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(1073) penny
Wed, 20 November 2013 11:19:16 +0000

wed 20/11/2013

I am writting to you because i have a problem with the station i own in greece me and my family.
Due to crisis ,we are trying to find a solution with the headquarters in greece but there is no way to be heard!
Thank you in advance for your reply.


(1072) Georgie Canyon
Fri, 15 November 2013 08:46:57 +0000

Good Morning,

I wish to make a complaint about the BP Gas station at 8400 Sudley Road, Manassas, VA 20109 I arrived at the station early this morning to fill my tank with gas as I have a rewards card. Most of the pumps were out of gas and it made it difficult but I did find an empty pump. First off, it took me almost 30 minutes to pump the gas. All of the pumps were running so extremely slow. I was beginning to wonder if any gas was coming out. The pump continued to fill until I was told by a person at the pump behind me that I had something leaking under my car. The pump did not shut off! I had gas flowing everywhere. So much wasted gas and money for me. I went to the attendant in the small office and he refused to talk to me or address the situation. Told me not to bother him and refused any assistance! I asked for some paper towels as the containers were empty and he just sat there and ignored me while he was continuing to eat his food in front of him.. This was not a very happy experience and I was concerned at the lack of assistance. Another instance where the consumer is kicked to the side for the sake of a dollar. I would like make this complaint well known with your company and ask what will you do about this?

(1071) Carmen
Fri, 15 November 2013 04:28:49 +0000

How is possible to wait 10-15 minutes for a cappuccino at 6am !!!!!!!!!!!
Few week ago this station been refurbish and since then every morning I have to wait and wait and wait and wait for a cappuccino or coffee ,or because the staff is very slow or because ,,the new machine is not fast as old one,,!!!!!!!!!!
Dear manager ,have a look at your CCTV and you will see,around 5.30am---6.30am, a big Q ,people waiting for they coffee to be ready!!!!! This is not possible ,this morning I had to ask a refund because once again the staff(they blame the machine) were very very very very slow!!!!!!!!!I'm not stopping just for a coffee at your station,I'm filling up my car and I'm buying food ,so please sort out this mess before loosing more costumers!!!!!!!!!!!

(1070) Tony Miller
Fri, 15 November 2013 02:23:10 +0000

I recently received a BP gift card. As BP is not my nearest petrol station I rarely go there but I heard from two sources that BP had superior fuel. I want to be able to verify this So with the fuel card record the mileage & amount of litres I put in. My wife had just gone to fill up BUT forgot to write down how many litres she had put in (we only had the amount in dollars). We rang the station to get the price of petrol BUT were refused. WHY? I could have driven past to find out the price. It seemed rather petty of the young girl who just laughed. Unless I can see a clear advantage in using BP I won't be going back after the gift card has been fully used.

(1069) Rachel
Thu, 14 November 2013 19:10:17 +0000

I frequently go to the Bp gas station on the corner of route 71 and 72 in bear Delaware.employeee Harry makes sexual comments and make me feel very uncomfortable a lot. Tonite he got really rude with me and told me to shop somewhere else. As an everyday customer I am very offended by this employee on a regular basis. Your company needs to look into this before you get a law suit for sexual harassment from the guy when he does it to the wrong female!

(1068) wendy
Thu, 14 November 2013 15:53:07 +0000

please contact me 0412700513 about one of your employee I will wait 4 your call
thank u

(1067) vusi
Thu, 14 November 2013 10:07:03 +0000

Please help.

I drove in a Bp garage in babsfontein gauteng on monday after I noticed my car fuel reserve light came on,then I asked the attendent to put R100 fuel for me. I didnt see what happened . After that as I was driving out ,I noticed there was no difference on my fuel. When I told the attendent he became verry angry and he gave me a slip. I told him the petrol does not show in my car,he told me that if Im not happy I must go and check on the cctv footage cause he doesnt want to talk to me.

Ok I went to the office and explained, then I was told that the cctv is not working I must leave my number they will call me when it works. I went the following day to check, they said the monitor is faulty.

Im very unhappy cause I feel like being robbed daylight. I suspect that when I drove in there was a reading of R100 on the pump. Bp please help me

(1066) Michele Gee
Wed, 13 November 2013 15:52:27 +0000

I went to the BP Station on Eastern Ave and Kane Streets around 2:00pm on Wednesday 11/13. I noticed it was a younger girl working there; I never paid it any attention. I told her to give me $20 on pump 10 and I also purchased a lemonade. When I put the pump in me gas tank, it was so cold, I sat in my car while the gas was pumping, I noticed the pump kept running after $20, I jumped out the car to stop the pump, As I went to the window to ask how much did they put on my pump, the young girl said "I thought you said $25 dollars. I told the lady who is there all the time, to watch her because you can do that to people, That lady couldnt even say sorry, She had the nerve to say OH WELL"

(1065) julie
Wed, 13 November 2013 15:06:18 +0000

will not go to bp located at 1700 block of Independence ave, kcmo due to high rate of crime, loitering, muggings, violent crime, and owners apathy and lack of action to provide for customers safety. Please don't go here if you value your life and safety

