labor that could have removed some oil?
f. Periodically a golf cart with a black flag would go from tent to tent. I assume this was a supervisor but the workload did not increase at his approach?
Incident Two
8-8-2010 My wife and I go to the Beach every weekend where we have a good view of the beach on base just east of the Sherman marina. On this day there was one tent set up near Sherman cove marina on NAS Pensacola in the same location as above on 7-31-2010. The tent was clearly visible to us and sitting on the beach we had nothing better to do than observe what is going on around us other than boats there was this tent of FIVE BP oil clean up workers. My wife and I arrived about 1200 and began observing the FIVE BP oil cleanup workers. We departed the beach at 1345 the BP oil clean up workers had left at 1330, due to an impending thunderstorm. Between the time we arrived and the time the BP oil clean up workers left A time period of ONE and THREE quarters hours
a. No more than once did ANY worker get up from sitting under the tent.
b. No more than two workers ever stood up out side the tent.
c. The ONE time workers stood up from under the tent it was for TWELVE minutes.
d. Of the ONE time the TWO workers did stand, The TWO workers, One sporadically raked a small area as he walked east maybe 25 yards from the tent. The One worker walked a staggered line and raked FIVE or SIX times then stopped as the SECOND worker walked up to him carrying a smaller round “scooper”? and they talked for about 10 minutes before walking back to the tent. The beach is covered with dried black sea grass and in doing the raking job correctly the grass would have been removed. The only area without sea grass was the 5 or six small areas scratched as mentioned previously.
e. That works out to 8.75 man hours or 525 man minutes observed. Of that time only 10 minutes were actually involved in some sort of labor that could have removed some oil?
f. Periodically a golf cart with a black flag would go from tent to tent. I assume this was a supervisor but the workload did not increase at his approach?
Incident Three
8-7-2010 My wife and I go to the Beach every weekend where we have a good view of the beach on base just east of the Sherman marina. On this day there was possibly EIGHT boats east of Sherman cove marina on NAS Pensacola. These boats were removing the booms floating between the Oak Grove Beach and half way to Sherman Cove marina. One larger boat appeared to be used to remove the anchors for the booms. The other boats were all manned by two or three crew and seemed to be more in each others way than doing any productive work. It sure appeared that there were more boats and crew than needed.

This all sounds very wasteful. I work in medicine and I actually have been involved in Heat Stress Studies that have been responsible for current work / rest periods in high heat work situations. I under stand that. I also have worked with manpower and allocation of labor for optimum results. I understand that in high heat labor is reduced and rest increased. I think working 50 minutes out of 1575 minutes is a bit extreme. OR in the case it is that hot Workers should not have been on the job and returned in the evening or early morning in lower heat stress periods. I have heard rumor that these employees are making a minimum of $18.00 per hour or $.30 per minute. For these two observed periods, That works out to:
Actual Labor (but we both know that nothing was actually done during those short
periods of apparent labor): 50 minutes = $15.00
Rest/Inactive period : 1575 minutes = $472.50 wasted? Mismanaged? Definitely
could have been spent in a better
Is there no supervision? or do the supervisors condone the lack of productive work?
I look through my binoculars and see the Tents of the BP workers on Ft. Pickens and down the NAS beaches lined with tents all doing the same as the tent I observed, that was doing NOTHING!!! I do understand there is more oil that needs to be cleaned up? I would think with the limited resources clean up staff would be better managed and assigned. If the heat is that bad then I would think clean up would be done during the hours of lower heat rather than during the high heat period of the day?

(140) alan m dransfield
Sun, 8 August 2010 03:09:32 +0000


BP AND the US Government purport the worst is over and there are no longer problems with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
No doubt this ALL CLEAR SIGNAL will mean a return to deep water drilling and carry on usual by the oil companies.
I fervently believe we have not learned any lessons and NO it is not safe to continue drilling because there are no adequate OIL SPILL RESPONSE PLANS in place
In essence we could have a similar incident tonight,tomorrow or sometime in the future.
These oil executive must be the thickest stupidist persons on the face of the planet, they didn't learn any lesson from the Exxonvaldeez or the Deepwater Horizon debacles because they contine to break the laws and make the SAME mistakes.
Could it be they are not stupid or thick but the SMARTEST persons on the planet because they continue to circumvent the International Laws /regulations?.

