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(573) Petar
Wed, 22 August 2012 12:38:42 +0000

I purchased your bad gas a few days ago, and now my engine is barely wanting to start, it shakes and my check engine light will not turn off. I hope you guys pay for the repairs, because I know Im not dishing out 400 bucks for YOUR mistake.

(572) kim stringer
Wed, 22 August 2012 11:01:07 +0000

I am a regular customer of BP. I believed those advertisements about the regular use of this gas with invigorate. I purchased gas at 165th and Calumet friday August 17,2012. I always fill up my tank. I bypass two brand named gas stations to get there. Now my car is stalling and has cut off. what should I do!

(571) Tomy Pullattumadathil
Wed, 22 August 2012 10:08:50 +0000

I am a regular customer of BP, last fueled on 18th of Aug 2012 from BP at 8600 Stony Island, Chicago. Now I am having problem with the car, unable to start the car.

(570) Eric Ledbetter
Wed, 22 August 2012 09:23:18 +0000

i filled my tank on my 2012 VW jetta on monday,august 20th.at the LUKE in lake station, IN. tuesday morning i went to start my car and it started, but "sputtered" like it was running out of gas. i shut it off, started it again, and it did the same thing. i restared it, and it ran fine after that. but i still have some idiling problems every so often. sounds like i got some of BP's garbage gas, huh? i will NEVER buy gas from any BP affiliated company. EVER!

(569) Keiya
Wed, 22 August 2012 06:13:55 +0000

The bad BP gas spread into Chicago as well. I went to BP gas this past weekend. The weekend of August 18,2012 and before that went to the BP in the gold coast downtown chicago and my car starts but it starts very rough.

(568) Darryl King
Tue, 21 August 2012 23:07:03 +0000

I bought the first batch of bad gas near my place of employment in Merrillville, Indiana on Rt. US 30 & Mississippi St. on Thursday evening Aug. 16, 2012 and another batch Sunday at The Griffith, Indiana BP leading to I80/94 highways. I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe that I experienced long difficult starts and once started, check engine light stayed on, took it to autozone to put it on the computer and they couldn't find anything showing up on the computer. I was in mystery all weekend until a friend of mine told me of bad gas claims against BP. Forever afraid to put BP gas in my vehicle when this was the only gas I fully trusted to ever put inn my vehicle.

(567) Pamela Lau
Tue, 21 August 2012 22:11:32 +0000

bad gas purchased at bp on rt.30 on the indiana/illinois state line. AAA called for tow because my car would not start while 70 minutes away from home. My son home on leave at the time stayed with the car and I had to be driven home by my other son. My son that stayed with the car went to Advance Auto and found that my car's cylinders misfired. He was told at Advance Auto to put in an aditive due to probable bad gas. I have some documentation for purchase and incident. Hnq2C

(566) m nuser
Tue, 21 August 2012 19:37:17 +0000

On the way back from sleeping bear sand dune national park in upper MI we stopped at a BP gas station on route 20 next to indiana dune state park. i filled up half the tank while observing a bentley also filling up. hey if a bently use bp gas surely they must know something. that was on sunday (8/19/2012) afternoon. next morning i started the car and it would not start. i had to wait a minutes and then it started. immediately service engine light lit up. on the way home from work it acted the same. in the evening i bought for new filters, etc.. ready to do tune up...so i thought. this morning while checking my bp stock news i noticed the bad gas news. it dawned on me that i got hit by bp's stupidity and reckless business behavior again. immediately i dumped all shares of bp. now i have to spend my time making claim. what a waste of my time! you suck big time bp!!

(565) Barbara Rivera
Tue, 21 August 2012 17:10:27 +0000

I bought the bad gas in Northwest Indiana at a Lukes where I live and now my engine in my Ford Edge has a knocking noise. Where is an authorized dealer who will look at this at no charge?

(564) Anita Steele
Tue, 21 August 2012 16:00:08 +0000

I bought Gas from Lukes 8/18/2012 in which got bad gas In Griffith .Talked to manager and they received gas from you ..Now my car is not running right i purchased it less than 6 monthes ago what do i do...I filled up Sat Aug 18th 2012 Lukes Griffith Please contact me about this problem...Anita Steele Thank you 219-512-4509

Gravatar (563) Carlton Bannister
Tue, 21 August 2012 13:45:31 +0000

i put $20 of premium grade not gas in my truck from not station on Illinois & Elwood in Aurora, Illinois. 20 minutes later my truck coughed, then died; no warning lights, no anything.I hooked up my OBD II tester and there were no malfunction codes either. I 've had no problems with my engine before I put not gas in my truck.