(1064) ANNA
Tue, 12 November 2013 04:05:19 +0000

I should have learnt my lesson the 2nd time but the 3rd time i will never buy petrol from ANY BP PETROL STATION AGAIN especially the 1 I had trouble with- BP OSBORNE PARK WA as I press in a $ amount on the pre-set$ option it is 'spose' 2 stop on 'that $ amount' yet every time I have gone there the bowsers have gone 'over' the pre- set amount, resulting the guy @ front counter expecting me 2 pay the extra amount even tho wat I pressed in was the 'only cash' I had on me that & every time. I refused 2 pay it, making me irate @ his ignorance & arrogance & told him 2 stick it up his arse & threatened 2 report that petrol station. Seems like their crappy bowsers need checking- calibrating. Years ago I had damage dun 2 my car as they had water in the fuel which fucked up my vehicles engine. They suck

(1063) james
Mon, 11 November 2013 03:46:57 +0000

I work the night shift so I get off late, and whenever I get off (usually after midnight) I like to get my tobacco, and the only 24 hour place that carries it is the Bp on chamblee dunwoody, right off 285. I go up there at least 2 times a week, and every time the doors are always locked and no one will open hem, no one is anywhere to be found. the one time someone opened the doors, they told me to hurry because they were In the middle of something. this man is a horrible representation of the company and if it wasn't for my tobacco I would NEVEr I mean NEVER return here again.

(1062) Libardo
Fri, 8 November 2013 21:19:16 +0000

Bad customer service on BP Duluth hwy phone # 770-622-1350
very rude attendant when my wife went to pay $3.48 in change he trow the change back to my wife and start talking loud and my wife said what kind of service is this and he said BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I DON'T CARE YES IS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE SO I dont thinks is the BP is the persons who are at the front desk no GOOD

(1061) Amorette Meyer
Wed, 6 November 2013 01:57:37 +0000

Hi....me and my whole family always stops at this garage ( bp malmesbury toyota )to fill up our fuel for years now and the service is getting worse by the day.....I have a business where I have to drive every day from 8 till 17:00, so my tank stays full and I fill up every day.....the first thing that made me cross was that the one day I told the guy to fill up R200 and it caught my eye that he only filled R150....while the other guy kept me busy with a conversation and the other one filled my tank....and I always pay cash.....and he said okay mam you can go,so I drove on.....and it hit me......that I paid R200 and he only filled up R150.....but I was already out of town and did no go back and I just left it and told myself that I will just have to check every time they fill the fuel.....and today I went to fill up and I waited for 10mins for service as they helped all the clients that came after me first....I waited and waited and saw cars come and go......then I told the guy, listen here I am contacting head office....and he said, he is not afraid of his boss and feels nothing for his job......I am very disappointed and going to another garage and I told this to my family,my clients and all my friends who will also move away from BP toyota malmesbury and the word will spread. Please look at this problem. Thank you and enjoy your day. Regards Amorette Meyer 0722712881.

Tue, 5 November 2013 18:24:44 +0000

Hi I would like to make a complaint, you may think this insignificant, but it has caused me terrible problems with the tax office.
I always buy my fuel at BP Point Cook Vic
my problem is their receipt are not readable as they print faded and then basically all details disappear which of course doesn't go down to well with the tax man. I now photo copy my dockets. Now having said that I filled up yesterday and when I looked at my docket it was already illegiable. Can something please be done about this as it is just not right
kind regards Trevor

(1059) John
Fri, 1 November 2013 00:42:35 +0000

I went into the store in hudsonville BP gas station on 2805 Port Sheldon St, Hudsonville, MI. Normally everyone there is really nice. I just something very unfortunate happen tonight around 1:20AM-ish. The guy there after selling me cigs and pop came out to have a cigarette with me once he saw me smoking outside. I was standing there and he kept ashing his cigarette and the ashes would float my way. I was wearing nice clothes at the time that where rather expensive. If it was only one time I can understand. I kept backing away from him and should have just gotten out of there. I did not expect him to continue to do it though. Originally I guess thinking it was mistake but by the time it was over I was sure that it there was no way it was mistake. I think that he knew it bothered me to but was simply getting pleasure out of it. I mean you could see frustration on my face. I don't know but I don't have tons of money to go around re-buying my clothes because of something like this... the whole thing was not cool and IDK I had to say something. He had brown hair was young and IDK........... Again most of the people who work there are nice but really it is just... what kind of person does that? I honestly think I only backed away rather than walking away was because I really did not think it was going to continue. I should have just left. The whole thing was bizarre. I am partly to blame because I should have walked away from him as soon as this happened though I really think he was a jerk.

(1058) Natasha Rings
Wed, 30 October 2013 15:45:17 +0000

Why do I have to wait in line 7 minutes to purchase a drink because the 1 cashier is counting down her register, in front of customers? You do NOT have that large quantity of money from a 6 hour shift displayed in front of customers. They also open the lockbox where large bills get dropped to PREVENT robbery. You're putting your customers and employees at risk. I know Karen from the Durant BP in Raleigh, NC. I spoke to her about my concerns and she told me what time the registers are changed out so I know to avoid the gas station at those times. Then I thought, why am I coming here in the first place? You don't appreciate my business so I will go else where. I suggest you review Karen and your policies. I was in retail 10 years but I didn't need that experience to tell you how horrible the customer service is. I will no longer be supporting the BP chain.

