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(123) Nota Idiot
Thu, 22 July 2010 18:38:57 +0000

You dirty rotten scum sucking sob's! How much money do you need? Is oil and money worth destroying our planet? The executives of your company should be lined up against a wall and executed!You will all pay when the time comes! You sicken me!

(122) Gary Feigenbutz
Thu, 22 July 2010 18:10:16 +0000

Just spent a week observing the clean-up "effort" in the Destin Area near my beach home. One word, pathetic. Lots of Trucks, tractors, trailers, crews literrally driving over tarballs at my house 253 Open Gulf St., Miramar Beach. I showed the tar balls to the workers to the coast guard people, the supervisors in the 4 wheelers, etc. the tar balls which are well off the beach from higher tides a couple of weeks ago. They dip their nets and most of the tarballs fall through the nets into the white sand like dippin dots. They spend a few minutes then wander off along the coastline where there aren't tar balls so they can check out the chicks in the bikinis walking over area covered one hour earlier. Clearly the objective is to soak BP for as much $$ as possible and do the minimum amount of work. I am coming back in three weeks with my own nets to clean up my own property. Never in my life have I observed so many people, spending so much money accomplishing so little.

(121) GG
Thu, 22 July 2010 12:18:25 +0000

BP and the government think that we are fools. This is a big cover up, I honestly believe those under water cameras are not running in real time because they do not have a clue how to plug this leak up. Once again for the love of money and greed, our lives has been compromised. This time I don't think we will ever recover from this one.

(120) pablo ramirez
Tue, 20 July 2010 13:47:51 +0000


(119) Patrick A. Sellers
Mon, 19 July 2010 09:19:29 +0000

We live in Florida from October thru April of each year. We plan on not visiting the beaches for several years because of the oil spill. We expect to see higher consumer prices until this disaster subsides.

(118) R Sechler
Sun, 18 July 2010 12:44:51 +0000

Safety First,

How many times do we need to say it before those who preach it fail epically. Bottom line numbers are no excuse for a company and an industry that preaches safety as it's highest priority to kill inocent workers and to ceate an enviromental disaster yet to be exceded by any other man made disater.

There is no excuse for your neglect in this case. First, neglect and bottom line numbers kills 7 dedicated astronuats and then yet another 7 at a later date. Another industry that preaches safety as it's highest priority.

Safety isn't an excuse, it's a way of life!
Your man made disater will distroy life as it has been known for the entire world. Food chains distroyed, fisherman's lives distroyed, economies distroyed. All in the name of SAFETY FIRST....well at least that's what you preach...

Pay the people, clean it up and then ask for your "Life Back?" Pathetic !!

"Bottom Line Here?"

(117) Ro Le
Wed, 14 July 2010 08:59:40 +0000

I have been a fisherman in Venice, Louisiana for over 20 yrs and this vessel of opportunity have treat me very unfairly. I was promise a month of work but upon reporting to my first day at work, the fishing and wildlife told me that my first day of work will also be my last day. I understand the pain of not getting chosen, but it was devastating to get chosen and then rejected. I had so much hope and joy at one point but broke down in tears when they told me the news.

(116) Brian Moore
Tue, 13 July 2010 09:00:06 +0000

I am disgusted to hear how some of these compaines are just shuffling sand on the beaches and not cleaning it up. There are also many compaines that are being very discriminative towards who they hire. BP needs to make public a list of all legitimate companies that are hiring for the oil spill clean-up and a way to contact them.

(115) Alexander Kuebler
Tue, 13 July 2010 04:27:27 +0000

Thanks BP for killing our world!
i love to see BP going down with all the people who investet in BP!
you deserve it.
BP you are the devil. May you burn in hell!

(114) noamountofmoneywillpayforthis
Tue, 13 July 2010 04:04:13 +0000

I'm sick and tired of seeing news stating that BP's cost to clean up the Gulf oil "spill" has spread to 3.5 billion. First of all, it isn't a “spill” - it is one of the world's largest ecological disasters! Secondly, this will never be “cleaned” up! Thirdly, no amount of BP’s dirty blood money will ever pay for this!! Can we buy back the extinct species such as sperm whales and sea turtles? Can we buy back all the birds and other animal species killed by this slow painful death? Can we buy back the eggs/larvae (that so many animals migrate to the Gulf to lay) and get them back into our food chain? Can we buy back the oceans that we all need for the air that we breathe? 70% of oxygen comes from algae in our oceans - can we buy that back? Can we buy back the fragile coral that supports myriad sea life? Can we buy back the clean/safe drinking water that we get from the ocean when it cycles into the clouds and back to our land - the Ogallala aquifer that TX is part of (one of the largest sources of clean drinking water in the world) and the FL aquifers that so many people rely on for clean drinking water? Can we buy back the 11 lives lost in the explosion and the person who committed suicide (and the others that have that we don’t know about and the others that will)? Can we buy back the future unborn foetuses when women are no longer able to reproduce? Can we buy back all of the people that will die in future from cancers caused by the toxic soup that BP has made the Gulf by releasing hundreds of millions of gallons of oil mixed with methane and other deadly gases, over 1.7 million gallons of dispersant (4 x more toxic than oil) and the toxins they have released in the air from burning off oil and spraying dispersant in the air? Will we buy back our freedom by gaining independence from a dying industry such as oil? The choice is up to you. Write to your government and tell them you want them to make alternative/renewable energy sources the norm. Tell them you want and need them to be not only affordable but accessible and that you hold them accountable to make this so and to end the world’s reliance on this black blood that mankind lusts after that has cost us all so much.