(139) GARY
Sat, 7 August 2010 14:17:38 +0000


(138) Jeremy Shannon
Fri, 6 August 2010 07:00:56 +0000

On 8/6/2010 at approximately 05:45 hours, I decided to pump gas at the BP station in Freeburg, Illinois against my better judgement. Upon arrival I tried to get the pump to run my card but it wouldn't take the card. The clerk approved me pumping to pay inside without my knowledge so if I were pumping then leaving I would have thought I had paid but in truth would have probably gotten my license taken away for stealing gas. This was the first act of an egregious nature. Second, I went into the store to get some breakfast and coffee. When I walked in, however, the store looked as if the shelves were mostly empty and hadn't been stocked in some time. Half the display cases were not being used and the breakfast had not been made yet. When I asked the clerk, Elaine, what time breakfast is usually made she replied that she was running late that morning and wasn't able to make it. The third complaint I have is that when I was leaving she apologized for the inconvenience of not letting me know that I hadn't actually paid at the pump, but didn't mention her inability to provide breakfast (a service which every gas station seems able to do). I told her I would have rather had a bite to eat this morning and Elaine responded by raising her voice and chasing me out of the store yelling at me. When I could decipher what she was saying through her yelling I realized that she said "Any retard can read the pumps to know how to pay at the pump" as if an insult was going to make her feel better about not supplying breakfast, one of the most basic services. Altogether the experience at your Freeburg BP station was enough for me to not only never go back, but to add this to the list of forums full of people that hate BP and want the world to know why. You can thank Elaine, your customer clerk, for driving the last nail into the coffin for me.
Jeremy Shannon

(137) Teresa
Thu, 5 August 2010 14:21:50 +0000

Sent BP a letter about business lost due to the oil spill. I sent them a signed contract from a client for a trip from Brunswick, GA to New Orleans. I also sent them a copy of the email from the client saying they needed to cancel the trip due to the oil spill. BP claim center calls me wanting US to jump through hoops with the following info: 2008 & 2009 Tax Returns, '08 & 09 Sales & Tax Use forms, Profit /Loss January '09 to present, payroll journal from 3/15 to present, copy of cancelled contract (which I sent them) and expenses for loss. They are NOT wanting to pay out for lost business as they claim or they would not ask you to jump through those kinds of hoops! Should email Good Morning America!

(136) alan m dransfield
Thu, 5 August 2010 00:51:59 +0000

Breaking news overnight that BP successfully completed their "TOP KILL" by pumping in thousands of tons of sludge/mud from the top and the "RELIEF WELLS" will be completed in approx two weeks time.
The burning question must now be WHY THE HELL DIDNT THEY DO THIS ON DAY ONE??
It would appear to me they have NOW been able to do this because the resorvoir pressure has dropped since the leak commenced 100+ days ago.
I don't swallow all this nonsense that is being spouted by BP AND the Government that the OIL has gone??!!
If BP and other are now able to TOP KILL all their future wells, DRILL BABY DRILL??!!

(135) C. Kroot
Tue, 3 August 2010 12:00:08 +0000

I have spent weeks faxing and sending information to complete a claim for loss of income. I have spoken to several people each claiming to be my adjuster. Today I was told by Anthony Campos that BP is not paying any claims for May but will pay for June if I would like to submit that information. They have no intention of paying claims. I have been told they have no computer access, extension numbers change daily, faxes take 7-10 days before they are viewed, he refused to let me speak to his supervisor and would not give me his extension. They have asked for a copy of my social security card and for pictures of the beach in relation to my condo. Copies of tax returns and more personal information then my children have. They have no intention of fulfilling claims, it is all just a curtain of lies. Not only have they destroyed our world but they are destroying our lives.

(134) alan m dransfield
Sun, 1 August 2010 14:56:58 +0000

Ref 130-131-132 Diana
Diana, I feel very sorry for your personal situation and if you can afford to do it,don't accept the first offer of compensation from BP .
I understand that BP are to adopt bullyboy approach with the compensations claims and try to get ALL the claimant accept a one-off offer.Tell them them to go forth and multiply and hang in there for a better compensation deal.
This is V typical of the big oil giant, they want to buy their way out of this mess.

(133) DIANA
Wed, 28 July 2010 17:07:37 +0000


(132) Diana
Wed, 28 July 2010 17:02:26 +0000

Oh yeah and another complaint my family is local in Florida and my son signed up to wrk for bp, I drive up the Panhandle Florida EVERYDAY and all I kept seeing was out of state workers and loads of them, it took a month before my son was called for work now the oil is stoped and workers are laid off?so I geuss the oil (millions of gallons aday just dissapear)?

(131) diana
Wed, 28 July 2010 16:59:18 +0000

Why is it all of the sudden I recieved a shady letter from bp about the money they are going to send me, and for me to call my claim adjuster and I call him and now he does not return my repeated messages I leave once the caring man turns to turning off his phone , and the number on the letter they sent was workin two days ago now is disconnected???

(130) Kathy
Wed, 28 July 2010 15:21:10 +0000

What is the deal with the under water cameras? They worked fine before and now they are pixelated, dark, or the feed cuts out. Half of the cameras are not online.You would think a big company like yours could maintain their cameras....and weren't you people ordered to have it online? What are you trying to hide.....if nothing....get the cameras back up and working properly!