(1057) mike
Tue, 29 October 2013 02:56:15 +0000

i have stoped last night 18:45h in bp Barking(A13) to fil up.that bo is verry busy,and after waiting for 5-10 i ve got to the pomp (bay 4) and waiting behind another car for few minutes...and by nowhere one guy(staff) come and he said this pomp is closed because we do delivery and pit a cone in front of my car!...there is no way to reverse in that bp!...i mention that the delivery lory was on bay 3 when i was driving into bp!...so why are they rude and let people waiting at the pomp????,,,why they don t put the cone and close the pomp when the delivery gets in??? any way...i have said to him he has to let me fil up it s only take 2 min...but he did not even want to look at me!...i went inside to speack with an manager...and surprize: no manager!...a guy named THEEPAN said to me "company policy-pomp closed"...i said - can i see the company policy and procedures??...he said : "NO"...verry rude!!! and after i have said to him he is rude and not redpecting the customer especially when the station is very busy...he was keep saying to me : "Go! Go!"
What is this BP???? Jungle????
have a look on the CCTV PLEASE!!!!
See your staff!....see my car waiting at the pomp after the delivery was there...and see your staff throwing a cone with no explications!!!
is this how you threat your customers BP????
do you recrut your staff??...or you just let anyone in????
i was using bp for more than 10 years!...is time for shell NOW!!!

(1056) Ron
Mon, 28 October 2013 20:50:13 +0000

Gassed up at BP station in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Asked attendant to use the restroom, and was informed that restrooms were for employee use only. What kind of service do you provide?

(1055) Nathan Lever
Mon, 28 October 2013 13:20:31 +0000

The cashier at the BP gas station 3011 Washington Rd in Augusta, GA 30907 on the corner of Stevens Creek Rd, is one of the rudest cashiers I have ever met. I was in the store on 10-28-2013 between 1:50-2:00PM. She made the lady in front of me look like a complete idiot and would not help her swipe her BP rewards card. So everyone's wait was increased as the lady tried over and over to get it right. Then, I just wanted to cash in a scratch off lottery ticket. The bar code at the bottom was not visible and she refused to take it. I have never ever had a cashier not scratch off a lottery ticket for me. There are plenty of people that would be glad to have her job. She has poor customer service skills. It reflects poorly on BP and people tend to avoid locations with poor customer service. I will never step foot in this store again.

(1054) Gary
Thu, 24 October 2013 17:34:44 +0000

The BP Station at 9935 E Truman RD Independence, MO 64052 has the most JUNKIE Gas pumps I have ever tried to use. Only 2 of the 3 double pumps will work to pay at the pump. Today 10/24/2013 I tried to use pump #4 and the key pad would not let me put in my zip code. After a few minutes it went past the zip code to the rewards screen and I could not say yes or no on the amount there. Finally I went inside and the clerk said it cancelled to move to pump 1 or 2 because they are the only ones that work. I did this and the key pad worked BUT the rewards that I did have were gone!! After I pumped my gas it would not print a receipt because it was out of paper. These pumps are out of paper more than they have paper!! I can not believe BP wants to have these kind of stations. The Clerk said it was not his problem because he complains to the owner but the owner will not fix the pumps. I only shop at this station for the Rewards program and it is convenient for me. How to you get this station to fix his junk pumps?????

(1053) Cheryl Bondfield
Wed, 23 October 2013 17:57:54 +0000

Just went to the Bp just befor Chirnside Park VIC it was the dirtiest one I have seen they r usually very clean but this one was discussing all the petrol units were filthy not happy .

(1052) Spencer Rice
Tue, 22 October 2013 20:41:01 +0000

This concerns the BP station at 10950 Belleville, Michigan. The incident happened at pump nr 7 about 6pm on Oct 22.

I had about 1/4 a tank left so I stopped to get gas and a car wash. I inserted my credit card, did the zip code, selected the car wash and then the grade of gas. I removed the pump and inserted it into my tank. So far so good except - Nothing happened.

Thinking I maybe didn't hit the grade button properly I reached over and pushed it again. Still nothing. I removed the nozzle and one spot of gas dripped out and I noticed the machine reset for the next person. So I went to replace the nozzle to tell the manager and the machine spit out a receipt for me saying I pumped a 1/3 gallon of gas for $1.35 and my 7 dollar car wash. Note that I did not ask for the receipt it just printed it.

So I went in to tell the manager and he proceeded to tell me that I did pump the gas and didn't know it. I asked him why would I pump 1/3 a gallon of gas and he couldn't answer that however he stuck to his guns that I did in fact pump the gas. I told him again and again that nothing came out and he told me again and again I was wrong. I finally told him that I wasn't going to continue to argue and give me back my money for the car wash because I wasn't going to get that now. He pulled out the $1.35 and handed that to me and I said No - I want the car wash money back. He said then give me the $1.35 which I did. I then told him I bet the pump says zero and we walked out to look at it and it did say that I pumped 1/3 a gallon of gas. I looked him in the eye and said again "nothing came out". He again told me I was wrong and turned and left.

