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(373) Tamra Rainone
Fri, 24 February 2012 10:25:12 +0000

This morning at 5am, I stopped at your station near Antioch, IL on the corner of Route 173 and Route 45. It was snowing heavily at the time and temperatures were in the 30s. When I put my card into the gas pump, it told me to see the cashier. There was a man behind the glass. He looked to be of Middle Eastern descent, he was wearing a turban and a black pea coat. He also had a wired headset connected to his phone and was clearly having a personal conversation. I inquired as to why the pump needed me to come inside and in broken and heavily accented English he asked me what kind of card I had. I showed him and told him. He then asked how much money I wanted to put down and I told him. And then he started talking into his little headset and I didn't realize it so I asked him if he was speaking to me and he ignored me. So I slid my card which caused him to get upset since apparently I wasn't supposed to slide it yet. We had to redo the process and everything went through. I went out to the pump and tried to pump gas and it didn't work. So I went back inside and we did it again. I went back out- it didn't work. So I went back inside. By this time, I was upset. I was now running late for work,he was being very unhelpful, he was talking on the phone while ignoring me unless it was to snap at me about my debit card. I asked him very nicely why the pump wasn't working. His answer: "I don't know. I don't know why pump not working. What you doing? You keep coming in here and filling up the no fill up. What you doing-" I cut him off. I said, "Sir, I am supposed to be at work right now. I could be getting PAID. Do you think I want to be here, in this kind of weather? No, I want fill up my tank and go." I told him to put the money on a different pump and I'd go that one. He said, "Fine, go. Go to 6. I do it for you." The way he said it was very condescending and rude and the "you stupid girl" was VERY much implied. As I was walking out to move my vehicle. Another customer was coming in, very upset by the fact that he had to pay inside. The attendant never came out to help me or even make sure that I got my gas. The other customer came out and was very upset. He said that this is the last time he will be visiting this station. He said that this man always jacks his prices higher than anyone else and that he is always this rude. He said that he'd rather go out of his way and fill up in his hometown than to come ere again. I had a friend with me, who has never visited this station, who says he will NEVER get gas from here. And you have also lost my business as well. This man was UNBELIEVEABLY RUDE!! He should be FIRED! And I don't normally ask for that kind of thing. I will NOT be returning to this station. I SINCERELY hope that you get new management. At the VERY LEAST- this man needs to go to some customer service classes.

(372) Yansong Sun
Thu, 23 February 2012 19:11:37 +0000

Diesel spill and poor customer service. I just filled up my 9 seater minibus at bp 340-342 Woolwich Rd
London, Greater London SE7 7AL, United Kingdom
+44 20 8858 5512
Pump is not working properly, spilled out loads of diesel. And I saw some sand on the forcourt, so there must be a spillage not long ago. I reported the problem to the csa and asked why they didnt put up a out of order sign. He showed me a very "cool" face and said "I will check it out". NO APPOLOGIES AT ALL! What a service!

(371) shan
Thu, 23 February 2012 09:58:05 +0000

The Top car wash that I purchesed from BP at Mill Hill, Barnet Middlesex, back in early Feb is apprently expeired due to the combination of carwash breakdown or unable to make another visit. whenever I visit during the early hours around 8 am, the car wash not working, during the extream weather condition. I tried a couple of time within ten days time frame. But apparently could not make after that. I explained to the manager, The manager was so fussy about giving me a new one, he instead printed out basic wash for Premium. I pointed that to the Cashier, he was so relactant to replace with right one, and even he does not which is Premium/Basic. I explained several time, causing unnecessary delay for my work. In the bottom line, I was so disappointed with his/manager service.

It appeared that either Manager/Staff( under trained/or focusing on the customer to turn away disappointedly. Otherewise, I appreciate the BP service.


(370) Brian Whitfield
Tue, 21 February 2012 19:15:47 +0000

I am a regular patron of the BP Station at 2720 SALT SPRINGS RD GIRARD, OH 44420, with a company gas card, that I use for travel atleast twice a week. The problem I have is that I swipe the card at the pump and can not get a receipt at the pump. I have had to go inside on numerous occassions which is a big hassle. When I go in and say that someone needs to fill the paper at the pumps, the people who work there just look at you stupid, and sometimes say yeah they do. On Monday 2/20/12 around 8am I went to pump 8, pumped my gas and guess what no receipt (says receipt printing), I go in side and the women working the counter could have cared less, and this isn't my first encounter with her, she is usually eating at the counter, with a bad attitude. I came back to the same station on my return trip from Toledo, OH around 4:45pm on 2/21/12, and went to the same pump 8, and guess what, no receipt at the pump. A young girl was working the counter and when I commented on the problem that I keep on having she didn't even respond. These are the laziest and rudest employees I have ever seen. My experience is that it is a direct reflection of the owner/manager. I never personally use BP, but because we use a corporate card I have to for work. I am going to talk to my corporate office and see if they will go somewhere else. I personally use sheetz accross the street, and they are friendly and interact with the customers.