(562) Laurie Orr
Tue, 21 August 2012 13:33:24 +0000

On Friday night I purchased gasoline from BP at 14299 S. La Grange Road in Orland Park, IL. Saturday my car started to act up with acting like it doesn't want to start. Hard starting. I brought it to my mechanic and he replaced the crank senor and the spark plugs. Today it is back at the mechanic's shop with the same problem. My check engine light has been on just like to woman's in the CBS 2 Chicago news report.

I have been on hold with BP customer care for over 15 minutes. THe number is 1-800-333-3991

(561) Rahmin
Tue, 21 August 2012 12:12:54 +0000

Hello I purchased gas from the BP Station in Hammond Indiana on 8-17-12 and to my misfortune I filled my car up with the recalled gasoline.
Immediately after filling up my car it began to show consistence problems with others who have also used the gas. My engine light came on, it stalled, and my engine is now shacking.
The damages that have occurred to my vehicle as of 8-21-12 have cost me up to 600.00 Unfortunately, I purchase this gas with cash and at this time I’m unable to locate the original receipt. I phoned the original station at 1-219-937-3044 and I was informed by the cashier that they have no way to assist me with this matter since I did not use a credit card. This I know is untrue due to reports and surveillance cameras located at all the pumps.
I have been trying to reach someone regarding these issues at the 1-800-333-3991 and have yet been able to talk with someone to assist me obtaining my transaction receipt so I can follow thru with my claim. I can be reached at 708-705-9166 or emailed at Rahmin91@Hotmail.com. Thank you

(560) Kathleen
Tue, 21 August 2012 12:12:08 +0000

I have been waiting on hold now for over an hour because twice I was disconnected. Just trying to file a complaint about the bad gas that you sold me. I drive less than 10 miles a week and fill up the car about once a month. I do not AFFORD recalled gas let alone having to front my mechanic money for an issue that is caused by one of the most profitable companies in the history of oil let alone the world. Once this claim has been taken into consideration and I am able to put gas back into my car after incurring about $1000 that I DON'T HAVE on maintenance!!!!!!!!!! Between a tow to the mechanic and the actual service that I will have to pay for and if I am lucky and deemed worthy of any kind of help from BP, I will no longer be a customer of this gas company. You are a disgrace to the industry over and over again. You have no sense in how to run your customer service let alone provide any kind of quality assistance to your loyal customers and I'm the one that suffers. You will remain profitable and environmentally irresponsible while I lose my mind and the car I am 2 weeks from paying off. But now I can't pay the car off because it will cost me the same to get the fuel line and filter flushed and hope there is no internal damage because of your CRAP gasoline. Awful. Never again will I be a willing patron to your gasoline.

(559) Megan T.
Tue, 21 August 2012 12:10:43 +0000

Today, August 21, 2012, I discovered that the BP gasoline I purchased in Northwest Indiana (Griffith) on August 17 had been recalled. This is after three days of our 2009 Chevy Impala not starting without a 15 minute struggle. Yesterday the 20th, the car did not start. I have a 4 month old baby who was sitting in the car. I phoned my husband who suggested that we purchase a new car. We bought a pre-owned car yesterday evening, but apparently did not need to. I am shocked at this bad gas being distributed. The BP I frequent is consistently higher priced then the Speedway across the street, yet I choose BP time and time again for what I thought was quality gas. I will not be purchasing BP gas any longer because clearly higher price does not equate better quality product.

(558) Annette Cooks
Tue, 21 August 2012 09:18:17 +0000

I am a customer who has used BP within the last week in the Chicagoland area and has experienced trouble with my car. It would not start at all yesterday and today the engine light has come on. This is ridiculous because of the bad gas that was distributed I am suffering.

Tue, 21 August 2012 09:02:42 +0000

I recently purchased some of the gas that BP admitted to being bad gas.I have 2012 elantra and the dealership says that they are not responsible and the warranty does not cover this problem and want to charge me 363.00 to correct the problem. BP should make good on their mistake.Gas is to high for me and other consumers to eat this cost..

(556) mandy private
Mon, 20 August 2012 12:58:23 +0000

at the gas station on Highway 80 E East Dublin GA 31027 several days ago the fat white female cashier tried to rip me off of my gas money,she kept lying saying i didnt give her the money when i know i did,then the cashier next to her said she can have the manager in the back room watch the film n i said yes please,then the fat lieng lady said oh no wait thats right you did give me the money. now wtf is up with that??? fire that theiving sob!!! plus she stoled my cousins ebt card last month saying she handed it back when clearly she didnt!!customers that go there need to watch this lady CLOSELY!!

