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(1573) Randy Lewis
Sun, 17 January 2016 19:15:50 +0000

Jan. 13, 2016 ; Wednesday 6:30 Wednesday morning (Location of Station)
BP Station on Rowley Rd., Delavan, Wisconsin

About 6:30 Wednesday morning it was about 6 below zero. I noticed my tank was between 1/4 and 1/2 full. I decided to fill up before going to work. On my way to work I noticed a few cars on the side of the road but figured it was the cold. After work my vehicle would start but would not run. I had it flat bedded to a shop. They couldn't get to it until Thursday afternoon. They called me at their closing time telling me I had a tank of diesel fuel in my Trailblazer. I picked it up Friday after work with a fuel sample. One of the technicians informed me, having worked in another town close by, that many vehicles came into their shops on Wednesday with diesel in tanks. All got gas at the same station I did. I was also told that the station was aware of the problem and they told the dealership that the deliver truck put it in wrong underground tank. I was given a fuel sample from my tank, looked like mountain dew.

I took my sample to the station that is a 1/2 mile from my house, a place I have done business with since they opened at least 10 years ago. I was thinking they may make things right. They looked at my sample in the jar as I came through the door and began to laugh, before a word was said. "We have good gas here. We had it tested." I told them not Wednesday morning at pump 4. Then I was told it was probably from the gas station prior to my Wednesday fill. "That would be here I said, pump 4." You see, living that close I usually wait for pump 4. The number of times I gas up elsewhere can probably be counted on your fingers over the year, not sure you need both hands. I have been using pump 4 at that station exclusively for the last few months, and yes these people know me, go figure.

If I was responsible for this, I'm sure I'd have no choice but to be accountable. I hope BP can step in and do the right thing here for all that have been affected by this mistake.


Randy Lewis

Sun, 17 January 2016 02:05:51 +0000

To who it may concern, today Sunday the 17/01/16 at 14.37pm I sent my sons to Waikiki BP servo to get fuel in their dad's jeep wrangler, the attendant was Gail, my sons pulled up to the first bowser but a rude older bloke had parked in the middle between bowsers so this made it difficult to get next to a bowser, so instead they pulled around and got in front off the rude bloke blocking the drive, now here is my complaint ,the rude attendant came out and rudely told off my boys for parking in front, before they had chance to explain she took the car keys from the jeep then took off back inside, I feel that because my sons have tattoos and have that rough and ready look she tarred them with the same thug that would do a runner, my eldest sat in the drivers seat while my other filled the car, I am disgusted that she would assume the worst, when I or there dad pull up and my boys are with us they automatically fill up my car while I or there dad sit in the drivers seat. I think that Gail needs a lesson on manners as this has put me and my family off purchasing any fuel from this servo in the future, and I will also pass onto my friends and family, and get them to pass onto there friends and family, so for one rude woman named Gail who treated my sons like convicts, this particular BP servo will lose a lot of business. I feel that my boys who help anyone in need, will come when anybody needs help, so for this rude woman to assume the worst of my boys this is a true insult. I did not bring up animals I brought up sons who will help those in need. I would like you to reprimand this rude woman, as my boys were quite upset when they got home, and were very offended that this Gail took there car keys and gave them attitude for no reason. educate your staff to be polite to all unless they show signs of aggression or rudeness.

(1571) donna frigon
Sat, 9 January 2016 02:16:29 +0000

I am speaking on behalf of my daughter Crystal Aguiniga.She worked at the BP at 339 Roosevelt rd, Glenn Ellyn 60137. 6307903901. The manager Steve treated her with disprect. Consistanti put her down basically calling her stupid. All she eanyed to do is learn and be rewared for good work. He talks about personal problems. not management material. I have 38-years experience in corporate world. Unfortunately your company is not union. but when my daughter kept asking to be trained on mpre responsibility, Steve basically told her she wasn't good enough. Then he hires a girl, tight pants, boobs,etc.He trains her on several responsibilities ..all a month. Crystal ask this new girl to show her what she has learned, and the manager Steve yelled them saying the new girl had no right training Crystal who has devoted herself to provide 110% to BP.well Steve told Crystal she had to change her hours to 2nd shift so this new girl could take her place. He has verbally insulting her and I hope someone steps in to correct the poor management.just go to glenellynforum.com and read others opinions on this issue. Whats wprse, Americans trying to make a li ving being treated like shit, or a gas station run by foreigners who dont have sexual harassment. Hope my words dont go unheatd. The management representing your company needs to change . my daughter needs an apology and her job back.