(369) Rick Richmond
Tue, 21 February 2012 17:37:42 +0000

I have been waiting since Dec 28, 2011, the day y'all received my Release and Covenant not to sue, for my final payment. All i get is that its still in the review stage. My papers said within 14 days yall would send me a check or i would have never signed it. I also have interim claims filed before i signed the release and no respoonse on those. What kinda business yall running

(368) Ben Arnett
Wed, 15 February 2012 11:34:47 +0000

My name is Ben Arnett and I have been a regular TAR contractor at the BpTC site since 2008. I was informed yesterday that the Bp TAR Manager did not want me onsite because I am not a "team player". This arose becuase I stood my ground with a Bp Execution Team member and this is the recourse. I have a very good history here at BpTC and their employees and have never had any issues until now. Since my company does not have any transfer positions I am now unemployed for standing my ground to a Bp employee. What recourse (if any)is available?

(367) Graves
Tue, 14 February 2012 12:16:09 +0000

I would like to complain about the bp gas station in Carlyle, Illinois. The owner does not want to operate within the laws of the illinois department of labor. His employees work more than 7 days in a row. I know of 2 employees working 17 or so days straight with out a day off. They work overtime and he does think that he should have to pay them over time. I know for a fact that one employee worked 87 hours in two weeks and cannot get the remainder of the time and half from the owner. The other employee worked about the same hours and was not paid time and half either. He jacks his gas prices way up when he runs low gas. I feel this should be brought to your attention since he is representing your company and his behavior is a reflection of BP.

(366) Mrs. Tia White
Mon, 13 February 2012 16:41:45 +0000

3689 Dorchester Road, Charleston, SC 29405. This is the address of the store where I received poor customer service and flat-out rude behavior of a worker whom I feel needs to be re-evaluated and possibly even fired; or at LEAST reprimanded for her unnecessary words and actions! At approx. 2:15am, I WALKED in 30 degree weather to get milk for my baby, as I do not have a car. When I arrived at the store, the clerk was mopping and gave me a nasty look for walking onto the welcome mat of this 24-hour store. She immediately told me "I had BETTER NOT walk ANYWHERE in her store on her floor and I was lucky to be let in at all!" SHe then proceeded to tell me to wait on the mat for 15 min for the floor to dry, and I was not allowed to purchase ANYTHING from the store that was not behind her counter! How RUDE and possibly illegal! It is truly a shame when companies allow behavior such as this to continue in their stores! It may require less work for them to look into every customer complaint, however in the end, they will loose money to their competition EVERY time!

(365) Donna Billington
Wed, 8 February 2012 08:12:43 +0000

Today I chose to use your Car wash facility in Whitfords ave
W.A. I was dissatisfied with the results. Considering I bought
the most expensive wash for $18 I thought it would get most
of the dirt off. It didn't. The car was left with a dirty mark on the
side which was the main purpose of me getting the car washed
and most disappointingly a few small marks on the window that
easily removed after!
I didn't have time to go back to point this out to the staff as I
needed to pick up my kids from school.
I hope you can get back to me in regards to this matter shortly.
Thank you.

(364) Miss K
Mon, 6 February 2012 02:45:36 +0000

This morning I ran to BP for some soda and snacks for the people I work with at the hospital. The Clerk had locked the doors to the place, then after letting us (other ppl where there) in ignored us for while we searched for items. Once we got to the register he still ignored us, after a good 3 mins I asked if I could be rung out. He said "No, the machines are all down!" Then he went back to making coffee!
Very rude.. No one will be going back there again. We will go to the Speedway gas station for our late night/early morning items from now on.

(363) Anthony DeAngelo
Mon, 6 February 2012 01:43:33 +0000

I stopped by your station at 2800 sullivant ave, columbus ohio 43204 today at 12:52am after my work shift at the hospital. I was purchasing beer and your associate stated that all beer sales were already over. I stated that 1am was the normal cutoff and he stated why did you wait until the last minute!?! I work 2nd shift so I dont believe that is his concern. I am a customer service manager for a hospital, so I know what is expected from my associates. This associate was confrontational and rude. I am a reasonable person, but this was unacceptable and confrontational. I will not stop at this location again. This "gentleman needs to be coached on customer service.