Mon, 20 August 2012 11:21:22 +0000

hi i am informing you of a problem with your unleaded petrolat ;-CROMWELL SERVICES
i filled up with £74.78 in total with the premium unleaded petrol and as soon as i got back onto the a1 the service light came on , on going through the check it say that the feul is causing multiple miss firing code is p0300 for a ford explorer,
i have had this problem before ealy on this year when i filled up near king lynn
and had to flush it out.
now againg at a diferrent filling station.so can you let me know why this is happening, only on BP not on any other brands?

(554) Demetrius
Mon, 20 August 2012 08:24:19 +0000

Yes my wife and I went to the bp gas station located at 6505 martin luther king jr blvd in tampa,fl. Our experience was horrific and disturbing, my wife was called racial names by the store clark on shift monday morning aug. 20. The clark also used profanity in a very violent mannor towards my wife. all we wanted was to purchase medicine, but changed our minds to go to a drug store. The clark told my wife she had to buy the item since he had already rung her up, the clark proceeded to call my a bitch! After this experience I really dont wanna shop with bp if there employees get away with being violent with the customer for not buying an item out the store...

(553) J
Mon, 20 August 2012 07:08:43 +0000

I just filled up at the Warnbro BP station (Australia). I put the petrol hose in my tank.. waited and waited for the person behind the counter to approve so my petrol could start flowing but it didn't. I thought it was my fault so I took the hose in and out several times until I had enough and walked into the store to see "BRANDON" standing behind the counter, ignoring the loud beeping of the machine that tells him now another customer is waiting for petrol and chatting to a young girl. I walked in and stood stunned as he further ignored me to flirt. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW HARD IT IS TO APPROVE A CUSTOMER WAITING 5 MINUTES FOR PETROL. Bang out of order and I will definitely not be going back there.

(552) Joseph P. Fleurant
Sun, 19 August 2012 14:41:21 +0000

I went to the BP station on the corner of Hillside Avenue and 212th Street in Jamaica Queens, NY. I went there to simply use the vacuum cleaner and clean out by car. The sign said it cost $1.50 for 5 minutes of service. I put 6 quarters into the machine, and I heard the vacuum cleaner start. However, it was not picking anything up. I went to the attendant to tell him. He nodded at acknowledged the next customer. The customer told him that he needed to assist me. The attendant told her that he needed to take her gas order so that he can then help me. I told the customer it's ok. The attendant took her order, and one more customer's order after that. He then came outside, walked to the vacuum. He told me to put the vacuum in my car. He banged on the machine, and it started to pick up dust. At this point almost 2 and half minutes had passed. I told him, I'm going to need my time back that I paid for. He walked away. The vacuum stopped a little over a minute later. I went back to the attendant and said I need my time back or some of my money back. He began to yell at me and say that he couldn't help me. I told him that I had not gotten the service I paid for. He asked me, didn't he fix and didn't I get service. I told him that I did not get the full service. Thereby, I did not get service. He started to call my a liar and said that first I said that I didn't get service, and then I was saying that I didn't get full service. He kept yelling at me, as other customer started to line behind me waiting for service. This time, I refused to give up my spot as I was already there first. The other customers were getting irate! This was a horrible experience. He eventually gave me 3 quarters when he started to see customers go to the Mobile gas station across the street. I live 5 blocks away from that BP and go there 2x a week. Now due to a few quarters I will NEVER go back. That Mobile has now gotten my business for as long as I live in this area! I hope you can do something to make this right.

(551) Mark cowley
Sun, 19 August 2012 03:58:14 +0000

Several years ago I purchased a bp
Roxane gas canister from the bp service station on the a21 tunbridge wells.
Yesterday I went to refill it. The garage had none. They directed me to the bp in tunbridge wells. That garage didn't even stock the gas. They redirected me to crow borough. Arriving there I was told that they didn't stock the gas either. All in all this took 90 minutes of driving.
I came home and phoned 2 further bp garages, in cranbrook and hurst green.
Neither stock gas.
So in short, ther is nowhere within 20 miles for me to refill my gas and as I have paid the deposit on the bp container I am stuck with it.
I would like vouchersd to cover tithe waste of fuel I incurred chasing wild geese on the instruction of bp staff, and advice on she on earth I can actually fill a bp gas container.