So that is a first for me with 43 years of driving experience. And it will be the last time I visit his BP station for that matter any BP station.

Spencer Rice

(1051) Helen. B
Tue, 22 October 2013 02:00:37 +0000

Again, I'm disappointed by the quality service received, Went to BP on Goodwood Road,Westbourne Park, South Australia and proceeded to clean all my windows and panals because there was and amount of bird poo I wished to remove as quickly as possible(as it damages the paintwork)and then purchase petrol. Unfortunatly, I had just started doing this when another car pulled up behind me, and I mouthed, "I might be a while"(obviously inconvienienced them for taking my/their time and then had to move to another pump when they realised I would not be rushed! and I believed they made a complaint to the operator inside BP??)

Then over the loud speaker I was told to move because I blocking the lane. Another car soon arrived(wasn't busy when I first entered the petrol station) but I hadn't quite finished. What upset me was that I still wanted to buy petrol and that the wiper water had not been changed and the watering jug was again empty!

Went into the store to pay for my petrol but had to wait in a queue (per usual)because of credit card problem so a second attendant(who apparently asked me moved on) was doing something else in the shop?? had to get up, come around and serve me. I told him I was not very happy and that I thought it was rather rude and frustrating as this has never happen before being "told off'! He also suggested that I move to the side and let others through and this was not a carwash! So why put wipers/watering jugs near the pumps if this is not what you are supposed to do? Why not put them in area where they will not block or inconvienince "frustrated others"

In years past the service attendant used to come out and clean your windows, check your oil and cooler but I forgot that doesn't occur these days(Do it yourself) and it surely about cost cutting and profit not service and courtesy. Now service attendants take your money and act as Baristas, shop attendants and miscellaneous. They rarely refill the wipers buckets/watering jugs (I guess to discourage individuals(like me) from wiping their own windows. I'm aware others are contantly in a hurry and do not wish to wait, it's just so disappointing so I will NOT go to this station again( out of principle, I was frustrated and embarrased and that previously supported and used frequently) and go elsewhere and hope its better?!

Regards a "silly" woman!

(1050) colleen fitzgerald
Mon, 21 October 2013 19:07:48 +0000

We go to bp here in orlando all the time for gas and drinks.This past sat. my daughter and I were there.As I was getting drinks she picked up the el sentinel for me. She went back to get one for herself.The manager walked upto her and said um you can only have one(its a free paper).He asked her you speak spanish?No I didnt think so. He then grabbed all the papers and threw them behind the counter and told the cashier one per customer.He was so rude to my 11 year old daughter she was almost in tears.We will no longer go there for gas or anything else.I will get my gas from now on at walmart.There was no reason for his rudeness or comment about spanish.I know there is a lady that goes there and grabs them all but its not me.He needs lessons on how to treat people.Very disgusted.

(1049) April
Sat, 19 October 2013 12:57:51 +0000

I live in NJ where I do not pump my own gas. I have been handing the attendant my driver rewards each time I fill up planning to gain several cents off for one big purchase. Today was supposed to be that day. I figured I had rack up about .50 center per gallon discount. But when the card was swiped, it said there was no value. Attendant told me I probably didn't activate my card, which I knew I did. Once I got home and went online to see my transactions, it became apparent that the attendant have been redeeming my reward points without my knowledge so that each time I go to the pump, I earn .05 off and then use .05 off. So instead of saving what should have been almost $8 today, I saved nothing and see that I have saved anywhere from .50 to .75 just that last few times -- not nearly close the $8 savings I should have gotten today. This is not right! I have been scammed because I live in NJ and don't pump my own gas -- give me the choice when to redeem and when to earn my rewards. The attendants have been making that decision for me without my knowledge and saving themselves a lot of money! Just wondering if anyone else in NJ has encountered this same problem. Have these attendants been told to do this so that they're also giving a saving mere change each time? Now I have to stay on top of my attendants and let them know not to redeem my rewards until I say so.

(1048) Dinesh Peiris
Fri, 18 October 2013 04:17:58 +0000

Location :- goodna Bp fuel station, date:- 18/10/2013, time :- around 5:50pm, counter person:- kimi. First I asked for a Lyca card and then for a lighter. She said $ 2 for lighter, and I wanted to have a look before I buy it. Because I didn't see any of them on the counter. I believe I have a right to see what I'm paying for before I buy it. But she was keep telling the price again and I realized that she wasn't happy with my request. Finally I got a lighter and a Lyca card and I gave $50 note then I wanted give 2 coin coz then I could get $40 in notes that is convenient for me. But she refused accept $2 coin and her answer was " you are too late". . She was completely rude to me that time and I was so disappointed with her attitude and body language through out her transaction. I'm pretty sure she wasn't on a good mood but as customer care professional (myself) I believe that was one of the worst experience that customer could face in a high standard company like Bp. English is not my first language but still I believe I did talk polite enough to her. Please do advice her on this matter she won't hurt anyone else in the future. Thank you. Sorry for troubling you guys but this is really necessary to make this complaint.

(1047) Grace Perkins
Thu, 17 October 2013 10:26:04 +0000

I am tired of going to the BP/circle k if that is what it really is and having to put my money on the counter because there is no one at the register. they are always outside..