Anthony Deangelo

(362) dave
Fri, 3 February 2012 15:22:36 +0000

4412 Rute 9
south Freehold nj
7.15 m

Gas station attendant is rude, does not add very well.. And can't remember about who the customers is, or what customer service is all about... I used to spend about 7200.00 year at BP just in gas alone... NEVER never again... Done putting money in rude ass peoples hands... I can buy gas anywhere... End of story
Comments United States Gas Stations
Gas station attendant is rude, does not add very well.. And can't remember about who the customers is, or what customer service is all about... I used to spend about 7200.00 year at BP just in gas alone... NEVER never again... Done putting money in rude ass peoples hands... I can buy gas anywhere... End of story
Comments United States Gas Stations
Gas station attendant is rude, does not add very well.. And can't remember about who the customers is, or what customer service is all about... I used to spend about 7200.00 year at BP just in gas alone... NEVER never again... Done putting money in rude ass peoples hands... I can buy gas anywhere... End of story
Comments United States Gas Stations

Gas station attendant is

4412 route 9 south freehold, nj


7.20 pm

Gas station attendant is rude, does not add very well.. And can't remember about who the customers is, or what customer service is all about... I used to spend about 1200.00 a year at BP just in gas alone... NEVER never again... Dont putting money in rude ass peoples hands... I can buy gas anywhere... End of story

(361) Mr. Terry
Fri, 3 February 2012 12:53:35 +0000

I am writing this letter because I visit the bp stataion onn 11000 block of of San Jose Blvd at Jacksonville FL. I pump my gas and wanted to get my car wash, well when I got it washed there were no soap from the machine and it did not dry my car air blew but it blew everywhere execpt on my car.
So I went in to talk to the attentedent and she told me in broken english that the car wash soap is broken and does not let out that much soap and the air is also broken, so I told her they need to put a signed up car wash is broken and she told me thats why we only charged $7.00 everybody else charged $10.00 but she will let me go through again I almost could not hold my laughter and after i told her that I didnt want another car wash i just wanted it done right and your wash cant do that just put a sign up so someone else will not have to go through what I went through, thats when she said I will give you your money back but do not come back because i am the only one that has ever complaine. Well I was in my law enforcement uniform and i know how people will just bait you in saying something wrong so they can claim brutatily so I just walk out as she was smiling. well this will be the last time I will be coming to your station. I only wanted a sign up so other people won't go through with this like i did.

(360) Alise
Fri, 3 February 2012 06:32:23 +0000

I visited the station at 30 Main Street in Branford CT in need of air for my tire. Ct State Law requires that all gas stations provide free compressed air. However, this station has a large sign on the compressor that reads "No Free Air - Must Pay". I went inside to ask them to turn on the compressor and explained about the law. The clerk was belligerent and pretended not to speak English when I asked for the owners contact information. I have filed a report with the CT Dept of Consumer Protection and suggest you avoid using this location.

(359) Mr Ciro Petrazzuolo
Thu, 2 February 2012 20:50:32 +0000

When I put £10 of petrol into my petrol tank at Sainsbury's or Tesco petrol pumps I get 50 miles of usage from it, yet when I put £10 of petrol at any BP petrol pump I only get 30 miles of usage. I have not only done this once but a few times and I always drive the car in the same way and same route. The price is only 1p cheaper at Sainsbury's and this should not affect my mileage by 20 miles. I am not happy about this at all as I used to always use BP and used to be happy.

(358) Elizabeth Frost
Wed, 1 February 2012 23:08:25 +0000

My son had a very bad experience with filling up his truck this morning, and barely got out of the gas station when the truck died. This was at the BP station just south of Sturgeon Bay, WI. When it was towed to Green Bay at a dealership, it was found that the "gas" he filled his truck up with was approximately 50% water. He now has a truck repair bill of $650. So please explain to me how this is going to get paid. If this is a BP franchise, then when bad gas is purchased why aren't these stations responsible for the vehicle repairs?

Mon, 30 January 2012 04:23:23 +0000

Dear Sir,
Yesterday I was traveling from Calicut to BAngalore via wainad. I have approached all the petrol pumps from Calicut till Sultan Battery air filling with fuel filling. But none of the pumps has compressors to fill the air. 100 % of the pumps are refused mentioning that "machine is under repair" - Request the concerned to get this checked and provide all the required facilities to customers.