(550) Andre
Fri, 17 August 2012 19:13:17 +0000

Today is the 18th August, 01.40 am


one of the member of staff displays a very rude behaviour, often menacing to customers.

this is the third time he refuse to serve customers. quite often he closes the till, and stick the note ' sorry we are closed '

I went to buy milk, he simply did not feel like working and refused to sell.

I asked him why don't you want to serve me, he swore at me and told me to f.off. for no reason whatsoever.

I have lived next door BP garage for 20 years, I have noticed each time he is on duty, the employee behind the counter you see on the video youtube, refuses to sell to some customers.


(549) Charlie Burton
Fri, 17 August 2012 16:18:36 +0000

I have just visited your BP in felixstowe suffolk UK, I brought some bread and jam, and then I left, whilst driving through your truck parking area,which is the ONLY way to the exit onto the main road.
On the bend leaving the truck area, I hit(fell into) a pothole the size of a welsh coal mine, damaging both O/S alloys and certainly one of the two tyres, on that side
I am booking my car into a garage to check the suspension and tracking, i will expect to hear from somebody ASAP, i really don't need to be without a car just as i need it to drive over 1000 miles for my holiday,
added to this i found your attendent very helpful,

(548) Angelika Belleville
Tue, 14 August 2012 20:03:07 +0000

My husband and I are loyal customers of BP gasstations. On our trip throughout the US we have however have found it hard to use our Visa card at the pump. Each time we inquired at the attentand, they could not tell us a reason for why the card was denied. Other brands had no problem with our card. Do we need to switch to another supplier or is BP able to take care of this problem. Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

(547) bertha james
Mon, 13 August 2012 16:20:33 +0000

I have been a regular customer for BP for years. Yesterday I went to fill up in BP Widmore road, Bromley and I had to wait nearly 20 minutes to pay for the fuel. The Asian assistant who served me on the last till atleast not apologized me and some weeks ago I have seen she prepares food without even tying her hair.
That place has always been providing a good service but recently it's getting worse. I'm started to get very disapointed about your poor customer service.

(546) Gertrude Williams
Mon, 13 August 2012 14:29:49 +0000

I recently visited the BP filling Station on University Drive in Forrest Hills Durham,NC.I sent my son into pay forgas and was rudely accused of stealing gas as the attendant sternly believed he had turned on the pump when he in fact hadnt,I feel he was rude and He blatently Defamed my charachter in front of customers and family . all I have been offered for my anguish was a free fill up. Further insulting my Intellegence....Its' not finished yet believe me... I'm not through!!!

(545) Mrs B Little
Sun, 12 August 2012 08:21:51 +0000

I’m writing to complain following an incident that occurred yesterday, 11th August 2012. at your service station namely - ST. Leonards Connect (3315) 176 Ringwood Rd ST. Leonards, Ringwood Hants BH24 2NR.
My family and I stopped at the service station to buy refreshments during our journey; I chose coffee and food from the hot food counter, I then turned to walk the few paces along to the pay desk. As I turned I walked into a larger heavy black metal box being used to display boxes of biscuits which had been placed directly in the walk way, between the hot food counter and the pay point.
The black box had been placed on a black flooring surface; the display was not completely covering the top of the box, leaving about 4 inches of metal sticking out unseen against the black flooring on which I struck my knee cap with full force on the corner of the box. The impact gave me a puncture wound to my knee, but more importantly was the bone impact to my knee cap which caused extreme pain, which initially almost made me vomit.
The lady serving asked if I was alright and I said no I wasn’t. She said “I have told him not to put that there it is dangerous. She then said she would call someone.
I man came through and I complained to him, he made no attempt to come from behind the counter, to assist me or assess my injury. He just asked if I wanted to fill in an incident form, which I said I did. His manner conveyed no empathy or concern for my wellbeing. He then went back to what I’m presuming was an office and brought a form for me to fill in, which I did. I questioned him about the validity of the form as I believe accident / incident forms should have a printed, sequentially numbered reference, this did not. He said they hand write the number in. I asked for a copy of the form, which he said wasn’t company policy; again I thought it should have a carbonised copy for the injured party /complainant.
I insisted I wanted a photocopy, he said he would go and ask the manager, coming back to say no it wasn’t your policy to give a copy, at that point my son said he would in that case take a photo of it with his phone. He also photographed the site on the incident.
I also asked him for contact details in order for me to make my own contact with your company. He didn’t give me the information I asked for merely a post it note with the incident number and the address of the garage.
Throughout the incident I was offered no assistance, no first aid, not a plaster, cold water to bathe the wound, or even a drink of water. He did say did I want a chair, which I refused as I couldn’t bend my knee to sit down.
I am disgusted by the lack of customer care shown, the manger didn’t even have the manners to come out and speak to me, the man dealing with me gave an appalling level of customer serve.
The manager, who in law is responsible health and safety and risk assessing the site, was aware of this hazard and had taken no action to prevent injury.
I have today been to the hospital for an assessment, and on their advice will be seeking further treatment through my GP.I am at present unable to drive, luckily yesterday I was traveling with my son who was the driver, otherwise I would have been unable to continue my journey.
I await your prompt response as to how you intend to manage my complaint.