(1046) SHARNEE
Mon, 14 October 2013 19:50:57 +0000

I went to the BP service station in Epsom, Vic yesterday (13/10/13) I went to the one across from the car dealership first to wash my car and they were all out of order, so I went to the other one in Epsom to do the car wash, i went to one bay and was about to put money in it and then another customer comes up to me and said the hose had a spilt it in so i went to another bay i put $5 in and started the pre wash, then a lady who worked at the BP came out and told me there was no soap and i asked if i could get my money back, and she answered no you cant, she was quite rude and i was not happy, so i said to her who can i ring to get my money back, she said she would leave a note for the manager to ring me today and talk about it.
The manager hasnt rang me at all.
It was very poor that all 3 bays at the first one where out of order and then the one i already put money in another 3 bays were out of order.

(1045) Ryan
Mon, 14 October 2013 17:23:21 +0000

Just had a horrible experience at BP Greensborough on Grimshaw St. I was there washing my car, when I ran out of wipes I headed inside the store to get some cash out. I asked the attendant for $5 cash out, and she responded that it's against company policy and there was an ATM behind me. I told her you can't get $5 out from an ATM, to which she replied sorry it's against company policy. I had to go around the corner to Safeway to get money out to finish cleaning my car because you stupid cunts wouldn't allow me to get cash out to finish spending money on your machine. I want a reply, an apology, a change in the business and a $100 fuel card within 24 hours or I will be boycotting BP. One person can make a difference. FUCK YOU!

(1044) Jason Zimmerman
Mon, 14 October 2013 10:59:54 +0000

I'm very upset with my experience at a BP gas station. First of all, almost all of the pumps locking feature are broken where you can keep the handle held back and sit in your car while the gas pumps. So I was hand pumping gas and all the sudden gasoline starts going everywhere. The crap pump did not detect that my tank was full. Gas got on my jeans and shoes right before work.

I will not be using BP again because there is absolutely no excuse for this happening. I have been pumping gas for 8 years and have NEVER had this happen. Now I have gasoline on my shoes and jeans and I paid for a bunch of gasoline that didn't even go in my tank.

Gravatar (1043) Erin Kelley
Sun, 13 October 2013 16:03:13 +0000

I would like you to know about who is representing your company here in Topeka, KS. My son works for Haag Oil and the station he is at has a manager named Dawn Frye. She is very nasty to her employees, dresses very iinappropriate and smells. My son received a work comp injury and she still told him to do something he can't do due to his restrictions by the work comp Doctor. He ended up re-injuring it again. He is being treated bad by most if the other employees and by the manager and assistant managers. I know the GM is named Thomas, and he is a real jerk also. He is extremely rude to just about everyone including customers. Due to how my son is being treated, we are going to pursue a work comp attorney. I just wanted to let you know who is representing your company and thought you may want to seek other people that will represent your company the correct way.

(1042) David Suter
Sat, 12 October 2013 20:54:21 +0000

I have been monitoring my LPG usage for the past month.

I Have a Ford G6E, with a sophisticated LPG measurement computer.

Lately, my focus has been on the amount of fuel (LPG) used, and I reset the meter each time I fill up. I can usually predict the amount of LPG I will be purchasing to within 0.5 of a litre.

Less than an hour ago, I drove into one of your petrol stations, with a reading 0f 70.1 litres of LPG used, and you can imagine my surprise when the pump showed 77 litres on completion!

I informed the operator, and whilst he acknowledged my concern, he did not offer any compensation (and nor could he, based on the evidence before him.

I would like you to ensure that the pump is tested, and when found to be out of calibration, please refund me the appropriate amount.

The station was at the corner of the Westernport Highway and Thompsons Road, in Victoria. The pump was the # 19 LPG Pump, and I expect it to be calibrated as soon as is possible, with the results being sent to the email address I have provided, thank you. (dnksuter@bigpond,net.au)

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

David Suter

(1041) Latosha Horton
Sat, 12 October 2013 17:05:20 +0000

I have been to BP at 1025 Goodman road horn lake, ms 38637 twice this week and the same young cashier is unable to sale me a BP gift card because she states nobody has shown her how to ring it up and She called Prescilla on the phone who was supposed to be the store manager and she told her to tell me the customer to return later in the week because she can't walk her through it on the phone. This was Wednesday 10-09-13 now I return today Saturday and she still can't sale me the customer a gift card.I need this taken care of that's not right