(356) zack
Sun, 29 January 2012 20:54:32 +0000

I went to bp to purchase sodas for my wife and I, the sales person was horrible and when I asked if he had any refillable mugs left, he snorted and said there are no mugs. There was also a special on summer drinks for $0.69 and when I asked him if the special was still running, he replied, "I don't know why you are so confused. The price that is there is what you pay." Horrible experience. Do not go to bp in pacific, missouri

(355) rachael smith
Sun, 29 January 2012 17:06:18 +0000

This complaint is for Bp on west bulevard and lorain in cleveland ohio 44102. and its about the EEMPLOYEES .Ive been there about 5 times and will never go back. every time im there the workers are stocking or messing with papers and they make u wait till they are done to assist to no matter if its 5 to 10 minutes or longer. they dont even look up and say ill be with you in a minutes. no eye contact no greetings they completely ignore u till they are done. then say " whatca want" like your bothering them. I HATE THIS LOCATION AND WILL NEVER GO BACK. THEY NEED NEW EMPLOYEES I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW THESE PEOPLE STILL HAVE JOBS. I SEE COSTOMERS WALKING OUT ALL THE TIME BECUASE THEY ARE SO STINKIN RUDE RUDE RUDE.. thank you!

(354) Julius Dix
Sun, 29 January 2012 11:11:54 +0000

Customer Complaint about store located at 6942 w. Sand Lake Road Orlando Fla 32819. The New Store Manager need to take some remedial classes in Friendly Customers Relations. I Purchase gas and other items in the station a mimimum 6 times weekly, on every occasion when the manager is Present she has never said hello to me or any other customer who entered the store when I was Present. I work in the International Drive and have been frequenting the store for over ten years. Don't take my word for it,take a moment and review the recordings on the Video Camera out front and you will see 1st hand how "Customer UN-Friendly" she Is. RaceTrack has a requirement employees greet all customers entering the store with a friendly HELLO It may be worthwhile to have Your new manager try greeting customers with a smile. Most of the Other employees who have been there for a while or exactly the Opposite they speak to you and are friendly to customers. Additionally, since the new owners took over the station the Average gas price has risen "above " both the Stations located directly across the street from your station. Three or four days ago Your gas was priced 9 cents above both of the stations. your gas is now averging the highest in the area causing you to lose a large volume of your Gas Business as well as your high gross profit items usually purchased by customers buying gas inside the store. The restrooms as well as the outside containers are constantly out of paper towels. The manager should have a checklist on the bathroom door where an employee signs every 3 hours veryfying the restroom are clean and have paper towels and Toilet seat covers . TheToilet Seat covers in the mens room is empty most of the time. I've taken the time to write this in hopes you will verify the problems I have mentioned Personally prior to addressing my concerns. The station was mine as well as many of my coworkers and most of them just started going to Hess and Racetrack. Julius Dix 139 washington ave Orl Fla 32810. ( A concerned Customer )

(353) A.T. Spiegel
Thu, 26 January 2012 11:15:22 +0000

I live near Hillsdale, Kansas and there is a BP Rands gas station there. The pumps digital read outs are all so faded that it is impossible to see how much the gas is or how much you have pumped. The receipt printers have not worked for the last 2 years and they have no intention of getting them fixed. The employees don't care and I'm sure the owner has no intention of spending money for repairs or for printer paper. I will certainly look at the gas station across the street before going to BP in Hillsdale, Ks.

(352) Helen Nolan
Tue, 24 January 2012 12:37:21 +0000

i am very upset how my son and i were treated at one of your stations by the man that worked there. it was 1-23-12 at 5:49 am
the lady that is always there was not and a man that we tried to get service from would not speak to us, ignored up was so rude i had to write, if you have him there next time i get gas i will go to the shell station across the street. I am a bp card holder and i use your gas, but I will not be treated that way and my family. Its on hte corner of US1 and Rte 40 in Ormond Beach, fl 32174.

(351) Judy Hudson
Fri, 20 January 2012 21:26:52 +0000

My complaint is about the stop n go bp station in lake geneva wi. I would like a contact phone number so that I can speak to someone directly about unacceptable and unfair treatment. Please respond.

(350) charlie
Thu, 19 January 2012 18:50:24 +0000

bp curran m65 call to find out if they carried a item rather then drive to the station asked the person name on the phone (wouldnt give it to me)very rude ask for my name first then when i wouldnt give it was rude again. i dont know who it was on the phone but felt totally disrespected as its only polite to identify yourself when somone asks for it while your at a work setting. instead i was ask my name first.

