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USA BP Oil Spill Continues,Mother Nature To Provide Serious Consequences 5

Posted on May 25, 2010 by bp complaints

USA BP Oil Spill Continues,Mother Nature To Provide Serious Consequences = I,msaying, Redemption or Repayment, For All Who Chose It, or Eternal Damnation Until You Redeem Yourself,Starting NOW, .., that includes,.. popes, queens, presidents, prime ministers,angels devils,humans, and any other beings on earth. == – The Riddle of Steel that they all sing about, refers to the fact that, .. The more pressure you put on a piece of steel, it will eventually break. .. the more pressure your will and spirit go through, and endure, .. only and always makes you stronger. Period. ======================== The Riddle of Steel is the riddle of the human will and spirit. === Worldwide Notice, God is Real,.. Free Will means believe what you like, and do what you like,..Redemption means Repayment, Absolution for the Your Past Sins….. …. Earth’s Eternal Billions of years old Cycle , UV Sunlight on the Oceans,.eats c02, produces oxygen, and produces Diatoms,THE DEEPEST SUBJECT by far,the deepest subject,on the planet.Diatoms are algae,then end up as LIMESTONE,the Earths crust is diatoms,miles thick.. Diatoms are superconductors for the brain,the element in pure earth water h2o2.the green rivers they sing about.underground rivers running through limestone and sulphur….produce h2o2 eternal fountain of youth water,, the Welland Canal is actually the,H2O2 fountain of youth Hiway of Holy Water.it surfaces at the entrance to the weir,behind hebert motors,from subterranean rivers,DIATOMS
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