(113) BP HATER
Mon, 12 July 2010 23:11:31 +0000


(112) Hank
Mon, 12 July 2010 22:09:42 +0000

I am very discouraged and upset that I live in Venice, Louisiana and depend on fishing and renting a small lot on my property as additional income and I have submitted my application FIVE (5) times and went to BP personally ONE (1) time and called TWO (2) times and still I see all these out of state workers flowing in and working. IT IS NOT FAIR GO HOME!!!!! We no OUR gulf and OUR marsh!!!! We are the ones affected here and BP is hiring out of towners instead of locals!!! I want to work and protect my home BP owes that to us!!!!!!!

(111) J
Sun, 11 July 2010 20:52:29 +0000

According to what is occurring with my claim and from others I know and have heard stories from, the claim process timeline is pathetic. I have been in business for 6 years and have used a professional accountant for all 6 of those years that handles my IRS returns and monthly profit/loss statements. I met with my adjuster on June 29th and submitted my legal documents. There is a very easy to see progressive decline since the onset of the oil spill. I email my adjuster every few days to check on my status. As of today, July 11th, the adjuster still hasn't even started with my claim. The process doesn't seem very efficient or timely to me.

(110) Wendy
Sun, 11 July 2010 16:59:09 +0000

‎On corexit:
"The Federal Government reserves the right to discontinue the use of this dispersant method if negative impacts on the environment outweigh the benefits, and the Coast Guard’s Federal On-Scene Coordinator [Paul Zukunft] has the authority to make daily decisions regarding any request by BP to adjust the use of dispersant."

(109) alan m dransfield
Sat, 10 July 2010 03:16:00 +0000

I am gobsmacked at the consistent lies and bullshit spouted by BP ref the deepwater horizon debacle.
Their latest statement is the DEEPWATER HORIZON was an "EXPLORATORY RIG" which is absolute BULLSHIT.
The DH rig was drilled with the FULL KNOWLEDGE of the Worlds 2nd Largest Oil Reservoir, hence, how the hell can it be an EXPLORATORY RIG
The DH rig was NOT recovering Oil from the Oil Reservoir, it's sole job was to drive the shaft into the "KNOWN Reservoir" temporay plug the well and move onto the next well. But under NO CIRCUMSTANCE can the DH be called an EXPLORATOY RIG.

This is yet another attempt to pervert the course of justice with the assistance of the 5th Circuit Judges

(108) alan m dransfield
Fri, 9 July 2010 00:06:27 +0000

Judge Feldman won his appeal yesterday and the Oil Companies have won their court appeal to block the White House drilling ban.
Yesterdays court decision 2-1 in favour of Judge Feldman comes as no surorise to me.
I wonder how many Oil shares the appeal court judges hold??!!
This oil spill debacle jst got worse.

(107) aaron
Thu, 1 July 2010 14:09:30 +0000

i just dont understand HOW this could happen. how can you build such a potentially disastrous project (even more so because its in the middle of our WATER) without every protective measure known to man that would have prevented this?????

i think a monkey could weigh the logic before drilling or engineering was ever even considered:
"whats better all around, spending the extra buck (i dont CARE how much the cost)to make sure the black stuff doesnt run all over the place, or do a mediocre job with the prospect of environmental annihilation?"

not to mention, going back to the "extra buck", that the cleanup cost and God knows whatever else they're having to fork out money for must be soaring. that money would be put to a lot more use, say, back when the thing was built! a tragic irony.

(106) j. glassman
Wed, 30 June 2010 00:37:41 +0000

This company does not know how to take responsibility for it's actions and used propaganda to combate the negagtive image it has magified by not acting in a proactive and responsible way.

I will NEVER buy BP oil and hope that all top management heads are hand on platters. I hope a giant tsunami dumps the oil on the homes of BP management.

(105) Amy
Tue, 29 June 2010 13:16:49 +0000

BP you SUCK! That is what i have been driving around with on my car! Along with a laughing gull DRENCHED in oil. The Gulf coast was BEAUTIFUL until you came along. Its the poor animals, marine life etc that i really feel bad for....you are stopping boats from collecting turtles, you are buring them ALIVE plus releasing these unknown chemicals in the water.....you guys are really smart. I just hope you guys rot...i wish i could through you guys in that water.

Gravatar (104) Mark B
Tue, 29 June 2010 09:25:12 +0000

great vacation BP thanks for the OIL. I hope nothing but great things for you and your VERY RICH company. Don't worry about stopping the oil but seeing how much you can save..... Thanks again

feel free to send any emails. I would love to hear more BS from you.

(103) barb h
Tue, 29 June 2010 07:07:25 +0000

BP should ST0P its TV and print advertising and pay that $$$ to the victims and states. more importantly EXCESS equipment and staff at ground zero to save the marshes. It has been 66 days and there are too many missed oppty and policy bottlenecks and inactivity BEFORE it got to this stage. The only way BP's image will improve is if they bar no cost to fix this, stop this. There is NO way that this habitat, environment, way of life, jobs, homes will be RIGHT for decades, if at all. I predict that BP will go bankrupt before they can make restitution to the Gulf Residents. It is deplorable. Stop the politicking and just DO IT. You've wasted too much time. I also vote to suspend offshore drilling permanently. Firms (and their greed, shortsightedness) and the govt oversight CANNOT BE trusted. No one has talked about the Utter wASTE of this precious resource and the price impact at the pump for generations to come.

