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Where’s the oil? Right Wing pundits dismissed spill.

Posted on July 03, 2010 by bp complaints

In the weeks immediately following the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform on April 20, 2010, Conservative pundits quickly tried to minimize the amount of damage we could expect from all that oil washing ashore, comparing it to “natural seepage” from the ocean floor. Conservative pundits that initially believed the spill would turn out to be “no big deal” later (falsely) blamed President Obama for not reacting to the disaster sooner. And suddenly this was “Obama’s Katrina”.
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  1. quenuca says:

    Could we dump Rush and Brit into those oily marshes now and watch as they try hard to hold on to each other? Proceeds from the TV documentary would go to wildlife rescue.

  2. BI30 says:

    @thomas242007 It deserves mention that despite the massive amount of oil that has flooded the Gulf so far, roughly 150mil gallons, would feed our oil consumption for just 5 minutes. As much as we are seeing, it doesn’t come even CLOSE to justifying more drilling.

  3. thomas242007 says:

    @BI30 yeah i remember that, but to be fair the media has been pushign the thought that we are having one of the biggest oil shortages in histroy its really a perception game theyre tell people were having an oil shortage and theyll beleive it, thats what they think anyway, and when i heard them say that i said it was bullshit then and still do, kinda like with the “h1n1 vaccine” shortage

  4. andotech says:

    No wonder people who watch Fox News and listen to Limbaugh are so stupid.

  5. BI30 says:

    @thomas242007 Actually, the “oil shortage” that drove gas prices over $4 a gallon took place two years ago in 2008; Bush’s last Summer in office.

  6. thomas242007 says:

    what happened to that oil shortage we were having last year? doesnt look like to me were having any kind of shortage, it was all a bullshit scare tactic

  7. JediDude38 says:

    My GOD … years ago Hume was actually a good news reporter … now he’s just a mouthpiece for Stupidity. How ANYONE with two brain cells to rub together could listen to these morons and think they are even remotely close to telling the truth is as sad as it is mind boggling. Idiots … every single one of them.

  8. chernmax says:

    Just because idiots on the right playing arm chair quarterback say stupid shit does not justify the weak response from our government to protect our shorelines. While BP was trying to fix the problem out there, thousands of people could have been sent to the shoreline to protect the marshes. Lots of finger pointing but it’s still Obama who failed at leadership, hope his golf game improved and Barbara Boxer got paid!

  9. BI30 says:

    @windham666 Let’s assume for a moment that’s true (it isn’t, but lets assume it is), then I repeat Hume’s question: “Where’s the oil?” If twice the Exxon Valdez seeps into the Gulf (every day? Month? Year?), why isn’t the Gulf choked with oil, covering our beaches with black tar? Arguing “seepage” spread across the ENTIRE gulf, is like dismissing an Earthquake by comparing it to the vibrations caused by people walking throughout the United States.

  10. mahender6969 says:

    hume jesus well take care of everthing,,, he fly there and suck up all the oil.

  11. windham666 says:

    truth: earth sciences corp recently completed a study of natural seeps in the gulf and conservatively estimated them at 22 million gallons annually (twice the exxon valdez). you can read about it on the nasa website, or sciencedaily, geology d0t c0m and others. 600 sites are seeping. but in much smaller amounts, spread all over, places that have been leaking forever and to which the residents have adapted eons ago. nothing like this bp gusher.

  12. rfrantzt says:

    @quizerry Why don’t you stop making comments defending Hume, Limbaugh and other conservative corporate mouthpieces and start making comments that reflect reality?

  13. beren082 says:

    @DillonDee1 FOX is full of total idiots, 24/7. is it really so surprising?

  14. 11111110 says:

    What the hell? The coastguard was on the scene THE VERY FIRST DAY

  15. 11111110 says:

    Sorry, but Hume was implying that because the oil hadn’t yet hit the shoreline, it didn’t exist. Which is asinine, as the oil spill crisis was very real long before we could see it from the shoreline.

    Commentators can sit on the side and brag about their own ignorance, but real journalists do actual journalism.

  16. homousios says:

    wow! I did not now how erudite Hume and Limburger is. They must be scientists in their spare time

  17. gmfutube says:


    Oh please, enough with the nuke BS!

    Where do you people come up with this crap? Want some facts? Go READ – not post at the oil drum

    Bp isn’t capturing shit from this well. Go learn what a relief well is before spreading garbage.

  18. gmfutube says:


    This well is of no use to Bp now. FACT

    They would have to start with a fresh well to do any extraction on this formation.

    Stop hoping for Obama to do anything other than what his corporate masters tell him to do.

  19. gmfutube says:

    @quizerry If Hume would have had his staff spend just a few hours doing research he would have known that the ONLY thing to ever control a blowout like this is a relief well.

    If everything goes right, it will be late August before that happens. That makes it easy to figure that the oil is on its way.

    What can people do to help?
    1. donate to food banks in south louisiana
    2. reduce your consumption of everything
    3. boycott Bp
    4. stop sending industry whores to congress & the white house

  20. JordanIZPwned says:

    How the fuck do people listen to this garbage.

  21. MarquisdeBarrabas says:

    Right-wingers exposed.

  22. Rocky32084 says:

    barrys response? ……………. No federal help as 1990 law requires, and to go on fucking vacation, raise taxes on oil, blame BP, blame Bush, no federal approval for Bobby Jindal to build sand dunes to hold back the oil, says he doesn’t know the environmental impact of sand dunes!! WTF?! OBAMA IS PATHETIC!

  23. DillonDee1 says:

    @quizerry —- IT WAS NOT OVER A MONTH AGO.

    Brit Hume is the biggest idiot around!!!!

  24. rollsthepaul says:

    @pascal77d If you want to know if Obama means what he says, look at Wall St. The criminals that drove us into recession and, oh yeah, depression is on the way, are the same one’s who were given the task of correcting the wrong. The correction turned out to be “business as usual”. The increased regulation bill for Wall St., is a joke, since it will not change anything that matters, like I said, business as usual. The Gulf disaster is a ditto to Wall St.

  25. BI30 says:

    @quizerry I despite Conservative apologists. The dates were included in the video for a reason. It was but 4 days after his comment that the first large pools started to reach shore. According Limbaugh and Hume, the ocean floor “naturally seeped” more oil than this every day, making a “cap” unnecessary.

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