@gmail.com 8472079482

(1570) Leanne Le Roux
Thu, 7 January 2016 12:13:00 +0000

BP Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. This afternoon I found myself in the Cherry Hinton where I am not very familiar with the area. My 5 year was desperate for the loo and I spotted the BP garage and felt relieved as I saw the panic in her face. We rushed inside and two men behind the counter seemed to be dealing with receipts and the books and didn't even look up at me until I said excuse me. I told them that my 5 year old was desperate for the loo and please could they let her use it, one man relied 'No' and looked back down to what he was doing. In our desperate situation I tried again and again this time not even looking up responded with a blunt 'No'. A customer in the store then saw the destress my 5 year old and now myself were feeling and said that maybe I could try the tesco down the road, about a 5 minute drive, he was very sympathetic but this didn't help us much. I felt at the time, I should just let her wet herself right there in the store so that the men might at least look up from what they were doing. But I didn't want to embarress her and we rushed out, unfortunately she wet herself anyway!! This service was shocking to me. I am a loyal customer of BP as I have a nector card and I have always been so impressed by the welcoming and helpful staff especially in the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk area. I realise they may have a policy on not being able to use the loo but for a small child I thought some empathy may have been given, and the rude way in which they responded to us was also very surprising and shocking. This really does make me question why I always try to go out of my way to find a BP garage. I won't in the future unfortunately!

(1569) anthony kemp
Thu, 7 January 2016 09:16:01 +0000

i went to jet wash my car at the bp garage on overpool rd in ellesmere port.

as i was washing my car i got paint from your screens all over my jacket and jeans and will not come off as it is gloss white.. The manager at the garage gave me this email address.

My jacket and jeans are ruined.. What can you do to help.

Mr Kemp

(1568) Phil
Wed, 6 January 2016 14:50:39 +0000

Jan 3 2016 filled tank and purchased $10.00 car wash at BP gas station (site ID 8598088) Raleigh NC. Car wash was closed. As of Jan 6, car wash still closed. Whats the problem?

(1567) sarah
Wed, 6 January 2016 00:05:16 +0000

BP Chicago Heights Il 60411
Water in gas. My car would no longer run after putting watered down gas in my tank. New car that now has to be serviced. Have always used BP gas and now I will never use it again and I will make sure word of mouth spreads and no one uses BP again!

(1566) Cynthia S
Mon, 4 January 2016 16:35:40 +0000

went to gas station and while I was pumping gas it was coming through the handle and hitting the ground. Went inside to get the manager so he could see and asked for some type of compensation and he explained to me that no one else complained about it and even began to point out all the spots on the ground. The manager was very rude and obnoxious. That pump should be shut down and he said there was nothing wrong with the pump.
Who can I report this to? Anyone know.

(1565) Pat
Sat, 2 January 2016 23:02:10 +0000

I just had the worst experience at a BP gas station store number 9820325 in 804 W. Bel air ave Aberdeen MD.

The employee that worked on Saturday January 2nd at 10:47 was very disrespectful, very rude. Got gas, and went to use the bathroom had no toilet paper ask the employee can you get toilet paper. He started to get rude and started screaming at us and saying out of service get out while we were also buying something to drink. Told him I'm going to make a complaint then he threatened us to get out and it freighten us and I was about to call the cops. And I asked for my receipt and he wouldn't give me the receipt. I was really about to call the cops but I'm not from the area and have a long way back home this was the worst experience I ever had. after this I will never go to any BP gas station I hope BP will shut this gas station down. BP you should investigate this gas station and shut it down or fire the employee.

Thank you
BP please do something about it.