(102) alan m dransfield
Tue, 29 June 2010 00:42:44 +0000

The fact remains a Judge has over-ruled the President of the USA on a National Security Issue and in the meantime whilst waiting for the "APPEAL" the deepwater drilling goes on WITHOUT the necessaty risk assessment and oil spill protection plans!?.
It is quite clear that Judge Feldman should have releived himself of this case because of serious conflict of interest and NOW the Judge pleads ignorance to owing BP and Exxon shares.
The latest financial statement from the Judge is from 2009 but I would bet my bottom dolar that the Judge have invested heavilly in a company called Boots and Coots and subsidary of Haliburton ,whom, are the modernday Red Adair.
Judge Feldman's financial statement for this year is eagerly awaited.
How long is this appeal going to take for goodness sake, further lives are in jeopardy, the environment is at great risk. Take your time guys, there really is no rush!!??
I am also amazed at Exxonmobil standpoint on this latest Oil Spill and they purport the highest saefty and environmental rgeulations being applied to Exxon Projects. Could someone then please tell me why the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline (CCP) has been allowed to operate in a legal void for the last 7 years and plans to operate is such a legal void for another 40 years.
BP/Exxon and Shell between them will surely destroy the planet, especially when they are conniving and colluding with CROOKED JUDGES.

(101) Destroyed Myplanet
Tue, 29 June 2010 00:29:13 +0000

BP Executives implement a low cost practice, far short on safety, a disaster in the wait, a reactive/non proactive response, and fly by the seat of their pants at the expense of others. Thank you for your excellent work. I look forward to keeping my children out of the ocean for the next 500 years. You are incompetent and you have yet to know the true sting of the wrath of the countless lives you have destroyed. Have you ever picked up your teeth with broken fingers? Your money will never fix this mess, and it can never be cleaned up. Congratulations, you will take this to your grave.

(100) Angela
Mon, 28 June 2010 20:59:41 +0000

From Canada : Having money does not give BP the right to commit murder, which it is doing right now to it's employees, to American citizens and animals. Most of the employees from the Valdez spill are now dead. Plenty of the citizens have health problems and we do not know how many are dead.

Obliging employees to work without protection is outright murder as they know very well the dangers of oil and their other used chemicals.

They should be criminally charged and locked up forever.

But since humans will not do their jobs, God will !

Also do not think that people will not find out about your other inhumane and negligent practices, like your cooperation with Shell in the Nigerian spills that have been going on since 1958 and that have ruined the lives of innocent people who must drink your polluted water. Why don't you have a drink and see what it tastes like?

Stop hiding the fact that oil fumes cause cancer and other health problems.

Stop trying to prevent us from finding humane and healthy energy sources.

Stop polluting our water, which we can't even drink without chemicals in it because it is so polluted thanks mostly to your greedy and evil behavior.

Stop pretending that our fish is safe to eat. It migrates and doesn't all stay in place. The water also moves. We are not dumb and know that the pollution ends up in our food chain.

Stop hiding behind the fact that you are a company.

You are also human beings who deliberately choose to ruin the planet and the lives of those living it just for money. You are very aware of what you are doing and yet continue to do so.

Money is worthless with no planet earth to live on. Though I guess you do not care about your own children or grandchildren.

(99) Shawna Warner
Mon, 28 June 2010 19:26:17 +0000

Get your S--T together BP,

I am absolutely disgusted with the lack of enviromental concern by BP OIL. No excuses. Total Clean up costs billed to BP OIL > No questions asked. This is not a barter situation. May you sink in your own spill...

Truly Upset,
Shawna Warner
Toronto, Ontario

(98) Sean
Mon, 28 June 2010 09:18:06 +0000

The local BP here isn't one I would have gone to before the spill, as their parking lot resembles the surface of the moon, in other words lots of potholes. The restroom I used once, and vowed to never do that again,as it was the dirtiest, most foul smelling I have ever been in, even worse that porta-potties. If they can't keep their own stations clean , what makes us think that they will clean up the spill in the gulf? The last time I was there, I asked the clerk why their gas cost more than other stations, and was told that BP sets the price for their station, and that they have no control over the price, yet now they are claiming that they are "independant stations" and not an entity of BP? How convienient this statement is now, yet before the spill every problem at that station was blamed on the headquarters who wouldn't approve of getting things fixed such as the parking lot and pumps that didn't work all the time. I now go out of my way to buy gas at other stations here in Florida, even though the stations keep saying they are independant. If that was the case, why wouldn't BP allow these so called independant owners to get gas from suppliers other than BP? Greed is it, BP wants them to adhere to their contract so they won't lose more money.

(97) Carl Bonham
Mon, 28 June 2010 06:54:48 +0000

I went to a labor contractor to do the training and when I was done there was no job for us to do , waist of four days and money spent on motel and don’t get the HAZWOOPER.