(129) alan m dransfield
Wed, 28 July 2010 01:10:53 +0000

Tony Heyward has refused to appear before the US Senate to answer questions ref BP involvement with the release of the Lockerbee Bomber Al Megrahi.Ditto for the UK Secretary of State Jack Straw.
Now I wonder why two such distinguished people like Straw and Heyward would refuse to attend ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to the US to assist the US Senate with their Inquiries.
I suggest they are BOTH guilty of serious crimes and they conniving and colluding to coverup SERIOUS crimes.
Why doesn't the US Senate issue an arrest warrant!!??

(128) alan m dransfield
Wed, 28 July 2010 00:36:22 +0000

Ref 77 Christoper Scott.

Fully understand your frustrations with this one Chriss but it is the fault of the US Government ,whom, have failed their duty of care to oversee the Gulf of Mexico oil exploration.
The ONLY reason we are seeing such widespread media coverage and outrage on this one is because it is in Uncle Sams back yard. Exxon/BP and Shell are committing WORSE crimes worldwide and nobody gives a damn but because this has happened on your doorstep there is outrage.
The outrage is, in my view perfectly right and proper and I condemn BP and the US Government and the buck stops with Obama.
BP/Exxon/Shell pay LIPSRVICE only to health and safety and environmental proection. Let me give you just but one example, i.e.the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline has been operated illegaly by Exxon for 7 years by virtue of NO Oil Spill Plans and NO Environmental Protection Plans by Exxon and this project could go BANG anytime soon but no-one gives a damn because that's in Africa.
Wellcome to the Oil Industry Chriss and get used to such crap mate because it COULD happen again anytime soon.
Don't be fooled by the latest PR stunt of sacking Tony Heyward and replacing him with a Yank(Dudley). Dudley should have been sacked along with numerous other BP Officials.
I share your your concerns for the animals and environment in the GoM and I am truly sorry for the local people.
Maybe,just maybe, this is the wakeupcall the WORLD needed.

(127) alan m dransfield
Wed, 28 July 2010 00:17:16 +0000

James at #126.
I fully understand your frustration but BP don't give a damn mate for you or the other millions of people in the Southern states, all they care about is the green eyed profit monster.
This "clean up" project is all about PR and a sham.
Obama is at best, sleeping on the job or at worst in the same bed as BP and Exxonmobil,I suggest the later.
I will take BP seriously if they SACK Heyward,Dudley,their Chairman and Board of Directors.
Don't waste you time looking for work with BP because you would need to LOWER your personal standards to stay in work.

(126) james
Tue, 27 July 2010 15:00:40 +0000

I sent a complaint in a few minutes ago. I forgot to mention that I am also a local so BP was not out any living expenses. The locals are the ones that should be considered first as we are the ones the oil spill effects. Here is the email I sent earlier....I have 20 years experience in the safety field. I was hired by CTEH as a safety site lead in June. I was just told today that I have been laid off. I would like you to know how CTEH works. They do not go by who has the most experience or by seniority. They go by who is their friends. There are people in CTEH that have absolutely NO experience and yet they are kept on the payroll and the older personnel with vast experience are laid off. This is true in every department of CTEH. I saw a document that went around last week where you had to put down how much college you had, and how much experience. 90% had no college, and 80% had very little to no experience. Yet they chose to keep those people on the payroll. I know I just sound like I am complaining because I am laid off but I am asking you to just check into it and see how much experience these people CTEH is keeping have. I am sure you will be shocked. Please email me back.

(125) alan m dransfield
Tue, 27 July 2010 11:53:48 +0000

BP have failed their duty of care YET again by just demoting Tony Heyward, he should have been sacked outright along with the Chairman and I would argue the BP Board of Directors (BOD)should go also. The BUCK does not stop with Heyward, it stops with the BOD and they have clearly failed to see HEYWARD has not produced the goods whilst he Captained the ship.
Heyward maintains he was demonized in the States and for the good of the company he has stepped aside. What a load of old bullshit again from Heyward, he did not step aside,he was pused aside.
I can't wait to see the CRIMINAL CHARGES which will slowly filter down,i.e criminal negligence,culapable homicide,fraud,etc.

I believe the REAL reason BP did not sack Heyward is SOLEY because Heyward could sink BP along with the Deepwater Horizon because in his 30 years at BP he has acquired SO MUCH DIRT on BP and he is NOW buying silence.
Shame on you Heyward,shame on you BP Chairman,shame on you BP BOD and shame on you Obama.

(124) alan m dransfield
Tue, 27 July 2010 01:28:58 +0000

Tony Heyward the CEO of BP has quit his job overnight. This is great news because Heyward is a liar ,cheat and a fraudster and is responsbile for culpable homicide and the current debacle.
BP do NOT have the balls to sack him outright and have transferred him to Russia.Why is this people will ask? Heyward has got BP by the short and curlys and if they were to sack him now,Heyward would spill the beans.
Heyward is a disgrace and BP are a disgrace.

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