(349) S Curtis
Wed, 18 January 2012 13:38:19 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam

Ref BP petrol station (M & S outlet), Lee High Road, Lewisham, London SE13 5PQ.

Being a regular user and supporter of BP (and M & S) products I recently attempted to purchase several small items from your branch at Lee High Road. I was extremely disappointed, not just the level of service, but also the way in which a member of your staff spoke to me.

On 18/01/2012 at about 7:45 am I joined a queue of two other persons at the coffee counter and waited for these to others to be served. As I reached the front of the queue the lady serving pointed to a somewhat lengthy queue of others waiting to pay for petrol at another desk and said sharply “You want coffee, queue there”. I pointed out that I had no petrol to pay for and only wanted two cups of coffee and the two cakes I had already selected. She barked at me “Queue there”. I pointed out that I had been waiting patiently for longer that anyone else in this other queue but her demand was again rudely voiced. I went to join the back of this other queue and waited for about two minutes (during which time the female cashier contemptuously observed me). After these two minutes the same cashier shouted at me across the store “You want coffee now”. I was mildly irritated that despite being made to join this other queue the female cashier had not served anyone else or performed any other tasks. It appeared to me that for some reason this lady had decided to make life difficult just for the sake of it. However, I returned to the coffee counter and politely asked for two cups of coffee. Without saying anything the lady turned her back and began shuffling items on the counter. As she was doing this I asked why I had been sent to join the back of another queue and pointed out that there appeared to be no reason for such a demand. The lady glared at me with hate filled eyes and in a raised voice began to berate and belittle me in front of a number of other customers and staff. I also attempted to point out that there were no notices or other instructions advising customers not to queue at the coffee counter. Unfortunately the lady kept shouting over me and refused to let me finish anything I attempted to say (despite several requests that she not shout over me). At this point I asked to speak to the manager. This appeared to please the lady because for the first time she smiled and said “He’s not here”. I expressed my disgust at her attitude and advised that I intended making a complaint. She merely shrugged her shoulders. Although she continually shouted over me, I asked if the area was covered by CCTV and said it was my hope that her manager would view the tape and listen to the exchange. This caused a mildly concerned look to cross her face and I suggested that a customer service course would benefit her. She then continued to shout over me as I spoke before demanding payment for the coffee she had by this time prepared. I was so disappointed by the way she spoke to me throughout our encounter that I informed her I no longer wished to purchase items from her and left the shop. As I was leaving the female cashier began to belittle me to other customers causing me an immense amount of embarrassment.

I feel extremely humiliated at the way I was spoken to and dealt with and would ask that the cashier concerned be spoken to. Her attitude falls far below that usually demonstrated by BP and M & S staff.

(348) Torrance T. Jackson
Sun, 15 January 2012 17:59:51 +0000

I'm writing to complain about one of cashiers at 3401 Biscayne Blvd Miami, Fl Frabrisio Smith. Yesterday on 1/14/2012, I told the cashier I wanted to play 2-2-4 in the cash three drawing. He gave me the ticket and the print out was 2-3-4-which was an easy mistake, so informed him that it should be 2-2-4. He told me that's what I said & I told it wasn't. So he voided the ticket & told me well go & get a form & fill it out. I said just put the 2-2-4 in & he told me I'm not doing anything till you get a form. I asked for my money back since he had voided the ticket. He told me no go get a form. I repeated that I wanted my money back & again he refused & started to get loud & angry with me in front of another customer. I asked for a Mgr & he said he's here, what you want me to call him. I said sure; & he responded I'm not calling him are you crazy. I ask his co-worker Louis to print out a ticket & he said I don't know what's going on. Frabrisio started talking to Louis in spanish then Loius told me just get a form & Frabrisio kept raising his voice to me. I gave Louis the form & looked at Frabrisio's name tag & he said you want my last name to. After he told me it was Smith, he then replied "What the f are you going to do with my name.

(347) Andrey
Sun, 15 January 2012 11:18:09 +0000

I just got of "529 WINFIELD DUNN
SEVIERVILLE 37876" BP gas station, at first I was trying to pay with credit card at the pump, when I inserted the CREDIT card it asked me to put 4 digit key (not a zip code) I went to cashier and she acted like I'm stupid n told me I hit "debit card" button... I bought a bottle water ($1.28) n asked her to add $ 40 at pump # 7 and the check was $43.40 so she gave me back $2 something and I went to finally get my gas... And by some reason it only let me get gas for 36 something (suppose to b 40)... Got really pissed n left the place!!! Never gonna visit BP again!!!