Labor companies taking avantage
Upset Florida

(96) Aaron McQueen
Sun, 27 June 2010 10:14:39 +0000

It sounds like shortcuts were taken when working on this well. These shortcuts may have saved BP some money but it's been at the cost of many people's lives, the environment and BP's neighbors. It makes it look like BP values money over people's lives, the environment and other people's livelihoods.

It appears the damage inflicted on everyone doesn't weigh on the mind of BP's CEO as he's still enjoying his spare time in yacht races. I would have thought he'd be in the office late during this crisis. I guess the spill doesn't really impact him though - he still has more money than he needs in several lifetimes and even if he did get fired I bet he'd probably still get a large payout. I think the only thing that would ensure the best practices are followed is if there is jail time handed out to decision makers who put safety and the environment at risk in order to save money.

Since accidents like this are rare it makes me think that proper work practice weren't followed. Also, I see that BP's symbol on this site shows a dollar sign in the middle. I think a large fine should be made in order for BP to learn and change their company values.

(95) alan m dransfield
Sun, 27 June 2010 03:02:41 +0000

So the deepwater drilling continues because a Disterict Judge CAN over-rule the US President.
I always thought the US President was the MOST powerful man in the US??!!
It would NOW appear the US Constitution stands bewteen JUSTICE and I appeal to the US President to pull his finger out and tell Judge Feldman to step asisde and ENSURE a BAN is put in place UNTIL the Deepwater Horizon root causes are made public.

(94) alan m dransfield
Sun, 27 June 2010 02:09:40 +0000

There is breaking evidedence that BP have been conniving and colluding to COVER-UP serious crimes on the Deepwater Horizon DEBACLE and have also been conniving and colluding with US JUDGES to continue deepwater drilling. There are NO LIMITS to the depths of degredation that BP and other Oil Companies will stoop to feed their own greed.
Please see the following from the public domain
New evidence reveals willful failure to recuse from oil drilling moratorium case despite full knowledge of conflicts-of-interest...

On Thursday The BRAD BLOG posted an article in which I offered the legal underpinnings supporting the case for the impeachment of U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman in light of his failure to recuse himself due to conflicts-of-interest in Hornbeck Offshore Services vs. Salazar [PDF].

The case for unseating the federal judge has grown still stronger at week's end, with new disclosures of his investments in the off shore oil drilling industry and what appears to be a very conscious decision to remain on the case despite them.

New evidence now suggests that the actions of Judge Feldman, at the very outset of the moratorium case, are particularly damning. Those new revelations support not only a case for impeachment against the Reagan-appointee who, as has also come to light, is reportedly a very close friend of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, but they also reveal a lifetime appointee to the federal bench who is simply unfit to remain in office...

Worse Than Previously Known

Last Tuesday, the Louisiana federal judge rendered an astounding decision to overturn the Obama Administration's six month moratorium on deep water exploratory drilling, affecting some 30 rigs in the Gulf, even as more than three thousand production rigs would remain in full operation. Judge Feldman ruled that the moratorium, adopted in the wake of the disaster still unfolding in the Gulf, was "arbitrary" and "capricious" --- the language required for a federal judge to overturn an agency's decision under the Administrative Procedures Act. The government has said they will appeal the decision.

Quoting from a Democracy Now! news report --- though I could have done so by linking to any number of media reports --- I noted that Judge "Feldman has extensive stock holdings in energy companies, including Transocean, which owned the Deepwater Horizon oil rig where the explosion occurred, and Halliburton, which also performed work at the site. Judge Feldman also owns stock in two of BP’s largest shareholders, BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase."

That original report resulted in a number of anonymous oil industry apologists quickly descending on our comments section to level uncited claims that Judge Feldman had divested his industry holdings two years ago.

"He owned those stocks in 2008. He didn't own them when he was assigned the case," anonymous commenter "URSheep" sniffed, adding: "EPIC FAIL".

"Who knew stocks he no longer holds can be held up as a conflict of interest...oh, that's right, this blog and most media outlets," snarked "Menlo Bob" who concluded: "Thanks guys for the mis-information."

As it turns out, however, the original media reports on Judge Feldman's holdings in the oil industry were based on his 2008 financial disclosure statement, the latest available at the time. They were not, as his newly released 2009 financial disclosure statement has since revealed, fully up to date. Indeed, we now learn that Judge Feldman sold-off his interest in Halliburton and some of his offshore holdings, but did not divest his interest in "all" of those holdings --- not by a long shot.

Judge Feldman continues to be heavily invested in the oil industry, including in BP's top shareholder, BlackRock, and, perhaps even more incredibly, until the very day he announced his finding in the case, he owned stock in Exxon-Mobil, owner of one of the Gulf rigs temporarily shut down by the moratorium.

Exxon-Mobil Stock Sold on Day of Ruling

As reported Friday by Bloomberg Businessweek, on June 22 --- just last Tuesday --- the very day that he issued his extraordinary decision, Judge Feldman's stock broker, under his direction, sold off the judge's investment in shares of Exxon-Mobil. As Businessweek observed, "Exxon, who was not a party litigant in the moratorium case, nevertheless had one of the 33 rigs in the Gulf..." which would have been directly affected by Judge Feldman's decision.