(1564) Daniel van Dyk
Sat, 2 January 2016 15:51:52 +0000

Good Day, I planned to fill my vehicle at BP Colchester outside of Port Elizabeth earlier this evening. I waited approx 15min for an attendant. An attendant passed me and I asked him to activate the pump with his tag while he processed his current customer's transaction. I proceeded and only put in R400 (33L of an possible 80L sale), when doing my payment I asked the attendant how many staff is on duty, he confirmed they are only 3 staff as one attendant did not pitch. The site has an 5 pumps with an affective 10 feulling areas. Being 02/01 and located on the N2 logic should be to have more staff available in the peak season (never the less the poor service from the attendant not asking service options etc as other competitors as Engen, Shell etc.) Poor service has been been experienced at this site for a long time and I wont support any more personally.

(1563) Christina Mabeka
Fri, 1 January 2016 06:45:35 +0000

To whom it concern
I Christina Mabeka contact nr 0839603484 would like to bring my unsatisfactory service experience i received from your outlet under Mr Kotlolo in Mahube valley in Mamelodi east Pretoria. On the 30 DEC 2015 I went to the station to fill my car with petrol for the amount of R300 but to my surprise when i requested the receipt it did not indicate the amount that i paid, on question the cashier said it is how it has been programmed.the receipt that they gave me indicated R299.99 then i said to her i cannot accept the receipt thatdoes not tally with what i paid.Morongoa the cashier called her supervisor who did even tried to give me a better explanation she just came there without saying a word to me and thew a ten cent coin on the counter and left.to me that was a disgusting attitude from a senior person who was suppose to portray her role as a leader who is suppose to resolve issues arising in in her presence.based on her attitude it really show that she does not no the responsibility she has to carry and she also undermine the customers or she take them for granted.i feel like those cashiers can work without her because she does make any difference in the outlet.I left the station very much dissatisfied ,undermined by her poor ,bad attitude.
Hope my concern will be treated with an urgency
the respect it deserve


(1562) J. A. Roney
Sun, 27 December 2015 11:00:59 +0000

I'm pretty tolerant of filthy toilets but the BP station at 25990 Hwy 57 South, Metter, GA 30439, was exceptionally bad. In addition to dirty, entry door would not latch, stay closed or lock. Spouse says ladies restroom was equally bad.

(1561) Raie
Wed, 23 December 2015 07:16:00 +0000

My car was filled with petrol and petrol instead of diesel now I'm stocked garage manager refuse to help

(1560) Rebekah Powell
Tue, 22 December 2015 12:51:48 +0000

I have just been to the bp connect garage at Rownhams services, M27, UK. I purchased £9.04 of Diesel and some dairylea jumbo tubes for £1.29 (extortionate but not the cause of this complaint). Twenty minutes after leaving the service station I opened the dairylea Dunkers and ate one which was really soggy, I thought maybe it was just me so had another which tasted off too. I turned on the light in the van and saw the packaging was damaged and there was a hole in it. I am glad I only ate two but now an hour later I'm not feeling that good. I am unable to go back to the service station as it is approximately 60 miles from where I live. I would like compensation for the damaged product. I have proof of purchase and also the damaged product. Thanks in advance, Rebekah.

(1559) Thandolwethu
Mon, 21 December 2015 03:41:37 +0000

I went to a Bp garage last night at Vosloorus next to Naledi mall only to be insulted by a manager,his name is Aubrey,I was paying for petrol,I asked why am I supposed to pay to someone else not the one who was assisting me,and he said he doesn't talk to "stabane" meaning he doesn't talk to gay people.I asked for a manager,they said I should come in the morning.only to find out the person who said that is the manager.

(1558) Chris
Sun, 20 December 2015 22:49:09 +0000

Just went to BP connect at cockburn. Was very disappointed with the lady working there. I wasn't able to get her name but her lack of professionalism and poor attitude made the entire experience terrible. I placed back a drink I was going to purchase and food but declined. Good on you for making my visit a true eye opening experience.

