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New BP underwater video of oil leak in the Gulf

Posted on July 02, 2010 by bp complaints

BP has released this video showing the oil leak from the Deepwater Horizon Well. The government initially estimated that the leak was spilling 5000 barrels per day. Based on this video, scientists now estimate that it looks more like 70000 barrels per day. This new estimate means that this spill has already exceeded the spill amount of the Exxon Valdez.

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  1. civicturbolive says:

    This is only 1. He have 3 place where the layer is broken and diffuse oil in the ocean. Maybe this one is the smallest one and this is much much more serious!

  2. sonofhendrix says:

    Mankind……..EPIC FAIL!

  3. 51516 says:

    Looks like somebody ate Chipotle last night!

  4. ShaktivaIrahs says:

    Thanks for placing this video here.
    Though it gives me no perspective on how big it is.

    I just didn’t understand that if you can pump it up before into a ship that wasn’t a solution here.
    I heard they’re trying now, weeks later….such brilliant minds working over there.

  5. freepress666 says:

    @hbowman108 Wow I hope he took in account the underwater pressure at 5000 ft which is 2576lbs per square inch, by the time that gets on the surface it will exspanded 7 times, you think, there is oil coming from the PV, 2 places from the pipe.
    70,000 barrels a day easy, more over more than less, has your gov lied to you today

  6. EdisunSolar says:

    Four or five times greater than the Government reported !!!
    What the hell is wrong here Obama the drill permits were issued – every 4 days this spill equals one Valdez oil spill
    in 2009 so don’t point the figure at terrorist Bush lets look at an Obamanation of America Mr terrorist
    Transparency? Wheres you original Birth certificate or Social Security what the hell is wrong with America one 911 after another one war after another it is sad to be any part in this Obamanation on America
    Wake up

  7. hbowman108 says:

    The pipe is 20 inches (50.8 cm) in inner diameter. The recent estimate from Steve Werely of Purdue University using “particle image velocimetry”, that is, analysis of the speed of the oil and methane clathrate (the white stuff) coming out in the video, corresponds to a release velocity of 16 cm per second, which is quite reasonable.

  8. WhaleboyProductions1 says:

    This is a environmental disaster just like the other oil spillages so much nature dies it is our to protect the nature reserves and the ocean’s This needs to be sorted out now

  9. mavaction says:

    @TheNick487 …on the scale…can we get a number for the diameter of that pipe?

  10. sngrmnsthsm says:

    BP = Black Planet, and they must be stopped from operating any more oil rigs or refineries. Enough is enough. This catastrophic disaster is our crude awakening. We simply cannot drill our way into the future. We must instead invest in sustainable alternative energy resources now, before another disaster like this happens again. Join the movement, Take Action against future oil and demand safer green alternatives!

  11. TheNick487 says:

    By my estimates it looks like about 5 gallons a second or about 500,000 gallons a day. which is 12000 barrels a day. Which after 24 days is aroun 12 million gallons total. Its hard to know the scale of the video also alot of gas mixed with the oil. However 5 gallons a second is what it looks like to me.

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