In his new financial disclosure, Judge Feldman stated:

The Exxon stock…was sold at the opening of the stock market on June 22, 2010 prior to the opening of a court hearing on the Oil Spill Moratorium Case.
But that statement is deceptive. Upon closer inspection, Judge Feldman's June 22 decision reveals that Hornbeck Offshore Services filed its federal lawsuit on June 7; that, on June 9, Hornbeck filed "a motion for preliminary injunction prohibiting the government from enforcing the drilling moratorium" and that Judge Feldman, ostensibly "because of the national importance of these issues, ordered an expedited hearing for June 21, 2010."

In other words, the "hearing" on the preliminary injunction motion took place one day before the federal judge hearing the case dumped his Exxon-Mobil stock. A "hearing" on the 22nd would have merely been a formality wherein Judge Feldman announced his finding --- the one he had come to while he was still the proud owner of the Exxon-Mobil stock. That ownership was an impropriety which Judge Feldman obviously understood to constitute a conflict-of-interest. Why else would he have instructed his broker to dump it?

"When he began hearings on the case, right up until the day of the ruling, he was still an Exxon shareholder," MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show reported on Friday night (full video at end of article). "He was holding hearings on a case that would directly affect his own financial future --- the financial future of a company he held stock in."

If we are to take Judge Feldman at his word; that he did not appreciate the significance of his financial interest in Exxon-Mobil until after the market had closed on the 21st --- Maddow reports they were told by his office that "he didn't learn that he was an Exxon shareholder until Monday night, the night before his ruling --- the appropriate course would not have been to race to dispose of his stock holdings even as he was drafting his decision. An ethical judge would have, at that point, come to the realization that his role in the case was hopelessly compromised by --- at the very least --- the appearance of a serious conflict-of-interest. The appropriate course was an immediate recusal so that the issue could be taken up by a judge who was not burdened by such a conflict.

Invested in BP, Invested in Transocean

It gets worse. As Maddow reported on Friday, Judge Feldman remains "significantly invested" in several funds managed by the investment firm BlackRock, far and away BP's largest single shareholder.

In covering the new "bombshell", Maddow notes a June 17th New York Times report finding that "No single institution has more money riding on BP than BlackRock, the money management firm that is BP’s largest shareholder."

BlackRock holds "more than one billion shares of BP's stock," explains Maddow. "When BP's financial future is at stake in the Gulf of Mexico, so is BlackRock's."

Moreover, contrary to Bloomberg Businessweek's report, Judge Feldman did not fully divest his interest in Transocean, Inc. As revealed by a May 14, 2010 Minute Order [PDF] Judge Feldman issued in Williams vs. Transocean, Ltd., the judge acknowledged:

"The Court owns stock in Ocean Energy, Inc. which is owned by Transocean, Inc.

Counsel shall within ten days notify the Court if there is any relationship between Transocean, Inc. and Transocean, Ltd., Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling, Inc. or Transocean Deepwater, Inc."

The order is quite revealing as it demonstrates that Judge Feldman has taken an exceedingly narrow view of when his duty of recusal arises. He recognizes that he must recuse himself if one of the parties to a case is affiliated with his financial interest.

There may well be oil industry litigation that comes before him that would not give rise to a conflict, such as a contract dispute between an oil company and an oil services company. Absent a financial interest in either party or the outcome of the dispute, it would be well within the judicial cannons of ethics for Judge Feldman to handle the dispute

In the moratorium case, while Judge Feldman may have no direct ties to the litigating party, Hornbeck Offshore Services, his various investments mean that he has a very direct financial interest in the issue to be decided. The conflict-of-interest that arises from Judge Feldman's financial connection to the issue mandated a recusal.

Unfit to Serve

The alacrity with which he both scheduled the hearing on the motion for a preliminary injunction and in which he issued his decision, coupled with his eleventh hour dumping of his Exxon-Mobil stock, provide an overwhelming inference that Judge Feldman had a result in mind even before he received the government's responsive pleadings or heard any argument or evidence from either side.

When I wrote my original piece on Judge Feldman, I suggested his failure to recuse himself in the face of an obvious conflict-of-interest warranted impeachment. The new evidence becomes even more troubling, offering an even stronger case for his impeachment.

Judge Feldman's statement that "the Exxon stock…was sold at the opening of the stock market on June 22, 2010 prior to the opening of a court hearing" is so disingenuous as to amount to a deception. The only pertinent hearing took place one day before Judge Feldman sold his stock. He used the words "prior to the opening of a court hearing" rather than "prior to the announcement of the court's decision" to hide the basic reality that the "hearing" was a sham; a facade erected only to hide the venality that formed the basis for a pre-determined decision.

Despite having served as a federal judge for 27 years, Judge Feldman is unfit to sit in judgment of others. The only appropriate recourse is for a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, who takes his or her oath of office seriously, to introduce articles of impeachment against Judge Martin Leach-Cross Feldman.

* * *


(93) alan m dransfield
Sat, 26 June 2010 10:50:22 +0000

Anadarko,BP partner in crime on the Deepwater Horizon DEBACLE have refused to accept any guilt in the oil spill and their CEO made this statement yesterday
'BP's behaviour and actions likely represent gross negligence or wilful misconduct and thus affect the obligations of the parties under the operating agreement,' he said
Did BP hold a gun to the head of the ANADARKO rig managers saying YOU WILL OPPERATE ILLEGALLY OR WE WILL SHOOT YOU.
I don't think they did, therefore ANADARKO have failed their duty of care on this oil spill

(92) alan m dransfield
Sat, 26 June 2010 01:53:21 +0000

Early reports point the finger at Haliburton for improper cement works on the Deepwater Horizon rig but there are also fingers being pointed at Haliburton for buying out Boots and Coots only a few weeks before the explosion. Tony Heyward the BP CEO also sold a large slice of his BP shares only a few before the oil spill??!!