(1557) Tim
Fri, 18 December 2015 10:37:34 +0000

So I show up at a one of these garages in my works van to top up, I fill up and realise I have no fuel card in the van to cover it so I go in and ask can I have a letter of intent (I used to work in a petrol station) anyway, and offer my driving license as something to promise my return.. They wouldn't accept it, now I know that really it's my fault but I know for a fact that they can let people go and come back in these situations and believe that because I am a young man the descriminated against me and cost me time from work which is crucial as a delivery driver.. It was the two women and BP on Taunton roundabout! Will not be returning and neither will any of my team

(1556) Roberto
Thu, 17 December 2015 08:56:35 +0000

I went to your rotorua fairy springs store signs say get 10c off a litre today only yet use my smart fuel card only get 6c off a litre this is false advertising and is such a scam. Receipt no 609394 shouldn't have signs up saying it's 10c off when Its not this is useless and I want the extra $ I paid back wouldn't have put gas in there if those signs wernt up on the pump have photo as proof that they are up saying that I would get 10c off a litre.

(1555) Lea
Wed, 16 December 2015 23:04:02 +0000

Dear BP
I feel it is your responsibility as a company to check the state and appearance of each and every one of your garages. The Garage on Seadoone road Amanzimtoti is absolutely disgusting. I would be embarrassed as a company to know such a garage represents me as a company. When do you step in? It's degrading to our area and unacceptable. If you won't do anything about it we will have to get health and safety to close it down, as it definitely does not comply by health standards. The problem is I feel so sad for the people whom may lose their job due to the inefficient management from BP.

(1554) Rodney Sanderson
Tue, 15 December 2015 10:09:03 +0000

I paid $40 cash to purchase gas at the BP station on Atlantic avenue and Brooklyn ave in Brooklyn N.Y. I went to the pump and bgeun to start pumping the gas. I looked down and noticed that I was being charged $1.47 per gallon which is the credit card price. I went into the station and pointed it out to the clerk who then told me there was nothing he could do about it. This is not the first time this incident happened. I would this problem addressed and some sort of remedy issued in order for this practice to not continue in the future. I feel as though I have been cheated and need some sort of restitution to resolve this issue. Thanking you in advance for your attention to this important matter.

(1553) Miss Rodger
Tue, 15 December 2015 07:27:36 +0000

I have just been to the 2 BP connect garages in Colnbrook where I have been going for nearly 15 years, I asked the staff in both for assistance with regards to putting air in my tyres as I have trouble bending down now after an operation, both garages refused help and it was another customer that came to my rescue. Are your staff not there to help? I am extremely unhappy and will have to find another garage to go to. So much for customer service!

(1552) Punit Shah
Sat, 12 December 2015 18:01:12 +0000

This complaint is about the BP Gas Station at the POLO MARKET, corner of Polo Rd. and Mallet Hill Road in Columbia SC.

The Air compressor was working but it's gauge was faulty so it was unusable. I went in to inform the cashier of the status and he said that they could not do anything about it. BUT wait,...... he would ask a senior inside. He came out and promptly informed me that the machine did not belong to them so they could not help me or do anything about it. I also complained that the charge was $1.00 and now they had raised it to $1.50, the machine was on THEIR property. I did not want money back BUT Why could they not contact or inform the owner of the machine ?? So I asked for the contact number for the owner of the machine. He instead gave me the number for the manager of the gas station. I have called the manager and had to leave a message. BUT Does anybody believe that he will call back ...... Of course NOT !! He has much more important things to attend to than CUSTOMERS who keep him in business !!! ???

All I want to get done is the machine to be fixed BUT it seems that the Station owner does not care. So it gives a bad name to BP !!

(1551) Warwick Archer
Fri, 11 December 2015 00:00:32 +0000


On 3/12/15 I bought diesel from BP Ackland Gardens (Daws Rd. Edwardstown SA), roadside display 117.9, bowser 117.9,

Today (11/12/15), roadside display 115.9, bowser 119.9. When questioned attendant claimed that the bowser I bought from was BP ultimate, whereas the sign referred to BP standard diesel. I said that the price sign had Ultimate above it but he said that referred only to the ULP. Signage did not differentiate and is deceptive. (Photos of display & bowser taken).
Warwick Archer

(1550) Randy King
Thu, 10 December 2015 09:04:30 +0000

My complaint is about the BP Station in London, Kentucky (2009 Hwy 192 W, London, KY 40741).

Price per gallon was $1.75 for 87 octane, $1.99 for 89 octane and $2.29 for 93 octane on 12/9/15 at 10:37AM

I was charged $2.99 per gallon for 89 octane and the employee would not give me a credit for his screw-up. I asked him if he would do anything to make it right and he responded with a resounding "No".

