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Cheney implicated in Haliburton gulf oil spill cover-up at the Hague 14

Posted on May 12, 2010 by bp complaints

www.sfgate.com Why isn’t Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner doing better in his bid for governor? On paper, Poizner is a solid contender. Poizner spokesman Jarrod Agen acknowledged that Poizner’s political philosophy has undergone a journey. “The more he got involved in politics, the more he saw what happens in Sacramento and saw exactly how spending was being abused and what the high tax burden does, the more conservative he became on fiscal issues.” Some Poizner critics resent the way the insurance commissioner trashed this year’s budget deal signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger because it included tax increases. Yes, they know Whitman trashed it, too. Yes, they know how close Whitman and Poizner are on the issues. But they like her tone better. Read more: www.sfgate.com Read more: www.sfgate.com aig cfr camp fema martial law homeland security steve poizner california schwarzenegger illuminati rfid 666 wtc 911 oil spill hague haliburton bp

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