(544) Binny
Sun, 12 August 2012 00:13:49 +0000

I am writing regarding Site ID: 6839278 and regarding an employee name "Bill" who works the third shift.

This employee charged me the wrong price for a purchase and when I told him the price has been incorrect for approximately 2 months. He told me it would take 3 months to fix the price.

Then, when I returned to the store to return the item he told me to leave under the threat that he was going to call the police.

All the while,this situation could have been handled by the employee looking at the customer complaint and responding amicably to it. Instead, "Bill" was aggressive and did not want to hear the complaint.

I will not be going back to this store again because of "Bill."


(543) Alan Smith
Thu, 9 August 2012 19:00:38 +0000

In June or approx 6 weeks ago, I purchased an LPG swap gas bottle from BP Botany, Auckland. I didn't use it much and it ran out 3 days ago. when I went to refill it yesterday at another gas station ( Caltex, as it was closer at the time, They refused to fill it (rightly so ) because the cylinder had expired January 2012!! I approached the Botany BP and pointed the problem out and thought they would in good will provide me a free refill, but NO! they couldnt care less re, the fact they broke the law.To me it's not on .no reply or result from you I will go to OSH & heads will roll. It's not the money, IT IS SAFETY and I'm pissed off with the could'nt care less attitude of that outlet. So what are you going to do about it?? Alan Smith Howick. Phone 0274922355.

(542) Bud
Wed, 8 August 2012 10:22:55 +0000

I stopped at the fuel station in Kenmore, QLD (Australia) and had to wait about 5 minutes outside waiting for the guy worked there to open the door. He did see me but ignored and this was not the first time I experienced this with this guy.He just kept on doing some routine task like filling. It was on 9th of August at 12.25am and a nice lady came in served me politely. Please let your employees (especially this arrogant guy who works at mid night in Kenmore)know the customers are paramount and the lost customer is lost forever.I will never go to the Kenmore servo if I see this guy again. I'll drive 10km further for seven11.

(541) Michael Wenman
Tue, 7 August 2012 07:07:24 +0000

I am 16 Years old born 12 December 1995...I needed to buy Nurofeon at a petrol station on The A3..& she asked for ID so I showed her a photo of my passport...witch is ligally ok I have spoken I police offers about it they ask proof it got my name D.O.B & where I was born & proof that it real but she didn't accept witch is wrong because it should have been & she was extremely rude...& I'd like to ask for a official complaint to be made to a employee called Diana..& she was trying to tell me the law I'm a EnglishMan I know my own country's laws...I'd like her to be disciplined or sacked

Thank You

Michael Wenman

(540) Maxwell Love
Tue, 7 August 2012 06:36:36 +0000

I would like to inform you of my less than ideal customer service interaction that occurred in your service station in St Clair (Mamre Rd) NSW on Tuesday Aug 7 @ 8:45pm

I pulled into pump 5 to fill up my vehicle with 98 Octane fuel. The pump stopped and i checked to see if my tank was full. The manager "Tony" announced over the P.A, that i must pay for my fuel before filling. No signage to be seen? And no other motorist was demanded the same?

I walked into the store and paid and said to him - "so can i continue to fill my car and the remainder will come off my card". I was told yes. Which seems entirely unorthodox but i assumed it was a theft prevention tactic in place.

I went back and continued to fill my vehicle the rest of the way. Entered consumption information into my phone, but was still unsure of whether to go back and pay, so i walked around the store and waited to be served or asked if i wanted to pay.

I left the store, unknowing that i was required to pay anything else. Tony then announced over the P.A that i had not paid for my fuel - which was both embarrassing and infuriating because i most certainly had initially.

I walked in and questioned as to why my pump was shut off half way in the first place and the lack of signage - and i was met with the response "i am the store manager and it is what i asked you to do"

This level of incompetence and poor customer service makes it extremely difficult to justify spending more money on your premium product over cheaper competitors. I have filled up religiously at local BP outlets for the past 6 years and have always held your brand in high regard.