(1040) William Brash
Sat, 12 October 2013 16:41:18 +0000

I pulled up to station to get a bag of Ice. I pulled into yellow lines area which is wrong but I could not see blocking the pumps. I paid for Ice and was loading the car probably 3min total and the guy working at 4613 rt136 in greensburg pa Comes out and started yelling at me about pulling into handicap. I went back into the store and told him I made a mistake parking there but the handicap parking was two designated stalls beside the office. He continued to yell and get very aggressive . I said I guess you never made a mistake and called him a name. Jag off. He come flying out of the store and got in my face and wanted to fight . I tried to ignore him and he said if your going to call me a name be man enough to standup. So I looked him straight in the face and said I am here I am not going anywhere so do what you think you have to do. He then said to get out of here and don't ever come back. I told him he did not have the power to do that and he kept screaming get out of here now.. By the way this is outside of the building and I was quite embarrassed. NOW some background. My wife and I have 3 vehicles and fill up quite often as this station is .83 miles from the house. I am a 66 year old male professional financial consultant. And I do not want to get into a street brawl to get ice or gas. Oh Yea I happen to have 2artificial hips that are wearing out due to injury and I have a tube that comes from my back left side to be exact that helps drain an injured kidney. I do not believe in having a handicap marker and I have never knowingly took a handicap parking space I have survived many hardships physically and I am a cancer survivor of 5years when given a prognosis of 6months originally.. I believe someone should council this guy on his behavior and judging people as strong enough to fight just because there weaknesses are not obvious . You at this point have lost 3 cars for gas. I don't need to wonder if I am going to have to fistfight over a fill up. There are many gas stations. Part of me would like to continue using your products because I have never believed in intimidation or bullying , and part of me says move on and let the ignorant attendant stay ignorant.. Respond if you feel this is a situation worth responding to.
Could be a great local story but I am done. Thanks for your time.

(1039) dawn Selby
Sat, 12 October 2013 08:35:42 +0000

Would you please advise your station staff to update their offers available on their shelves as I have just had to pay £3.28 for two packets of biscuits that were priced up on the shelf as being 2 for £2.20. When I queried this, after the member of staff had a conversation with a college in a language which was not English, I was told oh well sorry about that do you still want them? I was in a hurry so should really have argued the point and wish now that I had.

(1038) Rhonda Pierce
Wed, 9 October 2013 23:34:04 +0000

I stopped in at the BP at 101 Old Sugar Creek Rd. in Fenton, MO to get a soda. I usually stop at Quick Trip, but this station was closer to me. BIG Mistake! This place is filthy. I filled my cup with ice and soda, grabbed a lid and then went for a straw. Both of the straw holders were filled with mold. Not just in the holder, but some of the straws had been soaked in old soda and the wrappers were growing mold on them. This store is very dirty, it has debris and dirt on the floor all around the shelves and counters. I won't be back and the Health Department might be getting a call from me in the morning as well!

(1037) Gerald Fitzpatrick
Mon, 7 October 2013 03:55:11 +0000

On Monday 7 October at 18:30 I attempted to use the dog wash at the King William Road BP/On The Run Service Station.

I initially entered the shop and spoke to the cashier seeking change to use the dog was. The female attendant explained that she was only able to provide $2.00 coins as she had run out of $1.00 coins. I accepted this exchange, knowing that I would have to put more than the minimum $5.00 into the machine to activate it.

As I was using the machine I notes that the device and surrounding fenced area was filthy. Clearly one or several long haired dogs were cleaned and groomed in this area. As a result there were thick clumps of wet greasy looking hair on the floor and in the wash device.

I had to physically restrain my dog from ingesting the stringy hair.

The next thing I noted was that the machine was broken. The device sprayed warm water, but the shampoo and conditioner products were not being dispensed.

I raised both concerns with the female shop attendant, who introduced me to a man she identified as the 2IC, apparently an onsite manager of some kind.

He told me that it was not his job to clean the dog wash bay and that a cleaner attended once a day. He also stated that he would let them know about the filth.

In relation to the faulty equipment, the 2IC manager dismissed it without concern. He did not offer to reimburse my wasted money, and he appeared to take no responsibility for the faulty equipment.

This lack of professionalism and disinterest in the plight of the customer resulted in me cancelling the planned car wash and filling my tank with petrol.

Further to this I attempted to make contact with the On The Run via the internet and found that their website does not provide customers with an avenue to raise issues. As a result I have been forced to correspond with your organisation.

I am extremely disappointed in your staff's customer service and I would like to know what you intend to do to rectify this poor performance.



(1036) Fred Brillante
Sat, 5 October 2013 15:01:46 +0000

The BP gas station at 15295 US 301 Waldo Fl is dirty with filthy bacteria infested water in the wash buckets and only one windshield squeegee. I scrubbed my windshield to get rid of the baked on June bugs and found the washer was worn down to the metal and so I scratched up the windshield on my 8 day old 2014 Subaru Forrester. The station had disgusting bathrooms, very unsanitary!
BP says they have no control over their stations and I am SOL.
What a crock NEVER go to a BP gas station ever!

(1035) Lyle Formaini
Mon, 30 September 2013 21:42:13 +0000

To whom it may concern,
I had the unfortunate experience of purchasing unleaded fuel and gas from the BP operation ( cnr Hammond Rd and Greens Rd Dandenong South)at 10.15 this morning.
After filling up with fuel and then waiting in a queue to pay I was told that I had failed to hang up one of the pumps correctly so I proceeded back to pumps to check on this, once I had established that there was nothing wrong I proceeded back into the queue only to be told that there was something wrong with the pump itself and could I wait whilst the attendant sought clarification from her manager who I assume was hiding ou the back. This attendant then made numerous calls and discussions with whoever whilst I was left standing watching dozens of people get served without issue. After 15 minutes or so I was helped by the very curteous attendant and I asked to speak to a manager who by this time had decided to leave the building and stand near some other pumps. Naturally I was extremely shocked by what had taken place so far and without the Manager showing any courtesy by at least explaining the situation or offering assistance I asked him to get his lasy body inside to explain why I had wasted 15-20 minutes of my time ( which my employer considers important). After telling him what I thought of the debacle he kindly told me tahnks for my patience and turned away from me and out of the shop. Now I know I was wrong to suggest he was useless as it is probably BP's fault for not training it's employees correctly as well as by that time I was angry but a simple piece of courtesy initially would have saved this email.
As a part of a national company I feel it is my duty to inform our fleet co-ordinator of this. We at our operation in Keysborough will find another option for our fleet.