I can scan and email the receipt if necessary, but what can be done about this?

(1549) Manie Paul
Thu, 10 December 2015 02:21:23 +0000

Since we at Badplaas BP converted tank 4 from Diesel 500 to Diesel 50 we are having problems on our system and pumps and we cannot sell Diesel 50 due to wrong information regarding the price and product that it displays. We are logging calls and it seems that the contractors of Amahoshe and Stowe blame each other and say the problem is not with either of them. It is now weeks that we experience the problem and it seems nobody at BP South Africa really cares.

(1548) Olwethu
Mon, 7 December 2015 16:15:02 +0000

Good evening. I just went to the garage on corner rabie and jean avenue and the cadjier Peter Mafa was very rude to me giving me ugly looks like I did something wrong. I also asked for a bag and he rang it up but I did not receive it and he threw my receipt at me. I don't know if this is normal customer service but I am not happy

(1547) Ed DiNpoli
Sun, 6 December 2015 14:33:19 +0000

This complaint is against the BP Station, in North Brunswick, on Rt 130 in NJ. The gas pump nozzle leaks and according to the attendant has alerted the owner about the leaking nozzle, but the owner was not interested in fixing it. My 72 Corvette was being filled with Premium, with gas spilling all over my original paint, which was very upsetting to me. To add to the problem there was no wipes or water to wash the spilled fuel. I now have to stains in my award winning paint. I know that BP is a Top Tier Station and I dont know how this could be with this type of attitude. I plan on making a complaint with my insurance company, regarding the paint damage, the EPA, for fuel spill recovery, and the Top Tier Committee. I obviously will not be using BP again, as it is for sure BP has not learned it lesson regarding fuel spills

Ed DiNapoli

(1546) Lisa Woodward
Thu, 3 December 2015 17:15:52 +0000

This complaint is against BP Berwick Victoria, who had a faulty pump that would not turn off. My husband ended up dangerously covered in fuel across his body, eyes and hair. BP Berwick staff refused to help, made him pay for a bottle of water to wash his eyes out, had no first aid on site including no first aid trained staff, managed refused to allow him to put an incident form in, had no Work Health Safety on site. Offered zero assistance, made him pay for water, drops and all the excess fuel spillage. This WILL be taken further so that this does not happen to anyone else. Absolutely disgusting BP

(1545) Stephanie Yardley
Thu, 3 December 2015 09:05:15 +0000

The BP garage on Cardigan Road in Leeds has out of date stock.
I have just bought a few packets of soft fruits and when I came back to work, they were white. I looked at the date and the packets had run out of date 02.10.15. Who knows what else is out of date in the store. Clearly don't stock rotate or check their products at all.

Gravatar (1544) Terri Wrench
Tue, 1 December 2015 17:18:59 +0000

This complaint is in relation to the Mace petrol station, Crewe Road, Wistaston, Crewe (UK). The opening hours are until 10pm Monday-Saturday & it's becoming a pattern that it closes 15 minutes early by one particular staff member. This particular occasion (01/12/2015) the staff member locked the doors at 10 minutes early, someone had the pump nozzle in their car & found that the pump had been turned off. As I tried to open the door, the staff member ignored the knocks & turned the floor light off. The other person drove off after a couple of minutes of knocking & I had waited in my car to see the staff member turn off something on the pump as soon as the other person had left. I opened my door to complain about the staff members actions & he scuttled inside when I tried to approach him (which he had definely seen me) please do something about this staff member as he is taking advantage by closing early as he is usually working by himself. His general demeanour is guff & unfriendly as if it is an inconvenience to use the station.

(1543) Charlie
Mon, 30 November 2015 19:33:17 +0000

I fill up almost every other day due to the distance I travel for work. I fill up at the same BP on Hy 211 in Braselton GA. In a years time it is a lot of gas. Something has changed lately and they are not filling the pumps with paper anymore. I have had to walk inside for the last month or so. Every time. Why offer this convenience if they are not going to keep it filled for the customers? Is it too much to ask for them to keep them filled after a long day so we all do not have to go inside just for a receipt? It is aggravating especially when I have my two kids in their car seats. I have to pull them out just to walk inside for a second. I am going to shop across the road at the racetrac if this cannot be taken care of.