I wholly believe the cause was my outfit. I was wearing training clothes as i had just been running, including gloves and a beanie. I understand the importance of staff security and shrinkage prevention - but this manager in particular had absolutely poor communication skills that have left a terrible taste.Needless to say, you have lost a faithful customer.

(539) anonymous
Tue, 7 August 2012 03:01:17 +0000

i went to the bp in vereeinging in voortrekker road and saw a diffrent truck off loading petrol and drove pass cause i didnt know weather that petrol would be safe for my car or not as i thought bp fuel should be delivered by a Bp truck Later i asked one of the employers wehther it was bp fuel that was being delivered the day i went there they said no an said a few clients came back saying that they we experiencing problems shortly the had poured petrol from there and that the owner went away with it by ofering a full tank for those clients!! i just want to be on the safe side is it safe for us to pour that petrol or not

(538) liz betancourt
Mon, 6 August 2012 20:31:00 +0000

I recently had my purse stolen and was told by my credit card company that several consecutive charges of $100.00 were made by a gas station, I was disappointed to find that it was the same gas station, I went to the gas station and confronted the manager who was very aloof, claiming things like this happen all the time. I can't help but wonder if the gas station manager was turning a "blind eye". The gas station is located in Miami, Florida on S.W.87 ave and Flagler St, it occurred on 07/27/12, the managers were Jose Gonzalez and Mario Guillen. Although I don't have to pay, it is inappropriate that BP employee persons working with such low ethical morals.

(537) yvonne
Sat, 4 August 2012 18:39:37 +0000

Filled up at the bp on ecorce rd in ypsilanti and my car has been acting crazy every since. Trying to drive all the gas out and hopefully it'll drive better

(536) kim hatton
Sat, 4 August 2012 15:29:36 +0000

I want to let you know of a bad experience i had at the BP station in Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday, August 4, 2012 at 3:15 pm. I was returning from a nice trip to Florida with my mom, sister and kids and we stopped at thr BP on North Ave. Montgomery in the parking lot edge of the defunct mall. There were bars on all the glass windows and doors which was unsettling. There was an Indian looking gentleman and a black gentleman working which does not matter to me whatsoever. im describing them because I dont have their names. We bought almost fifty dollars worth if gas and some snacks. they were extremely rude and did not say a single word to us. they actually were extremely rude and made us feel so afraid. Needless to say we wont go back there and realize nothing will be done but they treated us very poorly considering we were honest, kind, paying customers. It is a shame. Thank you for hearing my complaint.C

(535) Amit kohli
Fri, 3 August 2012 09:32:34 +0000


I have been collecting the olympic coins for 12 weeks and after completing the set i wen to fill up my car and i saw the who set advertised for £10 a saving of £23.

This is not fair that myself and other customers have made the effort to go especially to buy all the couns every week.

I would like the difference refunded to me.

Thank you

(534) John
Fri, 3 August 2012 02:36:49 +0000

BP Milton Regis, Sittingbourne
Can you Service Assistants speak ENGLISH?
No! I try to have a conversation about the olympic coins being advertised and I had to ask 3 three times becuase of his lack of understanding the English language.

(533) Jacqueline Tonkin
Thu, 2 August 2012 22:24:03 +0000

Hi, I filled my car only last week, 27th July at the BP Station, cnr Monahans Road, Cranbourne. I had to do a little shopping so I thought I would pop into the same BP Service Station today 3rd August,to get a cup of coffee. I didn't really need petrol as the tank was showing 3/4 full, I don't drive very far. Then as I pulled in I decided to top up as well. The pump automatically shut off when tank was full and the price was showing $24 something, which, to me sounded about right. As I pulled the hose out I accidently squeezed on the trigger again, however, it was just a dribble. When I went to pay the cashier I was asked for $43.28!!!!! I'd be lucky to get $75.00 - $80.00 even if the tank was completely empty. Also, my hand gets tired of holding the trigger after $25.00 worth and I struggle to keep it going when filling my tank. I would have known if it had taken more than that as my hand would have got tired. The pump did not have a continual flow at the beginning, it kept clicking off as soon as I turned the trigger on, not that made any difference because I still read the amount as $24 something. I own a Holden Captiva if that helps with the size of the petrol tank. I am not the sort of person that would normally make a complaint, however, in this case I am absoultely certain the tank would not have taken anymore that $25-$30 tops. Regards Jackie