Gravatar (1034) Darius
Mon, 30 September 2013 18:45:25 +0000

I went into a BP store, in Tuscaloosa AL, and my brother was buying me a drink. When i was bring my drink to the counter, the attendant, who is the owner of the store asked me "why are you always broke?" he also said "Why don't you're black ass ever have money?" we exchanged words and i finally left, he was very rude and it shouldn't matter if i have money or not, because my brother was buying me something..

(1033) Tarryn
Thu, 26 September 2013 21:11:49 +0000

Very irrate and angry about BP in Dalby! Had to get fuel after being on the road for 5 hours and there was a queue of 5 cars. I noticed 2 pumps that had been sectioned off. After waiting 15 minutes in the searing heat to get fuel (also no unleaded left so had to get premium!) I went to go pay. I asked the girl behind the counter why the 2 pumps weren't working and she replied they were wiping down the pumps. So I asked why they didn't stop when they saw they line getting longer and she just replied: we have a job to do!
I know you probably think I am silly but I will not being using your service stations anymore if these are the types of people who work for you!

(1032) Manu stephen
Thu, 26 September 2013 12:18:11 +0000

BP Autoport convenience center
675 Paisley Road West G511RP
Yet to receive a response from BP on the following complaint about
BP Autoport convenience center
675 Paisley Road West G511RP

The above bp station offers reduced price fuel twice a week. Last Wednesday, I saw the cut price offer on display and went in for a refill. But, the price was hiked at that time and I asked the person at the kiosk why they were overcharging. They said that they will check and came back saying that it was the normal price on display, which I was sure that he changed it while I was waiting at the kiosk. Anyway, I paid the full price without any argument, but was really upset to go through the same experience just a while ago. The price on the pump was 133 and the same person went inside and changed it to 137 or 138, just as I was about to use the pump. Just disappointed from such experiences from a reputed Co like Bp having been a long time customer. I would like to know what actions would be taken on the above!


Manu Stephen
- Sent from my HTC on 3 -

(1031) Nianzu
Thu, 26 September 2013 07:31:41 +0000

I a, Nianzu chan and I wanted to complaint about one of your B.P. staff, today evening I went to your B.P. gas station at B.P. connect, Flat Bush on the corner of Ormiston road and Te-irrirangi drive (East tamaki, Auckland), I went their to fill up my gas bottle. I went inside and their was a guy standing on till i ask him that please send someone to fill my gas bottle, he was serving customers so he ask a girl named SIMU to fill up the bottle
but that girl was so rude to him and was looking angry, she was doing nothing was just standing near to Barista machine, she refused to fill my bottle and was yelling at that guy that she is not going out,
I was sitting their and was watching everything I could see that guy was alone at the counter, their was another girl in the kitchen but she didn't come out, and that guy was serving all the customer and she (Simu) was doing nothing she yelled at him and was saying she has filled up too many gas bottles now she doesn't want to go
Cause of that girl I had to wait for too long and she was so bad in nature instead of helping that guy she was talking rudely to him and made me waiting and I am sure if you ask that guy he will definitely tell you how rude was she, I was going for party but that girl made me late and my mood was off cause of her behavior
I just came from party and specially writing you this mail at this time so that you people can take action against that girl
cause of her i don't wish to go their again but I really appreciate that guy who was serving their and I appreciate his calm nature.

(1030) Chris Porter
Tue, 24 September 2013 23:21:55 +0000

I stopped at the B.P. at 1300 W. Memorial Dr. Muncie In. I went in to get a refill, I got it then went to the counter and the guy working said it was not a refill and I was a FUCKING liar, we exchanged some words, then he said "Im off at 10 I.kick your FUCKING ASS" after saying that multiple times and me returning words, he said 3 times "come back at 10 im going to kill you" I asked him what he said and he replyed, you heard me I'm going to kill you. So I'm going to talk to the owner tomorrow and getting a lawyer and I'm going to file a lawsuit. This is inexcusable. And when the owner sees I had a cup upon entry, he going to be upset about this situation. Feel free to contact me at 7652161434 or 7652161434. Thank You.

(1029) Freddie Cabrera
Mon, 23 September 2013 20:30:20 +0000

I can't believe the BP gas station on 1573 Islip Ave, Central Islip, NY is now charging less for cash. So I now decided to stop using my BP Credit Card, which I earn rewards on and decided to get a Hess Credit Card and purchase Hess gas now. If you want me to continue purchasing $200 a month of Gas, you'll stop this thievery and loop whole. I hope the government of NY looks into this right away. I notice a few years ago, Exxon and Gulf started this. That's why I never purchased their gas. I been loyal with BP, since they offered competitive pricing and a loyalty program. Why would anyone stay loyal when you now want to be followers. I have shared this story with my friends and family to boycott all BP gas stations on long island and choose another provider who doesn't follow this thievery system.