If it was the Haliburton cement works which in essence allowed the gas to leak into the rig then ANOTHER serious question raises it ugly head,i.e. WHY was the leaked gasses allowed to enter the rig??!!
The evidence from the 4/5 young men fishing UNDER the rig is VERY important here because they state a LARGE GAS CLOUD could be seen.
I would be very interested to find out the "DESIGN" of this rig which should be on file somewhere because the design of the rig SHOULD have called for EXPLOSIVE PROOF euipment,eg junction boxes,switches,etc to prevent such an explosion. The design should have called for multi gass detectors which would have enabled mass evacuation EARLIER.

Getting back to the Haliburton Cement works, which I have suspected (and reported for some time) was the root cause or at least part of the root cause but I suspect the TYPE of cement which was being used. I suspect Haliburton were using FOAM CONCRETE to seal the the well . Foam Concrete "CAN" cause explosive gasses in some circumstance,hence, foam concrete has been banned by some UK contractors for sometime now and is under further reserach. Two other KEY factors in the Haliburton cement works are,1. the centrifugal supports (CS)and the cement log book entries.
The CS are basic supports which are installed inthe well hole to keep the steel pipe central to alow for equal cement works, there SHOULD have been at least 20 of these CS used but Haliburton used only 6.The Cement Log book records times of cement pours,strenghths, tempratures, operatives names, type of euipment used etc and the LOG BOOK appear to have disappeared with the RIG??!!
I cannot accept that the Log Books lies at the bottom of the sea because in this day and age the Log Book entries are or should have been filled via PDF electronic copy.??!!

There appear (to me anyway) to have been systemic failures of management,controls etc which caused the explosion.

Watch this space for more on Haliburton

(91) alan m dransfield
Sat, 26 June 2010 01:22:10 +0000

Tony Heyward the BP CEO SOLD £1.5 million worth of his shares just weeks before the Oil Spill.
This is NOT the action of a CEO whom purports BP are the BEST thing since slice bread.
I will tell you why Heyward sold his shares because he KNEW that Haliburton had just bought Boots and Coots the Oil "Experts" whom, are the modern day Red Adair.
Heyward KNEW the Deepwater Horizon and other BP rigs were operating dangerously and good time to offlaod his shares.
For the love of God, what are the US Government doing about this debacle.
Do we wait for ANOTHER BP rig to go BANG before we close the stable door.
Heyward, you are a disgrace to the UK and you are a digrace to mankind.

(90) Kelly T
Fri, 25 June 2010 22:34:10 +0000

I am half English and my English relatives are just as appalled at BP's callous cold hearted attitude. The company is guilty of murder and not just with the latest mess they have created. They and all the other oil companies are equally guilty of causing so many impacts to the environment that we can no longer count them. The laws regulating this industry must change and the politicians, particularly the Republicans, who are not only supporting these companies and getting money from them should also be held accountable for their part in this disaster. Personally I am figuring out all the companies that are affiliated with BP and I am going to boycott all of you. I would rethink your new plans to drill in the Artic. If you think that people will ignore what you are doing up there now you are Nuts and just because you created an artificial island to drill from does not mean that you are drilling on shore. Playing those games under Bush and Cheney may have gotten you around the law but you had better start looking for law suits for not following the compliance laws when you built your gravel platform. This is not Obama's mess this is BP's and Bush and Cheney's mess and they should try being real men and take responsiblity for their actions.

(89) DR-G
Fri, 25 June 2010 21:17:48 +0000

BP-SHOULD BE USEING ALL INVENTIONS FROM ANY INVENTORS, NOT JUST KEVIN KOSTERNS THIS IS JUST LIKE ANOTHER BP HES THERE TO MAKE MONEY AND HELP OUT BUT YOU SEE HOW BP CATERS TO THE RICH AND FAMOUSE, YOU SHOULD BE GIVEING ALL INVENTORS A FAIR SHOT TO PROVE THERE INVENTIONS WORK ALSO, WE NEED A SPECIAL FORCE TEAM TO JUST GO AND TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS AND CAP STOP THE WELL, THEY CAN MAKE MOVIES GI JOE, XMEN FANTASTIC FOUR, WHERE ARE THE REAL XMEN KEVIN KOSTER SHOULD BE INVETING A WAY TO STOP THE LEAK FIRST, BP better watch out for lone wolfs seeking payback because if hackers, get there hands on bp corp documents, some one going to lock up for life, lies, bribery, stall tactics, BP just started clock for 2012 disater, documents have surfaced that bp planed the whole dam skeem so they could drill moor wells to get moor oil out hackers, find those documents,
and let the word out about bp corrution.

(88) angry
Fri, 25 June 2010 00:03:03 +0000

Stop the oil spill!!!!!! Correct the problem, STOP THE GREED!!!! Our sea animals are dying out there...Our waters are becoming polluted...WE SAY STOP THE VIOLENCE...STOP THE VIOLENCE TO MANKIND AND TO OUR SEAS...