(532) sam
Tue, 31 July 2012 04:44:51 +0000

I went to fill up at bp Noranda Petrol station on the 31st July 2012. Seeing that the petrol staion was busy I figured I would have a wait, there were two cars in front of me at the bowsers then it was my turn. I waited patiently thinking that the two ladies in front of me were paying after 25-30mins one returned, I asked her what was going on, the bowsers were prepaid and there was only one attendant on the till. I would have reversed out a lot earlier but there were two cars behind me blocking me in. By the time the lady in front of me had filled up and I was ready to leave the two cars behind me had left. The two in front left and I went through without getting petrol. I went to the woolworths up the road in Morley where I was in and out in under 10mins with a full tank and that was waiting for the person in front of me to fill up himself. Just in my line you lost 3 customers and that is not counting the customers that drove off in the other lines. This was my regular fill station but you have now lost my custom and the custom of the other drivers in my family.I am very disappoointed in the lack of service that bp has supplied to the customers of this staion. In all the time I have been there I have only seen one till open.

(531) Jaquetta Reeves
Mon, 30 July 2012 07:57:03 +0000

Dear BP,
I have a complaint against the BP gas station located at 1166 Ecorse Rd. Ypsilanti, MI; Manager name is Mike. The gasoline price for Regular unleaded is priced at.23cents higher than the other gas stations in the area (MiniMart gas, Sunoco gas, Speedway, another BP gas station just 2.1 miles away; which all had the same gas prices for regular unleaded at $3.65/gal cash OR credit. This manager Mike is charging $3.79/gal cash and $3.89/gal credit. I used a BP gas giftcard and the attendant by the name if Nikki charged me at the higher rate ($3.89). I debated with her in regards to charging me like I was using a credit card, when it was one of their BP gift cards. I let her know that it was unfair to charge me more. Nikki responded, "Hey I'm new here and this is how the manager explained it to me and I can't change it." I am stil attempting to contact this manager Mike. But I wanted BP Corporation to be aware that some of these stations are over charging in price and cheating customers out of extra money when the economy is already struggling with gas prices as it is. I hope that you will be able to contact this store manager and discuss his methods of why he has jacked up the gas prices almost .25cents more, AND charging customers extra for credit card use, even if it is a BP gas giftcard. Thank you for your time. Jaquetta Reeves

(530) Ben Miller
Mon, 30 July 2012 07:55:40 +0000

Just following up on my previous complaint, since I have not yet received an official apology. After being discriminated against by a black female cashier named Latoya, apparently for being white and male, I'd think you'd be quick to let me know what a horrible mistake it was and how much you regret it, assuring me that you're doing something about the unacceptable actions of Latoya, but you seem slow to remedy the situation.

(529) Deborah Walton
Mon, 30 July 2012 04:25:57 +0000

Good Morning,
I have been a regular user of BP for both fuel and car wash, as a local shop ect for quite a few years now. As a 3 car family we spend a good amount fuelling up our cars.
In May we went to jet wash my car at your Parlaunt Road Station in Langley, Berkshire. Once we began we realised that no soap was coming through. The assistant apologised and gave us a Free car wash for the next time.
Twice since I have been back and on both occasions the jet wash was out of order.
Again today we went back, and my partner was given a silver token worth £2.89 to clean my car. I explained we always buy Gold at £3.89, and had spent said amount when the wash was out of order. I had a plastic cup shaken in my face while being told "look its empty, come back at 12"
I explained that i was not happy with being given a lessor valued token to the one I had purchased in the first place, and was not going to come back again!
To which I had the cup shaken in front of my face again!!
This went on for several minutes, and I was getting nowhere, so I asked for the difference to be refunded of the £1, to which I was told to supply exact date and time I purchased the original token.
Unbelievable. For an Assistant Manger, Nasra, he was quite rude and childish.
This may only be a £1 difference, but I expect the service I pay for to be provided. I am not satisfied with his attitude or the result.
As a result of this we a going to be taking our custom elsewhere.
We may only be a small fish in the world of BP, but we spend on average £170 pw on fuel alone.
I feel we should have been offered a refund for the difference or some kind of compensation for the difference. Even a coffee!!
But please, your customer service training needs to think of another way rather than waving empty cups in customers faces!
Lady Deborah Walton

(528) Ben Miller
Sun, 29 July 2012 18:07:23 +0000

My, shorter than average, 22 year old brother was just denied cigarettes that he wasn't even buying for himself; he was buying them for our 59 year old mother, by Latoya, at the BP at the Charleston City Marina, 17 Lockwood Blvd, Charleston, SC, 29401, we're we've been buying gas, cigarettes, and many other conveniences for 7 years, since it is merely 3 blocks away from our Charleston residence. She did not, apparently, believe my brother's South Dakota ID, and accused him of having a fake, saying "He is definitely not 18." She then proceeded to accuse my mother of trying to buy cigarettes for minors illegally. I know for a fact that it was, at least, age discrimination (she said, literally, "He IS NOT 18," which is blatant age discrimination), and quite possibly racism, since we're a white family from South Dakota, instead of BLACK South Carolinians, like her. We believe that you employing people like her is a serious liability to your company, since such blatant discrimination will surely have you sued, and you'd be smart to be rid of her.