(346) Jo Choto
Thu, 12 January 2012 07:46:37 +0000

I have filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission already. I am also going to the Better Business Bureau and local and state authorities on this matter. I was at the BP station on 7th Street in Frederick, MD at night. I stopped to get the advertised $3.35 a gallon gas. I noticed after pumping that the gas was being charged at 3.45. I stopped pumping and went to notify the owner. He was aggressive and rude and told me that this was a "cash only" price being advertised on that 20 foot sign and that there was a notice to that effect on that sign. If there was any such sign, I couldn't see one, certainly not at night. The sign on the pump was in the furthermost point in the corner, nowhere near the pump handles or price display. I think this was clearly an attempt to defraud. Since I have never encountered this at any other gas station, I'm reporting it to every authority I can find. BP should be more diligent about its franchisees and representatives.

(345) Regina Dewberry
Wed, 11 January 2012 22:52:42 +0000

I am complaining about the rude person on the corner of rockfish and hope mills rd here in fayetteville nc.
I am 19 years old and wanted to buy myself a pack of cigarettes which never was a problem till today. the lady had told me that i had to be 21 to buy a pack of cigarettes and i never had this problem. I am 19 the law in nc is that you may be 18 years or older to buy cigarettes.

(344) Pawel Bunko
Sun, 8 January 2012 19:05:21 +0000

I would like to file a complaint about bad gas. I have been a loyal BP customer for yearn now and I always use the same gas station located at:
ADDISON, IL 60101 (Chicagoland area)
Tel: 630-543-0016

One day I tried to fill up but the pump wouldn't work (93 octane). When I asked the clerk why the pump wasn't working, I was told there was water in the fuel tanks and since it was very cold for a few days it was all frozen. I was shocked and disappointed to hear that, as I always thought BP gas was very high quality.
I have never experienced this, nor have I ever heard of this happening to anyone before. I believe that in order for the gas to freeze there must be an excessive amount of water in the gas. At this point I am under the impression that BP mixes water with their gas. Luckily we had cold weather to bring this issue to light but unfortunatley I'm sure I was pumping gas with water during the warm season as well.

I would like to be informed of what actions will be taken to resolve this issue. Please advise.

Thank you.

(343) Jim
Sun, 1 January 2012 22:00:34 +0000

I'm commenting about the consistantly rude people at the BP independent gas station in Lake City FL. The Kirby Oil #04, 04 at 3586 Hwy 90 West, Lake City, FL 32055 were extemely rude to me when I inquired about prepaying. I asked for an address or phone number to complain. There comment was that they were an independent station and BP could do nowthing. The second time they refused to identify their station # untill I demanded a receipt. After being a loyal supporter of BP even after the Oil Spill, I had problems believing that BP has no control over a station that displays their sign. I guess I'm no longer a supporter or customer of BP

(342) Me
Fri, 23 December 2011 18:12:24 +0000

The West Long Branch, New Jersey BP food shop is full of a bunch of monkeys who have to shut up. This means you monkey!

(341) Jill Haives
Thu, 22 December 2011 22:20:55 +0000

'Corner of Platt Springs and Rainbow Dr in West Columbia:Rudest customer service in Dixie.Woman who works nights makes openly racist comments.They blow smoke in your face as you step in the door.Highest gas prices in the area.Never ,again.

(340) Chad Tate
Tue, 20 December 2011 16:39:19 +0000

I am not happy. Store 4848966 in Havre de Grace, MD is using a trick pump. I selected regular unleaded gas today at $3.129 a gallon. After I pumped it, the receipt showed that the $3.399 a gallon gas had been pumped. I don't need the higher octane so I wouldn't have even thought to pump it. I pushed the button for the $3.129 gas, this is a real problem and is deceitful. I have notified others that I know frequent this station telling them to avoid it all together.

(339) Carolyn
Wed, 14 December 2011 10:22:12 +0000

Just to inform those who don't know. BP has NO Customer Service to handle complaints. I spoke with two different people at BP yesterday. I finally asked one, "Is there anyone in responsible authority I could speak with regarding my complaint?" I was told NO! In addition, both people were rude in speaking to me and couldn't care less if anyone has a complaint. I am sorry our company has been so loyal to BP for many years because they definitely do not care about their customers. I might pursue my complaint to see if I have any legal recourse. No matter what, BP has seen the last of our company's business. After reading some of the other complaints as to the dirty bathrooms, out dated food, etc., I have a feeling they have many disgruntled employees because they are probably treated the same way we customers are. They just don't care!