(87) alanm dransfield
Thu, 24 June 2010 23:50:45 +0000

Copy of my letter sent to my Member of Parliament (MP)

Attn Mr Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I wish to alert my MP to obvious serious flaws in the BP day to day
running of their Oil Projects. I recently learned that BP are NOT
(repeat not) certified to the ISO 9000 QA/QC and the ISO 1400
Environmental Standards. This is a quote from the BP website
(Quality training and consultation, including preparation for ISO 9000
It beggars belief that BP are operating multi billion dollar projects
worldwide WITHOUT ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 and just for you information ,
if you are not familiar with these standards they are:
1. ISO 9000 series are for the Quality Assurance and Quaility Conrol
for the design,construction and operational phases of projects.
2.ISO 14000 series are for the Environmental protection of the design,
construction and operatioal phases of projects .

I am absolutlely shocked,stunned and amazed that BP have been allowed
to operate in such a dangerous industry WITHOUT the accreditation of
the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

I urge my MP to alert the UK Government about such serious
irregularities with BP Operations worldwide.Without a shadow of doubt,
if the Deepwater Horizon had been operated in compliance to these ISO
standards, the current catastrophe would have been avoided.

As you are aware also the Chad Cameroon Pipeline which has been
operating in a legal void for 7 years is also WITHOUT any ISO 9000 or
ISO 14000 accreditation. Quite frankly Mr Bradshaw,it beggars belief
that the two largest Oil Companies in the World, BP and Exxonmobil are
allowed to operate in the absence of the ISO standards.

If BP are operating their North Sea Oil Rigs in the absence of any ISO
standards, it is MOST LIKELY a catastrophe similar to the Gulf of
Mexicco could occur in British Waters.
I seek the assurance of my Memeber of Parliament that ISO Standards
are being applied on ALL British Oil Projects
with thanks

Alan M Dransfiel

(86) Brigitte Premont
Thu, 24 June 2010 14:24:39 +0000


On March 17, 2010 my family and I have booked a flight and hotel to Tampa Bay on Travelocity.com website. Our holiday is due for July 30 up to August 7 2010.

Following the oil spill we tried to cancel our holiday with Travelocity but the reimbursement is less than $400 out of a trip cost of $2000.

You understand that our goal to go to Tampa Bay at that time of the year is to spend time at the beach with our kids. With an average temperature of 40 degres celsius, you understand that without access to the beach and safe water, our holiday has to be cancelled.

As first responsible for this situation, I expect BP to act as a responsible company and fully reimburse us.

The following information is copied from an e-mail from Travelocity confirming our travel arrangements - if you need more information to prove our allegations, please do not hesitate to either contact Travelocity.com or myself:

- Itinerary omitted to protect sensitive personal information -

(85) Jay Dowell
Wed, 23 June 2010 11:45:27 +0000

You BP should be charged with negligence causing death and your company will go under. Every day the spill goes on is one day closer to bankrupcy for you. Bet you guys are glad you saved so much money on that hole aholes. Now you will reap what you sow. Here is wishing you no luck with your continued efforts cause your the idiots that started all this I highly doulbt you will be able to stop it before irreversible enviornmental damage is done.

(84) sherry cook
Mon, 21 June 2010 21:28:14 +0000

To Pat;; I will start with WHAT A @SSHOLE..We dont give a *uck if you like us or not !!! You dont pay my bills and is it our fault the people like you will work for $2.00 per hour...Taking our JOBS, OUR FOOD STAMPS, OUR free loans...hate US ALL YOU WANT AND STAY THE @UCK OUT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...

(83) sherry cook
Mon, 21 June 2010 21:16:16 +0000

I am Sooo mad at BP & Omaha... I was planning to move to Florida to enjoy my life and the beach..now what???...Maybe I should take my yahat out for a race and then go place some golf.
All of yall make me sick and I could really go on,, but I will be the one that goes to jail..
SO YALL SUCK IT AND GET THIS OIL *UCKIN* CLEANED UP......Because America will only standed by for so long.....

Gravatar (82) RLM
Mon, 21 June 2010 17:27:14 +0000

How BP stole my hopes and dreams

In today's economy taking risks for a better life and venturing out
to pave a new path for your own dream is no more. Unless you have
a huge bank account and can afford to sit idle for a year till your
business shows promise only then can you relax.

For me, well I thought I had done everything right. I worked two
years in the public and saved seventy percent of my income to start
a business. Once everything was in place and due to launch with
several companies lined up to do business then and only then I give
notice to leave my current and steady job. I had money in the bank
to see the company though the initial stage before the income would
be steadily coming in. I worked long hours for six months to make
sure everything was set to go forward. Then I incorporated in
March of 2010 and was set to start with a bang May 1, 2010. That
is until the oil spill in the Gulf. You see I'm within just a few
miles from the nice white sands of the Gulf in the Florida
Panhandle. My business only does business with city and county
governments. Every waking minute and man hours are dedicated to the
oil spill and nothing else till next year at the earliest. I
reached out to all the counties from middle Florida to Mississippi
and kept it to a driving range where I could service these clients.
I provide a specialized service for them. April 20th came and all
the preparation work from the previous months was wasted and now I
am unemployed and can't seek unemployment do to the fact I gave
notice to leave employment.