BTW, if you question the validity of my statements, don't worry; we called the Charleston Police to ensure that this case was well documented. That's right, WE CALLED THE POLICE!!! They agreed that your employee must be an idiot to have denied the ID, but said you have a policy allowing her to deny service, and we can complain online.

So here I am, letting you know, that if you don't get your act together, and straighten this wayward employee out, we'll not only never go to another BP again, we'll see you in court. I assure you, we will not stand by while your employees discriminate against a family member simply because of his height (which was stunted by his mild cerebral palsy, just so you understand how much discrimination we're talking about).

(527) Lawrence Gilsenan
Sun, 29 July 2012 17:40:06 +0000

Iam a manager for a company with a fleet of 640 vans and cars, I have been collecting Nectar points for months with the BP Plus card and I have just went on line to check my balance and I have 2points collected is the a reason? Is the reason my local Garage is fiddling the points? or do we look to change to a more honest competitor?

Regards Lawrence

(526) Chloe Fullbrook
Sun, 29 July 2012 06:12:31 +0000

I visited the Isle of Sheppey BP garage on 28th July 2012 and had such a vile experience. I did not purchase fuel, I just purchased 2x cheese pastries at £1.50 each, 1x chocolate bar at £1.00 and 2x £1.00 scratch cards. As the assistant "ClareClaire" scanned my products, I got my £6.00 ready to pay her. Clare rung up the till at £8.55. I said to her that this is incorrect as she has given me 4x £1.00 scratch cards - when I only asked for 2 - and the chocolate bar is a £1.00 - when it was coming up as £1.55. Clare snatched the scratch cards from my hand and started breaking them apart. I said to her "there is no need to be so rude about it" to which she replied "I aint, im just giving you 2 like you asked". After much *tutting* and *huffing* Clare then rang the till up again, which came to £13?! I said to her that is not correct and she then said *tut* "This fucking till". Again, after much huffing and tutting, she rang the till up to £6.55, to which I stated again, the chocolate bar was only £1.00. She looked at me in absolute disgust and again started moaning to herself.
Can I just say that I have never known a till operator to be so rude in all my life. Her attitude and language was absolutely appalling! I understand that the BP garage on the Isle of Sheppey has just had a lot of money spent on it, to re-design - which I must say, looks much better - but what is the point when you have employed such rude, revolting staff? I certainly won't be visiting there again and friends who I have told about the experience also won't be visiting there again.
I would like to hear your response to this matter.

(525) Mr M Hardie
Fri, 27 July 2012 13:52:22 +0000

My 2 sons have been collecting the Olympic coins every week and went into our local garage in cheriton, Kent to get the final 1.
I was extremely annoyed to find that they are now selling a complete pack of 12 at £10 off whilst purchasing £30 of fuel. As I always shop in Bp for petrol I could of easily brought 2 sets of coins saving my children £20 of their pocket money. I understand the business sense in selling things off cheap to get rid of unwanted stock but I feel a little conned as these are reduced before the Olympics have even started !!!.
I feel this may change my petrol buying habits in the future.

(524) Darryl Hall
Wed, 25 July 2012 20:35:21 +0000

The manager of the BP Kwicket Store in Stockbridge GA off Hwy 138/23/42 hired me to take care of the lawn there so that the store would not be fined. I did my very best to evade him as I wanted nothing to do with that job. He asked what I would charge. My reply "What is worth to you for you not to have to do it yourself." The store's manager has been fined once. Based on his refusal to the work himself and to take a fine, it is reasonable to conclude that it is worth far more than $20 for him not to have to do it himself. This job takes five hours to complete. I'm done. I will not do it again. I don't care if the store is fined into oblivion. I do not work for the lazy. Work always makes a person stink and often makes a person sore. White collar jobs do not involve work. I will not work for those that refuse to work. I will not work for those that refuse to pay what it is worth to those for them not to have to do the work themselves.

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