(338) Bill
Tue, 6 December 2011 22:32:24 +0000

I will never go to the BP at the corner of,Platt Springs and Rainbow Drive,again,unless one of the two sisters working there;the younger being an openly racist,homophobic witch,is FIRED.This long -time customer has had enough! I'm allergic to smoke,but there's no avoiding it at this BP.
I'll drive a mile further just to avoid her obnoxious behavior!

Bill in Springdale,SC

(337) David
Mon, 5 December 2011 18:13:15 +0000

I am a loyal customer of the BP Station at North and Elson in Chicago because of the professional and friendly service that is always offered. I am upset because they tell me that I can no longer get a gas discount with a carwash as a patron benefit. Every other local station offers this and it is much appreciate in this economy. BP needs to offer discounts when patrons purchase additional service items as your competitors; please reconsiderthis policy so I do not have to change my preference in stations.

(336) laurance smith
Mon, 28 November 2011 03:43:28 +0000

i went into a bp connect services lastnight on the a21 coming back from hastings, and i was absolutely digusted about the dirtiness of the mens toilets. being a cleaner myself, it was plain to see that these had not been cleaned in weeks if not months. on mentioning this to staff there reaction was 'oh'. for god sake god knows how many visitors use these facilities a day something should be done. tried to locate head office address for BP, but cannot seem to find it. if anyone knows of this address please e-mail me it on routemaster73@live.co.uk. many thanks

(335) Kristen Hallman
Sun, 27 November 2011 15:10:00 +0000

Just thought someone should know that the bp station in ga exit 39 off of 75 is a very very dirty store. The restroom looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in months. Doors falling apart, loose toilets, filthy oilers, sinks, floors.

(334) Siomone Mclevey
Wed, 23 November 2011 11:32:15 +0000

I visited Hiton Park North BP services petrol station. I filled up went to pay. The guy said that the system had crashed and my fuel had not polled onto the system. Rebeceah took the amount from pump and took a manual transcation on a zip zap machine. I wasn't too happy with this and wanted a VAT receipt plus my Nectar points. I was told to ring the manager Vicky. I have called Vicky 4 times and had no call back. I want to know how secure my payment is, my VAT receipt and my points.

(333) Amy
Wed, 16 November 2011 15:49:48 +0000

I have a complaint about a woman named Bea, she works at the kangaroo/bp station at 2229 hwy 54 in chapel hill nc. She threw my back to me. The cappuccino machine was out of order and she may not have known it. But then didn't want to change, maybe out of laziness or maybe she was mad at the customer before me. But to throw my change is not acceptable. Not to mention im not from chapel hill I was just visiting..

(332) Vijaya
Tue, 15 November 2011 20:02:44 +0000

I am a disabled driver who needs assistance with pumping gas and I usually go to a BP station in Livonia, Michigan(at the corner of 7 Mile & Middlebelt Rd). I called and let them know that I needed assistance as usual and waited over ten minutes. Once all the other customers cleared out of the station the attendant usually comes out but today he didn't. So I called him back thinking he forgot about me and in response the teenage attendant began to yell at me for calling him back. This type of behavior is illegal and BP needs to address this before it becomes an ADA complaint.

(331) McKenzie Cantrell
Mon, 14 November 2011 16:58:19 +0000

I actually was recently employeed by the bp 2063 in west liberty ky 41472 first off they were okay then i learn that the slushie machine they use the same hoes for moping the floor washing in walk..!!!outdated food where still on the shelfs and was MOLDED ewww the manager would only make night shift clean unfair everyshift should have to clean i would get messed up hours all the time i would be on the shedule i drove 30 mins to work then they tell me they didnot need me i really think that they really need to step it up i was always nice to customers they were bringing in money right i think they should be able to come in not worrying if there food or slushie is going to give them food posion the manager would start drama all the time between all the cashiers I willnever be a customer or an employee there ever again !!!! BP sucks!!!!

(330) Raymond C
Sun, 13 November 2011 08:04:56 +0000

BP Station located at 2104 Tower Ave. Superior Wisconsin. On Tuesday I went through the car wash and it suds me up and just stopped. I waited for help because I could see they had a camera in the wash. I finally had to pull up out of the wash area,just in case it started again,but it did not, and I went to get help in the station. The manager hosed my vehicle down and then told me I could use my wash code the next time I came in. My wife went in with the car and it did not work. The manager told her she had issued me a new ticket for a wash and she needed that ticket. The manager DID NOT issue me a new ticket because when she asked if I needed my reciept,,I replied"yes I do". She had printed a small slip of paper buit she threw that in the trash after I told her I needed my receipt. This station ripped me off for the price of an untimate car wash and the manager lied. I was one the few customers who kept going to this station after the oil spill,,,because I knew people there still need their jobs. This is a very bad way to repay loyalty and a community minded person.