Do I qualify for help? NO! Why? Because I chose to start a
business just one month before the Oil Spill. I have no previous
business income from the previous year. I have several contract
workers that I have hired to help and now I have no business for
them. The only way for me to survive is to go outside the area and
hire more contract workers to service areas that are not effected
by the oil spill. Is this feasible? No. I can't afford to run
ads, rent training rooms to train the new contract employees.
If I had to estimate my loss I would say around $140,000. I left a
70k year job and now I have no income coming in. I have a contract
worker that also resigned to work for the company and now they are
unemployed and can't file for unemployment. I have monthly
obligations that can't be met.
So what is next? I really don't know and I don't even know where
to begin to solve it.

Thanks BP!! For nothing.

Shattered in the Florida Panhandle

(81) Tom Drain
Mon, 21 June 2010 14:53:37 +0000

We call complain about BP yet there are dozens of spills of oils and chemicals per week in the US. Companies rely to much on spill kits that can cope with a cup full of spilt agent but when there are gallons to deal with in drain containment like I have found in the UK is far better. Just take a look at www.environmental-innovations.biz fantastic stuff

(80) alanm dransfield
Mon, 21 June 2010 00:11:23 +0000

There is prima facie evidence available to arrest Tony Heyward on culpable manslaughter charges even now before the criminal investigation is completed and why such an investigations is taking so long beggars belief.
There is also prima facie evidence to arrest members of the US Oversight Authorities (OA)MMS/OSHA on similar charges.
At best these OA have been sleeping on the job and at worst,they have been sleeping in BP's bed,I suggest the latter.
Tony Heyward is lying thru his teeth and continues to do so. They should also repeat the US Congress questions to Mr Heyward but next time make sure he is wired up to a LIE DETECTOR.

Gravatar (79) Alan Minyard
Sun, 20 June 2010 15:22:24 +0000

BP is a criminal enterprise which ignores UN sanctions by openly trading with Iran. It is therefore no suprise that their CEO lied to the Congress of the United States during his desspicable "testamony". BP should be thrown out of the USA, and its CEO charged with criminal contempt of Congress. He should serve time in a US prison!!!

(78) Alex Nunez
Sat, 19 June 2010 17:54:34 +0000

To the BP executives , what did you mean with little people? Does it mean that, the common citizens are little and you are big ?
Who gives you the right to call the common hard working people of the US, LITTLE PEOPLE. You just showed that even with all your BP (AMOCO MONEY) , you can not buy brain cells.
You also showed just how f-----g ignorant, and stupid, you are ,talking like that.

I bet, you got the position you hold with the help of Daddy, Mommy, or other reason , none of have to do with your intelligence or merits

How much is you IQ?

Gravatar (77) Christopher Scott
Fri, 18 June 2010 11:48:04 +0000

We are awake @zz Clown. I believe if you had 400 plus million gallons of oil (with millions yet to come!), you might be a tad furious. It was BP executives that cut corners and ultimately caused the spill.Head exec?? None other than the UK's Tony Hayward, playing the part of a moron in front of the Senate. He probably wouldn't have tried to save the 7-11 million dollars if it were in YOUR neighborhood. Maybe you should come down to the Gulfcoast paradise and playground? Take a look at the oil soaked white sands, maybe watch birds, sea turtles, dolphins...oh yeah, and a sperm whale die.....We have lost our paradise, our oyster, shrimp and fishing industry. Our vacation industry s also blown to hell in 4 states. Soon to ruin the Florida Keys, the entire East coast and then on to the North Atlantic. Maybe it could end up on your door step as well!!This is a disaster of epic proportions. The only spewing that we see you pompous @ss, is the oil and methane from Tony Hayward's BP. So excuse us if we don't give a flying %#@* what YOU think of us. This could ultimately kill the entire Gulf of Mexico. This has nothing to do with greed. Last I checked BP is BRITISH petroleum, yeah???Einstein, explain to me again how this is OUR fault???

(76) Pat Thurgood
Fri, 18 June 2010 09:38:27 +0000

Dear Usa
You are the filthiest country in the world, you are the biggest polluters in the world, you have destroyed the lives of millions of people in the world, you get what you deserve.
Be very wary of what you wish for, the rest of the world might start to boycott US goods, I have. You are very selective in your usual insular thinking. This was caused bu US BP formely Amaco and the rig etc were run by Americans, it is your fault for your thirst for oil. Have agood think about this before spewing your usual crap. The rest of the world are laughing at you and very soon you will be left alone in your insular world. is it any wonder Americans are despised all over the world, including Middle East, Europe, Canada etc etc. Wake up you greedy nation.

(75) Marlo
Thu, 17 June 2010 19:02:18 +0000

JULY 10 is WORLDWIDE PROTEST BP DAY. DESTROY BP. Info on FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122189197821968

(74) concerned Canadian
Thu, 17 June 2010 14:43:14 +0000


Mother Earth has given you life, food, water and everything you have ever wanted and needed and what do you do to repay her you polute the water, air, land and the animal. ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOURSELVES THAT AND MONEY! I may only be 14 but I know full well that this is going to destroy our oceans and coasts. Not just the gulf but the entier planet aswell. There is a reason as to why there are safety regulations.


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