(1028) Lisa whitacre
Mon, 23 September 2013 18:52:51 +0000

I was at the bp on 1525 neidringhaus in granite city illinois. I tried to use a bp shop your way coupon. I was treated very rude. I couldnt understand the clerk. There was another employee there that could have helped with the communication problem but was just as rude. I left and they never allowed me to use my coupon and i dont plan on doing business ever again there but i do plan on telling all my friends and family.

(1027) Donnie Harrison
Mon, 23 September 2013 16:13:16 +0000

Had to endure 10 minutes of hate speech from the attendant at BP in Ida MI. Guess she thought sense we were all white it would be ok. Told her I didn't appreciate her bigotry. As I walked out , she said over the loudspeaker "freedom of speech bitch".

(1026) Jim M.
Sat, 21 September 2013 16:51:09 +0000

I have a complaint about the BP gas station located at Grover, NC on Highway 29. The station is actually on the SC side of I-85. On Sept. 20, 2013 I stopped on my way home from work to purchase diesel fuel. Signs on all the gas pumps, "NO GAS". Diesel had no signs. I swiped credit card 2 times, each time it said see clerk. So I walked in store, nobody behind counter. A young man walked up and asked if he could help me. I stated I was trying to pump diesel fuel and pump screen said see cashier. He said its not telling me anything, he checked it 2 times. Then a man, with India descent, walks up and asks, "What do you want?" I politely said I'm trying to pump diesel fuel. He says, "we have no gas." I said I don't want gas I need diesel; sign says no gas! He says very rudely; we have no gas. I turned and left. This station I have done business before, always pay at pump. The windshield washer tubs are always empty, trash filled. Pumps are always so dirty! This is the newest station out of the 5 stations there. I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS AT THIS STATION AGAIN!!!!

(1025) Kimberly Mandera
Wed, 18 September 2013 18:31:13 +0000

The BP at 3968 W. Belmont in Chicago: Clerk was the most DISRESPECTFUL & UNPROFESSIONAL clerk that I've ever encountered. His behavior was not only rude, but hurtful & racist.
He started by making childish faces mocking me, then told my huspand that he. Smoked too much marijuana (my husband has a problem with his eyes, needing surgery), he then proceeded to call him "Mother Fu***r" While immitating his Puerto Rican accent. My husband told him watch it or he'll call the police on clerk for verbal assault. The clerk called him Bi**h & told us to wait outside n he'll come out & take care of my husband.
SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS!!!! I'm a Very LOYAL BP customer & have been for years. Does BP allow franchises to represent the BP name like this??? Below is the info necessary to identify this employee. I pray he is reprimanded for his racist actions, threats, & cussing at a couple of 20+ year customers (when they were Amoco).
@ 4:51pm on Wed, 9/18/2013.

Wed, 18 September 2013 16:17:13 +0000

To whom it may concern:
I am writing to let you know that we own a Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Ram Dealership in Hurricane,WV and have had a BP FLEET gas card with you guys for at least 25 years!!!!! The problem that we ran into was that we had a new person learning our billing and paying for all of our credit card amounts and she sent out the BP payment last month and it got there a few days past the due date and so a 75.00 late fee was added and my Brother called to see if it could be adjusted seeing as how we've been GOOD customers for all these years and was RUDELY told by 2 different people that nothing could be done!I was astounded and told him to let me try and see if I could get ahold of someone before he goes and CANCELS all of our fleet BP gas cards! WOW! To my AMAZEMENT I have spent half the day trying to locate someone who will even help me out on this. I feel this is POOR customer satisfaction and it's somewhat obvious that no one really does care.Everyone wants to give me another number and I can tell you that we work with Chrysler every day and if a customer isn't happy that they can call the 1-800 number and get to a person who at least checks with us on what went down and then they make a decision on if they want to help the customer out especially if they have bought lots of vehicles from them. I'm just really let down that BP wouldn't want to let that 75.00 go and keep our business which was at least close to a 1,000 a month. I have always wanted to support BP because they helped out people when hard times have hit like Big Sandy and other disasters in the past. Maybe my brother is right on that NO one does care but I just wanted to try one last time to see if that's exactly the main thing. He wants to cancel it on Thursday so an answer right away would be very much appreciated. Our Corp. fleet card is under Courts Motors in Hurricane, wV 25526 and the number is 0465043479. Thanks for your time on listening to this. The supervisor that's over the main corp. fleet card in Ca. was very rude to my brother and that is why I'm trying to e-mail you on this.
If you should need any people that he talked with or myself- we BOTH have all of the names. We do own our Dealership and KNOW that keeping customers happy with SO MANY other brands of cars out there is the way to go even if that requires at times doing something that we'd rather not do or losing some money to keep the customer. It's ALL about how you look at your business and how much value that you place on customers themselves. I look forward to hearing back from you very soon. You can e-mail me back or call me at any of these numbers 1-800-303-0264 or 304-562-9011 or 304-743-4433.
Lesa Courts

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