(329) Shirley Maynard
Thu, 10 November 2011 18:58:48 +0000

On 11/9/2011 at 6:14 a.m. I prepaid for $30 in gas at the BP at 2790 E Manatee Ave, Bradenton, FL 34205. I was at pump #9, selected regular, the displayed showed 3.27 per gallon, but when my $30 was used up I only had 8.38 gallons of gas. I checked my receipt and I was charged for premium gas at 3.57. When I took my receipt into the store I was told I made the wrong selection even though I did not, and the pump I was using could be clearly seen from the cashiers window. They refused to refund the money owed me, and continue to overcharge people for regular gas.

(328) Rachael Jones
Wed, 9 November 2011 05:52:35 +0000

I would like to make a complaint about a lady that served me at BP Lye Service Station,Pedmore Road, Lye, Dudley DY9 at 12:30pm on 08/11/2011
The lady had a name badge of either Tam or Tan (Asian lady)

She was extremely rude to me in the manor of how she spok..It was appauling to say the least talk about customer service..Or no customer service in this instance.
What happend was when i was re-fueling,i went to pay her and my other half moved my vehicle round to the tyre pressue part. She started being very rude from there saying you should now move the vehicle now move it back which i co-operated but again the manor was really terrible. I would like some feed back on this..as it's totally unacceptable for someone to representing BP and behaving like this.

(327) Jamiee
Tue, 8 November 2011 16:01:24 +0000

At 7.10am, I went to go into BP Newlands and there was noone there and the shop was still closed even though they open at 7am (as it states clearly on the door). The staff member (young male) arrived a few minutes later while myself and some delivery drivers waited for him. when he opened the door and went inside the delievery guy followed and so did i. to then be told " We aren't open! get the hell out"! from the young male employee. I have been served by the young male quiet often and have never been treated with any respect. as i have worked in costumer service all my life, I am appalled at how he treats his costumers and have had a guts full of being talked down to. I will no longer be going to any BP service station thanks to the young male employee at BP Newlands.

(326) Dana Baker
Fri, 4 November 2011 18:58:38 +0000

I just went through the car wash at BP and it bent and broke my antenna. Now every time I turn my car on and off, it makes a grinding noise. There were no signs that said to turn the radio off and put the antenna down. I'm very upset and I want someone from BP to contact me ASAP. I will NEVER do business with BP again! The car wash broke my car antenna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(325) Patricia Farrell
Fri, 4 November 2011 07:47:46 +0000

I usually buy gas at Rarity Bay BP at 156 Keeble Rd., Vonore, Tn., 37885. #423-884-2441. It's on my way out of the Rarity Bay Community where I live. The station has become a real eyesore. It has been missing numbers on the billboard so one can never tell the price of gas until you are passed it. It has been like that for over a year. Last week I stopped to fill-up, as I have a BP credit card. The pumps were so slow that I went inside to ask if there was a problem with that particular pump. The man said he thought all the pumps were slow because it was raining. I've never heard that excuse. I told him I would go somewhere else. By that time I had only accumulated $3.00 worth of gas. My Yukon usually takes about $100.00 per fill.
I proceeded to Knoxville to shop. On the way back I stopped at a BP station in Turkey Creek. It was the same price, spotlessly clean, all numbers clearly stating the price of gas.
I think you should look into this problem if you want to keep the residents here buying your gas. This is not an isolated incident!
Thank you for your consideration,
Patricia Farrell

(324) william joseph
Wed, 2 November 2011 17:17:27 +0000

i have been going to the same station for a few months now i buy items there and play my lottery there at the corner of state and 82 in north royalton .last night had my brother go and ask for 10 dollars in mega millions and 10 in megaplyer.the girl printed a ticket for 10 draws same numbers which is not what i asked for so i took it back and she told me i was stuck with it so i was stuck with something i did not ask for nor was my mistake.went into tell the manager today 11-2-11 and he told me nothing he can do about a ticket that was printed yesterday.so nothing got done and he had nothing to say about the employee nor did he even try to say im sorry.i will be also contacting the ohio lottery cause the girl could of cancelled the ticket and did it right yesterday but choose not to. i am very upset over this.would like a response please.

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