Gravatar (1542) Garrett Euler
Fri, 27 November 2015 19:50:58 +0000

The complaint I just mailed you about the station NEVER having the printed receipt at the filling tank (and asking you to come in to the store and get receipt)is at: address:
157 Moonlight Lane, Pooler, Ga. 31322 location. These people are just LAZY! Get someone out there to fill receipt paper!!How inconvenient for your BP gas customers!

Gravatar (1541) Garrett Euler
Fri, 27 November 2015 19:37:46 +0000

I travel every week from Atlanta thru Savannah and the ONLY BP station (and I've been to all on I-16 ).. that does NOT keep the receipt at the tank location is this one- I always have to GO INSIDE to get my receipt!! It makes me so mad that they are not efficient in this manner! I've been to most and can understand once in a while at any BP- but this pooler BP off exit 155 is the worst for NOT printing it right there! LAZY!

(1540) Viktoriia
Wed, 25 November 2015 03:31:00 +0000

On the 12th of August 2014 I left my complaint to the PB contact centre.
"I'm writing to complain about the financial mistake . On the 17th of July on the BP station AIRE DE CHANGIS SUR MARNE I had to pay twice 39.94 € for petrol because of the fault of the cashier that accidentally canceled the operation while the money transfer from my card had already been implemented. The cashier told that there would be a money refund to my card in some days. But more than 3 weeks passed and I got no refund. Please help me to solve the problem."
Within the next 4 monthes they required the bank details for refund and told that "We have transferred the following information to our account departement." on the 12th of December. The next year I regularly asked when the refund will be made and they answered "your request is in process".
I still haven't got my money back and I am very unsatisfied. Now I'm thinking to go to law.

(1539) Gabrielle
Tue, 24 November 2015 21:21:43 +0000

Outside pump not working, went inside and prepaid for 25 dollars, came back to get the difference because my car only held 18 dollars. They refused to give me the change and said they were never trained how to do that so I was out of luck.

(1538) Akshat Bharal
Sat, 21 November 2015 06:56:44 +0000

I went took petrol today from Defence Colony petrol pump. They r selling normal petrol @ ₹61.22.
However the prevailing rates of petrol in Delhi are ₹ 61.06.
This is a clear case of overcharging and conning the clients.
Kindly look into the matter and take appropriate penal action against the erring petrol pump.



(1537) Arthur Wardle
Thu, 12 November 2015 23:26:02 +0000

Why in the FUCK is there no information about how many AMPM locations there are in Mexico?????!?!@?!?

Gravatar (1536) Amon Mtsweni
Thu, 12 November 2015 00:14:59 +0000

I am a discovery member who always fills petrol/diesel at BP garage Brakpan as this is the closest from my house. i went to the station this morning where i found the guys saying they changing shifts and we had to wait for about 10 minutes, it is then that i demanded to speak to the manager who gave me a great deal of bad attitude. She has no customer service, she said "our everyday customers never complaint" she said this shouting at me and that i can report all i want nothing is going to happen to her. Iam very disappointed i then went to Shell where i filled both my car and my wife's. I dont ever see myself pouring petrol at BP, I would rather go to Shell, it is close to my home after all.

(1535) Rees hempsal
Wed, 11 November 2015 13:21:14 +0000

My complaint is More or less racism directed towards myself by cashier Turkan located at the no garage near carverly as I was about to put the petrol in the car he tapped the pay first sign like I was some sort of hooligan so I walked into the shop and asked why because I am a regular user of this particular bp garage he said your not a regular so I said what about that guy ther who was Asian he said he's a regular so I waited for this regular to come in and asked him are you a regular at this petrol station he said no so either it's because I am white and he was again either way I am seriously unhappy about this situation I wish him to be either sacked or on some sort of sanction and I would like to receive an email regarding this to know what action you have put in place for this disrespectful behaviour from your so called staff I will be Persuing this my self also

(1534) james johnston
Mon, 9 November 2015 17:36:15 +0000

id like to complain regaurding a member of staff jeanie second name unknown who works in your bathgate edinburgh road bp station opposite the bathgate train station in west lothian scotland, my complaint is this on Thurday morning of the 5th of novemeber after 1pm time not exactly sure of i stopped in by the store in a white vauxhall vivaro panel van and ordered a coffee i would like to add in that at this time in the morning doors are locked and customers are dealt with by the security glass window located next to the outside atm where till is situated it has come to my attention that since this night this staff member in question has made acusations of smelling alcohol from me which means ofcourse subsequent result accusing me of commiting the offence of drink driving of which your store has ofcourse cctv and also these accusations have been told to other staff members in the garage ,
i would like to ask how your member of staff could make such an assumption further more how she could smell alcohol full stop through a panel of security glass etc.
having been given this information i am not only extremely upset and angry i will now be contacting a local civil lawyer to discuss my options of the legal route and id appreciate your feedback as soon as possible to this incident as due to my job rumours and unfounded allegations like this are taken very seriously furthermore at the very least is considered slander and not to mention i am a regular customer of the bathgate station though after this i can honestly say my custom will be taken elsewhere .thankyou i await your reply

(1533) Pauline Stevens
Fri, 6 November 2015 19:35:01 +0000

BP at Tobacco Road and Winsor Spring Road in Augusta GA has large lighted sign advertising regular gasoline at $1.99 a gallon but at the pump it is priced at $2.09 a gallon. Clerk only said pump price was right and said call manager on Monday but refused to provide last name of "Mary" or a number to call.

(1532) Adnan Memon
Tue, 3 November 2015 15:46:28 +0000

I have been going to BP on 825 Milwaukee Ave, in Glenview, IL for the last 10 years. Since the change of ownership, The new owner is Thomas and his crew are absolutely rude. Strike one happened when I had purchased $20.0 carwash that said valid for 7 day. This is during winter, I went few times during specified period and the carwash was closed due to weather. I checked with the cashier and I was told the carwash will be honored past 7 days. Finally, it was open and I went, guess what I was refused because it is post 7 days by 2 days, in spite of explaining nothing, there is a big sign that says carwash may be closed due to weather conditions. I had to buy another carwash. The second time is on Nov 1, 2015 @ 2:00 pm. I purchased a pack of cigarettes and came right back as the they were broken/bent I showed it to the cashier, he refused to replace it, his response is there nothing wrong with it. It was not till I told him I was going to put a block on this sale and argument that he finally gave me another pack.
What is wrong with BP ? You will loose your loyal customers if this continues. Specially in this neighbor hood if you want to survive. You will need to change your attitude. I have already complained to the village. Either train your franchisees or shutdown and leave.

Adnan Memon

(1531) Maria
Mon, 26 October 2015 20:20:55 +0000

I am registering a complaint against the BP on Murray Rd in Rantoul, IL. This evening marked the 6th time in a row that I've had to go inside to get my receipt because the machines at the pumps do not function or are out of paper. I have asked various clerks in the station about the repair/re-stocking process, and every time I'm told that the machines are old, and the paper jams. I asked tonight if she knew whether a plan was in place to repair them, and she said she had no idea. I started to address her again with another question when she cut me off saying, "have a nice night" and walked away from me. There was no one else in the store at the time. When I inquired where to register a complaint, she said to look on the back of my card. I have been a BP member since 1985, however, after these experiences, I'm ready to switch to Mobile or Casey's. There are two of each in Rantoul.
I looked on the receipt and there is no phone number for the store, nor is a store manager name listed.
This lack of manners as well as non-functioning equipment needs to be addressed by BP quickly.

(1530) steve grimmitt
Thu, 22 October 2015 07:15:00 +0000

Regarding HD petroleum 1100 West Stearns Road Bartlett Illinois 60103 I stopped in to get fuel in my trucks. they have two diesel pumps one is out of order and the other one pumps very slow I asked for $150 they charged my card $250 and said sorry and said it takes two days to go back on my card. now I can't go anywhere else so I have to deal with it but I got here at 6:34 a.m. started pumping and it is now 7:12 a.m. and I have only pumped 51 gallons into my truck the guy inside doesn't seem to think this is a problem I am so aggravated and he is wasting my time. this is the second time this has happened at this location and I will not return to this location or any BP if I'm going to be treated like this. I have 5 trucks that have to be filled up I sent the other four somewhere else otherwise we would be here for hours because they can't fix the pumps. this is very poor business

(1529) Daniyal
Mon, 19 October 2015 05:32:47 +0000

Hello !
I want to lodge complaint against the operator at BP station Sydney road Fawkner 3060. The behavior of the operator at the fuel station was very frustrating and he humiliated me in front of other people. I was about to call the police but I left the station in great anger and confusion.
Now, I am writing this application so that strict measures can be taken against him so that this kind of behavior does not occur to any other BP Customer. Because good customer service is an utmost thing in this type of business.
This whole event occurred on Monday, 8:30pm 19/10/2015.
Please look into this matter with serious consideration.


(1528) Danny
Fri, 16 October 2015 13:55:18 +0000

8.45pm Friday at ballito BP durban KZN waiting for 5 minute's 3 petrol attendants looking at me playing on the cell phone I had to call another one serving to come help me I have video footage. .....service is rubbish

(1527) K Shah
Fri, 16 October 2015 10:01:15 +0000


i was recently offered job, filed in my welcome pack online got a start date and than got a call from the store manager that cannot proceed due to passport expired.

i have provided Home office issued ID BRP, with full work and visa entitlements, my full UK license, but after wasting nearly 2 weeks, expecting a rota have been told cannot proceed without new passport and visa transferred to the passport. i am in process of consulting CAB for possible tribunal prosecution.

while the store manager seems genuine in his efforts, the issue looks like with BP HR policy. a home office issued BRP is recognized as a full ID by DVLA by all the banks and by all UK government and most UK companies. this needs to be addressed so people are not wasting their time waiting for a more than deserved job.

i don't expect this forum to be anything more than a voice your concern and forget about it platform and will pursue this further in hopes of getting BP to look into their HR policies and honor their commitment when offering a contract.

(1526) Clive
Thu, 15 October 2015 06:06:28 +0000

Hi, I am interested to know about a petrol station, BP SERVICE STATION-BADGER MOTORS located in NEW GERMANY, DURBAN, KWAZULU-NATAL, ZA. the site has been vacant for a while now and I am interested to take it over


Gravatar (1525) Takalani
Mon, 12 October 2015 08:24:30 +0000

such disgusting service at BP garage Gallo Manor on Bowling road next to Morning Glen Mall. As a customer I had a complain for stale muffins I had bought there. Instead I was told that they don't need my R15 and to fuck off.

How does one treat customers like that?

(1524) a cook
Fri, 9 October 2015 07:55:22 +0000

My complaint is about 1334 W Jackson Street Thomasville Georgia. I would like to begin by saying that there are 3 gas stations/convenient stores at this location on each corner of the intersection - all are stations I would use. And I usually go across the street but decided to pump gas at BP instead today.

I filled my car up and went inside to purchase a few items. There are 3 ladies working the counter and two other customers in the store. The two registers have an employee at each one - one of them makes it clear that she is not taking customers so I get in line behind someone at the other register. The person in front of me is waited on and then they leave. I place my two items on the counter and the lady turns around and leaves her station and ignores me. This is disturbing but not as disturbing as all the chatter these three were engaging in the ENTIRE time I was in the store. They were complaining about "Mr Tommy" and made some reference to a lady named "Mrs Tracy". They talked about how they had to deep clean the bathrooms - especially the men's because it was awful yesterday. Apparently Mr Tommy is in charge (OR THE OWNER) and he was there the day before and told them to clean it. One lady proceeds to say "Well that's just a lie" and that I deep clean them all the time". The other lady says "Well you better be glad it wasn't Mrs Tracy she really hard to deal with". This conversation is not a quite one and anyone and everyone can here this.

I could have overlooked all this if I had been waited on in a normal way - but they were clearly rude to me and it was more important to chat about the bathroom issues than take my money. I stood there long enough to ponder the thought of just leaving my items on the counter and leaving.

I am sure the owner would like to know that going across the street will be my choice as they are usually very attentive and like to take my money with a smile. For all I know he owns that one as well and he may need to tell them what a great job they are doing and they need to train the folks across the street.

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